Week 37 Emergency By Jack

It had been raining all morning and my by baby sister was beginning to be a bit cranky. My mom was trying to calm her down but she just kept on crying. I was getting a bit annoyed as well because our internet was not great and I was trying to play a little bit of Fortnite before the internet went ZAP …I sighed.

Just then I heard the crack of thunder and the sky lit up for a split second.

“LUCAS!” I heard my brother scream. “Call the  fire brigade.”

I grabbed my phone and ran into the kitchen and then I saw it …our back garden was on fire.

I dialled 999 as fast as I could – told them the situation and where I lived and before long we were all safe.

Week 35 Crisis by Jack

“What happened?” he said to another guard.

“I don’t know,” he said “but I think someone’s after breaking out of Alcatraz…”

It was a lovely summer morning …well not really because she was in jail.

“Hey Rudy,” she said.

“What’s up?… actually Laura, come here.”

“What is it Rudy? said Laura.

“There is word going around that Spike has a plan to break out tonight,” said Rudy. “But he is obviously going to get caught so when he breaks out and all the guards go running after him…  I’m getting out of here.”

“I’m going with you,” said Laura.

“Well it’s settled then -we’re getting out tonight.”

The night came and Rudy and Laura broke out.  Rudy used his sleeping pills to put the crocodiles to sleep they both used their bed sheets to make a rope to get over the wall but they were halfway up the wall when Laura said “Rudy I don’t think I can do this.”

“YES you can,” said Rudy.

“Ok  I’ll try.

They got over the wall and they swam to shore however she could not believe what she had done.


Week 33 Two Horse Chestnuts By Jack

Legend tells of an old tree with two horse chestnuts hanging from it. It is said that if you eat the right horse chestnut you will become a God but if you eat the wrong one you will become a horse.

Ben is a 12-year old that has become a god from the horse chestnut and his favourite thing to do is make people do whatever he wants. But things are about to change very soon…

“Mom! make me a burger,” screamed Ben. ” Yes Ben right away.”

Boom! “Ah mom what was that?”

“Me,” said Zeus” and I have come to give you some manners.”

Week 32 FBI By Jack

Tick, tock, tick tock

“Rider get out of there –  the bomb will explode in  30 seconds.” “I got this,” said John Rider after he disarmed the last bomb

Back at HQ, I was told to kill a man called Yassen Gregorivich. My Instructor said something about a house and a park but I didn’t understand the instructions.

I assumed he meant to say set up my sniper rifle in the house and kill him in the park but I must have been wrong because when I got to the house and  went in I saw Yassen by the fire with a silenced semi automatic pistol in hand.

“Wrong house,”  he said and … BANG

Week 31 Jack The Jolly Giraffe By Jack

Jack is a jolly giraffe when other animals are around but when he is on his own he is a jolly jaguar. This is inexplicable and at the same time, he is very affable.

He can use a supersonic roar and can camouflage. He loves Bertie and the bumbling bees and their honey and he hates the Lord of Nulth. He loves swimming in the pink lake and he hates Conor the King Croc.

He also likes helping to defend the night zoo whenever the voids attack. He is the only one of his kind after Nulth destroyed his village.

Week 27 The black out by jack


“Aarrgghh it will never work  – blast it!”

“Grandad calm down.”

“I’m sorry Ellie – I just can’t seem to get it to work. ”

“You will get it to work, Granddad  -you just need patience. ”


“A rraadhhh – now the electricity is out! Ellie you will have to get the mice.”

So Ellie rummaged through the garage to get the mice to power the electricity by running while her cantankerous grandad ate a peanut butter sandwich.

And although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to generate electricity.

Week 26 Gold Coins By Jack

Oh no! looks like Darren has been up to his usual shenanigans.

“Oh Boy that was heavy all gold coins. It probably weighed 10 tons -thank god there were three of us to carry it.”

“Stop being such a wimp Darren.”

“He said the case was tiny and thin but the coins were worth it. They’re so Yellow and shiny.  Carl stop doing that  – you will make everybody suspicious.”

Just then Carl pulled out a gun and shouted: “FBI YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!”

“This is hopeless,” said Darren “now we’ll never get out.”

“No Darren you won’t .”

Week 25 : Bang by Jack

Sirens blared as I walked home from school. It was Friday and I had until 6 O’clock to get home and it was only 4 plus I lived right around the corner from the school so I decided to follow the Police cars and see what was going on.

When I got to the scene I saw a man on top of a building holding a gun – it looked like he was threatening a family to give him money or he would shoot their child. That’s not right I thought and decided to stand up to the man but then I wondered how I was going to get up there? All the doors and windows were boarded up.

But then it struck me – there was a rope ladder at the back hidden away by the leaves of a tree. Without thinking I climbed up the ladder and when I got to the top I picked up a rock on the roof and knocked the man out. I saved the day. When I got home my mom asked me if I had heard of the boy who was brave enough to stand up to a man with a gun?
“Yeah, mom – yeah I have.”

Week 24 : The Cup in the Ground by Jack

One day I was walking to school when I decided to take the shortcut through the woods. The woods were a very dark place and an old woman well into her 80s still lived in the woods. She was very scary.

One time my friends and I were playing truth or dare and my friend Gavan dared me to knock on the cottage door. When I knocked on the door the woman answered it and asked me if I wanted a lollipop. I said yes and she gave me a piece of grass. I dropped the grass and ran like the wind back to my friends.

On this day I noticed her crying on her doorstep. Then I saw it – a dead cat on her windowsill and loads of cups and saucers scattered around her over grown garden. But there was one cup in particular that caught my eye – it was a huge china cup stuck in the grass.

What had happened?

Week 23 : It’s Just What I do? By Jack


“GET DOWN!! GRENADE!” I roared at the top of my lungs trying to be heard over the explosions and the gunfire.

That was all two months ago and it was all I could remember before getting shot and rescued by my best friend Jack. it was the time when the terrorist group Taishi attacked.

I used to work with the army but one day when my friend Jack and I were on patrol around the base camp we were ambushed and taken hostage to the terrorist leader’s camp. Jack and I wondered why the Taishi would risk going so close to base camp?

But we never got any answers and were forced to join the terrorist group. But what if I was in charge of trying to escape?

Week 22 Professor Brown By Jack


“There goes another one of my experiments,” said Professor Brown. As usual, he was trying to give his pet goldfish wings. Slowly recovering from the explosion he got up and sighed and decided to have a cuppa.

When he was done, he flew up his ladder to his attic to get some more supplies. As Professor Brown gathered all his supplies for his experiments to bring them downstairs his nephew came into the room. “What is it now my child?”Professor Brown said as he came into the room.

“Professer i know I asked you already but…”

Professer rudely interrupted ” No! ”

“Fine –  but it is your loss,” his nephew shouted as he closed the door with a bang.


Week 21 Slower Than Snails By Jack

In the 90th century, a wood carver named Matthew carved ninjas out of wood. But when he was carving his first ninja a rock hit him in the back of his head.

The rock was green and shiny and he decided that for every sculpture he would use a small piece of the rock for their eyes.

When he was finished all of the freshly carved sculptures he realised that he still had a big piece of the rock left.  That night he thought the rock actually moved but …Oh No! it was the sculptures…

Week 20 The Train Crash By Jack

“Andy  -get to your seat!”

We were on our way to Dublin to see Kanturk vs Ballyragget and we were moving very fast when our carriage derailed. My mom had already fainted at the site of the devastation – my father was the same. But only I stayed alert – wide-eyed.

When the carriage stopped tumbling around and around I was surprised I was still breathing.  Blood was trickling into my eye and my shoulder had surely been popped out of place.

But I knew I had to get some help quickly before it was too late…

Week 18 Statues By Jack

Outside a café next to one of the twin towers, a couple and their child were talking to each other when…BOOM! The building came down.

On the 12 of September, after the twin towers had fallen, the locals decided to put up three statues  -one a dad, two a mother and three. their child after they died a tragic death.

But now it is 2018 and still every day I walk past the statues and remember this family.

Week 16 Quasi By Jack

One day a mad aggressive ghastly scientist named Quasi wanted to do an idiotic thing that no other scientist had done before. So he went home and had some dangerous chemicals with him.

He made a mixture that was toxic and hazardous and poured it on nearly every limb on his body. Then the limbs dropped off and regenerated nearly instantly and the ones that dropped off came to life.

But……the right hand grew to the size of a man and had an abominable mind of its own…

Week 15 SCHOOL SUCKS By Jack

In the beginning, I was a happy child but then  I went to a miserable school in Cork . I became a lonely, dreary, ghastly child.

One day when my friend Tom and I were walking to school minding our own business the school bully Roger came over.

“Oi what do you think you’re doing on my path to school?”

“Sorry Roger,” we both said at the same time.

And then he nearly killed Tom by pushing him onto the road and he threw my plastic bag in the River Lee.

And now you know how miserable my life is.

Week 14 Monkey Madness By Jack

AHHHHHHHH!!! dumb boss –  the only reason I missed a day at the office is because I was ill.

I loathe my new boss. I sigh to my pet monkey. He’s a pompous fool. I have to go through 1,000,000 files to find the virus in the system. And that was all to be done yesterday!

I went to bed last night at 7:00 pm (because I needed energy) with ONLY 1ooo files left to go through.

There was pandemonium in my house the following morning. ” Look’s like Jim’s been up to skullduggery ( Jim is my pet monkey)”

There were at least 20 monkeys in my house that morning but when I saw my laptop. I turned red in the face and started to chuckle.


Week 13 Jungle Jam By Jack

My Dad and I were in our jeep going around the Jungle. We were ravenous as we hadn’t eaten in two days because we had got separated from the group and jeep one had the food in the back. So we were also causing a lot pandemonium in the jungle.

In the middle of nowhere well in the jungle, our jeep broke down. My dad was cantankerous. The only thing we had in the back of our jeep were ropes. Dad decided we would just walk. But when we got out of the actual jungle there was a tiger blocking our escape – the only way home.

“Aw man!” I said.

Week 12 Christmas Eve By Jack

I was on my Christmas holidays in England and my brother and I were messing while eating a sandwich.

Then my dad gave us a sharp look as if to say be good or you won’t get any presents from Santa.

The following day my brother and I got our things and hurried to the airport. But as we were driving, the battery in the car went dead. So we pushed the car to the petrol station and got the white  Audi filled with petrol. As we were all so energetic we got to the petrol station in five minutes.

Then we just drove to the airport and flew back to Ireland.

Week 11 A Day NOT To Remember By Jack

I was on my way to school on a Friday when I saw a building. I wanted to investigate it but a part of me was telling me not to trespass.

So after school at ten to three, I decided to snoop around the building. I looked in a window and saw a wizard putting a spell on a boy. But then the wizard saw me -oh no! I gasped and started to run.

Running.  Bamboozled. “Oh what a buffoon I was to have trespassed a private property” I said to myself.

Then my friend Bob saw me, threw his cloak on and yelled at the top of his voice – DUCK! He jumped in front of me just as the wizard tried to turn me to stone but sadly got him instead.

Week 10 Jailbreak by Jack

So there I was in my cell with Bobby Joe and Jeff. Bobby and Joe were very skilled craftsmen and could easily make an escape route. The four of us were after breaking into the Maze bank and we were arrested the night after we did it.
We were planning our escape with the other prisoners so they could join our gang.
“Jeff, come with me ok. Call the guy you know at the gun shop and tell him we need guns and ammo.  Tell him to bring them here.Ok?”
“Wait -I’ve one question – where would we hide it all?…

Week 9 Ghosts And Ghouls By Jack

My nana and I were in her sitting room next to the fire watching a movie when I heard a howl and a scream of terror.

“Did you hear that nana? “I said.
“Sorry what dear …oh goody- my favourite part is on.”
Then it happened again. ” Did you hear that? she said to me. “YES! ” I replied. “It was probably one of the…”

And then we heard a whistle.”One of the pipes is after exploding” I said. Soon after, the electricity went out and I saw a real ghost. “AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” I screamed and my nana disappeared.
I grabbed my phone and called home but all I heard was a creepy voice. After that I was knocked unconscious…

Week 7 A Break in by Jack

It was Halloween night and we were just home from trick or treating. I felt tired so I went to bed. Around half one in the morning I  heard a gunshot ring out.

I felt scared and went down the stairs. As I opened the living room door I saw that everyone was dead on the couch. I was going to cry but then there was another shot and the echo of a scream from a child.

I sprinted back up the stairs. I got back into bed and closed my eyes. There was the creak of the door opening and as the door slammed I knew I was in for it. At this point my eyes were glued shut and then I heard a soft whisper behind my ear…

Week 5 Something that spins By Jack

True story.

Well I was in Tramore with my family on holidays when my mom showed me a very unusual irregular object. It was rainbow coloured and she said it was for me. I picked it up and it wobbled. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed. I’d say the whole hotel heard me. Quieten down said my dad roaring. Then my mom said why don’t you? Then I hit it and it spun. I love it I said. My parents smiled. They said it was from my Uncle Stephan who died about a week before. It was supposed to be for my birthday but they said they couldn’t resist it. I took it wherever I went for the rest of the summer and it definitely my most treasured item.

Week 4 A dream By Jack

Three decades after 2017 and scientists have found a way to get people to mars -it’s amazing if I do say so myself. I was just after landing on Mars
from a rocket in America.

First I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. A few seconds after I realised that the dog was half human. I asked a scientist what had happened. He said that the conditions of Mars have made humans smaller and half dogs with glasses. Then I fainted.

It was just too much to take in. Suddenly I woke up… it was just a dream.

Week 2 Taking over the world By Jack

Hello, my name is Appollo star. I am an alien. I am from the planet Zukuruko in a far away Galaxy. My family and I were on holidays in the Milky Way when a missile from Earth hit our jet and we landed on the planet Mars. I survived but my family didn’t.

I was mad. I made a disease that I would spill onto the ground on Earth. I was going to kill everyone and it was all going perfectly until a kid knocked over the container. This was a catastrophe. It wasn’t poured on the right place on Earth -it was going to destroy the universe.