Week 24 : The school trip by Jack

One sunny morning a boy named Harry was getting ready to go on a school trip. He was so happy because he was going to be climbing  Mount Hillary. He was allowed a treat because it was Friday and his mom gave him a bag off sweets.  The bus came and he said bye to his mom and left. He was halfway up the mountain with his friend Josh, when Josh suddenly fell.

“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.

Lucky for him, his class found them and saved Josh and Josh never went up a mountain again.





The computer by Jack

One sunny morning a boy was playing on his computer.  His name was Harry.  Harry was playing Minecraft.  He built a big city.  It took him 5 hours. He saved the world and turned off his computer.  The next day he went to school.  He did not like school that much but he wanted to tell everyone about his city.  First, he told Josh his best friend.  Then he told his cousin Gaby.   Then she told the rest of the class.  The next day it was his 11th birthday and after all the games he showed them the city.


Week 15 TEEN WOLF by Jack

One rainy morning a boy named Scot was in the woods with his friend. His friend disappeared and he saw a black thing in the distance. He got closer and closer and eventually he saw a wolf eating his friend.

Scott ran to a park and got bitten by the wolf. He ran home and turned into a wolf and ate his mom and dad.  When he woke up he did not remember. another wolf helped Scott control the wolf shift.  He knew a way to get his parents back. They went to the witch and  she saved them.  Thank you said Scott and everyone lived their lives.

Week 13 Christmas by Jack

One sunny morning it was the last day of school and everyone was talking about Christmas  . It was three days till Christmas and it was so sunny outside .     The next morning Harry was eating his chocolate- then he watched a Christmas film-  then said good night to his family and then the next day he ate his chocolate and watched his phone.

The next day it was Christmas and he got his drone. He went outside and flew. It went so high he said to himself I didn’t realise it could fly that high. Everyone loved their presents.


The girl and the ghost boy by Jack

One dark and stormy night a little boy was walking home and he fell in the sea. When he woke up he was on a boat with a girl.   He asked how are you? The girl replied I’m Eve -what is your name.  I’m Robin -nice to meet you. I’m going to bed said eve – wait where do I sleep –  over here -ok – so you are going to take me home – right yes –  if you help me – what do you need? Help to take down the pirates- what? I can’t fight – we will find out in the morning.

In the morning they trained but his talent was not fighting -he needed to practice. That morning the pirates attacked the boat and took Robin and Eve and were going to kill them. They made them walk the plank but they made it back to shore and they went to Eve`s stepdads. They were given a boat with cannons and they blew the pirates ship up and they helped the people that were captured.




Week 9 The pumpkins by Jack

One dark morning a little boy was minding his own business trick or treating when a black pumpkin and an orange one kidnapped him. He woke up and the black pumpkin was standing in front of him. He had a habit of spitting. I tried not to but I spat in his face. He was mad. Then the orange one spoke.  “You are the boy that told the police we robbed the bank. I’m going to kill you.” Suddenly the black pumpkin knocked out the orange pumpkin. He said he was sorry and took me home. I told the police he had saved me and they let him go.

Week 7 Murder Mystery by Jack

One dark and stormy night a little girl and her friends were playing hide and seek. One hour into the game one of her friends screamed and her parents weren’t there so they kept playing. She was wearing her neckless  and then it disappeared.” But where did it go,” she shouted.

Then everyone started to disappear. Then she did and when she woke up her parents were standing in front of her. ” Surprise –  Happy birthday,” they shouted.  And so they partied all night long. ”  That was a fun night,” she said but she was scared earlier in the night.

Week 6 THE ZOMBIE by Jack

One sunny morning a scientist and his assistant were experimenting on lots of stuff. 1 hour later the scientist spilt a lot of chemicals on the floor. He turned it a zombie and tried to eat everyone. But his assistant saved everyone by curing them it took a lot of work but he did it.  Everyone didn’t remember anything but they remembered him curing them for some reason. He became famous around.  He was so cool – everyone loved him.  He was experimenting on animals. He died in 1999.  He was from London and he was made into a statue. You can visit him now.


Week 5 THE GIANT by Jack

One sunny morning a little boy was going on a Ride but he was too small.  He was so mad so went to a well and wished to be taller. The next morning he found magic beans on the floor and he ate them. Then he went to school. He went to the toilet and he started to grow. He walked out and every one started to laugh. He ran home and cried. Then people laughed and laughed but he was not shrinking.

” I never should have wished to be taller,” he thought so he went back to the well and wished again…Then he woke up. It was all a dream.

Week 2 The Bomb by Jack

One cloudy morning a man was in bed all snug in England. He wanted to be part of the bomb sqard but he was not good enough so he practiced and practiced but he was still not good enough.

So he gave up.  A few years later he found a real bomb in his job but he did not know what to do so he tried to defuse it.

There were a red wire, a black wire and a green wire. He did not know what wire cut so he cut the black one first … and everything stopped and he had saved everyone.

Week 1 : The heist by Jack

One sunny morning people were getting ready for a heist. But they needed a driver so they hired one-  his name was Fang because he had one fang.

When they were ready, they robbed the biggest bank in  Ireland but in the middle of the heist, they left everyone for dead.

They saw there was a dress-up shop nearby and they paid the person that helped them dress up to be a statue but the police caught them.

They went to court and they were put in prison forever.  Nobody visited them and nobody liked them.