The mission was named Operation Poppies aka Project RED. As flacks tried to shoot us down, the heavy vast robust armour was shielding us.

My partner said “dive down to the ground.”

” What?! Are you nuts?”

He shouted to dive and I finally agreed. As we dived down the flacks hit us twice “almost there.. and go up!” The plane went up and the bombs hit the train.


Then we heard a BANG . Oh no I thought in my head “WE ARE SO DEAD!!”

“Take this parachute and go.”

I jumped … and now here I am at his grave.


Week 9 The ki-43 by Jacob

The orange squadron spoke first and said “open bomb bays”

We followed his order and that’s when there was gunfire.

“Squadron orange – we are under fire- over. Squadron orange?”

“We’re hit!”  screamed the pilot.

I jumped out of the b-28. In the distance, there was a… KI-43! I got my pistol out and shot at the cockpit.

“UGH!” screamed the pilot.  The plane flew down in a spiral. I jumped on the plane and grabbed the pilot. I had an idea. I pulled the bullet out of his mouth.

…he woke up – Scared and afraid but he thanked me.

WW2 might be bad but some people in the war had a heart.

Week 7 Abandoned batteries By Jacob

“But where did it go” she shouted.

I”f we lose two more we will be stranded on the  statesman,”  I thought to myself

“Why don’t we put up cameras and see who is behind it all?”

“Okay,” said the captain

We put up the cameras and found a man who was dressed in a black tuxedo. I was stunned to find it was my best friend Ron! I ran down there and shouted TRAITOR!!!! and then I body-slammed him. He said “What’s the big idea?” The captain came down the stairs and told him to leave or he would get fired.

We retrieved the batteries  and got onto the surface and after that, we went home and promised never to speak about it again


Week 6 The diamond by Jacob

It was heavier than I thought it would be. The guards bamboozled me. There was a skinny one, a strong one and a ghastly looking one. They kicked me out.

I had a good plan. At the warehouse, I made a suit called the cyclops. It busted through the gates. I went to the diamond and it was gone. I looked around and then I saw a pink-haired lady with the diamond. I shouted saying give it back. I chased her. I scanned the area. I found her before she could scream. I said to be quiet.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Jane” she answered. “Want to be partners? ”

“Sure” I said.



It was a Saturday and football was on at 9:00.  My dad asked if I could go down to the shop to buy some snacks and drinks.

What a surprise I got when I was at the door. There was a statue that said: “Build my Strength.”  I put in 5 euros and it said “Best of luck.”

When I went into the newsagent I asked him “what’s that weird looking statue? ” What statue?” he replied. “The robust-looking one.”

He just shrugged his shoulders. When I went outside the stone statue was gone. Suddenly I heard a noise and it pounced onto me…

When I woke up my dad asked me to go down to the shop…

Week 4 : The fleet rescue by JACOB

When it just wouldn’t take off I was freaking out – then I saw the engines on fire

I shouted “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!” The crew on the carrier put out the flames and one of them said: “next time don’t scream.”

My face was blushing. A few minutes later I saw a battleship on fire in the distance. I got into a helicopter and the ship looked very robust. When I got to it people were screaming for help. I brought them back to the carrier. The captain of the fleet thanked me and made me rescue commander. I was happy.


Week 2 by Jacob

Then everything stopped and I looked up.  There was a broken looking orb – it was white and blue.

“W-where am I?”  a voice called from the light.


“Why is it so bright?” I said.

” This is where time is put in balance,” said the orb. I asked the orb who he was and his reply was so funny.

He said, ” this my name –  INFINITY or you can call me Steve -I’m going to give you a mission to defeat a man called Ominous Shadow – oh and take this ok….”

I went through the mountains and volcanos until I saw a shadow .

“Um hello!”

“Hello Jack  – so you’re Ominous Shadow”

“Yes,” he said “I’m here to take the world over. ”

We had a really big fight. I punched him so hard that he collapsed and turned into dust.

“Is it over “?

The world went back to normal and  a little blue butterfly came and said: “You saved time, thank you!”

” You’re welcome. How am I supposed to get down from here?”

“I can teleport you down” the butterfly said.

So I got home and my mum said “dinner!”

“…he can’t defeat me,” said a shadow in the distance…

Week 1: The war about two companies by Jacob

“This is no ordinary war” said Espinosa to his sister

“Please” said Gabriel “I’m fierce I can command the army.”

“NO, YOU CAN’T!!!” said Espinosa fiercely and he slammed the table so hard it cracked.  The alarm went off and they went to the sea wall. A fleet of nuclear submarines was coming to fire the defense cannons! Some subs were hit and the rest turned 180 degrees to the right.  Missiles hit the base and it turned into smoke.

“Sir” said Espinosa  “waste got into the ocean -nuculear waste.”

“Uh oh,” said Gabriel.

A giant monster came out.

“ACTIVATE PROJECT GYPSY! “SAID GABRIEL  …  5 days later a monster skeleton was spotted.