Week 38 The Watering Hole by Jacob

It had been a very long summer in the Mukdaman reserve. Mukdaman was  over 500 acres of  land located between Namibia and Angola in Africa.

There were over 100 different types of animal living in the reserve. Each animal had found the summer months very hard and were waiting for the rainy season to start. The problem that they had was that there was only one watering hole in the whole reserve and the level of water was getting lower each day.

The king of the reserve “Leo the Lion” had called a meeting to try and resolve the problem they had. The Zebras , Birds and Rhinos all said they should all be first. The Monkeys and the Hippos wouldn’t stop arguing, the Hyenas were laughing all the time and the Snakes kept trying to eat the Birds. It was mayhem.

It was then that the Elephant delivered his speech. ” I will use my trunk to spray everyone, to wash them, as I saw on the gamekeeper’s TV once – that showers use less water!”

The animals all stopped squabbling and agreed it would be the quickest and most efficient way so everybody would get to use the water.

Peace was restored in Mukdaman!


Week 37 : The legend of the gold viola by Jacob

I was taking my dog for a walk on the beach when a piece of paper was sticking out of the sand. I pulled it out and it was a treasure map! I looked closely at the map and saw a gold marker in the middle of an island. I had to find out where that island was.

My friend worked for the military so I sent it to him. The next day I received a package from the military. They sent me a map, a letter and the treasure map that I had sent to them. It seems like they were searching for a lost, ancient gold viola used by a wealthy king.

Week 36 The Wrath of Chickens by Jacob

I was at the field enjoying the breeze and I saw a farm with a bunch of chickens. I thought it would be lovely if I could play with the chickens. So I went to the fence and put my hand out and one came over and plucked me… Then 30 more rushed at me… That’s when I knew I should run.

They started to jump over the fence and were squawking angrily. I rushed into my house, locked the door and told my parents not to look outside. I looked on Facebook and saw a video of a person running from chickens.

Week 35 The hunter by Jacob

It was late at night and my owner shouted that there was a raccoon in the bin. I ran down the stairs and was getting ready to chase that raccoon.

My owner opened the door and I was chasing after him. There was a creek and the raccoon jumped into the stream and swam to the other side. I jumped into the stream while the raccoon was taunting me. I dragged myself to the other side then the raccoon jumped back into the stream and paddled to the side my owner was on. Then he disappeared into the night.

I was stuck on the other side, cold and wet, thanks to that raccoon.

Week 34 My Life by Jacob

The sky was getting dark and I thought to myself its time to get up.  I crawled out of the box I was sleeping in and stretched my aching body.  After a good scratch, I found a leaf stuck behind my ear from my bed.  I plucked it out and threw it on a chair to use later.

My tummy was rumbling and I knew it was time for food. I could not find any food in the pantry so I headed out the door on the hunt.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any frogs, worms or fish but there was a Mac Donalds open nearby, and I thought a Big Mac would go down a treat!!  I quickly popped to the car park of the restaurant and rummaged around in their bins, and hey presto! A half-eaten cheeseburger and two chicken nuggets suddenly became breakfast….its a tough life being a raccoon.

Week 32 The crash by Jacob

I was waiting at gate 5 for the plane doors to open. Border patrol took my passport and looked at it. After 12 seconds they sent me on my way. The plane was. cramped.

The plane took off and I was sweating a bit. The guy next to me asked if I was OK and I said I was fine. Then there was a big bang on the engines. The plane started to dive down. The pilot screamed, “Easy Victor ” 3 times.

As we disappeared into the night a Viper 1 went by and shot the plane and there was a big explosion.

Week 31 Sneaking out by Jacob

While we were on a plane going to Australia I asked my dad if we could take a walk when we got there. Unfortunately, he said no. The vast bulky plane landed and we arrived at Perth.

We got out of the plane and went to pick up our luggage. When we got out of the airport my uncle came and gave me a hug. The house that my uncle lived in was huge. It was night and I decided to sneak out. As I crawled out of the window, the owls hooted and crickets were making noises.  I saw a big tree in the moonlight. It was beautiful…

Week 30 The corona uprising by Jacob

It’s week 30 of lockdown.

As part of the Artyfartbuckel’s family, it was my turn to go to the shops.

As I was in the shop, these people in gas masks pulled up in a van and burst into the shop saying GET ON THE GROUND! I was terrified and went behind the counter and called the guards.

After 10 minutes S.W.A.T teams came bursting through the door and started to shout at the rebels. They were shooting at each other. The cashier said that he would try and escape and I should come with him. I said no and he called me scared and I said it doesn’t matter what you say does it?

He started to crawl to the door then a grenade landed next to him…

Week 27 The cows down my lane By Jacob

Every day I walk my dog, Teddy, for about 30 minutes. Some days it’s rainy some days it is sunny but one thing was always the same.
After sprinting past the last house on the left (there was always an angry and upset dog), there was a field with two big fat cows. One had marks on its back in the shape of a diamond, the other’s marks were like a book. They were there every day except today.

There was a farmer in the field and he shouted out to me “Excuse me, have you seen any cows today? I seem to have lost mine.”
Just then the angry dog started yelping. I looked over and saw the two cows chasing the dog round his garden.

”I found your cows!” I shouted at the farmer and giggled as he chased them around the garden.

Week 26 by Jacob The rebellion

My friend and I were reading a history book when we came upon a story about a rebellion…

It was about a time when a rebel leader grew great and powerful. The leader wanted more power and decided to raid a big and vast castle. The king was surprised when he saw a giant army heading towards him. He called the wizard and asked him to make a spell to freeze them. The wizard agreed and he forged a spell. He gave it to the king and he threw it at the leader.  He froze and his men were as still as a tree.

“That was a good story! “said my friend.

Week 24 TITAN’S PATH by Jacob

My friend told me about this island called  TITAN’S BASE.

As we were about to board the plane someone barged through saying he’s a V.I.P. My friend and I were annoyed. The robust plane’s engine started to activate.

A few hours later we decided to visit the great lava duct. We were climbing for a while until the wall cracked. I told my friend and we freaked out – luckily my friend had a flare. She shot it but then she tripped over and was hanging off a cliff.

“Hold on! “I said. ” IM TRYING TO HOLD ON!” she shouted.

I heard a noise and it was a helicopter. It landed right next to us and I mustered the strength to pull my friend up and went into the helicopter. Then the lava duct exploded…

Week 23 : The rocky buildings by Jacob

The S.A.S hired me as a military captain.

We were stationed in China near a massive old city.   I told the pilot to land us near the city until I heard beeping. The pilot told us a S.A.M system was locking onto us. I was about to say something until the back of the helicopter got shot off…

I woke up in a huge pile of snow. I mustered the strength to get up was right next to the city. Yet I was happy for once and headed there. As I was walking into the city I stepped on one of the cracks but I took no notice of the sign.

Then the ground started to shake and a vast building fell on me…

Week 22 MAYDAY by Jacob

I rang the doorbell to my cousin’s house.  He opened the door and said that he was so glad to see me. I asked him about his girlfriend and he said that she was on holiday- gone to see her mother and father.

But then we heard sirens going off. We went to see what was going on outside but before my cousin could say a word… a vast zeppelin crashed right into his house.

A few moments later I could hear commotion and rescuers saying there was a man in there. They mustered the strength and pulled me out and said that I would be fine. But I saw my cousin – he had blood on his hands and on his head… he is now dead.

Week 20 The bombardment by Jacob

Today I’m heading to Africa to reunite with my squadron.

As I was on my way I saw a massive group of Ju87 Stukas on their way to HQ. I connected my radio to base and told them bombers were on their way.

All of a sudden a massive black thing came falling out of the sky. The bombers started to break off. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was. I turned on the radio and told them to get all the men out of here. A siren went off. I saluted and there was complete blackness…

Week 19 The air war by Jacob

1942 DDay

As I was escorting an Mk-1 Hudson German aircrafts started to barrel down to us. I had no choice but to say to my squad to engage all enemy aircraft. As bullets were passing by, a bullet hit my shoulder. I was starting to pass out but I mustered the strength to pull my aircraft up but it didn’t work.

The sky was fully white. I found myself in a mall. I looked around – the shops were closed. Although  It was a Saturday nothing was opened.

I heard a voice calling my name. I woke up. My co-pilot said “you ok? It seems like you saw a ghost. ”

I started to panic  – my arm was cut off.  I passed out again…

Week 18 The red flags by Jacob

Today we’re doing a mission – a very IMPORTANT mission. I’m in squadron  5 aka the red flags. Mother told me not to join the war because she might never ever see me again. I told her I was fighting for grandfather then she started to cry.

The time had come when we were told to get in our aircraft. I complained to the commander “BUT IT IS SO SLOW” I said. “Stick to your aircraft solider- that’s an order.”” Fine ” I said.

As our bombers made our way to the French coast  ME 214’s came and attacked our bombers. Screams came through the radios as bombers got shot down


The bombs dropped –  explosions came out of nowhere.

Doomsday had begun.

Week 17 A mystery is solved… by Jacob

Today I decided to take a walk at the park. As I was making my way there I saw a man with a mask on – he had a golden bike and was going so fast. I wanted to follow him until he put the bike up at a post and went into a bush.

Suddenly the guards pinned me to a wall and said: “WE’VE GOT YOU NOW”. I was telling them to chill but that made them angrier. I told them someone went into the bushes. They looked in the bushes and gasped.

The guards pulled out a man. The mystery was solved.




Week 15 Walker by Jacob

After training my captain gave me a codename WALKER. I decided to go on patrol when an old man came and said which way to the shops? he panted. I told him to go left. He thanked me and I went home.

23rd of July 2023

I got a call about a robbery. As I went to check what was going on a voice I recognised was saying PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG NOW! It sounded like a dinosaur going mad. I went in and I saw the old man.  He looked at me and  I shot him with the taser.  More policemen arrived and took him to jail.

Week 13 The XEV class by Jacob

Atlantic Ocean 2199

As the ships were on fire I had no choice but to tell the ships to leave the border. As we were retreating a sub came out of nowhere and started to fire at us. In the distance a ship started to fire at the sub. It fell back and we found  that the ship that was a legend ; its name was the XEV.

We were shocked and amazed. We headed back to Portsmouth and told the admiral that we were saved by the XEV. My commander;s name was Dylan and the admiral’s name was Luke.

Since then I decided to retire and become a bars man.


Week 14 BEES!!! by Jacob

Saturday evening research facility 19:17

“Our test is good to go,” said a scientist.

“AAAAAAAA” screamed someone.

I went to investigate the disturbance.

“What the …?” I said

“BEES BEES BEES!! said the scientist.

We scared them away and helped the scientist up.

“What was that?” I asked and he replied with “robotic bees. We found out they went rogue and were trying to take over the city and make it their domain!”

After a while we went outside to see what was going on. A massive explosion came from a building…it was a dirty bomb.

” Who would do such a thing?”


We rushed into the building where the bees were making honey. We all were surprised when we saw a bomb in there. I defused it and saved everyone.

No…it isn’t true By Jacob

As gunshots were heard, two children asked their dad what’s going on. He said the Russians were here. Four big men busted into the house wearing gas masks…

As they carried us I grabbed the knife and stabbed them. My brother and I ran as far as we could.  He said he found a family journal on the wall of the house. As we read it, a map fell and we looked at it- there was a letter T on it?

We thought it was a treasure map so we followed it and found a kid called Buck. He followed us until he fell into a volcano. He called us crazy girl and crazy boy but my brother had enough and pushed him into the volcano.  He was happy after that.

We were in the artic and found a cub. The mother polar bear ripped my brother’s shorts off after that. We kept on walking and walking until we finally made it! There was a ship with a big Y on its sails but this ship was letting down the bridge and we climbed aboard the ship. There was a voice that said set the sails – now DRIVE! The boat was moving.

What was that mates?

Uh oh – we’re in for a fight.

We grabbed a blunderbuss and accidentally shot the Captain in the leg. We were able to get it out and were let out.


Week 11 Goodnight Mr Croset…By Jacob

England 1987…

“No” he said,” I like marmite!”

“Please be quiet”

“I will make you marmite”


As I walked into the kitchen I had a devilish plan…  In goes the poison -oh and I could not forget the sleeping drugs.

“I present you with kitchen-made marmite”

” About time,” Mr Croset said’

He ate and ate until he fell asleep and stopped breathing.


I dragged him outside and put him in the bin. The police came and asked what was going on?

I replied “I’m just trying to get him out of the trash bin. “They looked at me weirdly. After that I was thrown into prison.


The mission was named Operation Poppies aka Project RED. As flacks tried to shoot us down, the heavy vast robust armour was shielding us.

My partner said “dive down to the ground.”

” What?! Are you nuts?”

He shouted to dive and I finally agreed. As we dived down the flacks hit us twice “almost there.. and go up!” The plane went up and the bombs hit the train.


Then we heard a BANG . Oh no I thought in my head “WE ARE SO DEAD!!”

“Take this parachute and go.”

I jumped … and now here I am at his grave.


Week 9 The ki-43 by Jacob

The orange squadron spoke first and said “open bomb bays”

We followed his order and that’s when there was gunfire.

“Squadron orange – we are under fire- over. Squadron orange?”

“We’re hit!”  screamed the pilot.

I jumped out of the b-28. In the distance, there was a… KI-43! I got my pistol out and shot at the cockpit.

“UGH!” screamed the pilot.  The plane flew down in a spiral. I jumped on the plane and grabbed the pilot. I had an idea. I pulled the bullet out of his mouth.

…he woke up – Scared and afraid but he thanked me.

WW2 might be bad but some people in the war had a heart.

Week 7 Abandoned batteries By Jacob

“But where did it go” she shouted.

I”f we lose two more we will be stranded on the  statesman,”  I thought to myself

“Why don’t we put up cameras and see who is behind it all?”

“Okay,” said the captain

We put up the cameras and found a man who was dressed in a black tuxedo. I was stunned to find it was my best friend Ron! I ran down there and shouted TRAITOR!!!! and then I body-slammed him. He said “What’s the big idea?” The captain came down the stairs and told him to leave or he would get fired.

We retrieved the batteries  and got onto the surface and after that, we went home and promised never to speak about it again


Week 6 The diamond by Jacob

It was heavier than I thought it would be. The guards bamboozled me. There was a skinny one, a strong one and a ghastly looking one. They kicked me out.

I had a good plan. At the warehouse, I made a suit called the cyclops. It busted through the gates. I went to the diamond and it was gone. I looked around and then I saw a pink-haired lady with the diamond. I shouted saying give it back. I chased her. I scanned the area. I found her before she could scream. I said to be quiet.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Jane” she answered. “Want to be partners? ”

“Sure” I said.



It was a Saturday and football was on at 9:00.  My dad asked if I could go down to the shop to buy some snacks and drinks.

What a surprise I got when I was at the door. There was a statue that said: “Build my Strength.”  I put in 5 euros and it said “Best of luck.”

When I went into the newsagent I asked him “what’s that weird looking statue? ” What statue?” he replied. “The robust-looking one.”

He just shrugged his shoulders. When I went outside the stone statue was gone. Suddenly I heard a noise and it pounced onto me…

When I woke up my dad asked me to go down to the shop…

Week 4 : The fleet rescue by JACOB

When it just wouldn’t take off I was freaking out – then I saw the engines on fire

I shouted “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!” The crew on the carrier put out the flames and one of them said: “next time don’t scream.”

My face was blushing. A few minutes later I saw a battleship on fire in the distance. I got into a helicopter and the ship looked very robust. When I got to it people were screaming for help. I brought them back to the carrier. The captain of the fleet thanked me and made me rescue commander. I was happy.