Week 2 by Jacob

Then everything stopped and I looked up.  There was a broken looking orb – it was white and blue.

“W-where am I?”  a voice called from the light.


“Why is it so bright?” I said.

” This is where time is put in balance,” said the orb. I asked the orb who he was and his reply was so funny.

He said, ” this my name –  INFINITY or you can call me Steve -I’m going to give you a mission to defeat a man called Ominous Shadow – oh and take this ok….”

I went through the mountains and volcanos until I saw a shadow .

“Um hello!”

“Hello Jack  – so you’re Ominous Shadow”

“Yes,” he said “I’m here to take the world over. ”

We had a really big fight. I punched him so hard that he collapsed and turned into dust.

“Is it over “?

The world went back to normal and  a little blue butterfly came and said: “You saved time, thank you!”

” You’re welcome. How am I supposed to get down from here?”

“I can teleport you down” the butterfly said.

So I got home and my mum said “dinner!”

“…he can’t defeat me,” said a shadow in the distance…

Week 1: The war about two companies by Jacob

“This is no ordinary war” said Espinosa to his sister

“Please” said Gabriel “I’m fierce I can command the army.”

“NO, YOU CAN’T!!!” said Espinosa fiercely and he slammed the table so hard it cracked.  The alarm went off and they went to the sea wall. A fleet of nuclear submarines was coming to fire the defense cannons! Some subs were hit and the rest turned 180 degrees to the right.  Missiles hit the base and it turned into smoke.

“Sir” said Espinosa  “waste got into the ocean -nuculear waste.”

“Uh oh,” said Gabriel.

A giant monster came out.

“ACTIVATE PROJECT GYPSY! “SAID GABRIEL  …  5 days later a monster skeleton was spotted.