Week 1 The Bank Heist By Joe

The plan was finally ready – it all came down to luck. Kyle and Jamal were ready and everything was falling into place. The bank was closed and when they heard the last employee leaving they knew that it was all going to be perfect.

They quietly dashed along the narrow hallway and when they got to the vault Kyle slid the card through the card slot. The door opened and they got as much money as the bags could hold. They dashed through the hallway and suddenly saw the janitor cleaning the floors. The janitor got one good look at them at called the police.

To this day the janitor and the bank manager both have a statue outside the bank .

The Best Day Ever By Joe

Finally, school is over and I’m so excited to go to the zoo. I asked mum if my best friend Greg could come and she said he could. When we got to the zoo the first thing that we wanted to do was to go to the sea animal section. I love seahorses and when we saw them we were in love. I learned loads of new things for example – people would kill an elephant for their bones and tusks.

For lunch I had avocado on toast with a side of purple grapes. My day got even better when mum agreed to let Greg stay for a sleepover. We both agreed that it was one of the best days ever.