Week 34 The Bridge by Joe

There was a loud bang. It was the sound of one of the gates closing on the bridges of Alcatraz. “A long time ago People say that the island was full of pink tulips and yellow daffodils but I don’t believe it ” said Colin who was with me. He brought a huge bun and we sprinkled loads of sugar on it .

Colin accidentally dropped it and we had to go and get it. I climbed down and walked into a cave. Suddenly I saw a large treasure chest . The room lit up and a figure walked in…

There was no escape.

Week 33 The Alien By Joe

Have you ever noticed something normal but it isn’t normal?

That is exactly what happened to Jeff. He trotted down his dark orchard and found 2 large nuts. He knew that they were too big to be real.

Jeff also thought that they were a small bit suspicious because it looked like they were moving. ” Dad I found two big nuts and they are too big to be real. What will we do? “said Jeff. His dad said that he’d get someone to remove them.

The next day a man called Bob came and was about to take it away when it exploded and something ran away…It was an Alien and it was ready to fight …

Week 32 The bomb By Joe

It was the day of my Military test and Johnny and I were very excited. We ran into the car and drove off to the site. When we were in the car we were talking about the test and what the tasks would be . We had done different tests before and knew what to do.

When we got there we realised that something was wrong. Everyone was running and screaming in terror. There was a bomb in the middle of the site. The leader of the Military told us our instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions. Johnny told everyone to clear off while we tried to fix it  – we went far and shot the wires.

We passed the test!

Week 31 Leo the Luminous Leopard by Joe

Leo the Luminous Leopard is an affable trusted leopard. He is from an ancient jungle temple deep in the delicate Whispering woods. He is very friendly with Grudge the bear and Professor Penguin.

He has never liked Florence the Flamingo . He says she is just annoying . Leo always gets in a bad mood whenever she says anything. He also has anger issues when someone does something wrong.

Leo is VERY strong. Over all he is a very good friend in most ways .

Week 27 Time Travel teleport by Joe

Bill and Conor were very good friends. One day they decided that they would go back in time for the day. Bill’s dad loved to try new things and to see what would happen.

After lunch they ran into the garage and jumped through the teleporter – they were on the moon but it was really old and then Bill remembered that his dad put the teleporter and the time travel machine.

But then they saw aliens after them. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress, but that was the same for the aliens. They made it back home and nobody even noticed that they left.

Week 26 The worst holiday by Joe

The Murphy parents were going to go on a holiday for their anniversary. “Why don’t we just go on a ferry along the sea instead of going through a battlefield? ” asked Mom. “Because that would cost way more,  ” replied dad.

Their thin tiny baby didn’t go with them because it was too dangerous.

When they arrived at the docks there was a yellow boat waiting for them, but so were military soldiers. It was bombed the week before and now there was protection for the boat. They were not allowed to go on because the boat was full. It was hopeless – they had no chance of getting to the pool .

The only way that they were going to get to the pool was if there was a magic shiny star to teleport them and that wasn’t going to happen.

Week 25 : JFK By Joe

“Hurry Tommy , if you keep going that slow we`re going to be even later than usual! ” shouted mom in her very strict voice .
They ran out the door as fast as light and jumped into the car . The car gave out a loud splutter and didn`t turn on properly.
“We`re going to have to run ” said mom.

But all wasn`t well in town. JFK had been visiting and there was an ambulance outside his car. We were going to go closer but we were stopped. Nobody was happy ,everyone was crying. A bust open bullet fell on the floor and a black figure was on a rooftop .

” A sniper ” said Tommy . ” There is someone with a sniper up there.

But how did he get up there ?

Week 24 : The Town Saviour by Joe

“Another boring day coming “thought Johnny .

He went up to his room and turned on his Xbox . As his game went on he had heard the sound of tools from his neighbour’s. He always thought he was evil .
‘What are you doing? ‘ asked Johnny .
He waited for a reply but he did not get one . He gave him a note and it said my all new invention to blow up the town .
‘Really ‘ laughed Johnny . ‘Good luck with that ‘.

But then it happened. The robot started to transform into a massive Machine throwing China mugs everywhere .

Week 23 Bad Times by Joe

“But why do we have to have a babysitter?” thought johnny?” It’s completely pointless.”
Billy felt the exact same. “We`re both 11 so for a few hours I think we will be okay, ” said Billy.

Nobody was listening to them.
They made a plan. They thought that they could steal the sweets. They made a list of things that they could do.
But as the night came they did everything wrong. Johnny was very annoyed with Billy and tried to avoid him.

One day he was thinking what if I were in charge?

Week 21 A Close Call by Joe

“Why though? ” said David. Dad was in shock. He was speechless. But then Mum came in. “You are going because you said you wanted to,” shouted Mum.   “Not with granny Margaret, ” he replied.  He was so annoyed and ran to the park.

As the day went on he realised there was no getting out of it…

“What was that?” he thought. It was coming closer. There it was – the evil doctor Bob and he was turning all of the yoga people into trees.

In the end, David got turned into a tree too.

Well, perhaps it was better than staying with granny Margaret.

Week 20 Bill’s secret by Joe

I went to stay with my cousins, Charlie and Thomas for the weekend.

The first day  Thomas and I went cycling down the road. We were moving very fast when we were on the straight road… But after, we crashed.

“I thought I told you to not use Charlie’s bike “, said Thomas. I was puzzled. I looked at the bike once more. “I thought this was your bike “, I answered.

We slowly trotted home and put the bikes in the shed. Suddenly Charlie ran into our room.

“WHO WAS USING MY BIKE? “, shouted Charlie.

We both froze. “It was him “, shouted Thomas and he was pointing at me.

Week 18 The Worst Birthday By Joe

As months went by my birthday finally came.

” Mum I want breakfast now! ” said Gary my little angelic brother. She dragged herself out of bed and made him some breakfast .

“I want Coco pops not pancakes! ” shouted Gary in rage.

“It`s your brother’s birthday and he wants pancakes. ”  That made him really annoyed.

When we were finished our food we went town. After going from shop to shop we decided to eat . The first place was too busy but the second was perfect. After our food, we walked outside. It was the best day ever.

But as we were walking an evil monster came and turned us into stone. Well there goes the best day ever .


Week 17 The zoo by Joe

It was my birthday and Billy and I were going to the zoo. Before we go out to the car I check the post box. ” Nothing ” I said .

The zoo was packed  . ” Has it ever been this full? ” asked Billy. As we went through the big red gates I noticed that it was already 5 o clock. “Mum, can we go into the reptile house please? ” said Billy.

But we did not wait for an answer and ran in. We saw a sign and it read “Do not feed animals. ” But that’s what we did. The snake went crazy.

We left after and went for a cycle when we got home. We cycled around for an hour. It was the

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST BIRTHDAY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 16 Friend Or Foe By Joe

One day Billy and I were walking into Cowboy land. At first, I thought the place would suck but it really didn`t in the end. There was a diamond gun there and it was worth 545,000,000,000 pounds. When it got dark our uncle came to collect us but we asked him if we could stay at the Cowboy hotel. In the morning we saw that something was covering the sun. We thought it was a U.F.O.   We were right.

There was an army of footmen that wanted the gun but they didn`t get it. In the end, there was one left and he was sad. We stole the gun and gave it to him. We told him NOT to give it to his master.

In the end we didn`t  know if he was a friend or foe.

Week 15 Cruel World by Joe

Darren was a boy that was treated in a mean way. In the beginning of his life he had to sleep on the sofa. As he got older his life got harder. Darren`s parents were in jail because there was a crime and his parents got the blame.

But his grandparents were despicable and treated him like a slave. So nowadays he just stays in his room.

” DARREN!” Screamed his granddad.


Oh no he had forgotten to tell that his parents went to Hogwarts and graduated. He saw his Hogwarts letter in his granddads’ hands.

“It’s from the local school ”  Lied Darren. That seemed to work.

In the end he snuck out and went to Hogwarts and had an amazing first year at his new school.


Week 14 Christmas Problems By Joe

Have you ever wondered if Christmas could ever be bad?…

” Jeffery , wake up now,” whispered Sarah. ” Santa came. “

I  got mom and dad and then darted downstairs to see what we got.

It was amazing …until Jeffery opened the last present. It was a dancing monkey. He loved it but on the other hand, my parents loathed it. He tried to teach it some tricks and called him Timothy.

“Jump boy,” said Jeffery .” It won`t jump” said, Sarah.” Shhh, jump” he said one last time and it did. ..It also knocked and broke dad’s new laptop






Week 14 The cave by joe

” Dad why can’t we go and watch the new space shuttle launch?” I asked.

“Because it’s pandemonium down there and we will never be able to see it actually launch.  How about we go to the zoo instead? ”

“Fine,” I answered.

At first, I thought it was going to be bad but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. When we were going to see the monkeys I saw a little cave. There was no sign saying that we couldn’t go in so we did . It was a long tunnel leading to the other side of the zoo . As we got closer Dad said he could see a tiger at the end – he was right . The tiger was blocking our escape…What will we do next?

Week 12 The Experiment by Joe

“Class, take out your books in silence, NOW!” screamed Miss O’Leary.

She was the strictest teacher ever.  She loathed her time with children. The bell rang and the look on her face was terrifying . Jeff and I were in for break. I went to the bathroom and Jeff was eating his sandwich.

As I came back I heard an abominable roar. I saw a human-sized, white monster. Luckily we were 100% energetic so we could run. We hurried outside and called the police. I saw the monster and it was shrinking.  By the time it nearly got us -it was half a meter tall and the police got it.


Week 7 Mansion of Misery by Joe

Why did Summer have to be so hot? I like a bit of heat but not this much heat. We laid there for another while until the annoying O Connors came.

“I dare ye to go into the mansion of misery,” they said.

“The what?” I answered. They pointed to the old mansion. “For how much?” said Luke sharply. “One hundred pounds,” whispered Conoll the oldest O Connor. “Okay” – We darted up to the mansion like there was no tomorrow.

“In we go,” I said in a scared voice.  As the door slammed I knew I heard giggling. “We are stuck,” I muttered. “Start thinking now, ” said Luke. “I have an idea,” I thought. “Luke break a window,” I said.

That’s what we did. And now for our Money… But they were gone.


Week 5 My Treasured Item By Joe

My treasured item is very important to me. Many people have it and love it. I use it every day and never want to get out. Loads of people love it and don’t want to get out ever. My own one is very comfy and it’s blue and very tempting to stay inside of it. It was a challenge to pick out what to write about. I picked this one because I had lots of ideas. If I lost it I would probably cry and sit in the corner of my room. I have no clue when and where I got it but I don’t care as it’s still comfy. Either way I would have one but the one I have now is the best. I bet you love your one too. My item is the amazing…

Week 4 Teleportation by Joe

Niall was not having a good day.

“Mom do you know where my console charger is?”  he said.

There was no answer. Then it hit him …literally… a cardboard thing hit him and hard. It said Mom gone out.

“Outside then!” he said.

There were some lights that formed a ball and a dog was wearing glasses. Plus it sent him to another dimension. “Harry” he screamed in a strange dopey voice. It was the evil rat. “Here we go,” said Harry. “It’s a wand.”

“Expleamous! “said Niall knocking him off a cliff. “Run” Niall screamed. He went back to his dimension and found …his charger. Mam came home and made a cake.

Week 1: THE EVIL BABIES by Joe

Today is Friday the 13th. People are telling me not to walk under a ladder but I didn’t listen to them, and 3 of my friends and I went under the ladder. In class, superstitious children said to not play the Charlie Charlie pencil challenge because it would send us to another dimension. Alex said that he’s only speaking bogus.

As break time came we played Charlie Charlie. Niall said Charlie Charlie will you send us to another dimension.YES.Shouted a mysterious voice . BE GONE. As all four of them ended up in a dopey, creepy house. Kevin said This blows. They went outside and started walking.