Wk 15 The Figure By Joe

It was late and most of the shops would be closing soon. My job as a security guard was finished. I was slowly driving out of the car park when I noticed a masked figure lurking in the distance. I didn’t take any notice as I thought it was just a man walking home. I was stopped in traffic when I saw it again. The traffic was moving extraordinarily slowly so I began the feel nervous.

After I got out of the traffic I stopped for coffee. When I walked outside I saw the figure, this time up close. “Which way to the shops “, it panted . . .

Wk 14 The Battle Of The Bees By Joe

It was a cold and windy morning. Josh ran out to the kitchen and he heard a massive bang. He got back to his feet and walked towards the window. He saw loads of beams glide through the sky. As he ran to the garden he heard a loud noise that sounded like a turbine. Josh was getting confused and wanted to see what as going on.

To his surprise, he saw a gigantic queen bee sitting on the library. There were lasers shooting all around him. It was pandemonium.

Why were they acting this way?

Suddenly the queen bee faced Josh and . . .

Wk 13 The Reindeer By Joe

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was coming down fast . My brother Cian and I were begging mum to let us go outside . When she finally caved in she told us to wrap up well because it was freezing outside .

We ran outside and met up with the children from the estate . We were planning on making a massive snowman . Cian started to roll up snow for the body but suddenly he heard a noise from the bushes . We ran to the bush and looked through . I saw a deer taking flight. I didn’t realise that they could fly . But as I said that I saw a bit of red on its nose.. .

The Escape By Joe

It’s been about a week since Father died. When war broke out on our small island, Father was forced to help the wounded and after three weeks of pandemonium, Father was killed. Although I’m devastated, I’m proud to be his son. Mother is in a quandary whether or not to flee from the island or to stay until the war is over. My sister Gemma wants to go to a new country and start all over again. I don’t know what I want to do.

Days have passed and my Mother is starting to want to go to a new country. When I ask her about it she says that she wants to go but if a ship was seen by the protesters it would bombard it with an avalanche of cannons. The protesters are hostile, hazardous and aggressive and they act in such erratic ways.

Because of the war, we’re never out of the house. I find it pedestrian but Gemma and Mother are avid readers so they always reading. I wish Father was here, we all do

“Wake up Paul! ” shouted Mother the next day.

“The ship is here. ”

I was so confused. She never told me that there was a ship coming. I sat up and looked around my room. I saw a bag with my clothes. We were going away from the island! I heard the crashing waves from the ship. Gemma and I ran as fast as we could towards the ship but when we were on the ship neither of us knew where Mother was.

As the boat was taking off Gemma noticed Mother running towards the Ship but it was too late.

“Mother! ” We yelled.

Standing on the stones, she watched the boat sail into the distance.

Week 11 The Deal By Joe

“We ‘ve tracked down the illegal firework seller, I got Agent Brady to do deal with him but he doesn’t know that Brady is an F.B.I. agent “, Officer Brooks snapped.

” You will be pretending to be in the café having your lunch. When Brady says ” No- I like marmite ” you will pounce and arrest the man with the fireworks  “.

Many hours have gone by before I heard Brady and the man talking. ” So these fireworks are extremely illegal “? asked Brady. The man said yes and took out a briefcase. “Do you have the money “? He asked. Brady nodded. “No “, he said “I like marmite ” . . .

Week 10 Poppy By Joe

Sadly tragedy had struck , my Grandfather is sick . My mother spends most of her time making sure he is okay . She is often glum and the reason she always stays by his side  is so she can give him good food and prolong his life.

One time when my grandfather and I were alone he asked me to get him a red poppy . I thought that it was a bit peculiar that he wanted a poppy but I still got him the poppy . He told me that he was going to keep it by his bed side so that when he died we would always remember him .

Week 9 Hallucinating By Joe

How did I get myself into this one? I was being coerced and there was no way out. I finally gave in to take a 40 kilos crate 80 miles as I was being bombarded with threats. Since the commander loathed me so much there was no surprise to anyone when he told me I had to do it .

Ravenously I walked through the hot orange sandy desert. I was so thirsty that I was beginning to see mirages and I was hallucinating. After a few hours, I saw a small group of different coloured men. The orange one spoke first.  “Do you want some water?”  Before I knew it, it was too late . . .

Week 7 The Worst Day By Joe

Sadly, today was the worst day ever. It started off when there was no more cereal so I had to go to school ravenous. When I got to school I asked my teacher could I have a little bit of my lunch. Unlucky for me she was extra cantankerous and wouldn’t let me eat my lunch until break time.

When I got home and went into the living room my mom started to lambast me. She told me that I had taken her diamond ring . I started to deny saying that I didn’t do anything,” but where did it go ” she shouted . . .

Week 6 The Prank By Joe

Johnny and I were walking around town, we were up to our usual shenanigans. He realised that it was April Fool’s day. He grinned at me and let out a chuckle. I knew that it was a bad omen but I tried to not let it get to me.

I was right, when I got to his house I asked for a glass of water. When he came out with the “water” I took a sip and he started laughing. It was only then that I realised that he gave me vinegar.

I found a plan to get him back. I got a big bowl of water but it was heavier than I expected. When he saw me with the bowl in the air he tipped it over and it went the wrong way.

Week 5 The Giant By Joe

Rapidly I ran through the forest, the bullies were right behind me. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. When I got to the creek I stopped. ” It’ll be alright,” I thought to myself as I took a deep breath and got my energy back.

“He’s over here,” I heard one of them say. I quickly ran behind a tree and waited for them to pass. I ran to the park and saw a new statue, I went over and touched it on the foot only to realise that it wasn’t a statue  . . .

Week 4 The Plane By Joe

I walked outside and saw large dark clouds approaching but they weren’t clouds –  it was actually a U.F.O.  cannon and there were 8 beams of light all joined together like a death ray.

We have been getting reports of a laser coming to destroy Earth and it was going to happen in 2 days. Everybody was scared and most people were already gone. We were trying to get a flight.

The time came and we rushed to the plane. On the plane we were waiting for the flight to start but when it just wouldn’t take off I was getting nervous. We were running out of time . . .

Week 3 The Race By Joe

The pressure was devouring me. My teammates were wishing me good luck. I had to do well. I knew my team needed a prize and I was the only one holding them back from getting it. My brother greedily kept all the gels for himself. I got my bicycle  and we cycled out on to the road for a warm-up

Our coach told us that the race would start in five minutes and that we should get ready. After the wait, I cycled over to the start line. I was desperate for a good place. The yellow sun was burning my neck and I was ready for the race.

Week 2 Time By Joe

” Leave me alone ” I screamed as the bullies pushed me against the wall. Henry got his fist and I saw it coming at my face. His fist was about two inches from my face but then everything stopped and I was so confused and got down and ran .

As I ran through town I noticed that nothing was moving and I was beginning to think that I was lost in time . I ran home and I went on the computer but it wouldn’t load . I was bamboozled and began to feel hopeless.

Would I ever be back to normal again?

Week 1 The Bank Heist By Joe

The plan was finally ready – it all came down to luck. Kyle and Jamal were ready and everything was falling into place. The bank was closed and when they heard the last employee leaving they knew that it was all going to be perfect.

They quietly dashed along the narrow hallway and when they got to the vault Kyle slid the card through the card slot. The door opened and they got as much money as the bags could hold. They dashed through the hallway and suddenly saw the janitor cleaning the floors. The janitor got one good look at them at called the police.

To this day the janitor and the bank manager both have a statue outside the bank .

The Best Day Ever By Joe

Finally, school is over and I’m so excited to go to the zoo. I asked mum if my best friend Greg could come and she said he could. When we got to the zoo the first thing that we wanted to do was to go to the sea animal section. I love seahorses and when we saw them we were in love. I learned loads of new things for example – people would kill an elephant for their bones and tusks.

For lunch I had avocado on toast with a side of purple grapes. My day got even better when mum agreed to let Greg stay for a sleepover. We both agreed that it was one of the best days ever.