Week 30 Don’t be a Bully By Kacper

2 weeks ago a new student was introduced to our school. His name was Gerald Boarhead. He was a big bully and was always interrupting our learning.

Once I saw him throwing a kid’s school bag on the roof. Then he pushed one of my friends onto the floor. After that, as I was walking away he punched me. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Enough was enough. I went to the principal’s office and told the principal that Gerald was bullying others. He was suspended for 4 days.

Remember if someone is bullying you just tell an adult. Don’t be afraid because they will help.

FortNite Is Dangerous By Kacper

One day I was at my house playing Fortnite. A few minutes later I was playing Duos and I met this strange guy. His name was Greasy Giraffe. He wanted to add me to play with him and his friend.

When he invited me, my screen went black. Seconds later I saw a red screen with Greasy Giraffe and his friend Salted Fish. The ground was brown and red and he said he would find me.

As fast as possible I deleted them and reported every thing to the police. They found the guy in my shed and put him in jail. He used to be a toy producer before he melted them all and turned evil.

The Enviroment By Kacper

One day my friend and I went to the park to play soccer. When we arrived at the park, it was all dirty and the trees were all burnt.

” What is happening ? ” I asked a worker.

He answered me, ” We are destroying the trees  to build a soccer pitch.”

My friend was excited but I was sad.

” You can’t do that” I shouted.

So I went to the Gardai and reported it. They said that they couldn’t do anything so I decided to gather help from the Tidy Towns Committee and we have helped to save the park.

Please try not to litter.

Where Am I ? By Kacper

It was really cold. I had just woken up in a dark house. It Seemed like  I was on the 2nd floor. I saw something that looked like blood. I ran through the corridor and down the stairs. The door was shut and everything seemed wrong. I found an old torch that shone really brightly next to the door and checked the place out. I heard some whispers in the kitchen so I went in… but when I went in I heard…SURPRISE… I asked what was going on. One of my friends responded,” it’s your birthday today did you forget ?” I responded, “yes I totally forgot”.

The Cook’s Mistake By Kacper

One beautiful day there was an inspector coming to view the most marvelous and most eloquent restaurant in the town. At 3 o clock, the inspector came and ordered pork chops with chips and vinegar.  When the cook was nearly ready she poured all the vinegar in and gave it to the inspector.

When she tasted it she was in disgust so she said ” the vinegar was too sharp” and when the cook heard that, she started crying. But as the inspector was just about to leave the cook’s best friend , Sarah, she said that she did not mean to put in all of the vinegar so she got some more and this time said ” best meal ever”.

Week 21 : The Lost Teddy By Kacper

There was a teddy which was lost. His owner was a four year old girl called Annie. Her birthday was only 3 months ago and she got a new toy. So the teddy ran away  because he did not like the new toy. He was traveling until he found a road not far from the farm he came from.

While he was on the road he nearly got hit by a huge truck. He had thought he would get ripped. He was in a panic, when all of a sudden a little boy with a blue shirt ran and picked him up. After that he was taken home and was happy again.

Week 20 The Dank Old House By Kacper

One very scary night my friends and I were going back from my friend  JJ’s house. When we were passing a very old dank house we saw that the lights were flickering. We decided to go and check it out. It was really dirty and damp. One of my friends said an old eloquent man used to live there. But when he died his house was meant to be destroyed because he was murdered there 10 years ago.

Suddenly we heard a sound –  it was completely out of tune so we checked and found it was a … raccoon, or so we thought …

Week 18 The Odd Statues By Kacper

I was in Australia and was heading to the Sydney Oprea House when suddenly I saw strange and interesting statues.

“What are they?” I asked myself.

There were about 200 of these statues and I was in shock. After when I came from my vacation I learned that they were not statues. Instead, they were souls of the old samurais and they came back to kill other people.

They said that they killed 2 people already and they were seeking more revenge.

I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks and never want to see them again.

Week 16 A Bad Start By Kacper

I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I went in I realised my dog tore my towel and I couldn’t go to take a shower. Then when I was making breakfast the kitchen counter went on fire. I quickly got my bubbles and poured it on the counter. It was horrible and also my pink flavour bubble gum was all burnt.

I had to go to work but my car was broken so I took my bicycle and went to work. Then I got fired for being late and went home. I felt empty inside, but it got better the next day.

Week 12 Super Hero by Kacper

One day I was going to a grocery store with my mom. When we went in the shop my mom said ” Stay in sight  -ok?”

” ok”  I responded.

I went to get some snacks and then I heard… BOOM … robbers came running through the door.

” GIVE US THE MONEY AND THERE WILL BE NO HARM” one robber shouted, and then out of no where I jumped at the robbers and tried to tie them up.

After a while police arrived and arrested the robbers. That evening when we arrived home we seemed to be on the television. We were HEROES.

Week 11 My bike is stuck by KACPER

One day I was rushing like a buffoon to my Nana’s house because she was really sick. She was sneezing all day long and she knew she could count on me. When I arrived I went as fast as the wind inside and she was asleep.

A few hours later she felt better and my mom was waiting for me. I went outside to find my bike stuck in a tree.

“What on Earth has happened?” I exclaimed.

It really shocked me and I tried to pull it out when my mom called me. I told her what had happened but she just said ” we will get you a new bike” :/

The abandoned farmhouse by Kacper

One day I was flying to America on a plane. I was relaxed and super sleepy so a I decided to take a S.N.A.P. ( super nap and passed the flight). But before I fell asleep I heard an alarm and from then on I did not hear anything.

When I woke up I heard someone screaming for help. I ran as fast as the wind but it was too late. The man drowned in the water. I was so angry at myself that I wanted to kill myself but what was the point. I  just sat there and watched the plane sinking.

But then I spotted a suitcase full of food . I was really lucky about the food . I found a farmhouse and  I decided to go in because It was getting really late. When I got inside the farmhouse it was clean but the windows were smashed so I went to sleep.

I woke up finding a man scavenging my farmhouse . I sneaked behind him and …BOOM…CRASH… the kitchen was all broken then I realised it was the man who  drowned (apparently) . I asked him , how did you not drown ? The man responded , ” I climbed the plane and got to land.” ” What’s  your name ?” ” Oscar,my name is Oscar. ” “My name is Kacper. “I won’t hurt you I only need supplies,” said the man.

I gave him soup, sandwich , water, milk and a flashlight. I spotted  the mans phone and called for help. I told the man help was coming the following day so we went to sleep. When we woke up the help was not there. I was wondering if they didn’t remember or maybe they were late. So we waited and waited and waited and waited but they didn’t come so we were stuck.


Week 10 The gorilla by Kacper

Hello there friends, today I will tell you a story.

There was a gorilla in a zoo that was treated badly. But one day he made a run for it. He was meant to be in a show when… he was let free and… CRASH… He ran through the wall. He was running pretty fast for a gorilla. He hid behind the yellow wall for a few minutes and they lost him. After they lost him he broke down the wall and scattered bricks everywhere.

Why l love wearing a jersey By Kacper

Hello my name is Kacper and I am here to tell everyone why I love wearing the school jersey.

I like wearing the jersey because I like representing my team. Jerseys show respect for our country. While your playing a match and wearing a jersey people know who’s team you  are on.

They also represent your club. Jerseys also show your number and people won’t forget who you really are. These are all my reasons why I like wearing the school jersey.

Your sincerely


Week 5 The Getaway pt2 by Kacper

It was snowing outside since winter was coming soon, and here I am stuck in a cage all by myself. It was breakfast (9:00) and I had pancakes (it’s better than mushroom stew). As I was eating all of a sudden the lights went off.

It was so dark no one could see. I had a flashlight and I ran quickly. it reminded me of when I was running through the woods. After I heard a…


My team wanted to help me escape but when they got in we got cornered. We didn’t know what to do …

(to be soon continued…)

Week 4…WEIRD…by Kacpper

Hi, my name Is Kacper and today it was….weird…

I saw 3 statues.  They spoke and said if I would not give them…ARGH…(5 minutes later)…

Where am I?… Whoa, I did not expect the camera. I have to run because they are here and I will get caught.

Week 3 : THE GETAWAY By kacper

“So men are you ready?”

“YEAH,”  we all answered.

We were about to steal gems and $50,ooo. We drove down to the city bank and took c4’s and …KABOOM… there was an explosion. We took all the gems and money and ran as fast as we could.  We went on the roof and my crew went on board the helicopter. But it seemed to be going backwards.  I turned  around and 10000 cops were on the roof. I went to jail and they said I would be in jail for 3 months (We will see about that I thought!  )

Week 2 Pets day by Kacper

Dear diary,

Today was pet’s day and it was awful. Well, it wasn’t that bad. We were allowed to bring any pets we had .to school. I brougth Ruby ( because I could not find my cat 🙂  ).

Before we went to school we took a drink. I had a juice called Mauve. Its colour was mauve. After our drink we went to school. My teacher was not that happy but she brought her alligator.  Everyone climbed the table and was in shock.

When it was hometime it was tricky to get out but we’re home now and that’s what matters.

Ruby is so happy.  I have to go now – bye.

Week 37 IMAGINATION by Kacper

It had been raining all morning. It was so boring and my mom took my phone off me. Then I had a great idea. I was going to use my imagination. I had made my own imaginary friend  – his name was Vince.

“Hi Vince what do you want to do?”” Lets play Lego””. Ok whatever you say.”

We played for 1/2 an hour and it stopped raining.

“Yay we can go outside-  let’s go Vince. Ok ”

We played soccer and then we had dinner. My mom was in shock wondering who I was talking to?

Week 36 Guns in school in America by Kacper

Did you know that you can buy a gun right now?

Americans sell guns everywhere. Could you tell me why?  Why do they do that? Loved ones die – family members are lost. This is just so sad. Even little kids shoot their brothers because they think guns are toys.

But sadly it happens. That’s why we made this revolver with a knot. We have the rights to stop selling guns to everyone and anyone.  We should stop every shop from selling guns.

Week 33 : Aliens! by Kacper

One normal day I was chilling outside of my house. I was having a nice day when suddenly a tree grew near my car.  It broke the passenger’s seat window. I went to check on it and Boom. It broke into piecies . There were 2 acorns stuck together. It was actually a space ship.
“Greetings human, I am really sorry for your car. My name is Zippo but call me Zip. I am visiting my cousin. I have to go now  – okay  – bye – see you later.”

Week 28 The man by Kacper

I was going through the park and I saw some men putting up legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We are putting up some legs –  can’t ya see? ” the worker said.

“Why though?”

“Because this brave man died and saved the city!”

He told me a bomb was set off  in the city and he took it to the ocean and BOOM he was  dead.

I went home after  and I turned on the news and they said a man died to save the city.

Week 27 The 2 dogs by Kacper

CRASH! Mum is now going to be mad.

One wonderful sunny day when I was walking home I found a dog. I named her Lucy. I fed her and I played with her and on Saturday night she had babies. They were both males so I named them Harry and Garry. I asked my Mum if we could keep them. She said, ” fine but you have to train them.”

On the next day they ran so fast but although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress –  crash, oh no Mum is going to be mad  – they broke her new vase.

Week 24 : The Weird House by Kacper

It was 3:00 at night and while I was playing a game I spotted a weird cup outside of my door and I got teleported to my game.

It was dark. I saw a China cup outside of a door. I went inside the weird house. it was quite small. I went in and I heard a noise.I went upstairs there was a bedroom. There was nothing only a doll there

.I burned the doll but it came back. I was running . Every tree was in my way. I was running around in circles. At the final moment, I was back at home.

Week 23 : The Robbery by Kacper

“We’re going. Come on don’t be a scaredy Cat. We have to go.”

We went to the bank. It was the big one. My friend had asked me to come with him and to take the guard’s suit.

“But what if was in charge of the diamonds?”
“Don’t be silly – they Will not let you guard the diamond.”

I went through the vents and sneaked down. I got the diamond and ran and ran. MY friend took the diamond and went in the car and left me behind!

I was arrested and I went to jail for 1 year.

Week 22 Zombie apocalypse by Kacper

Why did they do that?

I was at home with my parents and there were lots of zombies outside. I was afraid so I ran into the car.  We were driving to the airport.  We were tired and fell asleep. But when the zombies came they ate my goldfish.

I was sad but we found a ladder and escaped. There was so much brown muck the airport. We went in to find a plane.  My Dad was fixing the plane while my mom and I held back the zombies. When he was done we escaped from the airport.


Week 21 WOOD NINJA by Kacper

Was this the end for me?

I was going to the park and I saw this creature. I asked him” who are you?” “I’m the wood ninja. ” I asked could I be one and he said he would teach me.

I was happy.  Then he said to me that I had to go and defeat a monster.As  I was going up a hill I felt that was the end (of me). I was bad at fighting but got better and better and I defeated him. I was happy and went home.  My master was happy too and we ate pizza.

Week 20 World war By Kacper

Hi there, I’m Daniel and I’m telling a story of when I was in a war with the Germans.

It was the year 1105 when we were fighting with the Germans.  My friend and I were looking for the German base but on our way, we found a German soldier.

He was in a tank. We were moving very fast when … BOOM –  Luckily he missed us.  We got past him and got to the German base where their leader and his army had a rendezvous. When we went inside we got kidnapped. Then there was an explosion and our side was back in the lead.

Eventually, we got their leader and sent him to prison.