Week 19 Unlucky by Kacper

I woke up and my day was not good.

Firstly when I woke up I got my teeth covered in shampoo (I thought that it was toothpaste  but it was shampoo.)

Then my phone fell and it came down the drainpipe.  After that, the flour fell and it burst open on the floor of the bus!

Then I broke my dad’s car and I tried to fix it but it fell apart…

At least no one got hurt that day.

The next day things started to get better.

Week 17 The last man standing by Kacper

Before I was setting up my maze, I went to put in the weapons. The game started.

My best friend  Timmy was playing but he was unlucky – he got a bow (no arrows). But he got a bike. He cycled around and he found a sword.(probably a player died). He saw  snake and he killed it. He kept on cycling until he saw arrows.  That was good because he had to fight a gorila. When he got to the main area he fought with a gorila . He broke the gorilas back and he felt sorry for the gorila, but he was happy to win.

Week 14 The Monkey rage by Kacper

Once there was a monkey. One day he was playing Call of duty. But while he was playing the wifi was turned OFF. The monkey got super cantankerous and he threw the laptop[mac book pro] and it got smashed.

HE got aggressive so he stole a hoverboard and went to the store. While he was driving on the hoverboard it broke.  He ran and he ran and the shop was there. He searched and searched and after a while, he found another laptop[mac book pro] and he got it and went home.  When he got home he wanted to play a game but there were no games.




Week 11 THE WIZARD by Kacper

One day. I was going to the park. When I got there, there was a strange man standing next to a scary tree.

“DO YOU want to be a wizard? he asked.

“Yes I do.” I answered. ” Then come with ME.” Said the wizard.

“Where are we?” I asked the wizard.

“THIS is my lair.”

“Cool. I must make a spell. Can you turn me into a wizard please?”

“Here take this poison  and you will be a wizard.”

“Thanks I always wanted to be a wizard.”

I drank the poison and became undefeatable. I was so happy

Week 9 I see horror by Kacper

One scary dark night I was going home. When I went home no one answered. I opened the door slowly. I saw a doll – oh wow is this a prank? I thought. No answer. I think my family is gone. Well I’ll throw it in the bin.

When I went into the kitchen there was a statue there. Wow okay, I was getting scared. I ran to the sitting room the statue was inside and I got rid of it.

Wait –  is that singing that I hear?  I got out of the house until they came back.

Week:7 HALLOWEEN by Kacper

My friends and I were TRICK or TREATING. After that, I wanted to go to a haunted house. But my friends were really scared. I said, “fine I’ll go by myself.” So I did. It was cold. I heard someone chuckle. I shouted HELP. No one responded when I was in a corridor. As the door slammed I knew I was in danger. BUT lucky me I found a flashlight. But there were no batteries.

No why me?  Well it wasn’t that bad – I found a window and finally I was out.

Week 5 A Treasured Item By Kacper

It’s good. It is playful and it is funny. It’s small but not too small. I received it from a lady. It will be always next to me all day long and every time it is playful it goes outside so now I love it. It will always help me and everyone thinks it is beautiful. it listens to me and it will always be my friend. It runs, jumps and it does tricks. It’s cute. It hates rain and it eats a lot. It loves water and it sleeps and in the summer it likes to chill out in the sun.

Week 4 Running into the woods by Kacper

Running in the dark was a boy who was called Tom. He was going through the woods. He saw a statue of a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. He saw a house and he went into it to hide from 2 beasts. He hid in the attic.

The beast came in with the other beast. One of the beasts was named Tim. One was called Jimmy. Where is he? said Tim in a deep voice. I don’t know Dad said JIMMY. Well, let’s look. he said. Aha -found it. found what? said TIM. I found meat. He is not here –  let’s go.

Soon after Tom went down and went home. THE END