The Escape By Joe

It’s been about a week since Father died. When war broke out on our small island, Father was forced to help the wounded and after three weeks of pandemonium, Father was killed. Although I’m devastated, I’m proud to be his son. Mother is in a quandary whether or not to flee from the island or to stay until the war is over. My sister Gemma wants to go to a new country and start all over again. I don’t know what I want to do.

Days have passed and my Mother is starting to want to go to a new country. When I ask her about it she says that she wants to go but if a ship was seen by the protesters it would bombard it with an avalanche of cannons. The protesters are hostile, hazardous and aggressive and they act in such erratic ways.

Because of the war, we’re never out of the house. I find it pedestrian but Gemma and Mother are avid readers so they always reading. I wish Father was here, we all do

“Wake up Paul! ” shouted Mother the next day.

“The ship is here. ”

I was so confused. She never told me that there was a ship coming. I sat up and looked around my room. I saw a bag with my clothes. We were going away from the island! I heard the crashing waves from the ship. Gemma and I ran as fast as we could towards the ship but when we were on the ship neither of us knew where Mother was.

As the boat was taking off Gemma noticed Mother running towards the Ship but it was too late.

“Mother! ” We yelled.

Standing on the stones, she watched the boat sail into the distance.

The Children’s Great Escape :by Dan

Ciara and Josh lived in a wealthy family, in fact, they were the wealthiest family in the area, but the war changed all that.                                                             Then one day they got the news that would change their lives. Their parents had been assassinated and their quiet, peaceful town was being invaded.

Suddenly loud noises began to rattle the school. At once school was dismissed and children and teachers began flocking out of the building. Ciara and Josh ran home; their house was completely destroyed.  Then they realised that they needed to escape.

“Tonight there’s a ship leaving” murmured Josh “it’s our only hope of escaping.”

Ciara nodded in agreement, still in shock by what had happened.

So that night they snuck into the dock. Hundreds of enemy soldiers were parading out of a Spanish Galleon and there were many more waiting at sea. Then Josh spotted it, a small boat in comparison to the Galleons.

“Now is our chance” whispered Ciara as the soldiers turned away and marched off into the distance.

Josh and Ciara crawled over silently to the ship and climbed aboard.                   Only when they were aboard, did the children realise how big the ship actually was.

“Pssst” someone whispered.

Ciara instantly recognised the voice, it was of Captain James, her  Dad’s best friend. The two children scuttled over silently to the Captain’s Cabin.                 As the door slowly creaked open, it sent a shiver down Josh’s spine.

“Good evening” Captain James bellowed.

“We’re going to America, I assume you have snuck on to escape,” he continued. ” If you’re coming, I advise you to hide”

With that, the children walked outside and hid under a couple of barrels.

The next Morning the boat sailed out of the docks.                                                       The children were excited for they were off to America!


The Mission: By Colin

It had been 8 months since the war erupted. It was the Irish, British, French and Belgium versus Italy, U.S.A and Turkey. The U.S had already fired an air attack on London. I was a skilled Irish sniper. The army General had assigned me to eliminate the King’s son and daughter. The targets lived in Italy so I had to take an armed plane trip to Italy. There were 69 other men in the plane with me -13 of which were other snipers. The other 56 were riflemen. The plane landed in an opening in a forest. The men poured out of the exit and crept through the forest.

2 long hours later, we came across the rocky beach. Butterflies formed in my stomach as we set up position behind large rocks. 45 minutes later the king’s son and daughter walked up to the edge of the rocks. Guards stood in position about 75 metres behind them. I heard the rustle of leaves from the forest as the other snipers readied. I was the only sniper around the rock area but had a clear view of the 2 children.

Suddenly a gigantic ship came into view. It had a T on one of the sails. I suspected that it was a Turkish ship. But then the sky parted above and I knew something was wrong. Men around me took aim and fired at the ship. While all this was happening I aimed for the children. I pulled back the cold trigger and a 7-centimetre bullet sprang out. The golden bullet hit the son’s head and he collapsed. Robust guards poured out from the fields behind. I saw the opportunity slipping from my grasp so I quickly reloaded. The other snipers had come out from the bushes and an 8-centimetre bullet sprang at the daughter.

“Mission completed” someone bellowed

The Ship To Canada By Ronan

The hazardous famine had been going on for months at this stage. Our parents were sending us off on a ship to Canada and they were going to go to a treacherous workhouse. I wasn’t happy with the situation. I could tell that my sister wasn’t too happy either because we’d probably never see my parents again. I started to wonder what my new life would be like over in Canada.

The day finally came as we stood at the shaky old pier clutching our suitcases. You could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and wind howling. It was fairly obvious that a storm was brewing. Off in the distance, I heard the shouting of people. My sister started quivering with fear. When the thunder started booming like there was no tomorrow she got even more scared.

As the ship came closer I was just about able to make out the tattered white sails billowing in the wind. It looked extremely lopsided and I knew that it wasn’t supposed to be like that. When the ship finally docked, an old man popped his head over the side.

“Hop on, there is a nasty storm brewing” he hollered.

We hopped on so quickly that there was a risk of us breaking the sound barrier. As we set off for sea I noticed that the ship was still tilting. My sister was sitting in the corner with her arms covering head looking as white as a ghost. A few days later I woke up to an enormous bang. I looked over the side and noticed to my horror that we had sailed straight into an iceberg. The ship was sinking fast. I grabbed my sister and went up to the old captain. He didn’t say a word…

The boat to freedom by Dylan

“We have to get out of here,” sighed my sister Sandra.

“I know, I heard that a ship is leaving Cork Harbour in 2 days,” I added.

The famine had already taken our parents and we decided that we wouldn’t let it take us.

” Cork Harbour is 150 km away . We will never make it ” she whimpered sadly.

“We might if we leave now, ” I answered determinedly.

We set off on our journey with a lot of water and a bit of food because food was extremely scarce. After about 50 km of walking all our food and water was GONE!

“What are we going to do “? cried Sandra.

“Keep moving, ” I replied brightly.

But I started to lose my determination after about another 20 km. After that every step was agonising; every movement sapped away our precious energy. Our breath was ragged, there was sweat trickling down our face and our legs were aching. Then it was like we saw heaven; there in front of us was a clean river of water full of fish. I was so happy. I dived into the cool water and drank mouthfuls of water and caught about 10 fish with my bare hands. That got us more determined than ever and after a short rest, we strolled off again as happy as ever.

When we arrived at Cork Harbour, we cried tears of happiness. But the weather was ferocious, the wind was blowing against us and the waves were like skyscrapers. We ran out to a few very slippy rocks and we could see the boat, but it was leaving…

I was the saddest I had ever been… until the boat pulled up beside us !

“I thought it was leaving,” laughed Sandra.

“So did I,” I sobbed exhilarated.

We made it to America and lived a happy life.

The Voyage by Aidan

“Everybody under deck!” dad shouted over the sea.

What was supposed to be a family fun trip, turned into a nightmare. Our yacht rocked and swayed over waves.

“I said everybody under!” bellowed dad once again.

“Zara” I roared out at her “come on.”

Suddenly in a flash, she had fallen into the roaring seas. I jumped in after her and swam like a swordfish gliding through the water I wasn’t going to lose my sister. Every stroke I took she got closer but the boat didn’t – it was carried away by a wave. As I grasped onto Zara’s hand I knew she was having trouble breathing but in an instant, she caught her breath.

As we bobbed in the ocean we saw a small rock island we both clambered on straight away Zara started drifting off.

“Don’t fall asleep!” I sobbed.

There was a ship sailing towards us over the horizon but if we fell asleep we couldn’t shout but she was out cold as soon as I said the words and so was I…

“Where are we? ” I whispered to Zara. It seemed that we were on a fairy tale ship  -one of the massive pirate ships you would see in a movie.

“It doesn’t matter where you are- it matters what you are,” replied a crooked voice.

“Right now and forever you’re my servants – so go and swab the deck you scurvy sea dogs,” he said in a hostile voice.

“I think he wants us to clean the front floor of his ship,” said Zara.

“Wow I never knew you were fluent in pirate gibberish” I chuckled.

“I told ye to swab the deck -now get on with it and call me Captain!” he snapped.

We started mopping as fast as we could “get a move on”…

The Invaders by Warren

It was a wet and stormy night. The wind was blustery and waves were choppy. All of our little friendly village was sitting out by the shore.  One night every year the whole village sits out at shore to talk and just have fun. We were 1 or 2 hours there when we heard bellowing coming from the sea. Just then we all peered out at sea and coming towards us was a vast and dangerous-looking ship.

We all wondered who it was? It was the Invaders.  These people always try to invade our land; they are very strong and there are numerous of them. Suddenly they started booming cannons. We all scattered but when I looked back there lay my father as white as ghost. I knew he was dead. The Invaders went away after a few minutes.

My dad was the founder of this Island so I knew, now that he was dead, they would attack more. I was devastated of course but I knew I had to stay strong. So the following week we were prepared for their attack. We all waited out at the shore.  Our plan was to fire stones at their ship and finish this once and for all.

So at 7 o’clock there it was – their big ship.  We knew it well – it was as old as the hills. We started firing stones at it. Suddenly their ship began to sink and they were in the water. We didn’t want to kill them so we went out and rescued them. They were extremely thankful and made a deal never to bother us again and we accepted. From that night on they never came back again.

Lucky Save By Adam

One day Jimmy and Eve were debating whether to move country or not.  They chose to move to America and not to stay in France.

“But how will we leave” asked Eve?

“Either by plane or boat” replied Jimmy.

“Can we take a boat?” asked Eve?

“Boat it is” answered Jimmy.

They lived in the vicinity of the harbour and their boat was due to leave at around 3:25 in the evening. Jimmy was packing his bags and then realised and said: “what about our jobs?”

“I will go tell our bosses that we are moving country so we have to quit our jobs and find one in America,” answered Eve.

They left the house and it was a cold, rainy, windy evening. They were going to the harbour to get on the boat when suddenly they were stopped in their car at the railway tracks. A train had broken down right where cars drive over the tracks.

“What will we do now?” Eve asked.

“We will have to find another way around” replied Jimmy.

They turned around and the fastest route was 20 minutes away and the time was 3:00. They drove as fast as they could and when they got there the boat was gone.

“Nooooo!   What will we do now?” asked Eve.

“I don’t know,” Jimmy said.

He started pummelling the ground in anger.

” It will be fine,” said Eve “we will get the next boat and it will be fine.”

“There will be numerous chances to leave – it will be ok,” Eve said.

They got the next boat to America and when they got there it was really sunny and way better than France. Within the first week, they got jobs there and they were happy.

The Enchanted Ship By Conor H

It was the day of the wedding that everyone was looking forward to. Everyone was well dressed especially the bride and groom. The bride was wearing a lovely summer dress and a hat and a leather handbag in her arm. The groom was wearing a fantastic navy suit with an expensive-looking suitcase.

After the wedding, they decided to go on a luxury cruise for 2 weeks.

On the boat, they were having a great time until they hit a humungous wave and went flying into the air like birds in flight. The bang of the ship when it hit the great waters was deafening. Everyone was nervous that something was wrong with the ship.

The captain exclaimed that we were about to hit a storm and everything would be ok. But we all felt that something was going to go wrong.

We entered the storm. Everyone stared out their windows and all they saw was a furious looking storm. Something happened that had never happened before. The ship just enchantingly changed to a pirate ship. The first thing we thought to do was jump out of the window.

We swam and swam as fast as our legs and arms could take us.

At last, we were there, at the mythical colourful island. This place was amazing; there was so much wildlife. The only problem was we were……..stuck…. Stranded on this island for the rest of our life. It was all over – we were doomed. The two of us tried to calm down by taking 10 deep breaths.

We could see the horrific smoke from the boat that was leaving us.

Now we needed to make a life of our own here. First, we are going to make a hut from twigs and moss.

This life will be the hardest ever!


The big escape by Paul

My parents are so cruel to me and my sister so we try to escape over 10,000 times but none of them succeeded . Maybe this one will… We don’t know. Only God knows if our plans will work.

” OK” I said.

” This plan will work”.

” Ya sure it will” my sister said in a rude voice

.” OK  OK  whatever ”

“OK you go to mom and dads room then get the tranquilizer and shoot them with it”

The Love Escape By Evan

I woke up on a Friday morning to find out that my dad the king was making me marry a prince. Then when I met him he was really fat and his name was Oliver and he had bad manners. Dad also knew that I already had a boyfriend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So I told dad that I don’t want to marry him. He said you have to but I said I am not marrying him. We will have this discussion later.

I ran to tell Jake my boyfriend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So he told me he would come up with something. So I went back to the castle to tell dad that I was not marrying him. He said you have to … for royalty. I said he has no manners –  he is fat and lots more –  how is that royalty?  He said if you do not accept it I’ll make you pay.                                                                                                                                                                                                        I went back to Jake – he said don’t you have access to the docks for a boat – yeah I said. We can trick the sailors to take us somewhere and then we can run away. That’s perfect – we should head tomorrow morning                                                                                                                                                                                               So I went to bed that night and I woke up the next morning in great hope that we wouldn’t get caught. I went as quick as lightning to the docks it worked and we got to England.  We saw waves crashing, lightning striking  and wind whistling on the way there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But before we knew the Captain Robert was there and he knew I was marrying that scum.

So me and Jake ran away and had a happy life.

The Man and Boy by Rhys

3 years ago my parents died. Then we got taken away by pirates –  my sister and I.  My sister always makes me irate.  The boat is vast.  Then Captain Jack said there is a bad storm ahead. I also heard the mighty French are coming.

I was in a quandary whether to jump or stay.  My sister told me to jump and I did. I fell between two rocks and hit my head. But then I heard Captain Jack say –  come back up.

But then a french man stole my sister. My watch had a picture of my mom and dad. It fell. Then Captain Jack got me but my watch and my sister were gone.  I was getting a bit hostile.  I went into my room to cry. I am solitary now. After awhile I was pedestrian and then I jumped off the boat. I went down to the bottom of the sea.  I couldn’t breathe. I found my watch but I fumbled with it.  I was now scared that  I was going to die.  Then I fell asleep-  I saw a guy in front me with an icepack on his head.

How are you? I am Liam. Who are you? My name is Fin, I said.

Then I saw my sister. I ran to her. We said goodbye Liam- thanks for saving us.

We went a bit away. We sat on a curb. Then thunder started roaring. There was a high tide. It’s the bad storm. We started waving at a ship. Then I fell in the water and it brought me with it. Help I said –  who is going to hear me? I saw land – a sand beach with a cave . There was a man.  Who are you? he said I’m Fin.  I have been here for 7 years and   I saw a ship.

I said come on we’re going.

Trip to England -Kanturk art festival by Conor

Dylan was with her sister named Ciara and they went on the ship – France to England. The ship broke down – we were waiting for a long time and there was about to be a storm. Then the wave was crashing against the ship and then they went to sleep. In the morning the ship was fixed and then 4hours to England and they all were happy that they were there.

But it was sad that they had no house for a week but their dad built a mansion. Then they went to school but it was not hard to do. Dylan made a lot of friends in England and again there was a storm happening in England. But they all visit every year to see their cousin and he’s still happy but whenever it a nice day they go to the beach and to a soccer match if it’s on. Their cousin’s  name is Liam  but sometimes he comes to England.

Their  dad heard a big bang and he went outside. It was a bomb.

The warship by Paul O’B

It was the year 1895 and my wife and I were about to go on our honeymoon until the ship we saw wasn’t a ship – it was a warship. We thought it was our ship but it turns out it wasn’t. We knew it was a warship because of the yelling, fire and explosions.

We got on the boat because I lied about the marriage because I’m 15. I ran away from home because my parents were so cruel. So we waited for a ship. Then the people in the ship threatened to shoot us until we told them what happened. They took us to Southampton. Now we are living our best life in England.


The girl and the ghost boy by Jack

One dark and stormy night a little boy was walking home and he fell in the sea. When he woke up he was on a boat with a girl.   He asked how are you? The girl replied I’m Eve -what is your name.  I’m Robin -nice to meet you. I’m going to bed said eve – wait where do I sleep –  over here -ok – so you are going to take me home – right yes –  if you help me – what do you need? Help to take down the pirates- what? I can’t fight – we will find out in the morning.

In the morning they trained but his talent was not fighting -he needed to practice. That morning the pirates attacked the boat and took Robin and Eve and were going to kill them. They made them walk the plank but they made it back to shore and they went to Eve`s stepdads. They were given a boat with cannons and they blew the pirates ship up and they helped the people that were captured.




No…it isn’t true By Jacob

As gunshots were heard, two children asked their dad what’s going on. He said the Russians were here. Four big men busted into the house wearing gas masks…

As they carried us I grabbed the knife and stabbed them. My brother and I ran as far as we could.  He said he found a family journal on the wall of the house. As we read it, a map fell and we looked at it- there was a letter T on it?

We thought it was a treasure map so we followed it and found a kid called Buck. He followed us until he fell into a volcano. He called us crazy girl and crazy boy but my brother had enough and pushed him into the volcano.  He was happy after that.

We were in the artic and found a cub. The mother polar bear ripped my brother’s shorts off after that. We kept on walking and walking until we finally made it! There was a ship with a big Y on its sails but this ship was letting down the bridge and we climbed aboard the ship. There was a voice that said set the sails – now DRIVE! The boat was moving.

What was that mates?

Uh oh – we’re in for a fight.

We grabbed a blunderbuss and accidentally shot the Captain in the leg. We were able to get it out and were let out.


The long Bad War By Kristupas

Running to the boat to get out of the inland and go away from the war, Rose and I finally heard the sound of the horn of the boat. The boat was leaving to go out to sea and we were shouting but they never came back for us. It was going to be our first and only time on a robust boat but with the vast amount of people on it, they probably forgot us. We were pale with fear.

We have to try to forget what had happened and try to survive the war. It was not going to be easy but we had to try. Our first task was to find out where we were going to sleep. The hostile soldiers wouldn’t be nice to us this time. After about two hours we made our first little sleep area. We would go back to the house but that’s where the war appeared to be.  We tried to get on another boat but that was the last one to go because of the war.

I told Rose that I would go and try to find some help so I did. I found one man who was in the same position as we were. When I got back I heard her heart pounding like a drum.

I asked, “ What’s wrong Rose?”

“ She replied,” We have no food  -what are we going to eat?”

So I went out again to search for food. When I heard the horn of the boat again I ran as swift as the wind to get Rose. But there was NO Rose.

I was left alone… in the war … to survive with no water or food.

The War: By Liam A

It started and there was no going back now. We have to get out of there or else we would end up like our mom and dad -dead. There was meant to be a boat coming into the pier at eight o’clock that night. There would be soldiers coming off and eventually we could sneak on and we wouldn’t be in danger anymore.

Meanwhile all my sister and I had to do was not get spotted. I knew we were in danger because if they found children they’d split them up and make the boys fight and the girls nurse. After a while, it was time for us to go. We got to the pier but the ship was gone – we were too late.

We ran as fast as we could to the cliff and saw the Turkish army coming. Their boat was massive and they had a lot more people. This was going to be a bloody battle so we had to get out of there. As we were standing on the edge of the cliff, the boat got closer and closer to land. We heard the shouts of the British and the screams of men in pain. It was hazardous standing out in the open so we had to go somewhere, where it was quiet and where nobody could see us.

Suddenly a big black cloud came from nowhere and then we saw erratic waves crashing against the rocks. We saw the Turkish boat turning and getting nearer to the rocks. Then we heard the march of soldiers and their guns firing at the boat.

Suddenly as my sister and I looked up and saw a piece of wood coming at us – it was too late  …Everything went black.

The Haunted ship by Sean

It was a stormy night on the scary seas.  We all were going to Paradise Island. It is such fun there.  I went up to the crow’s nest to see if we were near the island. When I was up at the crow’s nest I saw a coven ship. It was said that when people enter a coven ship they never come out.

There was a man and women on the edge. They both looked ghastly. The coven ship stopped and the captain’s ship stopped as well. All of the crew went into the ship. The crew looked hypnotized except for me. I followed them in.  I saw so many ghosts and they looked at me strangely. A few minutes later everyone who was hypnotized started to cough. I started running to the ship. The ship was on fire.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said.

I started swimming to shore . When I looked back the ship was gone. I started looking for shelter for the night. I got some wood and rocks and made a campfire. I put the campfire next to the cave I was staying in. The next day I saw the coven ship. I started running for a boat. When I  found a boat, I rowed out to the sea and I never saw the coven boat again.

The great escape by Benny

Our country was at war. I couldn’t stand it anymore. We were going to escape.

We lived near the coast. My parents weren’t allowed to go, so only my younger brother and I were going and we were terrified. The ship was to arrive in a week, giving us time to prepare.

That whole week everyone was silent. I have never seen my parents so sad. The booming thunder woke me up on the day. It was a terrible, stormy day. We were going to live with our aunt. What would happen to my parents?

The ship was massive. There was something unusual about it. My parents weren’t even there when we were leaving since they had to treat the injured soldiers.

I felt abandoned. Something about the journey was odd. We had to stay in one tiny cabin for the whole journey. My brother couldn’t stand it. One night, I overheard the captain talking with his crew.

“What should we do to them, Cap?”  someone said in a rough tone.

“I don’t know.” the Captain replied.

I froze in shock. Were they talking about us? I didn’t tell my brother because that would worry him even more.

The days were getting difficult. I couldn’t stop thinking about what they said. We were the only people besides the crew, so they must have been talking about us. I decided to see where they were taking us.

I finally told my brother. Surprisingly, he already knew. He had already made a plan, which I agreed to. We were ready.

In the middle of the night, we stole a lifeboat. We didn’t know where we were going. A storm was approaching. We wouldn’t last long in the storm.

I woke up on an unfamiliar island.  Where was my brother? I was lost.