The abandoned farmhouse by Kacper

One day I was flying to America on a plane. I was relaxed and super sleepy so a I decided to take a S.N.A.P. ( super nap and passed the flight). But before I fell asleep I heard an alarm and from then on I did not hear anything.

When I woke up I heard someone screaming for help. I ran as fast as the wind but it was too late. The man drowned in the water. I was so angry at myself that I wanted to kill myself but what was the point. I  just sat there and watched the plane sinking.

But then I spotted a suitcase full of food . I was really lucky about the food . I found a farmhouse and  I decided to go in because It was getting really late. When I got inside the farmhouse it was clean but the windows were smashed so I went to sleep.

I woke up finding a man scavenging my farmhouse . I sneaked behind him and …BOOM…CRASH… the kitchen was all broken then I realised it was the man who  drowned (apparently) . I asked him , how did you not drown ? The man responded , ” I climbed the plane and got to land.” ” What’s  your name ?” ” Oscar,my name is Oscar. ” “My name is Kacper. “I won’t hurt you I only need supplies,” said the man.

I gave him soup, sandwich , water, milk and a flashlight. I spotted  the mans phone and called for help. I told the man help was coming the following day so we went to sleep. When we woke up the help was not there. I was wondering if they didn’t remember or maybe they were late. So we waited and waited and waited and waited but they didn’t come so we were stuck.


A big fortune

long ago there was a house – an abandoned house.  Legend says that in it is a fortune beyond your wildest dreams but those who enter never come out and I decided to go in (most idiotic) and so I entered. I took five steps before the doors locked behind me. Two minutes later I found the fortune but I also found the dead bodies. I ran to the doors trying to open them but I couldn’t. I tried using a rusty fork as a lockpick but it disintegrated. I was worried what if I didn’t get out. I thought and I thought and then it came to me.  It was an abandoned house I could break through the walls and so I was free … (until I went to jail)

Raft by Sean

There it is right in front-  it’s …it …AAAAH..

Hello anyone there. I guess that I am all alone. So first I must find a place to stay until it stops raining. There is a house over there at the cliff -that’s my home now.  There are lots of stuff there to use as a bed for the night. It is getting dark so I better get a fire going to keep me warm for the night.

BOOM -the door is after coming off. There is a huge thing outside the house and it is coming in. I should use the fire to scare it away from the house. But as soon as I got the fire on – the stick, it was gone.

It is the next day now- last night was cold. I better get the food from the plane crash. There is all most enough for me for 2 weeks and 6 days. Well, I better get more food anyway because it will be hard to hunt when you are weak. It won’t hurt to hunt early in the day so it won’t be hard in 3 weeks time. Ok, there are 2 fish in that lake over there next to the coconut tree. I am having the fish now. If I  do leave them they will go off.

Boom -the house came tumbling down and off the cliff. Then the next thing that went wrong was when the monster came up to me and started running after me and it would not stop until it fell off the cliff. I was happy when it grasped on to my leg and …and…

Splash I went deeper and deeper until I hit the seas bottom floor as I swam up the light came closer until…

“Jack you are going to be late.”

Kanturk Arts The Cliff Of Moher By Danny

On Sunday morning, the 20th of March 2012 my family and I were coming home from France from our holidays when suddenly we heard a BANG, CRASH, BOOM. Our plane had just landed in the water near a very big cliff so my mom, my dad, my brother and I swam to a colossal cliff for safety. When we got there we realised it was the Cliff Of Moher. We had to climb to the very top so it took about a half an hour. When we got up it was dark, everyone in my family was weak and docile and my brother and I were groaning wearily so we went to sleep.

The next morning me, my dad and my brother went to go look around the place.  About half an hour later we found an abandoned house – well that’s what we thought it was. We also saw smoke billowing from the chimney so from my point of view I thought someone lived there. When we went in, the fire was on and there were paintings all around the house of different species of bears from all around the world. But no one was in there. There was also a very nice comfy chair in the little cottage and it was obvious from the imprint that someone was sitting on it earlier on.

Later on that day we went back to get our mother and when we got her we went to show her the little cottage that we had found but this time we were not alone. When we were walking towards the cottage we noticed that there wasn’t smoke billowing from the chimney but then in the blink of an eye there was smoke. When we arrived at the cottage there still wasn’t anyone there but just then we heard the wind outside. We ran to see what was making the noise. It was the Wallaby 2 Mountain Rescue Helicopters coming to save us.

“Yippee,” I said




Kanturk Arts: The Not So Great Famine

Happily, the farmer strutted over to the potato crops. He knew he would have plenty to eat and he wouldn’t have to starve. He was so ravenous he was about to eat an uncooked potato because rodents infested his home. He got rid of them but they ate all his food. He wasn’t so opulent so he couldn’t buy a lot of food. He lived off of farming, fishing and selling extra fish and vegetables.
He was anxious after pulling out his crops. He grew weak and docile after finding his crops rotten. He knew straight away that it was a famine. He knew about it from Irish people that had visited him. A century ago it happened to Ireland and now it happened to him. He tried planting more crops but he had no more seed potatoes.
He sprinted over to his neighbours and asked them. Before they could answer he dashed over to their potatoes and pulled them out. As fast as he could he sprinted over to his house and grabbed all his belongings. He started making his way to the bay before everyone realised what had happened. He hopped into a boat and started making his  way over to Ireland. 


Kanturk Arts To The Past By Marc

I was walking in the park in the morning. In the blink of an eye a tsunami was coming towards the city. Everybody was flying in their cars to try to get over the tsunami. I was by myself so there was no escape. Bravely I stood there and let the tsunami take me. Suddenly a mammoth tree hit me in the head… When I woke up I was on a mysterious island. I had pains everywhere and I could barely see. I looked up expecting cars to be flying. But there were just clouds above me.

I got up and walked to the top of the hill. I was hungry and bored, and I wanted my phone to play. The next sight I saw was like heaven, BERRIES! Sprinting as fast as lighting, I jumped.  OOOWWW!!!!! It was into a bush of thorns with just one berry. Then I saw a farmhouse.

“Please have phones and wifi,” I begged.

  Awkwardly I walked towards the house. When I was getting closer I released it was abandoned. I knocked on the door to see if anyone was there. No one was there so I opened the door. The first thing I saw was a wet table on the wet floor. After that, I saw a poster saying Atlantis.

“What’s Atlantis?” I  whispered to myself.

I REMEMBERED – The lost city of Atlantis. But I thought it was underwater? Maybe the water level raised. I felt I had better get out of there before the water level rose again.

I made a big S.O.S. sign so people knew I’m stuck on this island. I was panting like a dog after moving rock after rock. Every day I was without food and I noticed that the water was rising. Would I ever be rescued?

My Happy Place by Mathew O G

It was a normal Monday evening and it was 4 days until the summer holidays. There was a new boy in my estate and I could not wait to meet him. 3 long days later he was outside I was so exhilarated I nearly fell over. In a flash, I grabbed my shoes and sprinted outside.

Quickly he turned around and he had a colossal scar on his left eye. It made me feel dizzy. First I introduced myself and he said with a grin…”They call me Billy the Bully.”

He seemed like a nice guy at first but a few weeks later I didn’t know how I thought that. Every day he either hung me to a flagpole by the underwear or hit me in the face until my face was red with blood. It was horrible. Every day I had cuts and bruises all over.

My mother was fuming. So much so that she ended up telling his parents. And that made it 10 times worse. Every day he did everything to me that could put me in as much pain as possible.

I needed my own sort of happy place. One day at a rapid speed, I went for a walk in the forest. It cleared my head a little bit but  I could still picture myself in a cast in a few days from the impact of his punches. But a few minutes later I saw the most beautiful sight. There was a gate and behind it were green fields a crystal clear river. And in the distance, there were mountains – it just looked so happy and peaceful. As I slowly walked in the birds started to sing.

Every day after being bullied I went there and meditated. After 3 years of being bullied, I finally had to courage to stand up to Billy and he never bullied anyone ever again…



Kanturk Arts No Way Home By Matthew D

My plane had crashed and I was weak and docile but I still decided to swim. After a while I came across a mysterious island with a tattered house on it. I used all the strength that I had left to drag my way up the pointy hard rocks. When I eventually got up I could barely walk. So I made a mammoth effort to reach the house. Finally the pain was over and I had reached the house.

Wow! I gasped as I walked in the door – there in front of me was a room filled with shiny jewels and sparkly rubies. But at that very moment I fell I was so weak I couldn’t even stand on my own two feet. In agony, I crawled over to the merchandise.  I was cold and hungry. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I spotted food and water. I scurried as fast as I could over there. I started wolfing down the food and slowly began to regain my strength. I still couldn’t walk but I could lift things and that’s when I decided to put all the jewels and rubies in a bag.

Eventually, I’d packed them all into the bag and at that stage was thankful to be able to walk again. But as I swaggered out the door I just remembered the crash –  how was I going to get home?

Kanturk arts : The abandoned farmhouse by:Tadhg

Josh looked out into the open sky. If only he wasn’t trapped in this stupid farmhouse.  He can’t even remember how he got stuck there. All he could remember was walking along the cliff and then the rest was a blur. He looked around the drab house and sauntered over to his filthy chair. He was running out of food and he only had one precious chocolate bar left. Below the farmhouse, he could hear the sea smashing against the sharp and dangerous rocks.  Why was this place abandoned anyway?  He didn’t see why you would abandon a perfectly good old farmhouse.

“Sophie wake up.”

“Okay, Josh”

“Look what I found -there is a trap door under this box . Let’s go in there.

“Oh, it looks awfully dark down there .”

“Just get in there. The tunnel is not that long and I see light.”

“The light is blinding though and I can’t see.”

“Just keep on going until you reach the en…


“What was that?”

“It’s the end of the tunnel Josh and it seems like this farmhouse wasn’t abandoned after all.

“Who’s down there? … more like what’s down there?”

“There is an alien down here.”


“Okay let’s just walk away slowly then RUN!”

Suddenly the alien turned and it had a human head.

“Oh sorry to startle you there – this is one of my alien costumes. Anyway, my name is Nicholas but you can call me Nick. Oh, and you must be Josh and Sophie. ”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m not deaf you know -I heard you call each others names.”

” Well then why didn’t you call us?”

“I couldn’t call you because I didn’t want you to find me .”

“Wait you’re the guy on the news – the robber that murdered 10 people. You’re Nicholas Flamel from Paris.”

“Well you found me but that means that I have to kill you…”

Kanturk Arts: Infected

A long time a young boy named Jay was reported missing on November 1996. He wasn’t found after a school trip. He didn’t know the way home because he was only 7 years old. His parents were also helping the police to find him and the rest of his classmates.

10 years later Jay was found but his old classmates weren’t found. They had found him at an old abandoned mansion which had been there for almost 63 years. The police had investigated the mansion to see if the other kids were there.

As the police checked the mansion they found three other kids who went missing a couple of weeks ago. One of the police went to check the basement downstairs. He was shocked when he saw all the children lying down on the floor starving to death. They were all taken to the Hospital. One of the doctors saw that three of the children were infected with some type of virus. They looked like as they were going to eat Jay.

Jay was taken home to his parents. Hours later more people were infected, every police station in the city was infected so no one could help the family. Luckily Jay’s dad had built a small bomb shelter a couple of weeks before. He had stored food inside the shelter. Jay’s dad told Jay’s mom to stay in the shelter.

So Jay and his dad went to look for a plane or a helicopter in the military. They found a small plane that the whole family could fit inside. Jay’s mom couldn’t wait any longer for them so she disguised herself as a zombie and she ran as fast as she could to the military.

As soon as she got there she saw Jay and dad trying to send a nuke because there was no cure for the virus. They launched and quickly got inside the plane and left off to a safe place until the nuke hit the ground. As the nuke hit the ground the family was already out of the country. So they were safe

The Magical House, By Mikolaj

“Please get me out of here”, my brother Alex bellowed.

“I will don’t you worry, we just have to wait until it’s night time.”

I drove back home and went to sleep. I set my alarm on 1:25 A.M. Suddenly my alarm rang: it is time to rescue your brother from jail. I changed my clothes, ate an apple, brushed my teeth and in shock and dismay drove over to him. He was sleeping so I went to the office and stole the keys.

Sadly there was a very smart camera that when the wrong person will open the door he and the person near him will get teleported to an old, stinky house. Surprisingly Alex woke up and asked where did I take him? I told him everything but he wouldn’t believe me. OBVIOUSLY.

We walked out to discover where we were. Five meters away from the house was a cliff. We jogged the other way because we didn’t want to take a risk of falling. We looked around for some people or any food. There was nothing so we walked back to the house. We heard someone or something say open me, open me, and we went over to it and opened it and went inside.

“It’s a rift,” I yelled.

We were really scared to walk into it. Suddenly we walked into it and it teleported us back home. We walked into our parents’ room to see them but they were asleep. I was confused because at the magical house it was the evening. As I looked out the window it was dark. I checked my time but it was only 6:19 P.M and my Mom goes to work at 7:00 A.M.

At least I was happy because my brother and myself are finally safe home. I hope my brother learns his lesson and will not be bold again.

The Gate To The Secret Garden

Slowly Ann Stepped into the secret garden…

Ann is now 98 years old. She is my great grandmother.  Once she told me a story about what happened to her when she was 6 years old.

She said:

“When I was 6 years old there was a garden as big as a jungle and my brother Andrew kicked the ball in there so I, as usual, had to get it and open the creaky gate into the garden. (Mind you my mother told me never to go in there because a bitter old man lived in there.)

Anyway as I opened the gate  I heard howls of pain come from somewhere distant in the garden so I hurried quickly over to get the ball.

I picked up the ball and ran toward the gate and there standing at the gate with my brother in his grasp was an obviously angry barely alive old man. I mean you could see his bones through his skin and then without warning he ran at me with inhuman speed.  I ran to a tree and climbed it as quickly as I could. Gasping for breath I sat on a branch definetley confused.  I wondered how he was so fast and how I was going to save my brother and get out of there.

Just then I saw the old man walking around a tree trunk looking for me and then I noticed that his ears were pointy.

Bewildered I shouted, “AN ELF!”

And just guess who heard me?  The elf – I jumped off the branch landing on a few enourmous leaves that broke my fall on the way to the garden floor but it wasn’t enough and when I landed the impact knocked me unconscious…And when I awoke I realised it was only a dream.”

“That wasn’t a true story, Nana,” I said

“Ah young Luke, it is – if you use your imagination.”

You Wouldn’t Guess What Was Inside… By Naglis

“Are we nearly there yet. Mother?” I groaned wearily.

My parents and I were on a private jet travelling to cliffs in Thailand. As you probably realised I am a rich but adventurous twelve-year-old kid named Nick. Not long after, we finally arrived. I glared into the distance and I spotted a dreary looking, abandoned house. I couldn’t think of anything else but exploring that house.

“Nick don’t you dare go into that um eerie house!” snapped my mother.

“See you later” I replied menacingly.

As I shoved the door open it creeked perilously. As the door slammed shut behind me I thought there was no escape. It was as black as coal inside there and I was as pale as snow. Cautiously, I moved a few steps forward and I tumbled down into a hole. The smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. My shiny white teeth were clattering uncontrollably. I felt a little safer because I had a flashlight. In the distance, I heard a terrifying loud scornful laugh.

“Holy Cow! What was that” I thought.

To my own surprise, I kept walking forward. Down by the cliffs, my parents were worried sick.

“Should we go in?” my mother said while shaking.

“Of course not, he got into this trouble so he will have to get out of it as well,” answered my chubby pompous stepfather who was as arrogant as a cranky teacher.

But she didn’t listen to him. She darted across the field and when she reached her destination, the door was locked. Soon after I came to a wooden door half of its hinges. Courageously but carefully I opened the door and you wouldn’t guess what was inside…