Week 27 The War By Kristupas

When I was growing up no one ever told me about the two wars. Until 2032 the war started and I thought this was the first war.  Then I heard my mother tell my father that he was not allowed to go to war because his great grandfather went to the last war and died.

Then I stepped up and asked why did you not tell me about that.  I was so mad that I went off to see what a war looked like.

Walking to the military to sign up… That was the worst decision of my life.

Week 26 Revenge By Kristupas

My friend and I were walking downtown to get milk for my mom because she was baking cupcakes for us. While we were walking to the supermarket we noticed that there were red manikins on the road leading to the town park. Everyone was around the manikins. Suddenly humans jumped out of the manikins and started to run around. But when someone said, ” We’re being raided,”  that’s when everyone started panicking.

The next day all the shops were empty. Now it was our time to raid the little village of Tybalt-  we went over and raided all their items.

Week 25 The Crash By Kristupas

Walking to try and find my crew members from the plane crash. Our plane got shot down by a fighter plane. I got my parachute and some bananas and jumped out of the plane. I saw some of my crew members but I didn’t see where they landed. When I landed I damaged my leg and could barely walk with all the heavy items in my backpack. At least I had a little bit of food but most of my bananas were turning black and brown.  I needed to find my crew. I know they are around here and there are probably looking for me.

Week 24 The Trip By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a mountain range to walk up a mountain called Mount Hike. It wasn’t too big so we started to climb up. When we were about three quarters up we heard a noise coming from bellow  -it was my brother.

“I’m trying to hold on” he shouted .

We ran down to find him and get him back up. But suddenly he fell. We saw him fall but then a helicopter swooped in and saved my older brother.

That was the scariest day of my life and I’m never going to return to Mount Hike.

Week 23 The Old Campsite By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a very old campsite because we thought there would not be a lot of people there but when we got there it was packed with people and we didn`t know what to do.

But suddenly Dad saw a place with no people so we rushed over in our car. We took no notice of the sign and drove over it by accident.

“This is a good area,” Dad said but Mom was not sure.  We were hearing gunshots but we thought it was just an activity.  But, when we were sleeping something, woke us all up…

Week 22 The House By Kristupas

Waiting and waiting for the war to end. The Germans were searching every little hut or house for people.  Everyone was scared including me. I heard the crackle of machineguns. Then I heard the banging on the doorbell- the Germans were here I said to myself. But when they opened the door all I heard was crying for help.  Screaming to see if anyone was In the house. I shouted back come up the stairs and I will help you I said. I have food and the war will end in two days. I heard on the radio.

But then there was someone else…

Week 21 The Vacation By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a vacation to New York . Our first plan was too go to the zoo . When we were walking around the zoo we saw a lot of animals – there were a lot pink flamingos. There were birds that sang beautifully . When we got to the end of the dusty track my family said “look over there – the giraffe is escaping. “We all ran towards one of the zookeepers and shouted “THERE IS A GIRAFFE ESCAPING.” He turned around and started running towards the giraffe with a rope . We were all evacuated from the area – we were delighted with what we saw .

Week 20 By Kris

As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. Was It a space ship or a satellite? I wondered.  But then my friend shouted Meteorite.

We ran to the underground part of the park. We were so terrified of what we saw we didn’t even look out. But when we eventually peaked out we saw that it was still coming at speed.

We ran home and I told my mother. She said she heard on the radio that it would be in the sky for a long time. Then I said to myself how will I juggle all my sports with a meteorite in the sky.

Week 18 The Tank By Kristupas

It was the day . The day I got to test the new tank that America is working on. I can`t wait I have to drive around with the crew and see if it`s fast. When I was driving to the base I saw the tank in the distance I said to my self “I hope It`s fast”. When I got there I was told that the drivers meticulously worked on the tank. The tank was called T32. It had to be the fastest tank. When I went in it felt awesome” but it is so slow” I said to myself. That was a big mistake they made. It will take a long time to repair.

Week 17 The Birthday By Kristupas

Waiting for it to arrive, I heard Din Dong. I ran downstairs and the package arrived. I opened it and there it was – the bike I bought for my best friend’s birthday. I opened it. It was the wrong colour. I was in a quandary. Then I said to my self I can use the spray paint my mom bought me for my birthday. So I ran up and got the gold spray paint and went outside. When I was outside I found a tree to put the bike on and to spray it.

I got to the birthday on time and had the best gift of all.

Week 16 The Bank Robbery By Kristupas

We were preparing to put everything into the vehicle and rob the bank. My buddy said to put on a furry hat so they wouldn’t recognise us so I did. As we were driving to the bank, there was a very big hill so the car climbed up very slowly. It was harder with pounding music on in the car. When we got there it was eight-thirty. We had to get into the vent before nine so we ran with our gadgets to the vent.  When we got in we crawled to the gem, got it with the gadgets and went home with no problem

Week 15 The way to the shops By Kristupas

“Which way to the shops?”  it panted while wearing a black scarf so I did not understand what it said.

“I don’t understand you,” I said -” say it again.”

Then I heard shooting and he started to run to the shops so I followed him. He was extremely fast and we eventually got to the shops.

I said to him” who are you? ”

He took off his scarf and said: “I’m running from the police and I need a suit.”

“But why are you running. ”

“I was a scientist and we turned a pig into a human. ”

I said “you are evil” and I caught him and gave him to the police. I made a new foe that day.

Week 14 In The Classroom By Kristupas

I was reading a book in class when suddenly everyone shouted “bee, bee -help! teacher!”

But the teacher was In the staffroom. I said to myself I’ll take care of it. And I shouted “don’t kill the bee- it’s important in life to pollinate all the crops. If they all go extinct, we will all die in the next four years.  The teacher came in and said that the bees are robust animals and we just need to let it out of the classroom.

In my opinion, all bees are to be kept outside- if they are In your house let it out by opening the door.

Week 13 Special Elf By Kristupas

It was ten days before Christmas and my brother and I were very exited . Our parents bought us three elves that can move around and tell Santa how we are behaving .

But one night I heard something downstairs . I went downstairs and I spotted one of the elves flying. I said to myself “I didn’t realise they could fly.” I ran back upstairs and went to wake my brother so he could see for himself but when we got back down the elves were back beside the Christmas tree. Our parents never believed us that the elves flew .

The long Bad War By Kristupas

Running to the boat to get out of the inland and go away from the war, Rose and I finally heard the sound of the horn of the boat. The boat was leaving to go out to sea and we were shouting but they never came back for us. It was going to be our first and only time on a robust boat but with the vast amount of people on it, they probably forgot us. We were pale with fear.

We have to try to forget what had happened and try to survive the war. It was not going to be easy but we had to try. Our first task was to find out where we were going to sleep. The hostile soldiers wouldn’t be nice to us this time. After about two hours we made our first little sleep area. We would go back to the house but that’s where the war appeared to be.  We tried to get on another boat but that was the last one to go because of the war.

I told Rose that I would go and try to find some help so I did. I found one man who was in the same position as we were. When I got back I heard her heart pounding like a drum.

I asked, “ What’s wrong Rose?”

“ She replied,” We have no food  -what are we going to eat?”

So I went out again to search for food. When I heard the horn of the boat again I ran as swift as the wind to get Rose. But there was NO Rose.

I was left alone… in the war … to survive with no water or food.

Week 11 The Day By Kristupas

It was the day I was chosen for the contest. I was driving all the way to Meckj to the tasting competition. I was so excited I was in the car when suddenly I  heard my dad. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”

I thought he was talking to me so I responded “ya me too.” so he turned around and said, ” I thought you don’t like marmite.”

When we got there the first food was a vast amount of marmite on toast and that’s what got me out to the erratic dancer who came first.

Week 10 The Game By Kristupas

It was a pedestrian start for the first half – point after point. But then their best player came on for the second half. Our coaches were red-faced like a tomato. They were ten points up and we almost gave up. Suddenly their best player fell and broke his arm and could not play anymore.

This was our chance. We caught up but then again we fell back down. I knew our team would not make the comeback. Our coach was screaming. Eventually, we caught up 5.4.3 and they scored a three-pointer. Our coach was in a quandary… Our team was very sad after that.

Week 9 The Carnival By Kristupas

It was a pedestrian day and I was walking down the road. Then suddenly I saw a sign on a pole that said “come to the new carnival at Mil Street and go on rides. ”

I said to myself that would be fun. While I was going through the shops I saw two men one dressed in orange- the other in brown. The orange one spoke first.  He said that all the rides were half price.  So I rushed to the rides along with an avalanche of people.  I was delighted with my day. It went from bad to good as I went on all the rides.

Week 7 The Emerald By Kristupas

Walking past, watching and making sure everything was perfect. You could even say the emerald was robust. But then the emerald disappeared. “But where did it go “ she shouted.

Then the thief fumbled and dropped his chain. I ran over and caught him . At the cell the cops asked him an avalanche of questions and the man answered “ It’s a bad habit – I used to be a normal pedestrian guy but now I’m this,“ the thief answered. L

Later we returned the emerald but it happened all over again after five days.

Week 6 The Finger print By Kristupas

I was walking down to the town park and suddenly a man said can you lift one dumbbell. I said why. To get money. Ok but I’m going to be careful. Where are we going? I said the local gym.

We went over and he gave me the dumbbell. I tried to lift it but it was heavier then I expected. I looked at it and I saw a finger print scanner so I asked him `lift it ` he did and I asked can you put it down somewhere else. The man did and I could lift it then because it was not on the pad for the fingerprint scanner.

Week 5 Down Memory Lane

I was driving past a roundabout and saw a big statue. I asked my mom what it was. She didn’t know so I looked it up when I went home. The statue was of a person who had a world record and was the tallest man In the world. It was him looking up and asking God `to help every person small or big to live a perfect life . So that’s why there was a statue of him in the roundabout. I went and told my parent about it and she said… That was what happened In my dream

Week 4 Sweet Revenge By Kristupas

It was the day of the science project. Yes, the homemade mini car It was perfect. I tried it earlier and It moved in an erratic way. But on the way to school I kind of lost hope as there were some brilliant projects. When the judges got to my desk they said to turn it on so I did and when it just wouldn’t take off, the judges said one out of ten .

So I tried to figure out who savaged my project. I found him – he was the only one smirking. So I went over and destroyed his work. And he got a one out of ten too.

Week 3 The Race By Kristupas

Suddenly the flag was waved and the race began.  I was at the back of the race -it was just me and my yellow bicycle going up the hill.

I was exhausted. Before we started the coach warned us to be careful. I was desperate to not fall off my bike as it was very dangerous. The others were pushing left to right and cars were going 50 kph. The kid that was in third place started greedily pushing up the line. My heart was beating in an erratic way. Eventually he fell and came last.

Week 2 The Clock By Kristupas

My friends and I were meeting up in the town park to play soccer and to go to Spar.  Suddenly when I got there, they ran to me and said “look we found a watch to stop time .”

I said  “impossible –  nothing in the world can do that.”

They said to press it. So I did and then everything stopped and they started dancing with joy.  Then someone suggested that we go and take everything from Spar.

I said “NO are you crazy? we’ll get in trouble “.

So we started fighting over it and it broke. I said “let’s work together to fix it.  It took eight hours  to fix but it was all worth it –  we got home and then thrwe it away.

Week 1 The Time Machine by Kristupas

One afternoon I was doing my homework answering the question “who were your ancestors?”

I didn’t know any so I went upstairs to ask my dad.

“I don’t know, son” he answered.

I went back downstairs and out came an old man and he said ” come with me back in time I’ll show you your ancestors. We went through the machine and back in time.  It was the 1920 war and there were bullets everywhere. Men and woman were dying everywhere too. Then it all stopped suddenly. No more bullets were getting fired. A man got up and shook hands with the enemy.

The old man hugged me and said, ” This was me and you are my grandson.”

I got a 100 present on my homework.

My Weird Day By Kristupas

I’m writing this after it happened and I don’t remember much …all I do remember is this story.

I was walking to the restaurant downtown with my family and a weird person jumped out and started singing to us. He said to be careful where you walk and not to walk into a trap. So we made it to the restaurant and the waitress came and asked us what we wanted.  My dad ordered elephant steak,  my brother ordered got duck and salad and my mom ordered avocado toast. They gave us a sheet to colour and I made it all purple. For some reason, dad’s elephant steak had lots of bones in it and when we were leaving we saw an aquarium with seahorses in it.