Week 21: The army of wood and flesh by Liam A

It was a nice sunny day. The birds were singing and the mild wind was blowing.

Dad asked would I like to go for a walk in the park. When we got there, we saw the US army just coming back from war.  They said that there was an evil man coming and that he was going to turn everybody into wood.

Suddenly we saw the man with his wooden army walking down the road smashing cars up against houses and buildings.

But the US army had a plan. And that was to annihilate them.

What would happen next?

Week 20 The tunnel by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day. My Mom and Dad called me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to have a friend over. I wanted to get Conor over and we decided to go to the park.

We spent a lot of time there and eventually did a race around the park.  We were moving very fast when we saw a fire in the distance.  We ran as fast as possible to see what it was?

All we saw was fire and smoke.  It was at my house.  I went in to save my parents.

But was it too late?

Week 19: The Spider : by Liam A

My little brother is very gullible.  For example, once I said it was raining cats and dogs and he went out to check. He wants to be a scientist when he is older but trust me he doesn’t have a hope.

One day he was making a potion to make everything bigger. Dad loathed him making potions because he always made a gigantic mess and dad had to clean it up.

My brother is the smallest in his class so that was why he wanted to make the potion. Dad grabbed it and poured it into the sink.  It came down the drainpipe and hit a spider. …The spider grew and grew….

Week 18:The Statues:By Liam A

One wet stormy day I was going for a walk. It started to rain so I went into a  restaurant.  I saw a statue outside and then two more came out of nowhere. Soon the sun came out. So I went over to the three statues and rubbed my eyes because I thought I saw a door in the ground but I must have been just daydreaming.

Then I leaned up against the statue and heard a click. I saw that door again in the ground. I walked over to it and went in.

All I saw were diamonds and gold.

Week 17:The accident: by Liam A

One wet stormy night I was lying on the couch. I was watching my new clock ticking left and right. I got up and saw something red behind the TV. I walked closer and closer until I noticed it was a snake.

It was the KING PYTHON, nearly the most venomous snake in the world. Before it sprayed its venom on me I just got out the way. I started running and the snake wasn’t far behind. I saw my bike over by the shed I got up on it and cycled away from the snake.

I looked back to see if the snake was there…CRASH!!!

Week 16: No one knew by Liam A

One day I went to New Zealand.  After the plane landed we got out. We went to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. The next day we went shopping to get some clothes for me and my dad. On the way back I saw a statue of a hand.

That night I absconded outside and ran over to the statue.  All the fingers were out except the thumb. I went to the back of the statue and turned the thumb. Suddenly a secret door opened in the ground. I went in…

Week 15:The war: by Liam A

One day I saw a lot of army trucks outside. Then the General walked up to our door. He rang the doorbell six times.  Mom was trembling. Closing the door after him I looked at my mom in a bamboozled way. He had asked
me to go to war.  I said yes.

Mom gave a  wave.  The next day we did training. It was so  hard. Now  we’re going into war. I was very scared.

In the beginning of the war, I saw Jets and bombs everywhere.  There was so many I gave a little chuckle. I saw the army base. It was so big.  The war started. USA vs Germany.  The planes would go first. And then us

What will happen next?

Week 14: Oh No: by Liam A


I just broke my Auntie Deirdre’s favourite vase.  She hurried into the room saying you silly monkey  – looking like she was trying not to say get out you little pest.

As nighttime fell I went to sleep. The next day I fell out of bed. I looked into the mirror and saw that I was an ape.

Will I have to abscond or leave?
At last I thought of something –  I will go to the zoo.
When I reached the zoo an angelic girl picked me up.

…The test went wrong and now I have to go to the jungle.  What will happen next?

Week 13:The Desert Fire:by Liam A

One day Jake and I were playing outside with his new soccer ball.  Several days later there was a bushfire. It came out of nowhere. Each day it moved faster and nearer to us and the pandemonium got louder and louder.

We had to stay inside so we played my new Nintendo switch –  I won 4 games and Jake won 6.

Suddenly a tiger came into the house. When we went to get out the tiger was blocking our escape.  What will happen to us next?…

Week 12:The snow owl: by Liam A

Mike and I were playing in the playroom.

“What is the beeping?”

“It’s the controller  – it needs a new battery.”

Suddenly we heard tapping on the window. We looked out the window and there was a white bird just sitting there.  We were scratching our heads trying to see what bird it was? Finally, we got a bird book – it was a snow owl.

Mike hurried outside.

“It’s injured. ”

“How do you know? ”

“Because it’s bleeding.”

I went to get a bandage and decided to feed it. Then after it ate the sandwich I hoped it would be energetic enough to fly.


After a while the bird spread out its wings and it took flight.

Week 11 A Bad Day: by Liam A


“What just happened?” asked Jake ” and why are their houses made
out of hay?”

Suddenly I noticed that we had just travelled back in time. So then I told Jake. He was in shock but he was also a bit happy.
“Can we go to see the writing place?  It’s called a scriptorium.”  I said” ok Jake was trembling with excitement.
Why are there so many grim reapers?  They’re not … Jake stopped me before I could finish my sentence.

Then the bell rang – everybody was in pandemonium.  “RUN shouted everybody. Get into the round tower. We are under attack. ”  When we got outside –  the place was burned to the ground.

Week 10:A lot of money by Liam A

One day James and I were playing outside. BANG.

What was that? I said

I don’t know and don’t want to know said James.

Suddenly an aggressive man walked up and said listen up I have a lot of money here and I am giving it to you. So take it and hide it.

When I looked around, the man was gone. Then these painfully loud sirens went past.
We went inside with the money and started playing my ps4.
Soon I looked out the window and saw the police.

What will we do? said James.
We need to hide the money but where would we hide it all?

Knock -knock  – OH NO…

Week 9 : Proved you right by Liam A

One Halloween night Mick and I went into the forest and set up camp.
Mick was trembling when we went outside so we set a big bonfire.
“I saw something move,” said Mick.

“Stop messing around – It’s fine it was probably your mind messing
around with you. I’ll set some cameras up. let’s get some sleep, ” I said.

The following morning Mick still felt the place was haunted. They decided to check on the cameras.
Something was floating and then the camera shattered.  What will happen next?

Week 7:Help me By Liam A

One dark dreary night I heard tapping on the window.
My friends were there –  “Come down” they whispered.
Suddenly there was a boom of thunder and we could hear the lapping of water. My friends and I went inside an old abandoned mansion. As
the door slammed I knew I was in danger.

Now I was thinking my parents would not let me do this. “I’m out of here –  bye,” I said. My friend grabbed my shoulder and flung me onto the ground.
“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home,” I said.

Week 5:My precious item: By Liam A

At the weekends I build it and play with it. I have a volcano set of it.
My brother Patrick helped me build it.
Now I have one more set to go.Every time I build it I carefully put it on my shelf.
It was given to me by my Aunt as a present.
When I hold it close it reminds me that I am a master builder.
I won’t break it or smash it because it is precious to me.
Usually I take it down and play with it and usually I talk to my self when I am sad and I take it down and play with it.

Week 4 Dogwarts by Liam A

One day Billy and I were playing hopscotch. I threw the stone and when it hit the ground suddenly a portal appeared.

Billy and I jumped in and we saw dogs. We looked up and saw a sign saying Dogworths and the dog was wearing glasses. We took cover as there were fighting pilots everywhere. The dog came over and said they are with us. Good

The dog came over and said they were with us. Good said Billy. 196 is our best pilot. You should have come yesterday. Today is War Day.

Week 3: Our School Tour by Liam A

One day our school went to see the rarest crocodile in the world –  the purple crocodile. But there was one boy who hated lizards and he got so scared that he hid in the bus. Another boy loved lizards and he wanted to feed it.

Later on, this boy ran away from the group and he twisted the door to get in. The light started flashing purple and it opened.
The professor saw him and he was not happy. He found it difficult to get in. He couldn’t get in.

Goodbye friend …

Week 1: My new pets by Liam A

Once there was a boy called Bob.
He believed that he could fly, so he climbed a sky-scraper and jumped off.
He was fine because he got saved by Bat Man.
But then Bat Man got heart-attack.
Then Gardos saved the day. Bob had a safe landing. Gardos is now his pet.
But Richu wanted also to be his pet.Then they had a fight.Gardos used ice fang move and Richu used Z-Power move.