Week 5:The Giants:By Liam A

Running through the woods I could hear my heart beating like a drum, the cracking of tree trunks snapping in half and the giants’ feet shaking the ground. Then I looked behind me and they were gone – there wasn’t a sound only the rustling of the leaves on the trees.

Suddenly the giants pounced out from everywhere. I was surrounded. There was no escape…Suddenly I could hear the roaring engines of trucks. It started to rain and I saw that the giants were in pain. The army ran up the hill and started firing at them. Suddenly all of the monsters looked up and turned to stone.


Week 4: My New Best Friend: By Liam A

It was a dull day my brother and I were on our bikes in the park. When we got to the bend we saw a bird on the ground and when it just wouldn’t take off we knew he was hurt. I went close and I heard my brother mumble, ” it’s futile – he’s just going to die anyway.” I picked him up and put him in my coat pocket with his head peeping out.

When we got home I brought him up to my room. I could see his wing was broken. I got a bit of paper and put it around his arm. A few days later he was back to normal and able to fly. I let him out and he was gone.

Week 3: The Haunted house: By Liam A

It was a dull day and my friend and I were going to the haunted house down the road from my house as we were desperate to see what was inside. We were warned not to go in but we didn’t listen.

I told him that I would meet him there at 3pm and when I got there I rested my yellow bicycle on the wall of the house. When my friend arrived I took my torch out of my bag and before I knew it my friend greedily snatched it out of my hand.

As we opened the gate and walked up to the door, it swung open and we were dragged in. My heart was pounding erratically as the door slammed behind us…

Week 2: The Remote: by Liam A

I was relaxing on the couch and was watching my favourite programme. Mom called me in for dinner so I went to pause the television I pressed the button three times but it wouldn’t pause.

I walked into the kitchen and then everything stopped and Mom didn’t move I waved my hands in front of her but she didn’t move. I looked outside and nothing was moving. I was scared but a small bit happy. I could do what I wanted and have as many sweets as I wanted. I walked down to the shop. I was just so happy.

Week 1: The Bank Robbery: by Liam A

Today I went downtown and saw people outside the bank pretending to be statues and suddenly something struck my mind.

If I pretended to be a statue in the bank I could rob it and be rich. There was meant to be a gold statue being brought to the bank three days later. That would give me enough time to practice my poses for the heist. The day came and I found the van and got into it.

I got to the bank and waited for the night when it was quiet I got into the vault and took the money.

Now I’m rich.

Liam A: The Day at the Zoo

One day my dad and I were going to the zoo. We got into the car and drove to the zoo.

I couldn’t wait to see the dinosaur bones and the elephants. After a while, we got to the zoo. But before we went to see any animals we had to get lunch first – dad got avocado with egg and I got a cheese toastie.

Our food came and dad’s avocado was purple. After a while when we were finished eating we saw the fossils and the elephants and the seahorses in the aquarium. It was the best day ever!