Week 15: The Plan By Liam O

“Which way to the shops?” it panted.

I replied with “take a left up there and then you should be at the entrance”.

Later on, I was walking home I heard a loud sound. It was as if a propeller was starting. Straight away after that happened a big satellite came up from the ground, as high as the Empire State Building.

Something climbed up the satellite and when it reached the top it shouted at the top of its lungs that “they” were Martians and have come to take over the Earth.  As its voice echoed down the street people, started to get scared and ran for their lives . A laser then hit everyone and they vanished into thin air…

Week 14 Invasion By Liam O

Once upon a time, there was a town and that town believed that they were the happiest people in the world.

But on one very bad night, they heard buzzing coming over the nearby hill. Filled with joy they went to greet the mysterious buzzing and as they got closer the buzzing got louder and louder.

Then giant bees flew out in front and stung lots of people and knocked down others. The people ran for their lives but they didn’t get very far before being tied up in honey.

Today the town is deserted and the only life is the giant bees…



Week 13: The Close Call By Liam O

It was a normal day at Dragon Land, but that day was about to get crazy…

That day they opened a new area called The Galaxy Area where a new breed of  Dragon was created, it was named The Galaxy Dragon.

It was very popular, it was so popular that they made an indoor area where the Dragons would fly around.

“I didn’t realise that they could fly” some would say.

But then one day the dragons broke out and flew away.

They flew as a pack because that was what their genes designed them to do.

But one flew away from the pack and to my school where I was.

I saw the dragon and stood there with fear.

The dragon swooped in and flew past, I sighed with relief and went home…

Week 12: The Elephant Raid By Liam O

It was the beginning of my violin lessons…

I was next to play the violin and I heard a thud in the hall of the school where the lessons were on. I thought nothing of it kept on playing the violin.

Suddenly a HUGE Purple Elephant busted down the wall and let out a roar. We all screeched and ran to the corner. Loads of police were running into the room.

The police used a rope and threw it over the Purple Elephant. The Elephant then kicked at the police and it ran away while the police were shooting tranquilizer guns.  They all missed and the Elephant got away…


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Week 11: The shot that ended everything… By Liam O

“Sergeant, we have a visual on the suspect, he seems to be at the restaurant in downtown.” Exclaimed Colonel Cunningham.

“Colonel” I said in a deep voice.

“Get all the men you can and meet me and Lieutenant at the entrance ASAP.”

Later we met up and sent a spy in there to investigate.

About a half an hour later he came back and said that the suspect and one other guy were doing an illegal money exchange and then went back in.

Suddenly we heard a roar “No,” he said,” I like marmite.”

We crept towards the roaring and saw our spy next to the suspect – he nodded to me and I nodded to the  Lieutenant

He shouted “GO GO GOOO.”

As we were running the man pulled out a pistol and shot the unstable pillar

Everything came down upon us…

Week 10: The Mistake By Liam O

“Why did it happen?” that is the question I always ask myself today…

It was the last week of the war and everyone was feeling glum – even the jolliest people in the platoon. We had just advanced through No Man’s land and into the enemy trenches.

Our commander General Pierson had prolonged our advance and ordered us to wait for the rest of the platoon- that was a mistake.

About a few hours later we got a radio call from the rest of the platoon saying that the enemy’s artillery was getting ready to fire at us. We asked for them to try and hold them off, that was the last thing I heard on the battlefield.

About 5 years later here I am writing this story…

Week 7: The Shadow By Liam O


The swords clashed against each other, I was on the ground barely conscious. Then when I became fully conscious I jumped and dashed towards the shadow launching an avalanche of punches upon the shadow.

At last, I roared for her to stab the shadow. She lifted up the sword and swiped the katana out of the shadow’s hand. It flew through the air and landed on the ground next to me.

I picked it up and sprinted towards the shadow and I lifted up the katana and let out a war cry before stabbing the shadow right in the chest.

Eventually, the shadow disappeared.

“But where did it go?” she shouted…

Week 5: The Hero By Liam O

Once there was a fisherman and he was going out to do his daily fish for the nearby store one icy morning. As he was going out he slipped and slid into the water. From the outside the water looks normal but from the inside it looks purple because it is enchanted.
The fisherman was shouting “Help” under water but nobody heard. The fisherman then fainted from the shock. When he woke up he felt uncomfortable and he opened his eyes to find that he was a giant. He heard a roar coming from the nearby city. He jumped up and ran for the city.
When he got there he saw a monster so he ran up to it and punched it.  The monster flew through the sky. The man looked up and saw the throat of the monster flame up and a green fireball flew out. It went right for the man. When the man got hit by the fireball he turned to stone and the monster disappeared…

Week 4: The Getaway Train By Liam O

It was a rainy day. There was a getaway train in town. The gang in control are too strong for the police so the military was called to take control of the getaway train. When the military got to the getaway train the sergeant started giving orders.

“Soldiers! go and take your positions around the train. –  Commander get the chain and hook it up to that light pole so the train can’t go anywhere and for you.  – Lieutenant load up the machine guns to wreck havoc upon them.”

The gang heard this and told the train driver to get the train moving. The train driver tried and one of the gang members shouted when it just would not take off. Then the soldiers came and arrested the gang members.

Week 2: The Orb By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was doing my daily walk in the forest when I saw a blue light flashing. I got suspicious and went over to investigate and saw an orb. The orb was flashing from light blue to dark blue to light blue again.

I wondered what it felt like so I reached in to touch it and every time my hand got closer the orb got brighter. When I eventually touched it, it got bigger and bigger and then smaller before exploding.

Then everything stopped and I was somewhere dark. Before I could do anything I heard growling behind me I closed my eyes and….

Week 1 The Fight By Liam O

Once upon a time there lived two men one named Max and the other named Finn. They were great friends but the only thing that was keeping them from being “best” friends was that of sports. They would always fight over what team was better but one day Max had enough of the fights- he wanted to settle this once and for all. So he confronted Finn and challenged him to a bet- if Finn’s team won 5 matches in a row he would win the bet and lot of money and the same for Max

Finn did not agree and it did not go well they had another fight and they never became “best” friends…