Week 38: The Discussion By Liam O M

It was a bright summer day in the deep jungle where a group of tropical animals was discussing how to stop the carnivores from killing all the animals.

The Zebra said, “We could gather everyone up and hide from them.”

The Flamingo said “Or we could try to fight back against them”

Then the Elephant delivered his speech “We should make peace between us and the carnivores”

The Animals agreed so they set off to find the carnivores. Sometime later they found the carnivores. After a while, the carnivores agreed and peace was made in the tropical forest for the first time.


Week 37: The Light By Liam O

It was a nice hot summer day in the ancient city of  Úgraphelo  (yu-gra-fee-lo) when a huge gold light shone from the great temple.

The whole city stood there attracted to the light. While one man saw everyone attracted to the light he decided he was going to try and stop the light. Luckily he knew the terrain off by heart so he closed his eyes and made the run…

As he made it to the light, he saw someone come out of the temple discreetly. He knew he was the one doing this.

He ran into the temple to stop it, but it was too late- the light got bigger and bigger until it exploded and consumed everything in the city and all that was left was a huge crater…

Week 36: The Figure By Liam O M

It was a stormy night. I was on my way home alone. It was quiet, very quiet. I had started to question why every single house was dark, lights off, curtains drawn. I didn’t think much of it because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, but I would soon find out why the neighborhood was so dark.

I saw a dark figure in the distance. I thought it was just another person walking, but then the figure raced at me. And that’s when I knew I should run.

I dashed to my house faster then I had ever run. But the dark figure was just too quick. As I was approaching my house I tripped over a stone in my garden. That let the figure catch right up. It let a vicious glare at me.

I closed my eyes and everything went black…

Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M

It was a nice autumn day when my dog and I were out for a walk…Until the ground started shaking…

We looked up at the large mountain which was shaking…Then lava sprouted up out of the mountain… It was a Volcano…

We rushed closer only to be stopped by raining ash upon us. Then we dashed away as fast as we could but then I got hit by ash and fell to the ground.

My dog turned around and barked at me to get up but I couldn’t. He dragged me to a secure cave where we waited until everything stopped. Then we got out of the cave…

We were terrified of the landscape as we walked home hoping everyone was ok…


Week 32 The Trek By Liam O M

It was a bright summer’s day when my friends and I went for a hike up the tallest hill in our area, Mt. Raptovest. At the start, we picked a spot to go from and come back to so we set off not realizing what we were getting into.

A couple of hours later it was getting dark so we decided to turn back but it was too late as we had no idea where we were… WE WERE LOST.

One of our friends got really scared and ran off, the rest of us ran after. Until we all got tired and slowed down.  We looked at each other and back to the light. .. Then we disappeared into the night…

Week 31 The Camping Story By Liam O

It was a stormy night. The children were all asleep but me as I could hear footsteps outside of the tent.  It was very misty and I could not see anything. I woke up my friend and told him to be quiet and careful. He followed. I peeked out of the tent and saw a huge tall slender being standing in front of a tree. I quickly got back into the tent and got under the covers of my sleeping bag.

“What’s going on?” my friend asked.

“It’s c..c…coming,” I replied.

The zip of the tent opened and the alien stepped into the tent…I closed my eyes. Then the alien stopped, turned around and walked away…


Week 26 Statues in Memory By Liam O

It was a very stormy night, winds howling and 57 men were on their way to back to HeadQuarters on a boat when a huge wave smashed against the heavy yacht. The boat shook from left to right before regaining its balance. But just as everyone thought it was ok, the engine went bust and caused the ship to go faster. The captain tried to stop it but it would not work.

“ROCK!” one of the men shouted. Everyone went into a panic and were running around everywhere. Then BANG everything went silent… the ship crashed…

3 months later their bodies were found lying on the beach.

These statues were built-in memory of the men that died on that day…



Week 24: The fight in the King Tower By Liam O

In the beginning we had entered the tower and told everyone to evacuate because there was a bomb. We rushed upstairs to where the bomb was, it was 126 stories high. When we got there, there were vast amount of hostile people armed with guns and knives.

45 minutes later.

“Go! Go! Go!” I shouted as I threw the bomb over to one of my agents.

He jumped up as high as he could but I threw it too hard and it pulled him back and through a window with the bomb timer ticking in his hands.

Luckily he let go of it and it exploded in mid-air.

“GO! GET THE ROPE” I screamed.

We ran and ran to get the rope then threw it off the building.

“Are you there?” I said.

“Yes and I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.

So we pulled and pulled until we finally got him up.


Week 23 Extremely Radioactive Area By Liam O

“Ok you’re approaching the area now, remember it’s extremely radioactive,” the intercom voice warned us.

As we drew nearer to the area we saw a sign about how radioactive the area was but we took no notice of the sign because we were on a mission to retrieve the cause of this…

The reason for this started back in 2020 with the coronavirus.  It had spread around the world and had reached this place – an already highly radioactive area and with the coronavirus, it got worse.

“You have now explored 99% of the area,” the voice said.

There were two tunnels that lead to the final room one of us was in each of the tunnels, we met up and saw the room and stood there in silence…

Week 22 Just a rumour By Liam O

It all started 30 years ago in this very lab. It was pandemonium, sirens were going off, gunshots could be heard everywhere -it was a catastrophe.
A portal had been opened to another dimension and a carnivorous-being stepped out of the portal and started killing everyone.
Some managed to escape the lab and flee far, far away while some didn’t make it that far before being devoured.
After the interdimensional being finished its feeding, it fled back into the portal never to be seen again.
And legend has it  that the monster comes out every 30 years so you better not be out at this time of the year…



Week 21 The Mission By Liam O

It all began one Saturday night when I was on a mission to stop evil forces from mutating all the animals in the national zoo…

“Where is it again?” I asked.

“It’s down the road- then take a left,” he replied.

So we headed to the zoo at about 1:30 am.

“Alright, everyone out!” I ordered.

As we sneaked around the zoo to find the lab, we stumbled upon a dark forest that had a small cabin in it. Inside the cabin, there were lights flickering different colours through the dim windows.

We knew it was the lab and busted down the door only to be met by deadly weapons pointing to our faces…



Week 20: No Rescue By Liam O

“We’ve been out here for days searching and searching” my friends moaned.

“We will find our we out of here we just have to try!” I exclaimed.

“TOWN” one of my friends screamed.

We ran and ran until we reached the town.

“Ugh! it’s only another deserted town” I groaned

We had decided to settle down for the night. I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise in the sky. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was.

“RESCUE CHOPPA” I shouted.

Everyone woke up “what -choppa?”

Suddenly a fighter jet came out of nowhere with smoke coming out behind it. It flew past us, we had to look away from the smoke because it was toxic. When we turned around the rescue helicopter was gone.

“Help –  that’s our rescue gone”



Week 19: Deserted Village By Liam O

At the beginning of the day, I woke up very tired. I walked downstairs and got myself a cup of coffee, my father had the news on. I was so tired that the news was a mumble and all I heard was dangerous, evacuate and squad.

My father seemed worried but I didn’t think much of it and went for my morning walk. I went into the village and it was deserted. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened.  I saw a green box in the middle of the junction in the centre of the village. Since there was no one was in the village I decided to go home. When I got home no one was there… then it clicked with me –  what I heard on the news  – the green box was a bomb.

I whispered to myself “oh no” I heard an explosion and everything went black…

Week 18: The Leap of Faith By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was taking the train to work as usual except today was way different.

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the train to arrive looking at my phone when I heard some rustling in the bush. I turned around and saw a bunch of soldiers dash out from the bush. With my heart pounding, I jumped off the bench and screamed.

A soldier came up to me and said: “everything is going to be alright but first you need to get out of here.”

I said, “but I’m waiting for my train.”

He replied with “just go” in an annoyed voice.

“But it is SO slow…I…I… oh alright,”

Reluctant and confused I agreed. I grabbed my phone and went for the bridge. I knew the only way was to get across.

As I was running the middle of the train exploded leaving a gap in it.

“I can do this- it is not that big” I whispered to myself. I walked back slowly and then dashed for it. I jumped as high as I could. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was on the other side of the bridge. “I made it” I said to myself. “I made it.”


Week 17: Jump to safety By Liam O

“Ok, take 14,” I said to myself as my friend, James, set up the camera and the bike for the jump. I got on the bike and James started recording “and we’re live.”

I started peddling as fast as I could. All of a sudden a car came over the horizon at a ferocious speed.

“Wait” James whispered to himself.

“Alex, Alex, ALEX!” he shouted.

“What” I responded.


I leaped off the bike and rolled onto the ground. The bike went flying over the car. My heart was pounding. The bike went into a wire which was connected to a pole. An electric shock went all the way up the pole and a fire started. We got into the car and drove off… THE END

Week 15: The Plan By Liam O

“Which way to the shops?” it panted.

I replied with “take a left up there and then you should be at the entrance”.

Later on, I was walking home I heard a loud sound. It was as if a propeller was starting. Straight away after that happened a big satellite came up from the ground, as high as the Empire State Building.

Something climbed up the satellite and when it reached the top it shouted at the top of its lungs that “they” were Martians and have come to take over the Earth.  As its voice echoed down the street people, started to get scared and ran for their lives . A laser then hit everyone and they vanished into thin air…

Week 14 Invasion By Liam O

Once upon a time, there was a town and that town believed that they were the happiest people in the world.

But on one very bad night, they heard buzzing coming over the nearby hill. Filled with joy they went to greet the mysterious buzzing and as they got closer the buzzing got louder and louder.

Then giant bees flew out in front and stung lots of people and knocked down others. The people ran for their lives but they didn’t get very far before being tied up in honey.

Today the town is deserted and the only life is the giant bees…



Week 13: The Close Call By Liam O

It was a normal day at Dragon Land, but that day was about to get crazy…

That day they opened a new area called The Galaxy Area where a new breed of  Dragon was created, it was named The Galaxy Dragon.

It was very popular, it was so popular that they made an indoor area where the Dragons would fly around.

“I didn’t realise that they could fly” some would say.

But then one day the dragons broke out and flew away.

They flew as a pack because that was what their genes designed them to do.

But one flew away from the pack and to my school where I was.

I saw the dragon and stood there with fear.

The dragon swooped in and flew past, I sighed with relief and went home…

Week 12: The Elephant Raid By Liam O

It was the beginning of my violin lessons…

I was next to play the violin and I heard a thud in the hall of the school where the lessons were on. I thought nothing of it kept on playing the violin.

Suddenly a HUGE Purple Elephant busted down the wall and let out a roar. We all screeched and ran to the corner. Loads of police were running into the room.

The police used a rope and threw it over the Purple Elephant. The Elephant then kicked at the police and it ran away while the police were shooting tranquilizer guns.  They all missed and the Elephant got away…


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Week 11: The shot that ended everything… By Liam O

“Sergeant, we have a visual on the suspect, he seems to be at the restaurant in downtown.” Exclaimed Colonel Cunningham.

“Colonel” I said in a deep voice.

“Get all the men you can and meet me and Lieutenant at the entrance ASAP.”

Later we met up and sent a spy in there to investigate.

About a half an hour later he came back and said that the suspect and one other guy were doing an illegal money exchange and then went back in.

Suddenly we heard a roar “No,” he said,” I like marmite.”

We crept towards the roaring and saw our spy next to the suspect – he nodded to me and I nodded to the  Lieutenant

He shouted “GO GO GOOO.”

As we were running the man pulled out a pistol and shot the unstable pillar

Everything came down upon us…

Week 10: The Mistake By Liam O

“Why did it happen?” that is the question I always ask myself today…

It was the last week of the war and everyone was feeling glum – even the jolliest people in the platoon. We had just advanced through No Man’s land and into the enemy trenches.

Our commander General Pierson had prolonged our advance and ordered us to wait for the rest of the platoon- that was a mistake.

About a few hours later we got a radio call from the rest of the platoon saying that the enemy’s artillery was getting ready to fire at us. We asked for them to try and hold them off, that was the last thing I heard on the battlefield.

About 5 years later here I am writing this story…

Week 7: The Shadow By Liam O


The swords clashed against each other, I was on the ground barely conscious. Then when I became fully conscious I jumped and dashed towards the shadow launching an avalanche of punches upon the shadow.

At last, I roared for her to stab the shadow. She lifted up the sword and swiped the katana out of the shadow’s hand. It flew through the air and landed on the ground next to me.

I picked it up and sprinted towards the shadow and I lifted up the katana and let out a war cry before stabbing the shadow right in the chest.

Eventually, the shadow disappeared.

“But where did it go?” she shouted…

Week 5: The Hero By Liam O

Once there was a fisherman and he was going out to do his daily fish for the nearby store one icy morning. As he was going out he slipped and slid into the water. From the outside the water looks normal but from the inside it looks purple because it is enchanted.
The fisherman was shouting “Help” under water but nobody heard. The fisherman then fainted from the shock. When he woke up he felt uncomfortable and he opened his eyes to find that he was a giant. He heard a roar coming from the nearby city. He jumped up and ran for the city.
When he got there he saw a monster so he ran up to it and punched it.  The monster flew through the sky. The man looked up and saw the throat of the monster flame up and a green fireball flew out. It went right for the man. When the man got hit by the fireball he turned to stone and the monster disappeared…

Week 4: The Getaway Train By Liam O

It was a rainy day. There was a getaway train in town. The gang in control are too strong for the police so the military was called to take control of the getaway train. When the military got to the getaway train the sergeant started giving orders.

“Soldiers! go and take your positions around the train. –  Commander get the chain and hook it up to that light pole so the train can’t go anywhere and for you.  – Lieutenant load up the machine guns to wreck havoc upon them.”

The gang heard this and told the train driver to get the train moving. The train driver tried and one of the gang members shouted when it just would not take off. Then the soldiers came and arrested the gang members.

Week 2: The Orb By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was doing my daily walk in the forest when I saw a blue light flashing. I got suspicious and went over to investigate and saw an orb. The orb was flashing from light blue to dark blue to light blue again.

I wondered what it felt like so I reached in to touch it and every time my hand got closer the orb got brighter. When I eventually touched it, it got bigger and bigger and then smaller before exploding.

Then everything stopped and I was somewhere dark. Before I could do anything I heard growling behind me I closed my eyes and….

Week 1 The Fight By Liam O

Once upon a time there lived two men one named Max and the other named Finn. They were great friends but the only thing that was keeping them from being “best” friends was that of sports. They would always fight over what team was better but one day Max had enough of the fights- he wanted to settle this once and for all. So he confronted Finn and challenged him to a bet- if Finn’s team won 5 matches in a row he would win the bet and lot of money and the same for Max

Finn did not agree and it did not go well they had another fight and they never became “best” friends…