Week 33 The crash by Liam O

The story begins in 1954 in Spain near the city of Seville on a bridge. The American army was bringing a dangerous nuclear chemical to a test site.

When they were driving the truck over the bridge the truck crashed and a small hole came in the oil tank and some of the dangerous chemicals sprinkled on a yellow daffodil.  Then the daffodil turned pink and after that incident, the oil tank exploded.  Chemicals went everywhere.

Now 2 armies and the UN had to intervene.  The US of A had to pay 5.8 million.  The bridge is off limits now because the daffodil got too big.


Week 33: The dinosaur like alien by Liam O

The wind thumps are heard from across the forest we ( a.k.a the hunters) stop the car. We grab guns and get out of the car to find who is making the thumping sound. We search for hours with no luck of finding the creature or person that could be making the sound.

Then we are approached by a dinosaur-like alien. We aim our guns at the creature and it screams.  We fire but it does nothing. The creature regains the pieces of the body it lost.  It whacks four or five of us to death.  The last person( a.k.a me)  runs but the alien whacks me onto the ground.

Then the alien looks and walks away…

Week 32 30 Seconds by Liam O

*Tic toc Tic toc*

“Arhhhh” I shouted in frustration. “I only have 30 seconds to disarm the bomb  – if only I had a good signal to understand the instructions the commander was giving me but I didn’t understand the instructions.”

15 seconds left.  I was sweating then.


It just clicked to me –  yellow, red then blue..2 ..1..done!!

Huh….oh…smoke grenade… I jumped up and ran out of room that the bomb was in and into the hall.  I looked left and right and then I looked straight. The exit was right in front of me. I pushed the door open and I was free.


Week 28: The long legged sausage by Liam O

One sunny day in the Forest of Sausage there lived a mythical creature called the Long Legged Sausage.  A man liked the sound of it and tried to prove to the world that the Long Legged Sausage was real so in the middle of the night he set off into the Forest of Sausage to find the Long Legged Sausage.

At  4.37 he hears thumping across the forest and he responds with his camera held out like a gun.  He snapped a picture and dashed away with the Long Legged Sausage running behind him.  When he got to his house he shut the door on the monster and knocked him out.

The police came and shook hands with the man and then he was proud.

Week 27: It’s sinking! by Liam O

One sunny I day was on a cruise ship called the Lusitania.  At the time I was on it I was around Kinsale, Ireland.  Just then I heard a very loud BANG!

Pandemonium spread across the ship.  A few minutes later I realised the ship was sinking.  Just then I saw people dashing to the lifeboats.

Although they ran quickly they weren’t making enough progress.  As the first lifeboat got lowered  1/8 of the ship had gone down.  By the time the 5th lifeboat got lowered 1/3 of the ship had gone down. At this stage, everyone knew that the ship was going down…

Week 26:The white flag by LiamO

One bright shiny November day my squad and I wandered into the city of Cologne. The city was in ruins- broken buildings and unexploded bombs everywhere. We were shocked as we found a tiny thin hopeless little boy in a yellow house with a broken roof.

Suddenly we heard footsteps banging across floors as if people were racing in the Olympics.  Then we heard people reloading guns. We shut the door and aimed our M1 grand out the windows. There were LMGs firing at us from all angles.  We decided that we should bring out the white flag.

After we brought out the white flag we were sentenced to a concentration camp and we stayed there for the rest of the war.

Week 25 : The Mission by Liam O

One dark rainy and quiet night in 1956in Washington D.C in the white house Donald Trump was talking to the leader of the F.B.I.  Later that night the leader of the F.B.I got a group of spies to go to Moscow and inspect what the Soviets were planning next.

A week later they arrived in Moscow. The group was equipped with pistols and voice recording shoes. When they got to the entrance of the building they saw a soldier at the top of the building. They wondered but how did he get up there? Some hours later the group was caught and was forced out of the building. When they got out they were arrested.

The End

Week 22: Operation Goldfish By Liam O

One dark rainy night an American platoon for the 56th Infantry Division set up a base for Operation Goldfish.  Slowly but surely they might actually win so then they could take the evil Professor Straub to a prison on the Clipperton.

2 days later the operation started. The platoon plundered through the front door. When the professor heard he told his super soldiers to attack the intruders. As the two attackers met a great big battle occurred. After the battle, the victors were the Americans.  They marched to the top of the building but when they got to the laboratory the professor had escaped.

Week 21:Taoisuna by Liam O

Huikyoido was in an island cluster on the southeast of Japan. The island was a very traditional island where the houses were traditional and the festivals were traditional.

Also on this island were a group of ninjas called Taoisuna and they had made a micronation called Taoisuna.  The group decided to attack the rest of the island.  10 hours later the only bit left was the capital of the island Kyoto.

The ninjas were way underpowered as the Huikyoido army marched across the city of Kyoto. Soon after the ninjas decided on a ceasefire. A treaty was signed, the micronation dissolved and everything was back to normal again.


Week 20: Evacuate by Liam O


“Get to the planes before the Germans attack the town” ordered the general while the siren went off.  My friend and I  heard a loud BANG!

As we ran to the planes, there was yet another loud BANG.  One of the buildings collapsed.  We started the plane engine, we looked at each other and nodded.

Our plan was to fly around the bombing, across the English channel and land on a British airfield in Belgium.  Then we would fuel up and fly to Dunkirk.

When we were about 2 minutes away from Belgium my engine was really loud so I didn’t realise that a German fighter pilot was behind me.  We were moving very fast when the pilot shot me down but luckily my friend guided us to the airfield.

Week 19 Croke Park disaster By Liam O

One day in the big smoke (A.K.A Dublin) there was a G.A.A match on.  It was  Kanturk vs Ballyragget.  A college teamed up with Ballyragget so Ballyragget could win the All Ireland Intermediate Club Hurling final. The Ballyragget manager had a rendezvous with a man from the college.

The manager said, “you must lock all Kanturk fans in the car park at the college.”

“OK,” the man then shouted after their rendezvous.

The next day rolled by when the man went to close the gates. He dropped the key and It came down the drainpipe. All the Kanturk fans were able to cheer on the Kanturk hurlers and Kanturk won the All Ireland intermediate club hurling final.

Week 18: One day In Singapore by Liam

One day in the micro-nation of Singapore in the Japanese restaurant I got the traditional usual curry. Suddenly I heard a big BANG.  I stopped eating and ran outside. I saw a big alien spaceship and according to Japanese scientists the aliens are called Seatians and they are from a region on Mars called Seatia.

Suddenly the Seatians started abducting people. I ran and found a gun called an M1035  -it was an SMG.  As I was firing the Seatians were sending down the people they had abducted.  They had turned them into aliens to destroy the Earth. I then hid in a bush and watched as they burned the city to bits. When they were finished, they got into the spaceship and flew away forever.

Week 17:The red king cobra by Liam O

Chop, Slice, Chop, Slice…

“Are we ever going to get out of here and find the temple?” I said.

“Maybe but if we do we must not show it to the public,” my friend answered as he continued cutting the bushes in front of him.

Two minutes later I heard hissing in the bushes before me.

I said “Bro I think we should start running because I hear hissing… “Then I looked behind me and saw a red king cobra. I screamed “AHH SNAKE!!!!!”

While we were running I looked at my watch and the clock said 3.14.  Finally, we saw our bikes. Quickly we got on the bikes and cycled away happily.


Week 16:The hand: By Liam O

“Yum that’s some nice curry,” I said to my mom.

My friend and I were having a sleepover at my house. And then my mom said,” It’s time for bed guys.”  So we went upstairs.

When we got to the top of the stairs we heard a big loud bang! We ran to a window and looked out and saw a UFO up in flames.  Then we saw an alien hand.  We both agreed to run to the basement.  15 minutes later we saw a light and then I woke up to find alien hands everywhere.

I was scared…

Week 15: The chase by Liam O

In the beginning of the chase my friend and I were running from soldiers to an old abandoned huntsman shaft and when we got there we hid in a small room at the end of the hall.  The first few minutes were quiet and fine. Then we heard a loud bang as the door opened.

The soldiers were armed with rifles and they went into a room near the entrance.We raced upstairs and opened the window as if we escaped. We locked all doors except one. We hid behind a locked up door. It was quiet and BANG! …Everything went white and I woke up in jail.

Week 14 :NATO by Liam O

It’s the 14th of August 2017 and the leaders of all the countries in NATO (N for North – A for Atlantic – T for treaty and O for organisation) are having a meeting in Seoul, South Korea. We are discussing how we will prevent WW3.

I am the leader of Canada and I am in control of this meeting.  Then 2 hours into the meeting the German leader talks about how it uses its technology to create a SUPERWEAPON.  2 minutes later I see Rusian, Chinese and North Korean soldiers waiting for a response at the front door of the building.

I was getting so frustrated I pushed my computer off the table and then I hear a crack in the front window. I stopped … I knew I had to run before the 2nd Korean War started…

Week 13: Abandoned By Liam O

It’s 17th of May 2016. My friends and I live in the German city of Braunschweig. We are in the north-west side of the city which is almost uninhabited. There are only about 50 people living there approximately.

Back in 2005 my friends and I went for a walk to the zoo. We watched as there was pandemonium in the zoo.  One of my friend’s said “the tiger is blocking our escape. ” but luckily we managed to get home. One day later we went back to the zoo to find that the zookeepers were loading the animals into trucks.  The trucks were going to Dusseldorf and now 11 years later the zoo is abandoned…The End…

Week 12 The F1 race by Liam O

It’s 2.37 on May 17th, 2017 and I’m on a plane that is flying to Nice for the Monaco F1 (Formula 1) Grand Prix.

1 hour later I arrive in Nice and take a bus to Monaco. I am 30 minutes early so I decide to eat a sandwich. Afterwards, I am energetic and because I hadn’t seen the qualifying. I saw Sebastian Vettel in 16th and Roman Grojan in pole position.

Soon, the race starts and because it’s so loud I don’t hear my phone beeping. 35 laps into the race Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were neck and neck.

I notice that my phone’s battery is dead and I hurried to a plug to charge it.  I saw that the finish flag has a white colour and Seb wins.  It was the best day of my life.

Week 11:The monk By Liam O

“Come out from where you are hiding?” said one of the guards.

“Never” said the mysterious man.

Then one of the other guards heard pandemonium raging across the town.

“We sould get to the town and save the people before the vikings bombard the town.”

So the guards rushed into the town. The mysterious man who was as pale as snow thought his main priority was to coerce the guards to let him back into the town.  Meanwhile,  he went and did his shenanigans and bamboozled the people there.  Suddenly he got stabbed in the ribs by one of the guards.

In the present, his body was found and copied into a statue and it remained there for 20 years…

Week 9:by Liam O – My trip to Berlin

I was on holiday in Berlin. When I was in the center of the city I saw a shop. It was called the camera shop of Berlin because it was the only camera shop in Berlin so I went in and walked over to the shopkeeper. I asked him if there was a special camera to buy as I was on holiday there and then he answered yes and gave one to me.  I sped off and went to the southeast of the city where I took pictures of the city. One day later I checked the pictures and saw ghosts. I rushed back to where I took the photos and I saw ghosts everywhere…

Week 7:By Liam O: The newspaper

It was a normal winter day. I had some friends over and we were doing dares. “We dare you to go to that haunted house.” my friend said. I was shocked. “Ok we will go then” I said.  We set off in the bad storm because it was the storm season for weeks back in October.

As we went in the house I forgot my torch but my friend brought one. The stairs were creaking. As I walked into a bedroom a newspaper flew in. It was that day’s one. It said a serial killer was on the loose. As the door slammed I knew we were in trouble …

Week 4 Jimmy and his dog By Liam O

Once there was a boy – his name was Jimmy. He was 9 years old and it was his birthday. His parents took him to the city. “We’re going to the pet shop,” said his parents.

As they arrived Jimmy saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. He rushed over. He said, ” this one this one this one please with a 10000 cherries on top. ” “Ok” answered his parents. “Yes” whispered Jimmy. The shopkeeper said, “zis dog is za special dog.”

And Jimmy bought the dog. “I’m gonna name you clever clog.” And he had the dog for the rest of his life…

Week 1: WW2 1939-1942 By Liam O

It is 1939 and two tiger tanks are sniping in the Polish countryside. A polish scout is watching at the gates of Warsaw. It’s all peace and quiet but it’s not going to be like that for long. The Polish scout spots the tanks. The tanks notice and fire. Then the invasion of Warsaw begins. After the battle Poland was split between Nazi, Germany and the Soviet union. After the split Nazi Germany invades the low countries Denmark, France and Norway. It took 1 day to take over Luxembourg. Nazi Germany barged through western Europe. French and British troops were fighting in the battle of France. German solders corner British troops.