Week 30 : The Suspicious Neighbour By Maciej

One day after school  Mike and Gerald saw a new car parked near their house. When they came closer and saw Dad washing the old house next to their house. Mike asked dad what was dad doing but he didn’t reply. It looked like he was hypnotised until an old lady came out and said that he was helping to clean her house. When he came home he started to laugh which wasn’t normal .

The next day she invited Gerald to her house and as he came back he just couldn’t stop laughing. The same thing happened the other day when she invited Mom.

Mike felt he was next and he was scared …

Week 21 : The bear :by Maciej

The bear is still on its place . But no one knows that he is a crafty demon.

He started at a nice millionaire’s house. In a silver cot, there was a newborn girl called Ann. He went everywhere with her and she went with him. They were like twins until the day when she got a new teddy. She was 6 then.

He was left in the teddy store and he was not touched at all until he got sold to a hospital where children could play with him again and he stayed there forever .

week 20 : The Cheater : by Maciej

Ala, the monster was at home practising on her new light brown violin that she got for doing well in tests . The other monsters did not care for her so she was mostly alone in her wooden house on the fringe of the village where the waves crashed into the cliffs.

She had lived with her grandma, grandpa and her dad. Her mother had fallen off the cliffs. One day a man at school heard how good she was and invited her to the music competition on that Friday. Ala was excited and started preparing.

On the day of the competition, someone was admiring her violin. But when it was her turn and the violin was completely out of tune.

Week 18 : The red headed aliens : By Maciej

The aliens were ready to attack.

“They have their laser guns ready to shoot, Captain Syz,”  said the alien commander.

“Okay, we will drop them on Earth, in Australia,”  he said and pressed the button to drop the alien capsules .

The capsules landed in the sea . They burst in half before touching the water and the aliens swam to the edge of the beach. When the aliens reached beach people ran away. Everyone was scared but one of the painters by accident dropped his paint on one and the alien’s head turned red and he turned in to a statue. The painter then took more paint and spread it on the aliens and they all turned into colourful statues.

Week 16 : The bubble boy : by Maciej

“Mom ! My bubbles are empty,” the four-year boy cried.

“Buy me more or else I will shout and cry, “the boy shouted in an angry voice.

“Okay,” said mom to calm the child down.

“But what will I do with the old one ?” the child asked.

“Throw it into the blue bin .”

The child did not know all the colours so he opened all the bins and fired it into the wall and it went into the red bin that he painted half pink. After he went and bouught himself a bottle of bubbles. When he was coming back he tripped over a bicycle and all the bubbles were empty again.

Week11 : The magic Ground : by Maciej

“Tom I whispered do you see him ?”

“No , Oh now I see him.”

“Where is he? …Wait… he is saying something . ”

“1h24e ,” said the man.

Boom !

Poofs of smoke were coming out of the secret cage and then the person disappeared in the black shade of the cage entrance .

“Okay  he is gone.  Let’s leave our bikes here on the soft ground . ”

“Do you remember the code ? ”

“Yes it’s 1h24e ”

… Boom !

And the cage opened and then the boys went in. After a while, the boys came out and then they saw their bikes in the tree.

Week 5 : The White Dog : by Maciej

“Come on, White let’s play in the snow,” I said to my dog.

White loved snow . She liked to hide in it, jump in it and run in it. Suddenly White fell into the frozen pond, the ice broke and White fell in.

5 Years later .

It was winter and my brother and I were playing in the snow. Suddenly a white dog passed by. It reminded me of a time when White was alive.

Week 4 :The Statue : by Maciej

“STOP HIM!! Quickly before he goes in the portal,” shouted Gaz.

“If Nazain goes into the portal he will destroy the world,” Gaz said to Razl and Tan.

Gaz and Razl were aliens from  Venus and Tan was from Mars. They tried  to stop him but it did not work . They tried everything but they failed.

Nazain reached the portal and menacingly turned everyone into statues.

Week 3 : Truck crash : By Maciej

“Quickly get up,” said mom to Tom.” It’s your school tour day .”

When Tom heard that he stood up and went to eat . When he reached school he already had seen the bus –  he was just on time.  He went into the bus. After a minute they  drove off .

Half an hour later they had only to go up the hill…    suddenly the truck in front of them stopped but it seemed to be going backwards and it was going backwards!


The truck had crashed in to the bus . Luckily no one was hurt.

Week 1 : The Jungle : Maciej

Click !

“Yes I finally got a perfect picture of the gorilla,” said Tim quietly.

Soon after,   it got darker so Tim decided to go to his camping place or else he was going to get lost. The next day he went kayaking in the river but after an hour his oar broke. Tim tried to swim but the sea was too choppy.

He was carried on by the current. He was coming to a waterfall. Suddenly he spotted a metal paw and tried to reach it and he did… but after a while, he let go never to be seen again.

Week 35 The Washing Machine by Maciej

Mom ! Shouted Laura , where are you going ?

I am going to work.

Laura can you put on the washing machine later.

Yes Laura answered .

Then mom went to work. After mom went to work she put on the television for 15 minutes and went to put the washing machine. Suddenly she heard her favourite program so she put in too much of the powder.

After 1 hour she went to put the clothes out. But when she opened it – BANG!!! everything burst out. The floor was all wet . However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 The fairy by Maciej

Click clock click clock went the old fairy clock at the fairy house.

The old fairy was asleep but the young fairy was playing in the garden. She was planting daffodil bulbs in the garden. She sprinkled the bulbs with earth and sprayed the water over them.

Then she went to look at the old bridge. The bridge was huge but the fairy wasn’t scared to look down. Then she decided to go swimming and she put her pink suit on.

Week 33 The Acorn monster by Maciej

Once there was an oak tree growing in the forest. But that tree wasn’t a normal tree –  it is a base for a lab. That day a scientist was working on an effervescent potion that makes things grow into monsters.

Suddenly two acorns fell into the potion. The scientist tried to take the acorns out of the potion as fast as he could. When he put them down on the counter they hatched out and turned into monsters.  They went on to destroy the town.

Week 32 : The mega game :by Maciej.

“Wake up wake up it’s your birthday.”

My brother was trying to wake me up to see my present that he bought me. When I heard what he said I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. They bought me the newest console. I wanted to plug it in my room but I had no television so I played in the sitting room.

When I wanted to plug it in I had to use the instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions at all so I put the console in to the wrong place and it broke.

Week 28:The Rising of the Monster :by Maciej

1000 years ago in the action days there lived a monster called the Red Legged Giant –  he was a meat eater. There were only 45 of them. They were as tall as 2 houses. They were intelligent and big monkeys. They used trees to hunt around and to defend themselves.

Nowadays people claim that they have seen them in the same area where they live. One day one of them was found lying on the ground dead. The people decided to put his legs up in the woods in his honour.

Week 27 The relay trick by Maciej

Yes  Bob whispered to himself. It was the day of the relay. He dressed up and ran downstairs to eat his breakfast and skipped happily to school. After lunch he went to the hall.  There were lots of children there. The coach gave Bob and his friends an effervescent potion to drink. They drank it and then it was their time to race.

Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. They lost.

The golden mine by:Maciej

“Lets go son,” said dad.

“Okay,” I answered back .

I packed my bag, took my lunch and pickaxe and went off to the deep dark cave  where last time I found coal. When we got there we took our helmets and put them on and went in. After five hours of digging we found nothing.

Suddenly something shiny and yellow sparkled and shined into my eye –  it was gold. This tiny little thing was valued at 400,0000$ .

As I dug down for it, the ceiling of the cave fell down – I was trapped . The situation was hopeless . Then I saw a thin hole … I was finally free.

Week 22 : The Brown Goldfish : by Maciej

What? What had happened to me? said the little goldfish when she went out of bed.

She was terrified because she turned brown and now only her tail was yellow. She quickly flew through the water to her mommy shouting,  “Mommy I have turned brown.”

It was inexplicable.  Then mommy said “let’s go to doctor Larry ”

On the way to the doctor, they saw people going down the ladder. They slowly went around them and saw lots of brown paint above their house.

Week 21 The guards of the park by Maciej

Running through the park on a nice sunny day my friends and I saw seven wooden statues standing in between the old birch and oak trees .

“They are neat and fine, ”  said one of my friends.

When we were going back we saw rubbish  . “What had happened here?” asked one of my friends ? ” I don’t know” I answered . The next day we saw the statues tidying the park . The statues were not statues they were robots .

Week 20: The Old Diamond mine by Maciej

“I WON I WON, “I shouted.

I had just won the trip to the diamond mine in Galway. On Sunday my family decided to go there.  But before we went to the diamond mine my mom wanted to go shopping in the city of Galway. After shopping, we headed back to the diamond mine.

Going down to the diamond mine I heard a clicking sound and then BANG! The lift broke. At last, the doors opened. We thought were stuck in the diamond forever. Forty minutes later we found the way out. We were saved now .

Week 19 : The snake escape : By Maciej

This morning when I was going to school I met my best friend John. He told me that he was going on holidays to France and he said,” could you mind my pet snake? ” “Of course,” I said kindly.

On Friday he came to say goodbye and gave us the snake. The next day the snake was gone . We were very scared because it could bite someone. I went outside to look to see if he was there. Afterwards, I saw it.  It came down the drainpipe and I brought it inside .

Week 18:The Moving Statues : by Maciej

One evening I was going to a party at my friend’s house. As I was passing the restaurant I saw three new statues. Later that night when I was going back I saw that the statues had moved.

I thought I must be daydreaming so I went home. The next day I went shopping. As I was passing the restaurant, I saw guards standing in front of the restaurant. The statues were gone.

I wonder what had happened?

Week 14 A bad day by Maciej

Running up the stairs with my friend Stash to play with my new toys but when we got there Mum shouted out to me. ” Son, can you help me tidy the bathroom.” So I shouted back to her – ” mum I can’t help you because my friend came to play with me.” “Okay son,” she said.

So we ran back to my room. When I went in I couldn’t believe my eyes –  my smaller brother who was only three broke all my new toys. I was so angry I threw my Dad’s computer and I got in big trouble.

The end.

Week 13 The safari trip by Maciej

Once my family was going on a trip to the safari. My brother wasn’t too pleased to go but he went with us anyway. We were going to camp there for some days. When we got there mom said that we’d camp next to the waterfall. I put my swimming gear on and started swimming in the pond.

After I came out Dad told me and my brother g to look for food. When we were coming back we saw a tiger. Dad tried to shoot him but he missed and then the tiger blocked our escape…

Week 11: The magic spell mistake:by Maciej

Once upon a time, there was a wizard called John and a witch called Anaja. John was going shopping to a market called Magic Market. He had a big list of things to buy. He bought a jar of frog legs, a broom, 3 spiders and some cat’s fur.

Then John went home and was starting to heat the water in the pot. When he made the potion he went to bed. But then Anaja came and put a chicken leg in the pot and then she poured it into a glass.

When John was awake he drank it and turned into a chicken for ever.