Week 21 The guards of the park by Maciej

Running through the park on a nice sunny day my friends and I saw seven wooden statues standing in between the old birch and oak trees .

“They are neat and fine, ”  said one of my friends.

When we were going back we saw rubbish  . “What had happened here?” asked one of my friends ? ” I don’t know” I answered . The next day we saw the statues tidying the park . The statues were not statues they were robots .

Week 20: The Old Diamond mine by Maciej

“I WON I WON, “I shouted.

I had just won the trip to the diamond mine in Galway. On Sunday my family decided to go there.  But before we went to the diamond mine my mom wanted to go shopping in the city of Galway. After shopping, we headed back to the diamond mine.

Going down to the diamond mine I heard a clicking sound and then BANG! The lift broke. At last, the doors opened. We thought were stuck in the diamond forever. Forty minutes later we found the way out. We were saved now .

Week 19 : The snake escape : By Maciej

This morning when I was going to school I met my best friend John. He told me that he was going on holidays to France and he said,” could you mind my pet snake? ” “Of course,” I said kindly.

On Friday he came to say goodbye and gave us the snake. The next day the snake was gone . We were very scared because it could bite someone. I went outside to look to see if he was there. Afterwards, I saw it.  It came down the drainpipe and I brought it inside .

Week 18:The Moving Statues : by Maciej

One evening I was going to a party at my friend’s house. As I was passing the restaurant I saw three new statues. Later that night when I was going back I saw that the statues had moved.

I thought I must be daydreaming so I went home. The next day I went shopping. As I was passing the restaurant, I saw guards standing in front of the restaurant. The statues were gone.

I wonder what had happened?

Week 16 The Unknown Hero By Maciej

Once when we were in town shopping, we saw something flinging in the air. Everyone thought that it was a bird . Suddenly someone shouted robbers .

Soon the thing flew down and caught the robbers and flew away. Later on the guard came and took the robbers.

The people said that a hand that could fly caught the robbers.  Nobody knows who he was at all.

Week 14 A bad day by Maciej

Running up the stairs with my friend Stash to play with my new toys but when we got there Mum shouted out to me. ” Son, can you help me tidy the bathroom.” So I shouted back to her – ” mum I can’t help you because my friend came to play with me.” “Okay son,” she said.

So we ran back to my room. When I went in I couldn’t believe my eyes –  my smaller brother who was only three broke all my new toys. I was so angry I threw my Dad’s computer and I got in big trouble.

The end.

Week 13 The safari trip by Maciej

Once my family was going on a trip to the safari. My brother wasn’t too pleased to go but he went with us anyway. We were going to camp there for some days. When we got there mom said that we’d camp next to the waterfall. I put my swimming gear on and started swimming in the pond.

After I came out Dad told me and my brother g to look for food. When we were coming back we saw a tiger. Dad tried to shoot him but he missed and then the tiger blocked our escape…

Week 11: The magic spell mistake:by Maciej

Once upon a time, there was a wizard called John and a witch called Anaja. John was going shopping to a market called Magic Market. He had a big list of things to buy. He bought a jar of frog legs, a broom, 3 spiders and some cat’s fur.

Then John went home and was starting to heat the water in the pot. When he made the potion he went to bed. But then Anaja came and put a chicken leg in the pot and then she poured it into a glass.

When John was awake he drank it and turned into a chicken for ever.

Week 10: The stolen money : by Maciej

Once my friends and I went to play in the trees. Tomas wanted to go to the tree house in the forest but we couldn’t go that far away from home. Carin took the best tree.I took the other and Tomas took the worst one.When I sat on one of the branches I saw a button. After I pressed the button and I fell into a hole. In the hole I saw diamonds,gold, money  and rings.

Then Tomas and Carin came and said the robber was coming back but where would we hide it all?

Week 9 The Orlana Bay Castle by Maciej

Once on Halloween night in a town people were having a party near the old castle. The castle’s name was Orlana Bay. The Orlana Bay castle was an old and haunted castle and some say that it is a place where spirits live. The spirits didn’t have a good party in the Orlana Bay Castle.

One of the spirits decided to go to the town. When they got to the town they had a good time with the people….

Week 7 The old cinema by Maciej

One evening I went to the cinema. As I went in I thought that the cinema looked old inside. I wanted to watch Harry Potter so I asked how much the ticket was and the keeper said 8 euro 50.  I paid for the ticket and I went in. When I sat down the film started. When it was over I went out of the cinema and waited for a taxi. The taxi came and as the door slammed I knew something was wrong.

Week 5 : A Treasured Item by Maciej

They are always next to me at night when I’m scared or when I’m sad. I put them next to my pillow in the morning and grab them out at night. They are soft, fluffy and nice. I don’t like to play with them much. I never forgot about them. I always have nightmares if I can’t feel them at all. I have three of them – one’s name is Mimi Bimby, Crinkle and Bingo. I never lost them at all. They are so fluffy and cuddly and I loved them forever.I will never give them away.

Week 4 The journey from Cork by Maciej

One day when I was training hurling my dad came to collect me and my friend Carin. He brought our dog. The training was in Cork so the journey took an hour to get home.

In the middle of the ride, I put on my sunglasses. When we were driving up the hill my glasses fell off my eyes and landed on the dogs eyes. When Carin looked over the dog was wearing glasses. We both laughed. But then they broke and fell off.

Week 3 Tom’s School day by Maciej

One day Tom went to school. His teacher was sick so a professor came instead of his teacher. The professor’s name was Mr Crocodile.

After break time Tom’s class were drawing. Tom had to draw purple parrot. When he was drawing he twisted his finger.

After he went home he started doing his homework. He could not do one of his sums. It was too difficult. It was so difficult that he needed to use a calculator. Afterwards he went outside to play with his friends.

Week 2 : Robber attack by Maciej

When Tom was going to the sweet shop he saw that there was a pot lying on the ground. When he went into the sweet shop he saw blood and sweets on the ground. The shopkeeper was gone. Suddenly the door shut.

Tom was trapped. He saw a robber with a knife but thankfully the guard came and arrested the robber. Tom went home.

On his way home he saw blood again. This time it was coming from his neighbour’s house….