Week 6: I nearly died By Marc

” MR. Bath, can I go to the bathroom please?” I asked.

 Silently but quickly I went to the bathroom. Suddenly I saw an orange flame at the bathroom door. I sprinted back to the class and told Mr. Bath. As soon as my words were out the fire alarm went off.

” Everybody, stay calm!” shouted Mr. Bath.

We were going to go out the door but there were ginormous flames by the door. Clumsily I fell over and knocked my books off the table.

“Over here” shouted a deep voice. 

A firefighter had just come in the door and rescued us. I was very pleased. 

Week 5: We Have To Score By Marc

My son was playing a football match, but it wasn’t any ordinary game it was an all Ireland final. My son was playing wonderfully well. It was like he was hungry and he was hunting but for the ball.

It reminded me of a time when I was in a football all Ireland final.

At halftime, the other team was panting like dogs because my son’s team were too fast for them. The score was at halftime was 1-2 to 0-4 so our team was beating them by a point.

In the second half things changed. In the final minute there was a penalty for us and we needed a goal because at this stage we were losing by two points.


Week 4: Trick Or Treat By Marc

It was a tense night on Halloween. I was with my friends, going from house to house. We went to a house that nobody else went to but the lights were on. We went over and knocked on the and we mumbled ” trick or treat!”

BANG!!!!! and then the door opened and a deep voice said ” TRICK OR TREAT”. Trick we all shouted, ” You have made a very big mistake”.

That night we were scared. Everyone was laughing like a witch. Suddenly my friends were growing animal heads. I was growing a horse’s head and my friends had a cow and a goat head. After that, we turned into stone.

Nobody knew what happened apart from that abominable women.

Week 3: Why Backwards By Marc

Running like a bullet from a gun, my lungs were burning but I kept running. An abominable man was chasing me. I went left and he went right. I had time but not much time. I had an idea to run to the exit. Eventually, I got my breath back and I felt as fit as a hare. So I sprinted and sprinted as fast as I could.

Suddenly it went dark and it felt like my eyes were closed.

“Hey get over here” shouted a deep voice.

I was nearly at the escalator. I jumped on the escalator but It seemed to be going backwards….Sadly …I never got out of jail. 


Week 2: The Zoo By Marc

I was going on a tour to the zoo with my teacher. She did NOT like alligators. It was a V.I.P. trip so we got to go in the cages and feed the animals. We climbed the fence to feed the tiger but there was a gate there. It was tricky to get the slimy fresh meat over the fence. The tigers’ cage was full of dense pine trees.

After that, we went to the scaly green alligator cage. My teacher went mauve. The alligator was as quick as a bullet from a gun. Suddenly the cage broke.

What were we going to do?

Week 1 Bad Bully by Marc

In primary school, the school bully was Bad Brian. He was really good at holding onto a bar for the longest time. I would always lose by one. Bad Brian used to be Brainy Brian but he got bullied as well so he became a bully.

20 years later we both were Olympians. Brian was the best in Europe. I was representing Ireland and he was for England. Brian was saying you can’t hold yourself for a second. He made me as pale as snow. I was bamboozled after that. He was being abominable.

Finally, it was time. We both jumped onto the pole and held on. Straight away Brian fell…  I was the CHAMPION! 

Week 37: I wish I could go back in time By Marc

Today was the worst day because it had been raining all morning and I was cranky because I wanted to go outside but I couldn’t. I was really tempted to wish for scalding weather if it gets rid of the rain. I was really cranky because it was my birthday. I got a present from my nana, SHE JUST GAVE ME $2. That made me even angrier.

Suddenly my mom gave me a present and said this might cheer me up. She got me a picture of me outside when I was 2 and it was my first time playing football. After that, I got a present from my great-grandfather. It felt like another $2 so I threw it…Then I realised that it was a snow globe.

Week 35: The Big Test By Marc

The year test was coming up and Hannah only goes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. So that means that she would get a low score. Today was the big day and Hannah was really nervous. She was thinking- oh no I’m going to get a bad score.

If she gets under 80% she would have to do chores until she moves out. The good side is that if she gets 100% she will never do chores again.

So what she did was sit next to the smartest kid and copy her work. The smartest kid forgot an answer and Hannah got it. She got a 100% and the smartest kid got 99%. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34: The start of spring By Marc

The start of Spring was coming up and I whispered to myself saying ” this is going to be the best spring ever.”

I was walking on a bridge when suddenly a huge pink rose came up sprinkled with dust from the bridge. I ran to get off the bridge before it collapsed. After I got off the bridge I called 911. I wanted all forces to come. I was injured but I still helped the people who were more injured. After a few weeks, I went to the doctor and he said that you might have a broken leg and should go up to hospital.

I got a grand for helping out.

Week 33: The tree of life by Marc

The Tree of Life is protected by the leafy kind. But Darkness wants to kill the Tree of Life. Spiky little balls give the world LIFE. Darkness wants to fly in with his army and start shooting the spiky balls.

So his army of bats followed him to the Tree of life but the leaf army didn’t let them shoot them down. They kept shooting the army down. Darkness shot down a spiky ball. Darkness got shot down but he jumped on a crow at the last second. The leaf army was out of arrows but I had one. All the bats have been shot down but only Darkness was left.

Would l I hit Darkness with my last shot?

Week 32: I don’t understand by Marc

Marvelous Mary changed when she went to jail for speeding. Now she’s known as Moody Mary.

I was in jail because the police thought I was a robber. I asked her for directions to get out of jail. She said  – “You go to the canteen. There’s a shovel there, dig up a tile and run to your cell. After that go to Fred and say bring me the shovel in the canteen –  he will get caught. That’s your time to shine and dig yourself out.”

I did all of that. But I didn’t understand the instructions at the end and I got caught.

Week 31:Liam The Light Lion by Marc

Liam the Light Lion can make night into light. He loves Tom the Thinking Tortoise and they both live in the Singing sands of the South.
Tom the thinking tortoise knows everything.

The greatest thing about Liam is that he can blind the vicious voids when they attack. Tom knows when the violent voids attack because he knows everything.

The Singing sands is the best place to live because when you are trying to go to sleep you hear a lullaby. Tom isn’t an ordinary tortoise because he is purple. Liam is just a brighter white and red since he is the  light lion.

Week 28: Who would do this? By Marc

” It is finally done” the designer shouted with happiness.

He had finished a robot that would help the world have peace. The robot made everyone happy, there was no bullying, no fighting and no wars.

BUT there was one evil man who hated the robot, he wanted to destroy it. He teamed up with a vicious villain to destroy the robot.

They placed a thick hard string from tree to tree. The robot came and he got cut in half.

All you could see was his legs on the tree.

Week 27: Just a nightmare by Marc

“I want that crown,” the wicked wizard shouted at John and Tom.

A bomb was about to hit London that night.  “If you get me that crown I will put a shield around London to protect it from the bomb,” the wizard promised.

So they went to the palace – they had to pay £50  each. When they got in they used a drain pipe to get to the crown. They took the crown.

Suddenly an alarm went off and they had to hide quickly. They went through the pipe and through the hall. Although they ran quickly they were still not making any progress. Then a siren went off for the bomb.It was about to hit them …

…but then I woke up.

Week 26: No point of trying by Marc

“This is Hopeless” I was saying to myself.

I was in jail for trying to stop a robber from robbing the bank. But the guards thought it was me. I was supposed to be in jail for a year, but I was only in jail for a tiny bit.

I was let out of jail because a woman was on the street when it happened. She said that boy is innocent and she showed a picture of the robber. She said that this man was caught single handly stealing the shiny yellow gold.

The food in jail was thinner than the word thin.

But thanks to that nice lady I’m out of jail.

Week 25 By Marc

“Ready or not here I come” I shouted.
My sister and I were playing hide in seek catch in our garden. Every time I was on  she went around a corner and disappeared.
But each time it was my turn to hide she found me in 5 seconds.

Suddenly I saw her in plain sight, she couldn’t disappear without me knowing.
Pooff! She was gone in a click of a finger.
She disappeared in a puff of smoke.
I looked up and saw her on the roof.
But how did she get up there? I thought when I saw her.

…Next I was in a dark room with chains locking me to a wall….

Week 24 : What just happened? By Marc

What just happened?
Tom shouted. Tom went out to the garden to see what had happened.
When Tom went out he saw something very unusual.

It was a tea cup,
Tom thought to himself, Where could this come from?
Tom looked left and right behind me. But there was no clue of where it came from.
So Tom looked up he saw a big hole.

It looked like a black hole but away bigger.
Tom listened to the news, It said that a tea cup fell from the sky.
Tom went to go back outside to look at it.
Suddenly Tom got sucked in the tea cup. …

Week 23 :What If I was in charge? By Marc

One boring day my Mom and Dad were going out for their 21th anniversary. So I had a babysitter minding me, but it was a super duper boring baby sitter. After a long time she got bored of herself and fell asleep. She said at the end of the day she would give me a sweet if I was good.

But then I thought what if I was in charge? So suddenly I just turned evil .I broke her phone so she wouldn’t sing me a stupid song by looking at it. After a while she woke up and when my mom and dad came back she said “You don’t want to know what happened!”.

Week 22: Abominable Alan By Marc

“What if the goldfish is in the attic?”

So I went up the brown ladder to go to the attic. When I got up something flew past me. Slowly I tried to get down the ladder. Suddenly the hatch closed, there was no escape and no light.

I heard something. It sounded like, “I know who you are.” Trying to find another escape something pushed me. Scared I was trying to figure out who was doing this. Later on, I found a flashlight. I checked to see if it had batteries in it. Straight away when I opened it they fell out. Luckily I caught them before I lost them. I turned on the flashlight…It was abominable Alan.

Week 21: Why on my birthday? By Marc

On the 11th January 1996, it was my birthday. My friends and I were at my house. Suddenly they heard a bunch of people screaming in the town. My friends asked my mom could we go to the park to play football. When we got there we wished we never went.

We saw people turning into hardwood with our very own eyes. It probably was the worst birthday in history . We started sprinting like lions running for food as we headed to my house. We dropped my ball and it turned into wood. I was crying because one by one my friends turned into wood. …

Week 19: It Was Just A Dream By Marc

One sunny summer’s day as I was coming home from school I saw something green on the roof. I thought it was just moss so I just left it alone. But when I was having my dinner I could hear something heavy on the roof.

I went outside and there was enormous green goo on the roof. IT WAS EATING OUR HOUSE! Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and it was heading towards me. It was going to go on top of me and eat me… WOW!…

Phew, it was just a dream.

Week 18: The Battle by Marc

It was a sad dark day in the war against the aliens in DARK DRAIN Planet. The only way to defeat them was to freeze them. We had already tried that so we asked Brain Ben the smartest person in the world.” Can we make them int…… ” BANG – “Oh no – they’re here on planet Earth to destroy our world for revenge for nuking their planet DARK DRAIN.”

“I need you to make a stone gun. GET BUILDING RIGHT NOW !” shouted Brain Ben.   It would be ready in  30 minutes.

“It’s ready Sir.”

“Now Airforce, lead the aliens here.”  

“Airforce coming in there over base – copy. “

“Shoot in 1….2…….3  FIRE. “

Week 17: WHY ME By Marc

One damp rainy day I cycled to the beautiful green forest. I had an alarm clock on my bike so I knew when to come home. Suddenly I cycled over a hard rock. After a while, I heard a hiss so I stopped and looked.

I heard the crunch of the leaves on the ground. I got scared so I cycled off. Before I came here I thought of bringing my phone, but I was a buffoon and left my phone at home. So I started heading back home until my bike stopped and I fell. I saw a long red thing behind a tree. I went over to check. There was nothing there, I was bamboozled.

Then a snake slithered out of nowhere.

Week 15: Tunnel Of Monsters Part 2 By Marc

In the beginning of my NIGHTMARE The Tunnel Of Monsters, I heard a ROAR. So I’m going to tell you what happened next.  I was walking as slow as a sloth and as quiet as a mouse. Suddenly I heard a crunch of a bone. I was holding in my scream so badly.

Meanwhile I heard another roar. I had my plans but was too scared to do them. Soon I found a baby Monster and I touched it. Straight away it bit me. After that more baby monsters came. Eventually, an enormous, green, scaly monster came out of the dark…

Week 14: A Disaster By Marc

One exciting day I was going on a V.I.P. trip to the zoo. When we arrived I was extremely nervous. We went in and gave them the ticket. They told us we could go into a cage with monkeys. I was bamboozled and my mouth was as wide as a plane when I heard them spit out those words.

After a while we went to a skulduggery cage with monkeys.  I started walking into the cage. Straight away a monkey jumped out of the cage. I sprinted to the cart. We saw the monkey going to the CCTV area. He threw the laptops everywhere. Suddenly we heard the screech of monkeys.

Week 13: What will happen next? By Marc

One day my family and I went to a circus. We were hoping that there were no animals in the circus there because my sister is extremely squeamish and very strict about what she wants to touch or wants to be near.

When we got in the place it was packed- it was like being on a busy airplane.

They said “Please no flashing lights as there are going to be animals. ”

I knew she was about to scream louder than an airplane flying off. It started, and a tiger came out. All I could hear was AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. It was louder than the loudest thing ever. Suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape. How could we get away from it?

Week 12: Oh No by Marc

One day I went through a Transporting teleporter, I went to 3017. There were sad Robots everywhere. Luckily there were still people around. But the President was A ROBOT! I was bamboozled and in shock. But it is extremely funny when his battery dies. He was also very energetic. He doesn’t eat SANDWICHES  – he eats nuts and bolts.

I forgot to tell you I brought my friend Brainy Ben with me. We decided to sneak into the President’s house – the white house. Quietly we snuck past the robotic guards. Suddenly a noisy alarm went off.

OH NO! Will Brainy Ben and I make it out without getting caught?

Week 11: Scared by Marc

One day I was walking to school. Suddenly I heard the crunching of leaves. So I was scared so I started sprinting to school. I told my teacher about my story. She said that I just heard someone walking.

After a while, I forgot about it. At lunch break, I remembered it. I told my friends about it. They said they heard the same thing.

About four hours later I was walking home. This time I heard the rattle of a tree. Then I looked to my right and there was a creepy man standing there. Eventually, I blinked and surprisingly he was gone.