Week 29: Why? By Marc

Should I go in there or not? I was thinking to myself strangely.

It was a mysterious wall with an even more mysterious gate. I couldn’t see over it because it was as tall as a giraffe. I opened the gate and walked into the isolated land. Suddenly there was no gate behind me and no wall.

I was as pale as a ghost. Straight after that, I saw a man with greasy brown hair and his beard was full of salt. His mouth was open as wide as the sea and he told me “You shouldn’t have come here – now you’re stuck.”

He then continued eating his melted cheese sandwich. 

Week 28: Rude robot By Marc


My father was a scientist and he made lots of bad inventions. This time he made an abominable shrinking robot. I was shrunk and teleported to a war. It was green people against rot people. The green people were protecting the plant of life. The rot people were trying to block the moon shining on to the plants so it would rot and the forest would die. They were riding bats.

Suddenly the green queen got killed and the plants started to rot. Suddenly my father came and he was a giant. He got all the bats to go away. 

Would he save the plants?

Week 24 Rapid Rabbit By Marc

It was John’s birthday and there was a magnificent magician at the party. The magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat. My Mom brought a cake into the kitchen but we couldn’t see the cake because it was in a box.

The rabbit somehow got out of his cage. He went into the kitchen and ate the cake. When it was time for the cake we opened the box but it was empty. What a surprise! Suddenly we saw the rabbit eating the cake. John went rummaging through the box for a crumb. 

Week 23: Never Will Believe Again By Marc

Sprinting down the pavement I  was going to my best friend.  He’s so funny -every time I see him and it’s like watching a clown falling over. Going there I walked under a mammoth size red ladder. Accidently I dropped a couple of coins on the ground  The isolated house that I never wanted to walk by was where I dropped the coins.

Later on, it was really late so my mam came to collect me. First, she saw the coins on the ground and she thought I got kidnapped as she knew they were mine. She had that sinking feeling. Then she realised  that I was there.

Week 22: Why By Marc

Cleaning for a long dreary time I had to wash the floor. My mom shouted “make sure to use vinegar for washing the floor.” So I put vinegar in with the blue water but I think I put in too much. The vinegar was too sharp to clean the floor and the cupboards. I started cleaning the cupboards anyway. I started cleaning the cupboard that mom said not to open because it was stuck. Suddenly while I was cleaning the dank cupboard started to open…

“Why was she hiding this from me?”

Week 21: Never Again By Marc

I was getting bullied by a group of bullies.They were moking me that I had a teddy bear. They were punching,kicking and calling me names like teddy lover. So I went for a long dreary walk.

Suddenly I saw the group of bullies and they started being aggresive to me. I dropped the teddy bear and ran away. I told my mom once and for all. All the bullies got in trouble. One had picked up the teddy bear when I dropped it. He had said sorry and he admitted that he had a teddy and now we are best friends.

Week 20: What Happened By Marc

Waiting In the dreary, boring waiting room I had nothing to do except stare at the wall. Suddenly I heard music, but it was so completely out of tune. I felt a sence of foreboding. Straight after that I heard a gun shot outside. Then people with guns came into the bank.

“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND” they were shouting.

“Get out of the building” a big strong cop said in a microphone.

They did nothing – shooting started happening and they were threatening to kill us. The situation was fraught with danger. Eventually cops snuck in the back door and arrested them.

Week 19: Never Again By Marc

Tired, I had to walk to the shop to get eggs. It was 5:45 pm and the shop closes at 6:00 pm. On the way, my best friend jumped out of a bush and scared me. I completely forgot about the eggs and it was 5:55 pm and I needed eggs.

So running as fast as lightning I reached the shop. Often the shop stays open later than 6 pm but it didn’t that day so I had to go to the damp old shop on the fringe of the town. It was pitch black by the time I reached the shop. The lights were flickering. But I got the eggs.

Then when I ate the eggs  I felt sick and every one was saying I looked washed out.                                                                         

Week 18: He is sorry By Marc

“Let them go!”

Everybody was shouting. Some people were being held hostage in the Sydney Opera House. About a day later the aggressive, menacing man was arrested. While we were in court he was very cantankerous. So I decided to make a strong, ferocious army to protect our Sydney Opera House.

Everybody was laughing at me – calling me stupid. I was the only one to contemplate about protecting the Sydney Opera house. Sometime later people were being held hostage again in the Sydney Opera House. But this time the man was abominable and was mammoth in size. My army came in and arrested him. Suddenly the crowd started calling me the champion.

Now the Sydney Opera House is safe.

Week 17: I’m Lucky By Marc

“Let me go!”

I was shouting for my life. I was getting kidnapped by a group of abominable men. They put me in a small car. The situation was fraught with danger. One man was being really ghastly and aggressive. We stopped at a dank place in the middle of nowhere. I did shenanigans to get away from these mean men. Suddenly I hit the man who was holding me, in the stomach. They were looking for me everywhere.

“But how could she just disappear?” the leader shouted in a malicious voice. Then I called the cops to rescue me.

Week 16: Argh! BY Marc

“Captain Bubbles” I shouted, ” There’s the ship you always wanted.”

We fired cannons at the crew protecting the ship. Suddenly Captain John came in a bicycle; John was very cantankerous. After a long days work we won. Bubbles was abominable because his pink hair got destroyed. But we got the ship.

Captain John had a plan to get his ship back. He would use the boat we used to have and pretend it had loads of treasure on it. We saw the ship and we were buffons and we all got on the ship.

It was empty and Captain John got his ship back.

Week 15: Poor John By Marc

“Leave me alone- I’m tired” Shouted John to his brother who was attacking him. John was also running to his treehouse. Suddenly the farmer next door put bulls in the field. John was running for his life. Mom was calling him for his dinner but he couldn’t go for dinner. His face was as red as roses. When he reached the tree house he whispered to himself “I’ll just walk on the road to get to the house. “

He was walking on the road.   Suddenly a car came towards him. The light blinded him and he got knocked over. ..His delicious, beautiful tasty dinner went cold.

Week 14: Whoops! By Marc

On Christmas Eve I had a plan to stay up and meet Santa.


“Santas here” I whispered. Running outside I saw Santa’s sleigh floating. I jumped on the sleigh and I went by the presents. Suddenly the sleigh started moving and I clenched my jaw. About 1000 feet above the ground, I tapped Santa’s shoulder.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Shouted Santa and straight away he let go of the rope holding the reindeer.


I was beginning to hyperventilate.

“You destroyed my  sleigh” Santa shouted.

“I can help you get the presents delivered,” I said and I did.

After a while … I woke up. There was a box full of presents at the end of the bed. 

Week 13: Creepy By Marc

Driving down the motor way, I was talking to my parents. Suddenly a deer jumped out on the road.


We were all screaming as loud as a  pack lions. Suddenly strange men were staring at us through our windscreen. We were trying to get out but we were exhausted. We eventually got out of the flipped car. We tried to call an ambulance but we were in the middle of the forest.

The men tried to attack but they were exhausted so they couldn’t attack. Suddenly we all fell on the ground even the men. The ambulance came but it was too late…

Week 12: Why? By Marc

Thinking so hard it felt like my brain was going to explode. The reason why is that we were going on a quiz competition. I am one of the smartest people in the school. Our principal is so vicious he’s like a wolf that didn’t eat for a month.

If we didn’t win this quiz we would have homework for the summer holidays. Suddenly the principal swaggered into the room and with a frosty voice, he shouted: “It’s time.”

We got 99/99 so far and if we got the next question right we would win.

“The next question is, What is Obama’s last name? “It was tricky “Obama” I screamed.

Then we realised that we seemed to be on the television.   

Week 11: I finally found it!

As I was cycling to my grandmother’s house, suddenly a bush started to move but I kept going. When I arrived I gave her apple pie so we can talk and eat. My grandmother was a very angelic woman. I was talking with her for about an hour by now.

All of a sudden we heard a superstitious sound outside. My grandmother got up to see what it was but when she got up she started groaning wearily after the pie we ate. So I told her to sit down for a while. I secretly absconded outside. When I got outside an abominable wolf came out. I started running so fast that I forgot about my bike. The next day I looked everywhere to find it but I couldn’t.

A few years later I found it in a tree.

Kanturk Arts To The Past By Marc

I was walking in the park in the morning. In the blink of an eye a tsunami was coming towards the city. Everybody was flying in their cars to try to get over the tsunami. I was by myself so there was no escape. Bravely I stood there and let the tsunami take me. Suddenly a mammoth tree hit me in the head… When I woke up I was on a mysterious island. I had pains everywhere and I could barely see. I looked up expecting cars to be flying. But there were just clouds above me.

I got up and walked to the top of the hill. I was hungry and bored, and I wanted my phone to play. The next sight I saw was like heaven, BERRIES! Sprinting as fast as lighting, I jumped.  OOOWWW!!!!! It was into a bush of thorns with just one berry. Then I saw a farmhouse.

“Please have phones and wifi,” I begged.

  Awkwardly I walked towards the house. When I was getting closer I released it was abandoned. I knocked on the door to see if anyone was there. No one was there so I opened the door. The first thing I saw was a wet table on the wet floor. After that, I saw a poster saying Atlantis.

“What’s Atlantis?” I  whispered to myself.

I REMEMBERED – The lost city of Atlantis. But I thought it was underwater? Maybe the water level raised. I felt I had better get out of there before the water level rose again.

I made a big S.O.S. sign so people knew I’m stuck on this island. I was panting like a dog after moving rock after rock. Every day I was without food and I noticed that the water was rising. Would I ever be rescued?

Week 10: I Saw Him By Marc

Running pretty fast to the zoo gate while my mom was groaning wearily after me. We bought V.I.P.tickets because we wanted to see the strongest gorilla in the world. They say trying to beat him is like trying to break bricks with your hands.

We were going around on a cart, but as slow as a snail. After a while we saw a pretty gorilla. WE knew he would be there too. We swaggered through the line and we were at the gate looking for the gorilla. Suddenly we saw a gorilla wolfing down his yellow food. We knew it was HIM.

Week 9: I’M ALIVE! By Marc

Dear Diary,

I was so excited to go on the Titanic.                                                                            Even though I was in third class,  I was still super excited.                                   My family are  very poor -they only had 10 pounds from their life savings to go on the Titanic.                                                                                                                                  Suddenly there was a big crash on the Titanic.                                                                 From the ginourmous crash the trap door had somehow locked.                          I was crying from fright as  I was really scared.                                                   My mom and dad were giving me hugs to calm me down.                                        After a while I found another door.                                                                                       I wondered what was behind the door.                                                                               My hands were shaking but I pushed the door open.                                                   Our lives were saved  – there in front of us were the  life boats.


Week 6: I nearly died By Marc

” MR. Bath, can I go to the bathroom please?” I asked.

 Silently but quickly I went to the bathroom. Suddenly I saw an orange flame at the bathroom door. I sprinted back to the class and told Mr. Bath. As soon as my words were out the fire alarm went off.

” Everybody, stay calm!” shouted Mr. Bath.

We were going to go out the door but there were ginormous flames by the door. Clumsily I fell over and knocked my books off the table.

“Over here” shouted a deep voice. 

A firefighter had just come in the door and rescued us. I was very pleased. 

Week 5: We Have To Score By Marc

My son was playing a football match, but it wasn’t any ordinary game it was an all Ireland final. My son was playing wonderfully well. It was like he was hungry and he was hunting but for the ball.

It reminded me of a time when I was in a football all Ireland final.

At halftime, the other team was panting like dogs because my son’s team were too fast for them. The score was at halftime was 1-2 to 0-4 so our team was beating them by a point.

In the second half things changed. In the final minute there was a penalty for us and we needed a goal because at this stage we were losing by two points.


Week 4: Trick Or Treat By Marc

It was a tense night on Halloween. I was with my friends, going from house to house. We went to a house that nobody else went to but the lights were on. We went over and knocked on the and we mumbled ” trick or treat!”

BANG!!!!! and then the door opened and a deep voice said ” TRICK OR TREAT”. Trick we all shouted, ” You have made a very big mistake”.

That night we were scared. Everyone was laughing like a witch. Suddenly my friends were growing animal heads. I was growing a horse’s head and my friends had a cow and a goat head. After that, we turned into stone.

Nobody knew what happened apart from that abominable women.

Week 3: Why Backwards By Marc

Running like a bullet from a gun, my lungs were burning but I kept running. An abominable man was chasing me. I went left and he went right. I had time but not much time. I had an idea to run to the exit. Eventually, I got my breath back and I felt as fit as a hare. So I sprinted and sprinted as fast as I could.

Suddenly it went dark and it felt like my eyes were closed.

“Hey get over here” shouted a deep voice.

I was nearly at the escalator. I jumped on the escalator but It seemed to be going backwards….Sadly …I never got out of jail. 


Week 2: The Zoo By Marc

I was going on a tour to the zoo with my teacher. She did NOT like alligators. It was a V.I.P. trip so we got to go in the cages and feed the animals. We climbed the fence to feed the tiger but there was a gate there. It was tricky to get the slimy fresh meat over the fence. The tigers’ cage was full of dense pine trees.

After that, we went to the scaly green alligator cage. My teacher went mauve. The alligator was as quick as a bullet from a gun. Suddenly the cage broke.

What were we going to do?

Week 1 Bad Bully by Marc

In primary school, the school bully was Bad Brian. He was really good at holding onto a bar for the longest time. I would always lose by one. Bad Brian used to be Brainy Brian but he got bullied as well so he became a bully.

20 years later we both were Olympians. Brian was the best in Europe. I was representing Ireland and he was for England. Brian was saying you can’t hold yourself for a second. He made me as pale as snow. I was bamboozled after that. He was being abominable.

Finally, it was time. We both jumped onto the pole and held on. Straight away Brian fell…  I was the CHAMPION! 

Week 37: I wish I could go back in time By Marc

Today was the worst day because it had been raining all morning and I was cranky because I wanted to go outside but I couldn’t. I was really tempted to wish for scalding weather if it gets rid of the rain. I was really cranky because it was my birthday. I got a present from my nana, SHE JUST GAVE ME $2. That made me even angrier.

Suddenly my mom gave me a present and said this might cheer me up. She got me a picture of me outside when I was 2 and it was my first time playing football. After that, I got a present from my great-grandfather. It felt like another $2 so I threw it…Then I realised that it was a snow globe.

Week 35: The Big Test By Marc

The year test was coming up and Hannah only goes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. So that means that she would get a low score. Today was the big day and Hannah was really nervous. She was thinking- oh no I’m going to get a bad score.

If she gets under 80% she would have to do chores until she moves out. The good side is that if she gets 100% she will never do chores again.

So what she did was sit next to the smartest kid and copy her work. The smartest kid forgot an answer and Hannah got it. She got a 100% and the smartest kid got 99%. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34: The start of spring By Marc

The start of Spring was coming up and I whispered to myself saying ” this is going to be the best spring ever.”

I was walking on a bridge when suddenly a huge pink rose came up sprinkled with dust from the bridge. I ran to get off the bridge before it collapsed. After I got off the bridge I called 911. I wanted all forces to come. I was injured but I still helped the people who were more injured. After a few weeks, I went to the doctor and he said that you might have a broken leg and should go up to hospital.

I got a grand for helping out.