Week 21: Why on my birthday? By Marc

On the 11th January 1996, it was my birthday. My friends and I were at my house. Suddenly they heard a bunch of people screaming in the town. My friends asked my mom could we go to the park to play football. When we got there we wished we never went.

We saw people turning into hardwood with our very own eyes. It probably was the worst birthday in history . We started sprinting like lions running for food as we headed to my house. We dropped my ball and it turned into wood. I was crying because one by one my friends turned into wood. …

Week 19: It Was Just A Dream By Marc

One sunny summer’s day as I was coming home from school I saw something green on the roof. I thought it was just moss so I just left it alone. But when I was having my dinner I could hear something heavy on the roof.

I went outside and there was enormous green goo on the roof. IT WAS EATING OUR HOUSE! Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and it was heading towards me. It was going to go on top of me and eat me… WOW!…

Phew, it was just a dream.

Week 18: The Battle by Marc

It was a sad dark day in the war against the aliens in DARK DRAIN Planet. The only way to defeat them was to freeze them. We had already tried that so we asked Brain Ben the smartest person in the world.” Can we make them int…… ” BANG – “Oh no – they’re here on planet Earth to destroy our world for revenge for nuking their planet DARK DRAIN.”

“I need you to make a stone gun. GET BUILDING RIGHT NOW !” shouted Brain Ben.   It would be ready in  30 minutes.

“It’s ready Sir.”

“Now Airforce, lead the aliens here.”  

“Airforce coming in there over base – copy. “

“Shoot in 1….2…….3  FIRE. “

Week 17: WHY ME By Marc

One damp rainy day I cycled to the beautiful green forest. I had an alarm clock on my bike so I knew when to come home. Suddenly I cycled over a hard rock. After a while, I heard a hiss so I stopped and looked.

I heard the crunch of the leaves on the ground. I got scared so I cycled off. Before I came here I thought of bringing my phone, but I was a buffoon and left my phone at home. So I started heading back home until my bike stopped and I fell. I saw a long red thing behind a tree. I went over to check. There was nothing there, I was bamboozled.

Then a snake slithered out of nowhere.

Week 15: Tunnel Of Monsters Part 2 By Marc

In the beginning of my NIGHTMARE The Tunnel Of Monsters, I heard a ROAR. So I’m going to tell you what happened next.  I was walking as slow as a sloth and as quiet as a mouse. Suddenly I heard a crunch of a bone. I was holding in my scream so badly.

Meanwhile I heard another roar. I had my plans but was too scared to do them. Soon I found a baby Monster and I touched it. Straight away it bit me. After that more baby monsters came. Eventually, an enormous, green, scaly monster came out of the dark…

Week 14: A Disaster By Marc

One exciting day I was going on a V.I.P. trip to the zoo. When we arrived I was extremely nervous. We went in and gave them the ticket. They told us we could go into a cage with monkeys. I was bamboozled and my mouth was as wide as a plane when I heard them spit out those words.

After a while we went to a skulduggery cage with monkeys.  I started walking into the cage. Straight away a monkey jumped out of the cage. I sprinted to the cart. We saw the monkey going to the CCTV area. He threw the laptops everywhere. Suddenly we heard the screech of monkeys.

Week 13: What will happen next? By Marc

One day my family and I went to a circus. We were hoping that there were no animals in the circus there because my sister is extremely squeamish and very strict about what she wants to touch or wants to be near.

When we got in the place it was packed- it was like being on a busy airplane.

They said “Please no flashing lights as there are going to be animals. ”

I knew she was about to scream louder than an airplane flying off. It started, and a tiger came out. All I could hear was AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. It was louder than the loudest thing ever. Suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape. How could we get away from it?

Week 12: Oh No by Marc

One day I went through a Transporting teleporter, I went to 3017. There were sad Robots everywhere. Luckily there were still people around. But the President was A ROBOT! I was bamboozled and in shock. But it is extremely funny when his battery dies. He was also very energetic. He doesn’t eat SANDWICHES  – he eats nuts and bolts.

I forgot to tell you I brought my friend Brainy Ben with me. We decided to sneak into the President’s house – the white house. Quietly we snuck past the robotic guards. Suddenly a noisy alarm went off.

OH NO! Will Brainy Ben and I make it out without getting caught?

Week 11: Scared by Marc

One day I was walking to school. Suddenly I heard the crunching of leaves. So I was scared so I started sprinting to school. I told my teacher about my story. She said that I just heard someone walking.

After a while, I forgot about it. At lunch break, I remembered it. I told my friends about it. They said they heard the same thing.

About four hours later I was walking home. This time I heard the rattle of a tree. Then I looked to my right and there was a creepy man standing there. Eventually, I blinked and surprisingly he was gone.

Weeek 7: WOOPS By Marc

One dark scary Halloween night I was trick or treating. There was nobody going to one single house. The lights were on so I went to knock on the door. When the door opened there was a basket of candy on the stairs. I went to get some. Suddenly the door was closing like lighting. It was strange because there was nobody there when it opened, and nobody there when it closed.

As the door slammed I knew I was in trouble. The question was who closed the door?  or what? I wonder what lies ahead of me in this freaky scary house? …

Week 5;My Treasured Item by Marc

One of my most treasured items is something that my kind and helpful parents gave me. Usually I wear it after school. They gave it to on my Communion Day. I got it because I wanted it for a while and I asked kindly. I`ve had it for two years now. It`s really handy for when I don’t have eletronics. It’s two things in one. Its black and some of it glows in the dark. The part that glows is green. It tells the digital time and analog time. I really like it.

Week 4; Hurry by Marc

One day I was going to America to see my grandparents. I saw a guard dog. It was running straight at me. I closed my eyes hoping it wouldn’t hurt me.

Soon after I opened my eyes to see where it was. Suddenly I saw it -it bashed into the wall. I ran over to see was it okay. It ran away again. After a few minutes, I went back to my Mom.

I heard another BANG. It hit another wall. Someone caught the dog and took it into the medical room. It came out and the dog was wearing glasses. Then it didn’t bash into anything. The dog just needed glasses.

Week 3: Nervous Nial by Marc

Let me introduce Professor Nial. Nial is really shy so we call him Nervous Nial. Nervous Nial was examining a purple crocodile with a twisted foot. It was difficult to know where it was from. Nervous Nial was scared that he would mess up. The crocodile was in a container in the lab. He was the only one examining it.

Eventually the container started to shake. Nervous Nial called security and they came. Suddenly the crocodile’s eyes opened. The alarm went off. He had thought that the crocodile was dead.

Everyone was screaming. Oh oh.

Week 2:Whoops by Marc

Hi my name is John. I live on another planet. My planet doesn’t have a name. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time Peter and I were delivering crystals that look like sweets. By the way, we were in a U.F.O. The crystals are in a glass container at the bottom. These crystals were going to planet Zap. These crystals can’t touch Earth. If it does people would eat them and then they become abominable.

Suddenly we were sleeping and a malfunction happened. We crashed into Earth. Where are the crystals? … We’re going to be killed.

Week 1 : Tunnel of Monsters by Marc

One night I was going to bed. I thought about if I was having a dream. What if I went to space or monsters came. So I tried to go sleep. About 5 minutes later I was asleep Suddenly I woke up in a mysterious tunnel. I was still in bed. There was a bag and next to the bag was a note. The note said, “Hello you are probably wondering where you are?  Well, you are in the tunnel of MONSTERS.”

Mo…Mo…MONSTERS  – my hands were shaking. So what lies ahead of me in this suspicious tunnel? I wondered. Then I heard ROAR.