Week 16 Tragedy by Mathew OG

My Dad was recently fired from his job. We lost a lot of money and we had to sell the pink car. All we had for transport was Mom’s old bike.

My friend lizz and I arranged to go to the park on our bicycles. The basket on my bicycle was empty but hers was overflowing with bubbles. It was great fun in the park.  We didn’t only blow bubbles we played football too. As we left our faces were beaming with smiles.

As we were cycling home I had a bad feeling  and when we turned the corner WWWWHHHHIIIIIRRRRR!!!!!!!



Week 15 Journey for survival By Mathew O G

Steve and his crew were filming a tv show in the Sahara Desert. Suddenly a huge life-threatening sandstorm struck. It eventually passed and Steve seemed to be the only one who survived.

But he had no idea how to get home.

He got even more terrified when he thought about the animals he might encounter. That night he covered his face and buried himself in the sand.

14 days later after drinking no water – an explosion of light came from the sky. The light blinded him but … what was it?

Week 14 The poor old man by Mathew O G

One cold Christmas eve an old homeless man was walking awkwardly down the street.

As the hours went by he checked his stolen watch –  it struck midnight and the date was December 25th . As night fell snow magically trickled down from the sky . He was extremely cold for all he was wearing was a t-shirt and a cargo pants.

He rummaged around in the snow searching for somewhere to sleep for the night. Sooner rather than later he found a bench near a house covered in fairy lights.

When morning fell he peered through the window of the house. It was Christmas morning.

Week 13 The escape by Mathew O G

As the prison guard stomped his feet on the damp narrow hallway James and Tom were contemplating their master plan for escape.
Suddenly James gasped with exhilaration,” I have it” he shouted out.
As he was explaining it to Tom, he beamed with joy.

“You’re a genius”  Tom whispered.

James was as proud as a peacock.
At approximately 2 am the escape was underway. They successfully escaped but five seconds later the alarm was raised.

“Run” shouted Tom the cold, audible in his voice. As they ran they saw the guards flashlight reflecting off the water. They wanted to dive into the cornfield but they were exhausted.

Week 11 The Hungry Tree by Mathew O G

It was a boring old Sunday and I didn’t have anything to do. I spent hours upon end thinking of what to do.

Finally I had it …I text my friend anxiously. After a while of persuading him he finally agreed to go cycling in the haunted forest. 3 hours later we were zigzagging across each other’s path having the time of our lives.

Later on we were bragging about how fast we were. 5 minutes later we were zooming between the dense pine trees up the steep path. I gave it a mammoth effort…so much so that I hit a rock and CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!

Somehow my bike got stuck in the tree.



My Happy Place by Mathew O G

It was a normal Monday evening and it was 4 days until the summer holidays. There was a new boy in my estate and I could not wait to meet him. 3 long days later he was outside I was so exhilarated I nearly fell over. In a flash, I grabbed my shoes and sprinted outside.

Quickly he turned around and he had a colossal scar on his left eye. It made me feel dizzy. First I introduced myself and he said with a grin…”They call me Billy the Bully.”

He seemed like a nice guy at first but a few weeks later I didn’t know how I thought that. Every day he either hung me to a flagpole by the underwear or hit me in the face until my face was red with blood. It was horrible. Every day I had cuts and bruises all over.

My mother was fuming. So much so that she ended up telling his parents. And that made it 10 times worse. Every day he did everything to me that could put me in as much pain as possible.

I needed my own sort of happy place. One day at a rapid speed, I went for a walk in the forest. It cleared my head a little bit but  I could still picture myself in a cast in a few days from the impact of his punches. But a few minutes later I saw the most beautiful sight. There was a gate and behind it were green fields a crystal clear river. And in the distance, there were mountains – it just looked so happy and peaceful. As I slowly walked in the birds started to sing.

Every day after being bullied I went there and meditated. After 3 years of being bullied, I finally had to courage to stand up to Billy and he never bullied anyone ever again…



Week 10 A Crazy day by Mathew OG

It was a normal day in school.  My friend Josh and I were living right next to each other so every day we walked home from school.

But this day seemed very weird – car alarms were shrieking loudly. We were a bit spooked so we decided to start running pretty fast. Later we passed a yellow pile of bricks and on top of it was an immense menacing gorilla.

Sooner rather than later army men with deadly assault rifles came charging down the road. Josh and I hid behind a large rock. Within seconds shots were fired then we heard a massive roar…

Week 9 The Puppy by Mathew O G

It was a normal day, I woke up and went to school. I had invited my friend Dan over for a sleepover. My mom collected us. As I got into the car I noticed a box in the back.

I curiously opened it and to my amazement, there was a puppy in it. I almost cried  I was so happy. When we got home we played with the puppy all day- we named him Bonsey. It was 12 pm and we went to bed.

A few hours later we were awoken by a horrible scratching sound. I wondered what was behind the door. I opened it bravely…

It was Bonsey staring up at me.

Week 7 The Lego Explorer by Mathew O G

Hi, my name is Tom and I am an explorer and a documentor.

This year we are exploring in New- Zeland and were are looking for a new species of insects. I brought my shapeshifting contraption- it was crucial for me and my team for finding insects.

After two days of searching, we finally found something. It was red and it had black polka dots on it. Using the shape-shifting device I warped into a LEGO figure. I carefully documented them with ease and we called them ladybirds.

My video went viral and now I’m rich and famous.

Week 6 Champion by Mathew O G

As I woke up I clumsily walked down the stairs. There was a sharp knock on the door. It was the post man. He greeted me and handed me an envelope. It was an invitation to fight in the main event in UFC 229. I danced around in excitement.after 3 long months of training the fight had finally come.

As I walked out to the octagon in the BATH arena New York with my green, white and orange Irish flag the crowed went wild.

I entered the octagon with great confidence and in  the end I knocked him out with a right hook and I’m now the UFC leightweight champion of the world.


Week 5 The escape by Mathew O G

I peeked out the window seeing my old cellmate’s little boy sprinting towards him with tears in his eyes and screaming DAD! It reminded me of when my little boy was born. It made me think of what I had done. It filled me with rage.

I knew I had to escape from prison That night I slipped out of my cell carrying a shard of mirror. I used it to look around corners with stealth. I ran down the corridor shaking uncontrollably.

I dug a hole in the yard at the break and I knew it would come in handy at the right time.


Week 4 The Gathering by Mathew O G

Running through the dense pine trees I was gasping for breath uncontrollably. I would not leave until I had it.

“What are you even looking for”? groaned Jim.

“YOU KNOW WELL WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR, YOU TWAT!” I answered back furiously.

Finally, we found it –  the last animal statue.  Finally, we could go back in time. We headed back to Ireland to put all the statues together. When we got there Jim was exhilarated. We eventually reached the centre of the forest and placed the three statues facing each other… Then the ground began to shake and a purple portal opened in the ground…

Week 3 The Escape by Mathew o G

It was a  dark and dismal day- perfect for escaping prison. There was no sun in the sky. As I sat down on my brown prison bed I had to think of a master plan. At last, I had it.

That evening I started to work on it. As one of the guards walked by I snatched the key and bolted for the door. As soon as I was gone the bloodhound was out.

We ran for hours. I was heading for the river to put him off my scent. I then looked back at the hound but it seemed to be going backwards.

Week 2 The alligator by Mathew O G

In skipped the teacher singing good morning children in her disgusting mauve flower dress.

“Pfft, look at her,” I muttered to Jason.

“I know it’s going to be a long day,” he whispered back.

After maths, as bored as I could be, I looked out the window. It was then I spotted something in the bush. It was hard to find out what it was so I called the teacher over.

She examined  the bush and then out popped an immense alligator. It climbed in the window  of the classroom. The place was in pandamonium –  it was a tricky situation.

Week 1 The getaway by Mathew O G

Stealthily I sprinted into the back of the immense shed trying to break free from the heavy metal cuffs …and then I was spotted.

” Hey what are you doing “? shouted the large muscular army troop.

“Get back to work now ” he bellowed pointing his gun at me.

I strolled back and he followed. Then somehow I kicked him and knocked him out. I took his equipment and ran. At last, I was free…

Now downtown there are two hands holding a metal bar to show the sign of Freedom and Independence.

Week 37 The clingy cloud by Mathew O’Gorman

It had been raining all morning… I sat inside the door begging to go outside. Then all of a sudden it stopped…I stepped outside.

It was sunny but it was still raining on top of me. I looked up and saw a small rain cloud above me.

I asked my dad could we keep it and when he said yes the cloud turned into a nice sunny cloud. From then on the cloud followed me everywhere. …Even on holidays!

Also, it would follow me to school. It was quite awkward when it went to the bathroom with me. But we’re now best friends.

Week 35 The bomb by Mathew O G

Beep…beep..beep went the timer on the bomb…

Some bystanders ran past the crowd and bent down next to the bomb  -the timer was set for 72 hours. One of the bystanders reported it to the police.

They thanked him gracefully. They got a professional bomb defuser. She arrived the next day her name was Anna Scott. She was just out of boot camp. She cut open the bomb. She had to cut the red wire or the blue wire but was unsure…

She cut the red one and it halved the time on the bomb… However she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 The daffodil by Mathew O’G

Yesterday as I was eating my huge ninety-nine sprinkled with grated chocolate  I spotted a man sprinkling something into the ground.

Every day I came under the bridge suspicious of what was on the ground. Nothing happened for ages … until one fateful day a huge daffodil sprung up from the ground.  Everyone stared in amazement. The next day pink tulips emerged from the ground. The town became a huge tourist attraction. Buildings were getting re-named and re-designed.

The town was in chaos.




Week 32 The launch pad by Mathew OG

I was awoken by the tapping of my shoulder. I looked ahead and to my left . I seemed to be on a bus  – 10,000 feet in the air. I looked to my right…I saw a man .

“Hi I’m John”  he said fiercely. “They call me the Black Armoured Knight,” I answered back.

We jumped out at Retail Row. A storm started to brew… So we would launch the pad away. I went to place it but I didn’t understand the instructions. We got consumed by the storm and it turned our stomachs violently.

“Well it was nice knowing you,” said John as a tear rolled down his cheek…


Week 31 William the Wise Wallrus by Mathew OG

Tom leaped from rock to rock in search of William the walrus. He lived in the pink lake. He has a great power of telling and predicting the future. Tom wanted to know when the voids would come back to the Whispering Glade.

As Tom pushed through the brambles he saw something pink glisten. That must be it thought Tom. He sprinted over to the lake… Slowly an old affable walrus immerged from the water.

“What do you wish to be told? ”

“When will the voids come back to the whispering glade? “said Tom.

“Soon,”  William replied…

Week 27 RUN by Mathew O G

Beeeeee dow!

The London evacuation alarm went off. People rushed around in great fear. Innocent families were confused. They asked people what was going on? But they just ran past them. They decided to find out for themselves.

In confusion a little boy looked at the top of a building. He saw men in all black throwing smoke bomb after smoke bomb. People were coughing like crazy. The boy squinted at a building far away.

He saw men with guns and snipers. He shouted RUN at his  family –  he was very scared. And so  his family ran –  although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress…

Week 26: War for life by Mathew O G

As I ran across the wasteland with great fear to live life and go home. Other people were there battling for dear life and they had guns RPGs and snipers and other weapons.

I ran into a house to hide and found a yellow shiny chest. I opened it…  all that was there was a tiny thin hopeless gun. It took ages  for more people to die.

Finally, I was one of the last couple of people. I ran into my friend Bob. We agreed to team up and fight.

Sadly he died. But in the end, I was victorious.




Week 25 : The Mystery by MaTHEW O G

As I walked down to my friend’s house one day I heard a sad sound.
I turned the corner and saw him in despair.
I sat down next to him on the curb.
“Whats wrong?” I asked in a sorrowful tone .

“NOTHING!!!!!!” he snapped.
“Sorry” he said sadly …

“My cat is gone missing and I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Then let’s go find him” I said as we proudly we searched the street.
“Oh I see him” he yelped.
“Up there on that tall building .”
I was amazed…
Then I asked my friend,” but how did he get up there ?…”

Week 24 : The Magic China Cup by Mathew O G

“MOM!!!! WHERE ARE THE MUGS?” screamed Rob.
“I do not know” answered his mother.
“I guess I’ll just use the old China cup then.”

Rob started to boil the kettle. He grabbed two unusual teabags and popped them into the cup.
Just before he was about to put the boiling water in some weird things started coming through the teabags.

“Ugh “said Rob in disgust and he chucked them out the window.
Suddenly China cups were falling out of the sky.
One was stuck in the grass and it was massive.

Week 23: If I was the principal By Mathew O G

But what if I was in charge?… I thought in boring geography class.
I was day dreaming at the perfect time .
I was wondering what changes I would make if I was in charge.

I would probably make a gaming room with games such as Fortnite and FIFA 18.
Or I could make a trampoline park in one huge room.
I would love to be able to put a zoo in a vast amount of space.

20 years later I signed up for principal and made all those things happen.
The school was awarded best school in the whole entire world.

Week:22 The prison escape by Mathew OG

I knew I heard the code word…goldfish.

As I heard it I dashed from my smelly prison bed to the vent. I had prepared a fake vent from the weekly newspaper. Slowly I removed the real vent and crawled through. I then placed the fake one perfectly in place.

When there was enough room to stand I spotted a ladder that led right to the courtyard. All the cameras were still on so I had to steal past quickly. I flew across the yard and over the high wall.

From then on I was number 1 on their wanted list.


Week 21: Tree wars by Mathew OG

In the local park, there are a couple of saplings that look like ninjas. The locals say it’s a huge tourist attraction. But they are actually ninjas frozen in time…

One summer they defrosted… They attacked the city with great force. Many people absconded from the city.

My family and I did not abscond. Soon we called the police but they were helpless so they called all forces to help. In the end, we won the war.

Many people came back for a big celebration. At the celebrations, there were fireworks and cake and it was great fun.

Week 19 It came down the drainpipe by Mathew O’G

One very strange day when I was in school my pet mouse accidentally flushed himself down the toilet.  When I got back I was devastated – I thought he was gone forever.

But little did I know he was on a little mission.  That night I held his cage in devastation. I could not help myself but cry.

The next day in school my friends told me that he would come back.When I got home I saw something in the gutter –  it came down the drainpipe. It was my mouse!