Week 21: Tree wars by Mathew OG

In the local park, there are a couple of saplings that look like ninjas. The locals say it’s a huge tourist attraction. But they are actually ninjas frozen in time…

One summer they defrosted… They attacked the city with great force. Many people absconded from the city.

My family and I did not abscond. Soon we called the police but they were helpless so they called all forces to help. In the end, we won the war.

Many people came back for a big celebration. At the celebrations, there were fireworks and cake and it was great fun.

Week 19 It came down the drainpipe by Mathew O’G

One very strange day when I was in school my pet mouse accidentally flushed himself down the toilet.  When I got back I was devastated – I thought he was gone forever.

But little did I know he was on a little mission.  That night I held his cage in devastation. I could not help myself but cry.

The next day in school my friends told me that he would come back.When I got home I saw something in the gutter –  it came down the drainpipe. It was my mouse!

Week 18: Terrorist Attack By Mathew O’G

Very recently a terrorist attack happened in Singapore. Nobody knew who the terrorists were. But they had a secret lair.  It was next to a restaurant with three statues outside. To get in you had to press down on the small statues head to enter the lair.

One odd day a clumsy policeman sat on the small statues head. He fell into the lair. He saw so many guns and rocket launchers. He was scared out of his wits. He rang the chief and told him to bring the whole station.

They caught the criminals and the policeman was given a medal of bravery.

Week 17:The magic clock by: Mathew O’G

Many years ago before I was born my Grandad was given a red Grandfather clock. He was only three at the time. The clock had many designs on it such as snakes and dragons. My Grandad told his Mother it was magical. “Don’t be daft,” she said “….But..but,…” “No buts!” she said, “magic is not real.”

That night he told his Mother to fold her arms and shout HUZZA!!


“Believe me, now,” he said sarcastically. “WHAT?” gasped his Mother…They both went back in time when everyone cycled instead of driving. They stayed happily in the year 1921 for the rest of their lives.

Week 16 Glove Guy by Mathew O’G

Once upon a time in Christchurch, New Zealand lived a pair of menacing robbers. The local police could never catch them for they were too good at what they did. They robbed the local bank monthly .The bank had only one security guard who was plump and could not run fast . They hired a new guard but he was useless .

The town needed some kind of superhero if they wanted to catch them . When they robbed the bank again, off the roof jumped a hand in a glove and it threw them into jail for the rest of their lives.


Week 15; The terrible tragedy by Mathew O’G

Many years ago on my very first holidays to Pakistan, it was very exciting. On the way it was very bumpy on the runway it was also very nerve-racking. Thankfully we made it to Pakistan safely.We stayed in a three-story villa with a pool and a jacuzzi. We stayed there for eight weeks and it was great fun. I also found a cute lizard in my room. It was green with orange eyes.  In the beginning of our flight back  I was nervous…When we were landing the plane flipped and caught fire.

Week 14 Anger issues by Mathew O’G

One day in the city zoo a new baby monkey was born. As he became older he became more popular around the zoo. But sadly he had extreme anger issues.

When he got his health examined something was seriously wrong with him. He had a disease called anger uncontrolled. This also made him extremely smart. He was determined to find out what was wrong. He told his friends that he failed the exam and they were all over him. He was gutted to bits.

When he was in his night house he crept out into the office. When he saw what was wrong with him he smashed the laptop.

Week 12 Sandy sandwich by Mathew O G

One day a girl named Sandy was eating her white bread sandwich when she wondered what being a sandwich was like. Sandy was good at inventions but always did ghastly inventions. Once she maid Gregory in her class into a half pig. His mother hurried to the hospital with him.

This invention would be called the human morpher or the T.H.M for short.
This invention would need thousands of batteries to make it energetic.
When it was complete she put herself and a sandwich inside it.
It took twenty minutes to finish when she stepped out she felt strangely short and tasty…

Week 11 All in Favour By Mathew O’G

Long ago in a monastery, there lived a very wise monk named Jim Charles Ederson. He was from Brazil but had great English. Jim Charles was also the oldest of the monks. One day when he was teaching a Portugues visitor English the bells of battle rang.

He grabbed his valuables and dashed to the round tower. The ladder was already being pulled up. Jim Charles was not seen or heard so he had to fight. He defeated all the Vikings and saved the monastery but he also died.

He was buried under his statue and he was remembered forever.

Week 10 The cunning plan by Mathew o’G

One day my roommate Larry and I were sent a big bill that we definitely could not afford. We had six weeks to pay it. We thought of absconding but we decided not to.It took me two weeks to come up with a great plan of robbing the big chubby mayor’s house across town.

Then I realised he would not be there so that was a bonus. When we were in the house Larry found the money closet. The closet was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Later on, we found a thousand dollars…

One week later the police arrived outside our house looking for the money. But where will we hide it all? we wondered.

Week 9 The Celts are back by Mathew O G

One day I was walking through the forest where there were sightings of celts clothing and armor. When I heard about this I wanted to go to the forest right away. Adrenaline was running through my veins. It took me days to find what appeared to be some kind of village of shops.

Unexpectedly, most of them were alive but they all looked like swimmers who were in water for 20 centuries. About 20 of them were ghosts as expected. I had to get photographic evidence. Soon enough they spotted me so I had to run. Later on they caught me and tortured me .

Week7 Locked in Custody by Mathew O’ G

It was Friday the thirteenth when the guards put the blame on me for the terrible robbery downtown last month. I am now in court and the judge just announced that if I’m found guilty I will be sentenced to eight years!

I was explaining that how I was innocent but he did not believe me as he announced “Guilty as charged!” As the guards brought me to custody my mom was screaming” he’s not guilty.”

They threw me into the cell. As the door slammed I knew I had to prove that I was innocent and I knew I had to get out of this creepy jail …Fast.

Week 5: A treasured item by Mathew O G

It was given to me by my Granda. I must be very careful with it for it is very valuable. It has been by my bedside for many years. It reminds me of how nice he is. I never let my friends touch it for that’s how valuable it is. Carefully I hold it whenever I’m bored. When I look at it I think of my Grandad. Sometimes I look at it and I imagine it as a family treasure. Sometimes I wonder will I pass it down the family. Or will my child sell it? And if anyone sells it I will not be very happy.

Week 4 The smart pups by Mathew O G

We have a dog named Lizzy and she can’t see very well. She always runs into the patio door and it’s really annoying. One week when we went away on holidays we left Lizzy at the local vet.

We knew him very well – his name was John. John also checked her out while we were gone. He found out that she was pregnant with two pups.

When we got home we ran into the vet and the dog was wearing glasses. We were so happy for that dog with glasses that was staring at us. She had been 7 months waiting for pups.

Week 3 Odd one out by Mathew O G

Once upon a time in Mali Africa lived a very strange crocodile.His name was Professor Oddi. His father was orange and he was purple. Everyone made fun of them. It was very difficult for them to fit in.Their nicknames were the Twisted Duo. They had to put a stop to it.

The next morning they painted themselves green and everyone still made fun of them. They tried everything. But they still got made fun of.