Week 16 Circus By Matthew D

I am a clown and tonight I’m performing a big show. The crowd was chuckling as I cycled around the arena on my pink bicycle. I jumped off the bike and took a bow.

Next, I swaggered over to get my hat and I put it on my head. When I took it off it was empty-  well I thought it was but bubbles then started pouring out of it.

It was all going wrong. I scurried off as quickly as I could. After the show, the boss called me into his office and fired me. I left the room and slammed the door in anger.

Week 15 Run or Die By Matthew D

Lucas strolled casually into the bank. He entered the manager’s office with a smirk on his face. Suddenly the room was filled with an ear piercing alarm. The security rushed to the basement. But by the time they reached it, the money was gone Lucas had obviously taken the money.

Lucas walked out the door a bit big headed. The light blinded him and he collapsed onto the floor –  he had twisted his ankle. He heard the dogs coming in and in desperation, he shuffled his way across the floor but it was too late …the dogs had him.

Week 14 Elf on the Shelf By Matthew D

My sister an I were decorating the Christmas tree and after a hard days work we were exhausted and decided to go to bed. The next morning I was fit to kick the door because all the beautiful decorations had been taken off the tree. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted an eye. It was my elf on the shelf correction it was my naughty elf on the shelf. I took him out of the room and put all the decorations back up again. Groaning wearily I put the last decoration up on the tree. That night I made sure I locked the door before going to bed.

Week 13 Truth or Dare By Matthew D

My two friends and I were playing Truth or Dare. I came up with a bizarre dare that they had to climb Mount Everest. Their faces went as white as snow. We started walking the many miles. When we reached the mountain I couldn’t see the top of the mountain because the top of the mountain was above the clouds and there was a thick mist descending on it.

“It’s time to climb the mountain,” I said to my two friends. But they were exhausted so they couldn’t even stand up.

“I guess ye won’t be climbing the mountain today,” I muttered.

Week 12 Drama By Matthew D

My friend and I were at the local post office trying to get tickets for the concert. Suddenly three men swaggered in the door and one of them was armed.

“What skulduggery are you up to”? I asked.

There was no answer and the room was quiet. We were all on the floor with them standing over us. My friend and I finally got the courage to scare them off. I grabbed the gun and my friend tied up two of them as I put the other one onto the ground. When we went home we seemed to be on the television for our courageous work.

Week 11 Password By Matthew D

I was being chased by the vindictive Guard and then I saw the bike stuck in the enormous tree. I scurried over to the bike and put in the code 91502.  It accepted the password and the door to the dank lair opened.

I looked out and saw the guards bamboozled because they hadn’t a clue where I was? I chuckled menacingly because they knew what I did and I wasn’t getting caught no matter what. The only thing was my lair hadn’t got one bit of food in it.

Should I hand myself in? Or stay here and die?

Kanturk Arts No Way Home By Matthew D

My plane had crashed and I was weak and docile but I still decided to swim. After a while I came across a mysterious island with a tattered house on it. I used all the strength that I had left to drag my way up the pointy hard rocks. When I eventually got up I could barely walk. So I made a mammoth effort to reach the house. Finally the pain was over and I had reached the house.

Wow! I gasped as I walked in the door – there in front of me was a room filled with shiny jewels and sparkly rubies. But at that very moment I fell I was so weak I couldn’t even stand on my own two feet. In agony, I crawled over to the merchandise.  I was cold and hungry. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I spotted food and water. I scurried as fast as I could over there. I started wolfing down the food and slowly began to regain my strength. I still couldn’t walk but I could lift things and that’s when I decided to put all the jewels and rubies in a bag.

Eventually, I’d packed them all into the bag and at that stage was thankful to be able to walk again. But as I swaggered out the door I just remembered the crash –  how was I going to get home?

Week 10 Cornered By Matthew D

My legs were getting tired and the school bully was right behind me. He was like a menacing gorilla and he was coming for me. I saw a wall with yellow bricks and then running pretty fast I scurried over there and hid behind it. I heard him groaning wearily trying to find me.

Just at that very moment, a thick mist started descending. I then became bewildered because  I couldn’t see the bully. But then I found out where he was- he started backing me into a corner and he drew his fist up to my pale face.

Week 9 Afraid By Matthew D

“I wondered what was behind the door? ” Samuel exclaimed. Samuel and I were trick or treating and there was this house that had the lights off yet the cars were at the house. I rang the doorbell several times and there was no answer. I was getting frustrated whilst Samuel who was a bit scared was saying “D0 you want to go home?”

I then said,” NO Samuel there is something suspicious going on here “. The wind started to pick up and it started lashing out of the heavens. The door then opened…

Week 6 Bath Arena by Matthew D


I am a fighter and I’m fighting in the Bath arena in a UFC fight. I was getting annoyed by my opponent’s support and for no reason, I danced across the ring.  My opponent was trying to hit me but he couldn’t.

That silenced the crowd as nothing was happening.

I zigzagged my way around the octagon. He was getting tired and the crowd were starting to get wrestles. After a while, a cheeky spectator threw an orange into the ring. I clumsily slipped and my opponents left was heading straight for my face…

Week 5 Titanic By Matthew D

I stepped onto the boat that my grandson was driving. By the time we were half way down the stream we hit a rock. It reminded me of the time when I was on the Titanic.

I remember running down the hall for the lifeboats. I was on the top floor – it was a long trot. The stairs was steep and windy. When I eventually reached the ground floor a kid was acting the buffoon. I then ran past him and I took the last free space on the corner of the boat.

So at least I was safe…Not so for so many others.

Week 4 Spy By Matthew D

I am a spy and I am trying to bust some criminals in their warehouse. We were in disguise I was a horse my 2 partners in crime were dressed as a goat and a cow. We were waiting in a nearby field when suddenly we saw the Crime boss and his troops come out of the warehouse. When they were gone we went in and took everything they had stolen.

When they came back they were fighting and they were blaming each other for taking it. All I could do was laugh.

Week 3 The Slope By Matthew D

I opened the car door and got out. I then ambled my way into Lidl. I got a trolley and started shopping. I saw one of my arrogant work colleagues so I tried to avoid him. Unfortunately, we then bumped into each other and started talking.

I said “Oh I just remembered that I have to go home and do some jobs.” That conversation felt like an eternity. I walked over to the till and  I looked out the window at my car but it seemed to be going backwards. I rushed out but it was too late. It had rolled into the wall … It was going to be a long walk home.

Week 2 Rock Climbing By Matthew D

It was Friday and we were going on a trip to the beach. When we arrived I asked the teacher could we go over by the immense rocks. She said that we could. But to our surprise, a mauve Alligator with a menacing face was there. She told us to run.

She ran into a cave but the Alligator followed. She then climbed the walls of the cave – it was tricky but when there was an Alligator behind her she didn’t care if it was tricky or easy. She crawled into a hole that the alligator couldn’t fit into and she escaped.

Week 1 Free By Matthew D

I leaped into the air courageously catching the sliotar in my bare hands. Being aggressive I pushed my opponent out of my way. I then put the ball up on my hurley and started running like a cheetah.

CRASH!  One of the opposition’s players took me out. I was on the ground in agony with the medical team rushing over to me. I got back up and grasped the back of the hurley with my 2 hands.

I went as pale as a ghost because I was going to take the free that might win Cork the All Ireland. Sweat was pouring down my face… I took a deep breath to clear my head … I lifted the sliotar up and hit it…

Week 37 Fire By Matthew D

It had been raining all morning and my baby sister was beginning to be a bit cranky. My mom was trying to calm her down but she kept on crying. Suddenly a bolt of lightning came crashing down. That scared my baby sister even more and now she was beginning to be unbearable.

Then I saw some smoke –  the bolt of lightning had created a fire. I was trying to alert my mom but she was to busy with my sister. Now I was worried.

I then insisted that she should come and see. She did and quickly she grabbed my sister and rushed out into the wet soggy ground. We were getting wet but at least we were safe.

Week 36 Miss and Run By Matthew D

I was at my house alone. All I had was a revolver.  I knew that my arch enemy was in town. I knew this wasn’t going to end well but I was willing to do it…

I walked into the town where I knew I would find him. I walked down the narrow alley and there he was. He was standing there with his big black boots, his bald head, blue jumper and a black pants. We eyed each other for a second.

I got out my gun. I only had 1 bullet. I then shot at him. But I missed… He had dodged the bullet… Now I was in trouble.

Week 35 Friends By Matthew D

She was just gone in the school door and her arch enemy Ava had given her a kick. She really hated Ava – every day her and Ava would be bickering. Then one day at break she hit Ava. Ava was on the ground crying, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

She told the teacher what happened she got an ice pack for Ava. Now she and Ava were actually becoming friends. And by the end of the week, her and Ava were best friends.

Week 34 Trapped By Matthew D

One nice Spring day I had bought a delicious ice cream and I was going to eat it on a bridge. When I got to the bridge I spotted a huge pink daffodil. I sprinkled some salt on it. More started to grow. I was beginning to panic and I felt I was trapped.

A bit of my ice cream went onto a pink daffodil and the daffodil disappeared. That was then how I got out of my inexplicable adventure. And when I got home there were a lot of pink petals in my ice cream cone.

Week 33 Lifesaver By Matthew D

I was walking through the park and suddenly something prickly fell and hit me in the head and knocked me out. Another man was walking along on the same path as me at that time and when he found me he rang an ambulance.

In the hospital, they thought I had just collapsed. At the time there was a student doctor inside there. He said “I know how he was on the ground,” the rest of the doctors told him to be quiet.

This made him very mad and he roared “get out of my way ye buffoons” and he pulled the chestnut out of my head. I then woke up and thanked him for being a lifesaver.

Week 32 Cornered By Matthew D

I was working with a madman scientist and he had to go to a meeting. He was in the middle of a potion that would make him fly. He wanted me to finish it and he gave me instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions.

There were six bottles in front of me with an effervescent liquid inside. I didn’t know what to do so I threw them all in…


When the scientist came back I was lying there – he woke me up. I then turned into a man-eating monster. I cornered the scientist and he was trapped …and was doomed…

Week 31 Sally the Shy Snail By Matthew D

Sally the shy snail is a snail that is very shy. She protects a place called Foggy Fields with Sam the spying giraffe and Grudge the bear.

Well, she loves hiding behind trees when Nulth is attacking but she is an affable snail. One time when the Lord of Nulth was attacking the Foggy Fields Grudge the bear got hurt – that’s when she unlocked her superpower. She turned into a menacing giant and then courageously ran over and scared away Nulth and his soldiers. She then helped Grudge the bear get better.

She was then called Sally the feisty snail.

Week 28 Outer Space By Matthew D

“Can we go to the park mom?

“Ok” she replied.

My cousins were visiting and it was a good day so it was a good idea to get outdoors. We first went on the swings. Suddenly we heard music – it was the ice-cream truck.  We all ran to get some ice-cream. I got a crunchie blast and my cousins got a king cone and a loop the loop. We then played hide and seek.

I hide behind a statue of legs and all of a sudden one of the legs kicked into outer space…

Week 27 We’re out by Matthew D

The prison guard’s key was on his belt and when Tom saw it he grabbed it immediately. The prisoners waited until he was gone.

“He’s gone,” said Jim.

“Open the cell door, ” Tom ordered to Brian.

“We’re out lads,” whispered Tom.

As they walked down the clean white hall Jim knocked over a  brown rusty bucket. An alarm filled the prison. Now the prison guards would already have left their tea and biscuits and be rushing to catch them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and just that very minute a prison guard jumped out and said: ” Back to the cell boys!”

Week 26 Lost at Sea By Matthew D

“Dad can we go fishing today?” I asked.

“Ok let’s go right away.”

We then got our fishing gear and went to the river. Looking towards the other side of the river we could see a boy in distress. Quickly we went to help the tiny thin boy with shiny yellow trousers. I gave him my chocolate bar and he gobbled it up. It was then that I realised that we had drifted out into the middle of the sea. It was hopeless because we had no way home.

What could we do?

Week 25 : The Bully by Matthew D

It was my birthday party and I was having it in my tree house. The class bully turned up and I didn’t even invite him. I then told him to go away.

I told two of my friends to watch the tree house while we went in to get drinks. When we came back out the class bully was up in the tree house.

“But how did he get up there?” I said to my friend. I then asked my friends that were supposed to be guarding it and they said he pushed them off .I told my mom to ring his mom so she could pick up the abominable class bully.

Week 24 : Tom Thumb by Matthew D

Tom and his family were sitting down having dinner. When he was finished his dinner he started to clean up the dishes. Suddenly a bird swooped in and took the cup out of Tom’s hands

.” Get back here you bird” shouted Tom as he chased after the bird.
Next, the bird landed on a tree. Tom climbed up the tree and the bird got a fright and dropped the cup onto Tom. He fell down on the cup. The cup was stuck in the ground with Tom in it.

A boy then came over and got Tom out of the cup. He immediately ran home, gave his mother the cup and went to bed.

Week 23 : The Football Team by Matthew D

We were in a division and we had only played three games and we had lost all of them. We were playing another game that day and we lost it and I was really disappointed. And after that game I thought but what if I were in charge of the team?

Then I asked the coach could I be captain and he said yes if we won the game next week. So we won the game and I really was happy and we won the next 12 games in a row. the team was really happy that I was captain and so was I.