Week 32 Cornered By Matthew D

I was working with a madman scientist and he had to go to a meeting. He was in the middle of a potion that would make him fly. He wanted me to finish it and he gave me instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions.

There were six bottles in front of me with an effervescent liquid inside. I didn’t know what to do so I threw them all in…


When the scientist came back I was lying there – he woke me up. I then turned into a man-eating monster. I cornered the scientist and he was trapped …and was doomed…

Week 31 Sally the Shy Snail By Matthew D

Sally the shy snail is a snail that is very shy. She protects a place called Foggy Fields with Sam the spying giraffe and Grudge the bear.

Well, she loves hiding behind trees when Nulth is attacking but she is an affable snail. One time when the Lord of Nulth was attacking the Foggy Fields Grudge the bear got hurt – that’s when she unlocked her superpower. She turned into a menacing giant and then courageously ran over and scared away Nulth and his soldiers. She then helped Grudge the bear get better.

She was then called Sally the feisty snail.

Week 28 Outer Space By Matthew D

“Can we go to the park mom?

“Ok” she replied.

My cousins were visiting and it was a good day so it was a good idea to get outdoors. We first went on the swings. Suddenly we heard music – it was the ice-cream truck.  We all ran to get some ice-cream. I got a crunchie blast and my cousins got a king cone and a loop the loop. We then played hide and seek.

I hide behind a statue of legs and all of a sudden one of the legs kicked into outer space…

Week 27 We’re out by Matthew D

The prison guard’s key was on his belt and when Tom saw it he grabbed it immediately. The prisoners waited until he was gone.

“He’s gone,” said Jim.

“Open the cell door, ” Tom ordered to Brian.

“We’re out lads,” whispered Tom.

As they walked down the clean white hall Jim knocked over a  brown rusty bucket. An alarm filled the prison. Now the prison guards would already have left their tea and biscuits and be rushing to catch them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and just that very minute a prison guard jumped out and said: ” Back to the cell boys!”

Week 26 Lost at Sea By Matthew D

“Dad can we go fishing today?” I asked.

“Ok let’s go right away.”

We then got our fishing gear and went to the river. Looking towards the other side of the river we could see a boy in distress. Quickly we went to help the tiny thin boy with shiny yellow trousers. I gave him my chocolate bar and he gobbled it up. It was then that I realised that we had drifted out into the middle of the sea. It was hopeless because we had no way home.

What could we do?

Week 25 : The Bully by Matthew D

It was my birthday party and I was having it in my tree house. The class bully turned up and I didn’t even invite him. I then told him to go away.

I told two of my friends to watch the tree house while we went in to get drinks. When we came back out the class bully was up in the tree house.

“But how did he get up there?” I said to my friend. I then asked my friends that were supposed to be guarding it and they said he pushed them off .I told my mom to ring his mom so she could pick up the abominable class bully.

Week 24 : Tom Thumb by Matthew D

Tom and his family were sitting down having dinner. When he was finished his dinner he started to clean up the dishes. Suddenly a bird swooped in and took the cup out of Tom’s hands

.” Get back here you bird” shouted Tom as he chased after the bird.
Next, the bird landed on a tree. Tom climbed up the tree and the bird got a fright and dropped the cup onto Tom. He fell down on the cup. The cup was stuck in the ground with Tom in it.

A boy then came over and got Tom out of the cup. He immediately ran home, gave his mother the cup and went to bed.

Week 23 : The Football Team by Matthew D

We were in a division and we had only played three games and we had lost all of them. We were playing another game that day and we lost it and I was really disappointed. And after that game I thought but what if I were in charge of the team?

Then I asked the coach could I be captain and he said yes if we won the game next week. So we won the game and I really was happy and we won the next 12 games in a row. the team was really happy that I was captain and so was I.

Week 22 The Chase By Matthew D

Driving to the pet shop I knew that I was going to get a goldfish. So when we arrived I went in and got a goldfish. At home, as I was walking to the door slowly with the goldfish in my hand suddenly a bird flew in and took the goldfish. He then dropped it on the brown ladder.

Courageously my dad went up the ladder and grabbed the goldfish. After that, I went into the house and gave the goldfish some delicious fish food to munch on.

I was really happy that I picked this amazing big goldfish.

Week 21 The Gang By Matthew D

How did they make them?  How did that quiet man make those fantastic ninjas?

There were always lots of people watching these superb ninjas in action. The next day when I woke up I went out onto the balcony and I saw the ninjas annihilating the houses in the city. Then a couple of moments later they went by an affable policeman. Somone thought the man who invented them had put an evil in them and that person was right.

The people of the city had no other option but to lock them up. They would always be remembered.

Week 20 The Crash By Matthew D

“I’ve won.” I had just won a competition to go to space. I couldn’t believe it.

A couple of days later I was in the rocket. I was nervous but I was also excited. We were moving  very fast when we left the earth’s atmosphere.

Suddenly we hit a meteoroid and we had to jump into a space module. We landed and we were cold and hungry. I had a flare so  I sent it into the air and a couple of moments later a helicopter had come to save us.

The first thing I did when I got back was make an oath to never fly again. That journey was inexplicable.

Week 19 The Break out By Matthew D

One cold dark night I was passing a prison and as I glanced to my right I saw a figure and it came down the drainpipe of the prison wall.  It was a probably a troublesome robber breaking out of jail.

Almost immediately an alarm went off in the jail and there was pandemonium inside.  I then reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and rang the jail. They quickly stopped the robber from escaping . I later explained to the staff what happened and they said it was a great omen.

It certainly prevented the robber from causing any harm.

Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D

One dark dreary night a robber and his gang had just robbed the bank. They got away. Cunningly, their leader said,”Let’s hide behind the three statues.” As soon as they made that move they knew that they were going to regret it .

All of a sudden the statues came to life. This bamboozled the robbers . Quickly the three statues coerced them into giving them all the money. They then tied them up and called the Gardaí to take them away. Then they gave all the money back to the bank.

The three courageous  statues saved the bank’s money.

Week 17 The Snake By Matthew D

My friends and I were in London to see the clock Big Ben as we had never seen it before. So we rented out a red bike and cycled to Big Ben. I felt a shiver go down my spine and within a matter of seconds, an enormous ghastly snake pounced on me. Luckily, my friends courageously got it off me.

They then called animal control to take the snake away.  I was contemplating whether I would stay in England or go back to Ireland. But in the end I stayed  in England for the day. That day was inexplicable.

Week 16 The Handy Hand By Matthew D

So I was getting ready to go to New Zealand on a holiday for the first time. We got on the plane. It was a very long exhausting flight. We eventually landed and I was ravenous so we got something to eat. Suddenly I heard an alarm – the bank across the street was being robbed.

Then a courageous limber Hand jumped off a roof and stopped the robbers in their stride. He was contemplating whether he would let them go or tie them up. Eventually he tied them up and the Gardaí took them away . The Handy Hand saved the day.

Week 15 The snow By Matthew D

In the beginning of 1947, there was a big freeze in Ireland. At first, people thought that it was only a bit of snow. Looking out the window every day to snow got a bit boring. The weather was hazardous and people started getting ravenous because all the crops were dying. Some people even died. People couldn’t even work because of the bad conditions.

People in Ireland like a bit of snow but they loathed this much. Suddenly the snow started to melt and the 30 days of snow were over for the people of Ireland.

Or was it really over?

Week14 The smashed computer by Matthew D

So one day I was outside playing and I saw a monkey. I immediately liked him. I asked my dad could I keep him and he said yes. After that, we went inside and had a little sandwich. Then I went on the computer and the monkey sat beside me. We turned on the radio and it said a monkey was missing from the zoo.

Suddenly my monkey started getting cantankerous and aggressive and before I knew it he had smashed my computer.

“Enough with the antics,” I said and then I called animal control and told them everything. They locked my monkey in a cage and as they were driving off my monkey gave me a menacing look.

Week 13 The blocked getaway By Matthew D

One day my friend Jacob and I were going to a zoo. But we weren’t there to look at animals  -we were actually there to steal money. As you go into the zoo you have to pay 20 euro so we were hoping to steal all the money. We were looking to see where the money was without making people suspicious. Then we suddenly took it hoping not to get caught.

But when we were running we were stopped in our tracks. My heart skipped a beat there in front of us was a menacing tiger looking at us –  in fact, the tiger was blocking our escape route. We turned around and were caught by security.

It looks like the tiger saved the day.

Week 12 The Night Out By Matthew D

One night my friends and I were going out for a night out in Cork city. So before we left I ate a small sandwich. After we had our meal we went out of the restaurant and we saw a glamorous white light flicker. The battery must have run out I thought.

Then a very energetic man who loathed lights going out hurried into the nearest hotel and informed them on the light going out. My friends and I danced until the night was out as we were very energetic. And when we were going back to our car we saw that the light was fixed.

Week 11 The stolen bag by Matthew D

One day my Dad and I were walking in the park as happy as could be until I saw a man in a black cloak robbing a woman’s bag. I chased after him and in the meantime, my Dad was calling the Gardaí. I saw the garda car and told them where he was. They sneakily pulled him to the ground. I was over the moon because my Dad had alerted the Gardaí. Trying to escape, the Garda had a firm grip on the robber. The next day the robber was in court and sent to jail.


Week 10 The robbery By Matthew D

My friend Micheal and I were planning a to break into a bank tomorrow morning at 5 am. “Micheal” I said” it is time for us to go.” Micheal is as strong as an ox so he broke down the door. We quietly robbed a nice bit of money. We eventually got out of the bank.  But where will we hide it all? wondered Micheal

We hid it in our hideout behind Super Valu. One night we were walking back to our hideout but little did we know that a Garda was following us. He shot Micheal but I kept on running. That night I absconded to a different country and never came back.

Week 9 Be careful or else … By Matthew D

My friend Craig and I were out trick or treating. We absolutely love trick or treating because we get loads of scrumptious treats. The big talk was about the house at the top of the hill as it is supposed to be haunted.

My friend and I said that we would go up there some time tonight . We saw a flash from the haunted house so we ran up there with our hearts thumping in fear. We knocked on the door and saw a ghost… he grabbed Craig. I ran down the hill and into my house… God only knows what happened to Craig.

Week7 The robber by Matthew D

It was half past nine. I went up to my bedroom and tried to go to sleep. As I was about to go to sleep I heard the door open. As the door slammed, I knew someone was breaking in. My phone was right beside me so I called the Garda. They said they would come straight away. I could hear the robber coming into my bedroom. I hid under my bed. I was trembling with fear. When he walked out of my room the Garda saw him and caught him. I raced downstairs to my parents. I told them everything but at least I was safe again.

Week 5 It’s like gold by Matthew D

On the 4th of July 2015 I got my most valuable possession. My mouth dropped when I saw it. When I ride in it I am as proud as a peacock . My friends are really happy when I take them for a trip in it. It is really spectacular to me . I protect it with all my heart and soul. I try to keep it as clean as snow. Lots of people love it and I am proud of that.

Week 4 The dog by Matthew D

Finally the school week was over and it was Friday once again -the best day of the week. I was going over to my friend Jake’s house. Eventually  I got to his house but when I opened the door and the dog was wearing glasses. My smile was as wide as an elephants bottom when I saw him.

I asked Jake why was his dog wearing glasses and it was because his dog was unique. Subsequently we played some video games and ate some pizza.  Soon after I went home

Week 3 The lab by Matthew D

One day professor Alex was in his lab about to create the world’s first ever crocodile. Instantly there was a puff of smoke – he had done it. He had made the world’s first purple crocodile. He saw it and it looked vicious.

The crocodile twisted his head around and saw Professor Alex. The professor ran, picked up the phone and locked himself in a room. Immediately he called animal rescue. It was difficult getting into the room. Then animal rescue came and took the crocodile away. He was safe once again.

Week 2 ; The sweet shop by Matthew D

One day my friend Zac and I were on our way to a sweet shop. When we finally got there the owner was lying on the ground. His hand was covered in blood. He had dropped a glass onto it.

My friend and I helped him up. We got a first aid kit and bandaged up the man’s hand . Afterwards, the man gave us a packet of bom boms each . That night I went to sleep happy.  The next morning on the front cover of the newspaper I saw my friend Zac and I.

Week 1 : The funeral home by Matthew D

This guy was watching me at the graveyard and I wondered why. So I looked at his car -it was a Garda car. So what lies ahead of this place I mentioned to him. He said a car crashed here and a motorbike crashed there a couple of years ago and a couple of years ago and no one has been there since.

After he left I checked it out – there was a picture of the person who crashed. It was a woman who had been working in Spar . And I think her husband was in the photograph with her . So I spoke to my friend about it. He said to give it to the family because they had been looking for it so I did. Then the firemen moved the motorbike. Sometime later they built a funeral home there -it was named Lidyas funeral home named after the woman that died.