Week 10: The scary day, By Mikolaj

It was my cousin’s birthday and he took me to the zoo in Dublin. We got our tickets and went in. We were beside the gorillas and I don’t know why but they were yellow.

As they got mad and growled at us we started running as fast as we could to the next animal’s enclosure. It was pretty cold so we decided to explore the animals quickly.

We went to the lions after but they were sleeping. We stared at the lions and suddenly walked into the giant brick wall. Bricks fell everywhere. I had a headache after that so my cousin drove me home and bought me pizza.

Week 9: The Embarrassing Day, By Mikolaj

My parents went to the cinema with their friends and left my sister and myself home alone. I was playing the PlayStation with my friends. We were playing Fortnite. My friend said he’ll be back in a second and 1 minute later I heard somebody ring my doorbell.

My parents still didn’t come back and my sister was sleeping but my cat wasn’t. I wondered what was behind my door. Before my Mom left she told me not to open the door no matter what so I didn’t.

They suddenly came back and told me it was my friend giving back my controller.

Why I love wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Mikolaj, I am in 5th class Saint Colman’s Boys National School, County Cork. Today I’m going to tell you why I love wearing the school jersey.

So if you are on a school tour on a farm and you get lost then your teacher might see you because you have the same jersey as everybody else in the class. Also if it is the final of soccer, rugby, hurling, football or anything else and you are on the biggest stadium in your country you are representing your team because you have the same jersey as all your friends who are playing you would feel happy won’t you?

Let’s say you and your two friends were the best writers and readers in the school and you were picked as the best one so you went with your family and friend to a big hall and you are reading your story then you would feel confident representing your school showing what the teachers taught you.

OK so that’s what I wanted to discus today.


Week 7: My New Lego By Mikolaj

I was in Cork with my family and Polish school just ended. Luckily I was going with my family to Smyths. I found the lego that I wanted and my Dad bought it for me just for $25.0o. I was happy with my purchase so we drove back home and I started to play with it. It came with a lot of balls.

I put the balls on my rock that I have in my garden and put the guy in the middle. When everything was setup I started to play. My old sister came out for some fresh air and she looked at what I was doing and she started laughing.

I was angry at her so I took her friend into her room and showed her what my sister keeps there….She was laughing and my sister got mad at me.

Week 6: The Fighter By Mikolaj

My friend was playing a video game. He was not really good at it anyway so he decided to dance through the game. He danced with his teammates.

Suddenly a fighter from the opposite team ran up to him and shot him. My friend ran off the dancing floor zigzagging into the bath to hide. Later he clumsily walked out of the bathroom and he saw the fighter –   he finally killed him.

My friend was disappointed with himself. He screamed quite loudly and his Mom got mad at him and grounded him for two weeks.

WK 5 The snowy Day, By Mikolaj

It was the 23rd of December and it started to snow. I am 17 years old now so I don’t really play in the snow at this time. It started to snow heavily and the ground was nearly filled up with snow.

It reminded me of a time when I was 5 and I was building a snowman with my Dad. I asked my family to go and look to see if the lake was filled up with ice. When we got there and I looked at it and it was completely covered up with ice.

We came back home and lit a fire and enjoyed the rest of our day!

Wk 4: “The prank” By Mikolaj

It was Hallowe’en night and I was walking around and collecting sweets. I was out for an hour already and I still didn’t finish collecting sweets. I was knocking on my best friend’s door now. I knocked and he opened, I asked “trick or treat?”  He answered trick and he did some weird trick and made us into concrete animals –  in half a second I thought in my head what a pompous person.

And now my life is going to be a nuisance. I never believed that my best friend could make me into an abominable concrete animal for Hallowe’en.  

Week 3 “My Birthday Present” By Mikolaj

It was my 22nd birthday and my parents bought me a brand new automatic car. I thanked them and I sat on my seat and looked around. On the gear stick, it said “R, P and D.” I thought that R stood for Race mode.

I turned on the car, put it on R and started to drive… But it seemed to be going backwards.

I drove into the wall and broke the whole back of the car. I was very sad. I ran home and asked my parents why didn’t they tell me what the letters meant. At least I was alive.

Week 2 By Mikolaj

When my teacher and I were walking to the shop she wanted to buy a chocolate bar. She needed 1 more cent! She was so angry she turned into a mauve alligator. I climbed the mountain hiding from her.

Suddenly I saw her climbing up the mountain. It was too tricky for her so I decided to take a rest. After a while she turned up 5 metres away from me. I ran to the zip line and went down so fast.

I thought I was safe then.  I ran home and I told everybody that story about me and my bamboozled teacher.

Week 1 Disaster, By Mikolaj

I was getting ready for school but I had to eat my breakfast first. I had porridge for breakfast. While I was eating I heard a monkey’s voice. I walked outside and there was a monkey in my garden trying to get on the tree.

I realised I had to be in school at this time. I quickly helped the monkey get on the tree. We were on the tree and the monkey showed me the fastest way to school. The monkey went so fast off the tree and caught a wire and it broke and the monkey fell into the ground and his hands stood out.

I walked school and I was late.

Week 35 The Wonderful Day By: Mikolaj

It was the day when my mom was in the Olympic run for the gold medal. The run was starting. 

On your marks, get set, GO!

…and they all ran. There were six runners and they had to run a mile. My Mom was second until she knew that the end-line was near so she sprinted to the finish and she won!

However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She came home with the lovely gold medal. We all cheered for the rest of the day. Now we all know that my Mom is the best runner in the world. 

Week 23 : What I want By Mikolaj

But what if I was in charge?

I live in a poor house but If i was a president, all of the people would listen to me.

So I said “everybody that has spare money please give it to me” and they did. I had over a €150000 in money and I bought a lovely big house with a swimming pool at the front but there was another problem.

People throw their litter out anywhere instead of into the bins and it was really messy everywhere. I told those people to pick up every thing they could see on the ground and throw it into the bins.

After 15 days it was perfect (I love my job)

Week 22 Brown Boots By Mikolaj

I bought a house with all the money I earned in my work. I bought a goldfish too. I needed food for my gold fish but I couldn’t find any. So I decided to go shopping. I got into my ‘ Audi R8 V10 plus and drove there. I was beside Tesco, Lidl and Supervalu in no time.

I went to Tesco first because it was the nearest to me. I found a whole bag and bought it. It cost nearly £85.00 but at least I had £500 in my purse. In Lidl I went up a ladder to find the most beautiful brown boots I ever saw. They cost £7000. Slowly I borrowed £8000 from my friend Jeff and bought them. I flew back home in my car and stayed happy all the time.

Week:20 The Escape By Mikolaj


Suddenly we were moving very fast when our boat crashed into rocks. My friends and I robbed all the banks in NY so we were in cages to travel to the most secure jail. We saw water coming in so we pushed the bars out and broke them. We went out of the boat. At least all of us knew how to swim home.

The captain said, “Everybody on the boat – go on this lifeboat NOW.”

But we didn’t want to go on the lifeboat because they would throw us out of it anyway.

Week:17 Scary Moment By Mikolaj.

One frosty day I cycled home from school. Before I was at home I saw a big, sneaky, ravenous snake.  I was scared and took my red bike and cycled back to school. I looked at the clock and it was 23:56 and school start at 9:00 am So I went to sleep fast.

By the time I woke up, it was 6:00 am.  I don’t know why so I went back to sleep and woke up and it was 11:30 am.  I saw my class outside playing soccer…

Finally I went to school and said sorry for being late to school to my teacher. What a dramatic day!


Week 15 A Football Match By Mikolaj

One day when my team and I were playing with Buttevant I played really well. The start was a victory. At half-time, I couldn’t play on because I couldn’t run. I told my coach and he said that he needed me. So I played on for 15 minutes and I scored 2 goals (in total 4) and then went off.

When I went off the other team scored 2 and it was 4-2. In the last minute, my best friend did a dirty tackle and they got a penalty and scored.

Thankfully, we still won by 1 goal. When we were shaking hands afterwards, a guy told me that I played really well in the beginning.

Week:14 The Most Beautiful House Ever By Mikolaj

One day when Luke and I were in the forest we saw a monkey running in the most beautiful house ever. We really wanted to swop houses because we had a really bad one.  Luke went in front and I went at the back.

15 minutes later when we were nearly there we saw a monkey running into a Vodafone shop. We sprinted to its  house and my phone did a noise “there is no internet connection”. Luke’s  phone did the same thing and when we got upstairs we saw an aggressive female monkey pushing a computer off a table.

We laughed so loudly and the monkeys kicked us out of their house. So we went back to our old house and stayed there forever.

Week:13 The Cute Cub By Mikolaj

One day when my friend Luke and I were in our tree house we saw a tiger eating people and breaking things …everything. We really wanted to change that. So we decided that night to creep into its home.

Finally, we got there and we saw a cub. Luke went up to it and left it because he didn’t look bad. I stayed at the front but suddenly Luke called me. Quickly the tiger went to the front and the tiger was blocking our escape.

There was real pandemonium now…

Week:12 My BFF By Mikolaj

One day I tried to break my friend out of prison. He was there in his second month. When the guards took a break for lunch I knew it was time.

Quietly I dug a small hole just to fit myself and him in. I was in the middle of digging that hole when I ran out of battery. Luckily I had an emergency bag with a white sandwich in it. I ate it all in about … 2 minuites.

I hurried back to him and because of the sandwich I was fully energetic. So I made the other half of the small tunnel in no time at all. Soon after we went home and had a party together.

Week:11 A Terrible Moment. By Mikolaj.

One day when my friends and I went to the park we saw a full person in black clothes (even all of its skin was covered) We wondered who was that or even what was that?

Tom really wanted to know. A second later he crept slowly up to it. Suddenly as he went closer and closer, it moved. Everybody was extremely scared and ran away.

We weren’t certain if it was a boy or a girl but we saw short hair from under the hood.

We went slowly home afterwards – puzzled.

Week:10 Destroyed Bank By Mikolaj

One day my friends and I were in our tree house. At night time Tom looked out the window and saw a robber stealing money from the bank. He told all of us what happened. We carefully went to the bank and sneakily got the money from him, and when he saw all of us he ran away.

Jeff said “but where would we hide it all?  I said let’s go home with it all and the next day we will see what we will do. So we went to bed. Jeff got up at 7:00am and rang the police. When the police came to us and they were very SURPRISED. 5 minutes later the robber came and the police got him and put him into jail for the rest of his life.

Week 9 By Mikolaj

One day when I went to a random place at 8:00pm there was about a 100 people there. I was by myself. At 8:15 I saw something strange. I ran into a bar but they were walking beside me. So finally I ran into them and blazed their head off. But wait I did nothing to them. It was 8:55 now and they are still following me.

I speedily ran home at 40kmph somehow and got home at 9:00. I got my pyjamas ready, brushed my teeth and went for a shower. I went to sleep at 10:00pm and got up 11:00am and everything was gone.


Week:7 My farm By Mikolaj

I live on a farm. There are cows, chickens, dogs, cats, hens, sheep and donkeys there. I never have free time there. Every morning I give every animal something to eat. Firstly I go to the cats, then I go to the dogs, thirdly I go to the hens and chickens (they live in the same spot) and finally the sheep, cows and donkeys (they live in a stable together).

One night there was a hurricane warning and I went to bed. It was 2:00 am. I closed my door. Later I heard cats and dogs MIAOWING and BARKING so I opened the door and I let them in. As the door slammed in my face I knew the hurricane had arrived.

Week 5: Gold is best By MIkolaj

It comes with me. It’s gold and very nice. It’s on my neck from my Godfather. I thanked him so much. When I go soccer traning I leave it at home. Carefully I put it in a special box. My friends think that it is very nice. I can’t go anywhere without it. It’s just the best thing that I have. There’s nothing better than it. I’m telling you that you would love it. If it was Silver it wouldn’t be the best but it’s gold and that’s why I love it.

Week 4 New dog By Mikolaj

One day, I was home alone with my older brother and my younger sister. We were watching TV. Then fifteen minutes later Mum came, and an hour later my Dad came. Dad bought a dog and the dog was wearing glasses.

My brother named the dog Jeff. My brother’s name is Kevin and he took Jeff for a walk. At night time he slept on my bed and woke me up. Suddenly I woke Kevin up and my sister was sleeping still. Kevin, Jeff and I went downstairs. Kevin gave Jeff food and walked out with him. Soon my sister came and asked where was Jeff? He came without glasses.

Week 3: The Jungle Crocodile By Mikolaj

Once upon a time I lived in a jungle. In the jungle there were two lakes. In one lake there lived a crocodile and in the other there was a fishing place. Lots of people went to the wrong lake and got hurt by the crocodile. I did not like that happening so I decided to teach him a lesson.

I bought a purple knife and went up to him and had a fight. Straight away I looked in his eyes and jumped and cut a centimeter of his skin Suddenly I  twisted in the air and I did a difficult jump. Afterwards we became friends and I called him the professor. We lived along happily together.
The END.

Week 2: Mars By Mikolaj

One day, I lived on a planet Called Mars. I worked in my factory with my friends for 20 years and I was waiting for money to buy my space ship. And a year after I had the amount of money to buy the space ship. So I bought it and the colour was blue. Inside it was 20 by 20 metres big and it was just perfect. I tested it all around Mars.

One day I decided to fly to every planet, so I got bags and everything and flew. It took me 5 days to fly to Earth. When I was there I bought a bucket, beads, sweets and lots other things. Unfortunately, I tripped and all of it fell. I left it and went back to Mars. What a good trip.

Week 1 Halloween by Mikolaj

One Halloween night My friend Tom and I went through a tunnel. We wanted to go to the houses at the other side of it. When we were in the middle of the tunnel we heard a scary noise. So what lies ahead of us we thought. It was so dark that we could see nothing.

Tom had a torch in his back bag and it saved us from the wolf which was making that scary noise. He was walking behind us. Finally we were at the end of the tunnel and got to all the houses with out any trouble. I came home this time safely and happy. My bag was full of sweets. I could hardly lift it. It was the best Halloween ever.