Week 26: Malicious Mathew By Naglis

“Aha I’m finally finished” I sighed. I just needed to pop into the store for some batteries to start it up. I skipped joyfully to the shop and darted back home excitedly.

Meanwhile Mathew (my little brother) was at home and “accidentally” dropped my precious invention which I had worked on. I galloped into the room with exhaustion and realised it had broken.


I was so cross that I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists tightly together. My bright pink lip started quivering up and down. I was fizzing like a freshly poured cup of lemonade.


Week 24: Inscrutable Door By Naglis

Suspiciously, I peeked inside and I spotted a weird eerie looking door. I was dying to see what was inside. The next night at eleven pm sharp I would sneak inside and check it out. As I shoved the door open the smell was of damp and decay. I could feel my heart thumping rapidly. My heart was beating like a drum. I was shaking like I just saw a ghost. I felt minutely safer as I had a flashlight. Suddenly my flashlight started flickering. I spotted a door half off its hinges. As it creaked open, I tiptoed inside.

“Empty, what a surprise,” I thought to myself.

“BOOM” and the door slammed shut…

Week 23: Superstitious Simon By Naglis

Simon was superstitious. He believes in every omen he knows. For example walking under a ladder and never growing again. Every year he would make a wish to the local wishing well. Sadly his wish never comes true, but he doesn’t give up.

As he was walking on the pavement he turned right and he arrived. He got three coins (that was his lucky number), threw them into the river and thought. “I wish that I could have a glimmering red Ferrari.” He watched them sink slowly. Next morning he woke up looked outside and guess what he saw… Nothing!

“I give up” he roared.

Week 22: Miserable Meal By Naglis

“Hello everybody, welcome back to Master Chef!”

“Today we are watching the two competitors Max and Frank trying to make a salad out of just vegetables and a vinegar in twenty minutes!”

Max was extremely worried and he thought this task was insurmountable. Max started by chopping his vegetables neatly. Next he put it all into a bowl and started mixing them together. After a while you could hear one of the judges shout “10 seconds left!”

In the heat of the moment, Max accidentally poured way too much vinegar in. When he handed it to the judge she squirmed as the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 21: Affable Aaron By Naglis

Joyfully, Aaron was walking in town searching for a Valentines Day gift for his one true love. Just around the corner of town he spotted a little shop that he had never seen before. Cautiously he walked into the shop and stared open mouthed. There were teddy bears everywhere!

“She loves teddy bears!” he exclaimed.

Aaron bought a cute little white one with a red ribbon around its neck. As he was so happy he skipped home delightfully. But he dropped it! Later he scurried back to exactly where he had thought he lost it.

But how could it just disappear?..

Week 20: Miserable Mansion By Naglis

Scared, I stared through the window into the dank eerie mansion. This mansion was located at the fringe of town. Deep down inside I knew that I shouldn’t go in there and that, that house was fraught with danger, but I also just had to see what was inside there.

After a while, I said to myself that I was no coward and so I shoved open the black door. As I was tiptoeing inside, the smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. I could hear some music which was completely out of tune. I kept walking until I came to a door half off its hinges.

I pushed it open and you’ll never guess what was inside…

Week 19: Mischievous Mathew By Naglis

Walking in the fringe of town Mathew was washed out so he bombarded Black Eyed Jack’s house with eggs. While he was at it he checked the house out as well. As he shoved the door open he peeped inside open-mouthed. Cautiously and carefully he tiptoed inside. His heart was thumping rapidly and it was beating like a drum. 

 Fortunately, he had brought his flashlight with him. He could see dozens of doors in front of him but he wouldn’t dare to go in. “The people weren’t lying, this house is really fraught with danger!” The last door creaked open suspiciously and he crept inside


When the door slammed shut Mathew knew he was trapped…

Week 18: Wicked Warriors By Naglis

“Yay, I’m going to Sydney!” Robert exclaimed.

After an extremely long flight Robert was exhausted. Then he had a relaxing nap and  was more energetic than ever.

First of all he went to Sydney Opera House which was absolutely fantastic.              Next he went to a beach not far from his opulent hotel. The lavender sand was as smooth as a varnished table. In the distance he spotted dozens of multicoloured  figures.

“I must go see that,” he whispered to himself.

Cautiously, he tiptoed over to the smallest warrior and he suddenly disappeared. “HELP!”              

Week 17: Daring Dinah By Naglis

“You’re grounded” roared Dinah’s strict pompous father.

“You are definitely not going to the concert” he added.

Angrily, Dinah leaped on her bed and started crying heavily. But an idea sprung to her mind. “I could sneak out” she whispered to herself cheekily. So she put on her best clothes and covered her face with her mother’s opulent make up. Next she darted out of the window and she scurried off to the concert.

Meanwhile back at the house her mother walked into the room to check on her as  her father wasn’t in a good mood. “But how could she just disappear?” thought Dinah’s mother…

Week 16: Dreadful Day By Naglis

“Your fired” roared my cantankerous, chubby, pompous boss Jack as he smiled smugly. I limped downed the stairs slowly while hyperventilating. I trotted over to my niece’s pink bicycle and cycled home. I could feel my eyes getting watery and I could even feel some tears dripping off my cheeks. I scurried inside the door of my house and then realised that I still had to pay my electricity bills and my mortgage but I didn’t get my wages. So soon after my house got taken away from me as well. Now all I have left is myself and my poor goldfish, Bubbles. 

What would I do now..?

Week 15: Robbery Gone Wrong By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted Stephen’s chubby pompous impatient boss-Frank.

“Sure, I don’t really have a choice” Stephen replied.

It was half past ten and the two men were crouching uncomfortably in the bushes while being camouflaged. Their hearts were thumping rapidly as they shuffled inside the back door of the bank.

“The safe is this way” whispered Frank.

They scurried inside and put all they could, into their brown scruffy bags and darted back out again. Breathless, Stephen sat down beside the bonfire and the light blinded him.

“We have done it,” he thought…

Nee Naw Nee Naw.

“Sugar honey ice tea!” “Run!”

Week 14: Ghastly Portrait By Naglis

“It’s Christmas” screeched my cantankerous little sister. My sister and I scurried down stairs and there were dozens of present under our green artificial tree. “I got it, I got it” I bellowed as I danced around in delight. I held up my ticket to the new picture gallery in town clearly so that everyone could see. Excitedly, I woke up the next morning while humming songs happily. Not long after my breakfast I darted to it. I skipped into the-New Arrivals section and I spotted a unique cerulean picture and it seemed to be staring at me…

Week 13: Menacing Man By Naglis

Happily and Joyfully Patrick and James were driving carefully on a damp ghastly isolated road and suddenly they came to a halt. They stepped out. They realised they ran out of gas. They looked around. There was no one and nothing. The air smelt of damp and decay. In the distance Patrick spotted a dot that turned into a speck – then a speck that turned into a blob – then a blob that turned into a figure and a figure that turned into a man.  A menacing man that started chasing after them! They could feel their hearts thumping rapidly inside them like a drum. Patrick and James darted left into the woods but they were exhausted.                       What would they do now?

Week 12: Abominable Attempt By Naglis

Bored and tired my colleague-Jim and I were at home thinking about what we could get up to that day.

“I have an idea, we could get my fake toy gun because there’s no chance in the world that we would get a real one and go to the post office and demand money… can we please try?”Jim asked cantankerously.

“Sure why not?” I answered.

We put our black masks on and headed to the post office. Surprisingly it worked. We came home dancing in delight …until I turned the T.V on and we seemed to be on the television.

Moments later we heard banging outside the door

. “FBI open up!”

Week 11: Guilty Graffiti Artist By Naglis

Running through the city my legs were getting weaker than a sprinting elephant. I was a wanted graffiti artist getting chased!

I darted left into a creepy hazardous looking wood which was my last hope. Sweat trickled down my forehead and onto my cheeks. My lungs are burning and my legs are aching. I can feel my heart thumping rapidly like a drum.  I glance around trying to get my bearings. Not long after I came to a bike in a tree. I took no notice of it but I clumsily pushed the handle.

A portal opened.

But the question was  – what was inside..?

You Wouldn’t Guess What Was Inside… By Naglis

“Are we nearly there yet. Mother?” I groaned wearily.

My parents and I were on a private jet travelling to cliffs in Thailand. As you probably realised I am a rich but adventurous twelve-year-old kid named Nick. Not long after, we finally arrived. I glared into the distance and I spotted a dreary looking, abandoned house. I couldn’t think of anything else but exploring that house.

“Nick don’t you dare go into that um eerie house!” snapped my mother.

“See you later” I replied menacingly.

As I shoved the door open it creeked perilously. As the door slammed shut behind me I thought there was no escape. It was as black as coal inside there and I was as pale as snow. Cautiously, I moved a few steps forward and I tumbled down into a hole. The smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. My shiny white teeth were clattering uncontrollably. I felt a little safer because I had a flashlight. In the distance, I heard a terrifying loud scornful laugh.

“Holy Cow! What was that” I thought.

To my own surprise, I kept walking forward. Down by the cliffs, my parents were worried sick.

“Should we go in?” my mother said while shaking.

“Of course not, he got into this trouble so he will have to get out of it as well,” answered my chubby pompous stepfather who was as arrogant as a cranky teacher.

But she didn’t listen to him. She darted across the field and when she reached her destination, the door was locked. Soon after I came to a wooden door half of its hinges. Courageously but carefully I opened the door and you wouldn’t guess what was inside…

Week 10: Run! By Naglis

A pair of boys named James and Mark were running around the zoo excitedly looking for the gorilla. It didn’t take long for them to find him, he was in his cage up to his usual shenanigans. They stopped and glared at him for a second. “Boring” exclaimed James.

Surprisingly they started throwing bright red bricks at the poor gorilla trying to impress the pretty girls wearing yellow dresses. The gorilla roared menacingly. The two of the boys’ teeth started clattering together uncontrollably. All of a sudden the gorilla shoved the door open perilously. 

             There was only one thing left to do-RUN!

Week 9: Dreadful Dare By Naglis

It was a dark dreary windy hazardous night and Luke, Theo and I were playing Truth Or Dare. It was Theo’s turn and he picked me.

“Truth Or Dare he asked excitedly.

“Dare” I answered nervously.

“I dare you to explore the eerie house at the end of the street.”

And so I did. I put in a mammoth effort to open the door and as it opened it creaked perilously. The smell was of damp and decay. I could hear the whirling wind outside. My heart was beating like a drum. Unfortunately, my light started flickering. Soon I came to a door half off its hinges. I wondered what was behind the door. As I opened it I was in shock and dismay.


Week 6: Pepper Made Pandemonium By Naglis

Back in the day there was a queen named Pepper who was hosting a party at her castle in Bath, London. Pepper was married to a fire fighter who was an extremely jolly man. But Pepper had a secret – she liked the colour orange which was known as a sign of weakness.

Later on people started gathering and the Party started. Everyone danced their heart out. Soon Pepper spilled a glass of champagne on her colourless grey dress so she went to change it. Clumsily  she put on a bright silky orange dress. She came downstairs and what a shock everyone got when they spotted her.

What would she do now?

Week 5: Sad Snowflakes By Naglis

Snowflakes falling down from the sky I quickly got up and glanced out the window.

“It’s snowing!” I bellowed.

Before I got too happy it reminded me of a time when me and grandad Jim would build snowmen outside. Sadly that’s never gonna happen again. I waited until noon and then I went outside to play. My brother cheered me up a bit. We started making snow angels, snowmen and bombarded each other with snowballs. …But I still wish Grandad Jim was here.  

Week 4: Abominable Animals By Naglis

Running through the forest while gasping for breath and my heart beating like a drum,  I can feel it thumping rapidly in my chest. Sweat trickling down my forehead and onto my nose and cheeks.  I wipe it off with a torn sleeve. I quickly glance around trying to get my bearings. Four irate bloodhounds trying to chase me down in the distance. I stop for a second. My lungs are burning but I keep going. I’m heading to the river to try and lose my scent.

Suddenly three animal statues with green eyes stop and glare at me viciously…

Week 3: Confident Jonathon By Naglis

My brother in law Jonathon was extremely confident that he could drive a car even though he doesn’t have one. It was his birthday next week so I was planning to buy him a car. I knew he couldn’t drive so I didn’t buy him a fancy car instead I bought him a whopping 2001 Toyota Corolla. Eventually the day came.

“Of course I can drive a car” exclaimed Jonathon on the day.

“Watch this” he bellowed.

He hopped into the car and put it onto reverse which he thought was Race mode. “Watch everybody”  he repeated.

But it seemed to be going backwards? I wonder why?







Week 2: An Abominable Attempt By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank!” insisted my chubby pompous boss who’s as bossy as a teacher and always wears Lacoste (some kind of brand with an alligator on it). Stealthily I  drove down to the bank while my boss was at the back slurping his Fanta. Moments later we stepped out of the mauve Bugatti. It was too tricky to get in so we couldn’t do it.

Instead, we climbed to the top and luckily the window was open. My boss was filling bags with everything he could see! I heard the police and sprinted as fast as a bullet to hide behind one of the bushes.

CLIP went the handcuffs on my boss’s hands.

Week 1 by Naglis

Nervously I took my first step into the eerie hazardous house at the end of the street. The smell was of damp and decay. I could see a dozen of the doors half off their hinges. Sweat dripping off my head feeling terrified I didn’t know what to do. Tiptoeing across the dark ghastly hallway I was as pale as snow. I felt a little safer because I had a flashlight. Moments later my batteries ran out.

What would I do now?

In the distance, I saw a rope which I thought was a light. Without thinking I pulled it. I looked up and  I saw a sandbag falling at me as fast as a bullet…and the rest is history. 

Week 37: Has She Gone Bonkers? By Naglis (Part 2)

She still could not believe what she had done. It was raining all morning and the police were in the house looking for clues. Soon enough they figured out it was Sarah. She went to court the next morning.

“Why have you done this you young lady?” roared out the judge.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah sobbed

. “Well you should be” exclaimed the judge with no mercy.

“What is my punishment?”

“Nothing because you are a child – But you won’t get away that easy next time!”

(If you want to read Part one go onto  https://mrsboycesclass.100wc.net/week-35-has-she-gone-bonkers-by-naglis/

Week 36: Headless Hunter By Naglis

Hunter Harry went off to Scotland to look for and kill the Loch Ness Monster. He finally arrived and was very excited. He had a revolver with him and was nervous but of course he was excited.

When pupils around the world heard what he was doing they were extremely disappointed. He was now sailing around for quite a bit with his revolver in his hand and suddenly he spotted a shadow, a big one in the fog which was about a kilometre away. He got close.

Suddenly the tip of his weapon was twisted and the Loch Ness Monster was behind him. With nowhere to go what would he do..?

Week 35: Has She Gone Bonkers? By Naglis

“Ding Dong”.

Nobody answered. Cautiously and slowly she opened the door which was half off its hinges. It was dark and the smell was of damp and decay. She saw a wallet full of money inside it. Quickly she snatched the man’s wallet and darted home. She hid the wallet. However, she could not believe what she had done.

The next morning she heard a knock on the door. It was a policeman.

“Have you seen anyone entering that dark house and coming out with a wallet?”

“Sadly not no sir” she answered. 

What will she do now?  Will she own up?…or will she not..?

Week 34: A Horrific Start To Spring By Naglis

One Spring day, the countryside was full of beautiful yellow daffodils and gorgeous pink tulips. Billy who was the child of the rich pompous mayor was sitting beside the huge bridge which was leading to the centre of town.

Later he went to play in the park with his friends. They were so tired after it that Billy decided to buy a cool refreshing ice-cream with crushed chocolate sprinkled on top. Everyone went home but Billy stayed sitting on the bridge.

Suddenly a man came up to him and put him to sleep with chloroform. As soon as he woke up he asked nervously “Where am I”?