Week 36: Headless Hunter By Naglis

Hunter Harry went off to Scotland to look for and kill the Loch Ness Monster. He finally arrived and was very excited. He had a revolver with him and was nervous but of course he was excited.

When pupils around the world heard what he was doing they were extremely disappointed. He was now sailing around for quite a bit with his revolver in his hand and suddenly he spotted a shadow, a big one in the fog which was about a kilometre away. He got close.

Suddenly the tip of his weapon was twisted and the Loch Ness Monster was behind him. With nowhere to go what would he do..?

Week 35: Has She Gone Bonkers? By Naglis

“Ding Dong”.

Nobody answered. Cautiously and slowly she opened the door which was half off its hinges. It was dark and the smell was of damp and decay. She saw a wallet full of money inside it. Quickly she snatched the man’s wallet and darted home. She hid the wallet. However, she could not believe what she had done.

The next morning she heard a knock on the door. It was a policeman.

“Have you seen anyone entering that dark house and coming out with a wallet?”

“Sadly not no sir” she answered. 

What will she do now?  Will she own up?…or will she not..?

Week 34: A Horrific Start To Spring By Naglis

One Spring day, the countryside was full of beautiful yellow daffodils and gorgeous pink tulips. Billy who was the child of the rich pompous mayor was sitting beside the huge bridge which was leading to the centre of town.

Later he went to play in the park with his friends. They were so tired after it that Billy decided to buy a cool refreshing ice-cream with crushed chocolate sprinkled on top. Everyone went home but Billy stayed sitting on the bridge.

Suddenly a man came up to him and put him to sleep with chloroform. As soon as he woke up he asked nervously “Where am I”?

Week 33: Bufoons By Naglis

Knock knock

“Can I come in? “

What’s the code?”


“Come on in”.

Henry the ant was working for a secret ant agency who were battling against the caterpillars. The abominable war has been going on for nearly six weeks. The ants didn’t want to surrender but could not risk losing more precious lives.

There were two horse chestnuts and one was a trap that Harry placed the other night and the other one was their top secret base that only they knew about.  They knew that there were only a few caterpillars left to take down until the butterflies helped the caterpillars.

Why didn’t they think of that? What were they going to do now..?


Week 32: Tricky Treasure Hunt By Naglis

“3, 2, 1 and the hunt began!”

I was contemplating and thinking where to go but I didn’t understand the instructions. After a while I set off and came to a maze. On the map it said-right, left, straight, right, left, left, and then right. Cautiously I did all that and surprisingly it worked!

Next there was a spot the difference and type in the number you got. I got seven. It worked.

Last but not least there was a question. “Who captured St. Patrick when he was younger? “Niall Of The Nine Hostages”. It was correct.

“Yipee I won” I shouted.

Week 31: Sam The Sleepy Seagull By Naglis

Sam The Sleepy Seagull is an affable funny bird. He lives in the Fire Desert and takes his bath every Monday and Thursday morning in the beautiful Pink Lake. He snoops around Igloo City quite a lot and half of the time falls asleep.

He is good friends with Florence Flamingo and Grudge The Bear. His biggest enemy is Simon the Snapping Snake. Luckily he was never in Conform Jail but he once was very close to being caught.

His power is that he can freeze anyone for a minute and he can slow down time…and at ten o’clock it’s time for bed!

Week 28: Fantastic Robot By Naglis

“Finally I’ve finished it!” sighed Mark.

Mark had constructed a robot with no body or head to help make the world a better place. His name was Long Legs. He would clean up any litter that was thrown on the ground, make sure nobody was fighting etc. There was peace all over London and Long Legs was a great success until … a horrible hooded figure placed a landmine in the woods.

There was a marathon in the woods and a kind pleasant lady stepped on the landmine by accident. Luckily she kept her foot on it. Soon Long Legs put his feet on it and told everyone to run away. “Boom” he exploded.

Now there is a sculpture of him in the woods in his honour.

Week 27: Dreadful Plan By Naglis

“Let’s rob the jewellery shop” insisted Frank’s chubby pompous boss-Mark. “Alright” Frank answered.

As they sat into the car Mark slurped the last of his cold juicy slushy. Frank was disguised as a guard and tried to distract the rather large guard who was monitoring the shop that night. Quietly Mark dashed into the shop and stole almost every jewel and every single penny.

Suspiciously the guard called the police and reported that some kind of man (Frank) was trying to bamboozle him by telling him to go home! Steve and Mark ran. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress…

Week 26: Relegation Battle By Naglis

“SCREECH,” went the shiny yellow whistle as the tiny thin referee blew it.

Harry’s team were playing the team who were at the top of the table. His team had to win or else they would be relegated. As they kicked off Paddy had an outstanding shot but sadly it whizzed wide. After that, the opponents scored a stunner from the halfway line! Harry’s team were lost after that. They conceded two more goals. Just before halftime, Tomas grabbed a goal back for the team.

At halftime, the manager encouraged the team and told them that they could still win.  Early in the second half, Harry scored. It seemed almost hopeless.

Could they do it..?

Week 25 : Bamboozled Jimmy by Naglis

Jimmy-the guy who was in charge of watching the cameras in the bank heard that outrageously loud sound on the roof.
“Probably just a bird” he thought.
Next he looked at the camera on the roof and he saw a thief.
“But how did he get up there?” he thought once again.
He went outside and to his surprise he actually got up on the roof.
“I gotcha now” he shouted. All of a sudden the thief jumped off the roof. Jimmy cautiously slid down the pole and he realised that it was a stunt man.

“Oh dear I’m in trouble” he thought.

Week 24 : The China Cup by Naglis

“What will I do?” thought Lucy. It was getting near enough to St.Patricks day and Lucy wanted to do something associated with it. It was bright and sunny so she said she would try and draw a leprechaun outside.

“Lucy” cried her mother. “Time to eat”.
She ate her appetizing pasta and then went outside again to draw. As soon as she was on her finishing touches, she suddenly heard a “Bang”. Lucy did not know what that was so she went to see. Slowly and cautiously she crept over. Suddenly she spotted a gargantuan cup.

“That’s not going to harm me” laughed Lucy.
Suddenly she got sucked in!
“Hello” chuckled the leprechaun.

This is going to be a long day thought Lucy.

Week 23 Turning Tables By Naglis

“Go clean up that mess” bellowed the company’s manager-Pat. As I slowly started picking up the mess I thought “but what if I was in charge?”

All of the workers of the company were tired of being bossed around. So we thought all night and eventually, we came up with a plan. We were going to try and make Pat leave.

Happily Pat walked into the room the next day and a bucket full of sticky slimy green paint fell right on top of his head. Soon he slipped on a banana skin. Right away he slammed the door shut and never ever came back again!

Week 23: A Terrible Attempt by Naglis

“BEEP” went the alarm.
My chubby boss with a long brown mustache hanging above his lips grabbed the money and then passed it to me as we drove off in his outrageously fast and expensive Ferrari. We could hear the noise coming from behind us and we were panicking. We had a rendezvous with the cruel gangsters just outside of town.
As my boss drifted to our right he splashed the dirty soggy snow into the police cars window. Suddenly we realised we were at a dead end.

“Clip” went the hand cuffs onto our hands and we were sent right to prison.
As I entered the dark dreary cell I thought ” but what if I was in charge?”

Week 22: Abominable Arthur By Naglis

Finally I’ve finished the potion,” sighed Professor Brown as he slurped the last of his juicy Lucozade.

“What’s that for?” questioned his neighbour Arthur.

“It’s for my experiment to make goldfish bigger,” answered Professor Brown.

Slowly Professor Brown poured the potion into the glass for the following day and hopped into his cosy snug bed.

Quickly Arthur flew home and lay down on his bed. Exhausted he thought, “I want to get bigger.” He had an idea. During the night he crept into the ghastly laboratory and swallowed all of the potion in one gulp…He got bigger and bigger and bigger…

Week 21: Troublesome Trees By Naglis

“Look to your right Tommy – It’s the forest” chattered Sarah-Tommy’s mother. Tommy sighed. Suddenly Tommy saw a tree move!

He wanted to investigate. The day before,  the town’s pompous mayor opened a titanic amusement park and the trees didn’t like that because it was their old home.

During the night the trees were practising karate. As soon as they were about to finish up,  Tommy came in and his eyes popped and his mouth opened wide. Quickly he sprinted home.

What Tommy didn’t know was they were going to annihilate the city.

What would Tommy and the city do?

Week 20 Unpleasant Idea: By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted my pompous chubby boss, Isaac.

“We can’t” I roared back. “We will get caught. “

I didn’t want to go but I had to. At last we got there. Isaac slurped the last of his Slushy.   Cautiously we tiptoed over to where all the cash was. Suddenly we spotted a bright light flickering in the distance. Isaac broke all the cameras and boasted “I’m the best.”

“Yes I know” I sighed.

When we got the money we tiptoed back. Soon we saw a guard. We were moving very fast when the guard was chasing us. We stopped at a dead end.

What would we do now?

Week 19: Mysterious Monster By Naglis

One bright sunny summer’s evening I was walking home from school and suddenly my drainpipe caught my eye. I heard an inexplicable sound. It looked to be something squeaky, fearsome and troublesome. I decided I was going to catch it. Sadly I didn’t have a clue how to trap it but I eventually figured it out.

I would put out a scrumptious appetizing sandwich with a bell and see what happened. Soon it was time.  I snuck out and looked. I was probably there for hours but then I heard a sound. Next, I saw a colossal spider and it came down the drainpipe.

Week 18: A Frozen Fact By Naglis

It was a ghastly cold night in 1997 and Professor Cobra was making an unpleasant potion. Suddenly Jake his younger brother stormed in. He was plundering around until Professor Cobra stopped him.

“What do you want this time?”

“Nothing,” replied Jake.

“Then get out!” bellowed Professor Cobra.

Finally, he could carry on and hopefully Jake with his shenanigans would go away. Sadly a few months later he died because of cancer.

In early 2018 a posh family was going into a French restaurant. Just outside it, was where Professor Cobra spilled the potion. After a delicious enjoyable meal they stopped and they could not move  …They froze as statues!

Week 16: Handy Andy By Naglis

It was night-time in the city and Andy or as most people called him HandMan was watching if there was any trouble. Suddenly he saw a bright white light coming from the bank. He ran as quick as the wind to the bank. Quietly he peeked through the window.

“Oh no,” he thought there were nearly ten of them. He knew the men there were definitely not affable. There was pandemonium inside and their boss was up to his usual shenanigans. He went in and with one blast out of his thumb he knocked all of them down.

Will he become a Marvel superhero?

Week 15: The Match By Naglis

It was Saturday morning and Tom was nervous for the cup final at 12:30. Tom walked to the stadium. All of the team were in the dressing room bombarding the manager with questions… “What formation are we playing?” ” What position am I playing in?” …”Stop!” the manager shouted.

Tom was captain and he was playing striker. When we were shaking the other teams hands the captain was as proud as a peacock. In the beginning Paddy hit the post and it was scoreless at half time. The manager lambasted us in the dressing room. Tom knew his team needed to win.

“C’mon we can win this!” the manager roared as we kicked off the start of the second half.

Week 14: Mindless Monkey By Naglis

One bright sunny day a monkey named Scrimp was outrageously bored. Scrimp was full of skulduggery and shenanigans. He told his friends he was going to break out of the zoo. Excitedly he waited until it was dark and cold Off he went. Surprisingly Scrimp knew how to use a laptop.

Quickly he ran to the chubby pompous mayor’s house. Scrimp climbed to the top and shouted out” I’m the king ” Then he jumped into the office. There was a brand new Mac book on the table. He turned it on and looked for images of himself and his friends. Sadly it was out of battery. He tried to get out but he couldn’t he was locked in. Suddenly he heard the mayor opening the door…

Week 13: Abominable Alex By Naglis

It was a dark dreary night and Alex had nothing to do. He called me over but I didn’t help. Just as I was about to go Alex shouted out “let’s do a robbery”. He gave me a menacing look as if to say do it or else. So I agreed.

Moments later we walked over towards my Bugatti Veyron. We speeded off to the zoo. First of all, we both jumped over the gate.  and then we headed to the office where all the money was. The money was in the closet. Alex smashed all the stuff protecting it and grabbed everything.

Unfortunately,when I was running I accidentally tipped the gargantuan red button. We didn’t stop running until we got to the gate. …The tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 12 Professor Pat By Naglis

It was a bright sunny evening and Professor Pat was trying to make a time machine. He was ravenous so he ate his exquisite sandwich made with white bread. Surprisingly buffoon Ben came in and pressed random buttons. Pat loathed Ben and Ben despised Pat.

As soon as Pat was finished eating Ben dashed outside. Ben was always energetic. Later on, Professor Pat finished the time machine.
He tried to start it but it wouldn’t. He had to get a new battery. He looked at his watch – it was two minutes to ten. Oh, no thought Pat Spar is only open ’til ten.

Pat hurried off to spar like a cheetah who has seen meat in the distance. Fortunately, he got them. He started it and came to a dark ghastly place. He couldn’t get out.

What would he do?…

Week 11: Pandemonium By Naglis

One dull misty night a monk named Jonathon was on the lookout. Everyone was snoring – it sounded like a gorilla protecting his young. Later on Jonathon was fast asleep as well. Moments later he woke up and saw massive Viking longships.

The longships were as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Jonathon took no notice at all. The moment he hit his pillow he was fast asleep again.

The Vikings smashed through the wooden gates and started raiding. Suddenly, there was pandemonium everywhere. The Vikings didn’t kill anyone but they took chalices, books, water and all the food they had.

The next day they Jonathon put a dark black cloak on and hoped that nobody would recognise him.

Week 10: Brilliant Burglary By Naglis

One dark night Stealing Spike and Thief Tom decided to look for treasure. By the way they are pirates. Stepping into their ship Spike headed for the steering wheel while Tom looked around. Suddenly Tom spotted a Jolly Rodgers flag. They headed straight towards it. Tom put on his armour. Later on Spike put on his armour.

They hopped on to the other ship. Nobody was there. To their surprise they saw a gargantuan pot of gold. Their hearts nearly popped out of excitement. Straight away they took the gold and took it home. Just as they were brushing their teeth they heard sirens howling outside.

“Wait but where are we going to hide it all?”

Week 9: Parallel Peter By Naglis

It was a bright sunny day in Dringfield and Peter was getting ready to go to Madam Trussauds – a wax museum. He put on his warm fluffy coat and set off. On the way he stopped at a beautiful café. He had a flavoursome tea and an exquisite biscuit.

Eventually he arrived at the wax museum.  First of all he skipped off to the celebrity place. He took pictures with people like James Bond, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell.

Some time later he saw a dark dull grey door half off its hinges. He took a step through….There he saw ghosts giving him menacing looks.

“Am I in a parallel world?” he thought.

Week 7: Dreadful Dare By Naglis

It was a dark dreary windy night and Luke, Theo and I were home alone. We were playing Truth Or Dare. It was Theo’s turn and he picked me.

‘Truth or Dare?’ he asked.

‘Dare’ I answered nervously.

“I dare you to step inside the eerie house at the end of the street. ”

And so I did. I slowly walked to the house. I stepped inside.
I could hear the whirling wind outside. I felt safe because I had a flashlight. The smell was of damp and decay. I cautiously tiptoed across the corridor. My light started flickering. I got to a door saying “Funderland”. I was anxious to open it. I could see the door half off its hinges. I opened the door.
As the door slammed I knew I was trapped…

Week 5: Priceless Stuff By Naglis

This is an item that I received around a year ago. It sits on my neck. It’s priceless to me. My dad gave it to me. It’s so precious that I don’t bring it to school just in case I lose it. I cherish it most at weekends. Usually I play with it when I’m scared or nervous. Sometimes I would just stare at it when I’m really sad. My mom think’s it is beautiful. When I look at it I think of my phenomenal dad. Can you guess what it is?