Week 4: Did You Know? By Naglis

Henry was a pet lover. He had a mouse, a hamster, a cat and a dog. Sadly he couldn’t stay with them all the time. He always went to work at nine and came back at four.

One bright sunny day the animals were extremely bored. When Henry left the animals decided to have a party. Little did they know that he was only going to the shop. When he came back he saw the mouse in a pig costume, the hamster was in a cow costume, the cat was in a bright pink dress and the dog was wearing glasses. When the animals saw him they were in shock.

Guess what ?

Henry joined in.

Week 3: Professor Crocodile By Naglis

Professor Crocodile was in the middle of making a fairly difficult thick purple mixture. Subsequently his neighbour Paul stomped into the room. “What are you trying to make this time?” shouted Paul from a distance.

“Go away,” muttered Professor Crocodile.

Paul was a buffoon. A week later Professor Crocodile and Paul went for a hike. Prankster Paul sneaked in the thick purple mixture that Professor Crocodile was working on instead of a drink. He still didn’t finish the mixture. Paul was smiling the whole way up. Halfway through, Professor Crocodile took the drink out. Without having a glance at it he twisted the cap open took a sip and…

Week 2: Sweet Proof By Naglis

One bright sunny day Jake was walking home after popping into Eddie’s gardening centre to buy a plant for his mum because it was her birthday.
He was walking home until he heard a bang.He lost concentration for that one second and he dropped the plant. There were sweets everywhere.

Jake ran away petrified.What Jake didn’t realise was that there were two microscopic people there as well. Moments later his friend Niall ate one of the sweets. The wind blew and the sun turned into a storm as the two mini people came to life as murderers.

Niall fell asleep.The two people who used to be tiny took Niall away to an empty room. Niall woke up tied to a chair “What are you going to do to me?” …

Week 1: Jail Escape By Naglis

A few days ago Ricardo Alakazam escaped from prison…SECRETLY.

Hello my name is Spike. I work as a secret spy. I am trying to catch the prisoner Ricardo Alakazam. Come help me! I saw him last night with his pal. His pal’s name is Steve. How I know is that I heard him talking with him and he said Steve. When they went I set a camera in the trees.

Listen-“So what lies ahead of this tunnel?” asked Steve. “I don’t know.”

So they rested in the morning inside the tunnel… Got you.

The headlines in the newspaper are as I predicted – Astonishing hero Spike saves the year. Ricardo said,” The revenge is ON.”