My sister Rose was jumping up and down excitedly when she herd the news that we were going to Zambia. our cousin lives there. My sister only likes him because he has a scooter and she was really disappointed when all three aeroplanes were delayed but we got there even though we were late. Not surprisingly Rose ran over to our cousin as soon as she got of the aeroplane. We stayed at our cousins house for our holidays and Rose wouldn’t get off his scooter.


Week 27 : Pink uniform by Oisin

It all began when I was helping my mom with the laundry.  I was taking all the laundry out of the washing machine when I realised that my school jumper turned pink.

School started the following day.  When my mom found out she was really cross.  I looked all over the house trying to find another jumper but I found out that they had all turnd pink.

I was getting very worried.  What if I had to go to school in a pink uniform? Well, it happened … I went to school in a pink uniform and I was the laughing stock of the school

Grounded by Oisin

My favourite game was Age of Mythology –  It’s really old and no one plays it except me. But that game went missing and I trashed the house looking for it. I didn’t find it and I was so cross that I got sent to my room. I was in my room for at least an hour.  My mom told me to stay in my room until they were done tidying up. I never knew I made such mess and I was totally fed up of staying in my room. But then I found my disk and I was going to play it right away …if I wasn’t grounded.

Week 22 By Oisin

I was entering a baking competition.  I was baking sausages and chips and to make sure I would win I added a little cupcake at the side.  Oh, I just remembered I added some vinegar as well.  It was two minutes to go. I completed my work with five seconds left on the clock and when the judges took a bite they said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 21 : A journey for Teddy by Oisin

It all began when a teddy, an alive one was waiting for his perfect owner. He dreamt that he or she would be nice playful and free minded.

The teddy’s owner was a slob and teddy hated him. Teddy eventually got so fed up that he wanted to escape.  One night he jumped through the cat door and ran in search of a  better owner.  He searched and he searched and at last, teddy found her and best of all  …she was just as teddy imagined.

Week 18 : A terrifying nightmare By Oisin

I was going to Sydney when I saw a big jelly man. I wanted to take a picture and when I did one of them grabbed me and five of them took me to a cave. They started making a stew and then I heard these exact words …” time for the final ingredient” –   Time froze.  What if I was the final ingredient?

Then I looked at the positive side. I always wondered what it would be like to be dead … but time froze for me again and in a blink, I was in bed.  It must have been a dream ( Thank God!)

Week 11: Afraid of jail By Oisin

I was walking in the Island woods when I saw a bike in a tree. I tried to pull it out but when I did the whole tree collapsed. I heard police cars so I ran for my life I ran back into the city. I hid in between two houses for five minutes but then I had to run as I was cornered. I was caught but instead of going to jail he asked if I was all right.

“Yes,” I replied but then I was certain I was going to jail but again I wasn’t although I did have to pay a bill for the damage which I did.

A big fortune

long ago there was a house – an abandoned house.  Legend says that in it is a fortune beyond your wildest dreams but those who enter never come out and I decided to go in (most idiotic) and so I entered. I took five steps before the doors locked behind me. Two minutes later I found the fortune but I also found the dead bodies. I ran to the doors trying to open them but I couldn’t. I tried using a rusty fork as a lockpick but it disintegrated. I was worried what if I didn’t get out. I thought and I thought and then it came to me.  It was an abandoned house I could break through the walls and so I was free … (until I went to jail)

Week 1 : By Oisin

When I was young there was a statue representing a famous jailbreak.

It all began when a guy was found guilty when he actually was innocent. The life he had in jail was miserable. The cell was damp. There was no bed and the food was awful so he decided to escape but there was

Week 35 : Mistake by Oisin

At home a girl got her clothes dirty and decided to wash them. She put in her clothes and then by accident got shampoo instead of washing up liquid and put it in the wrong container. She hit the On button and left it.

Two hours later there were bubbles everywhere however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Well time to get cleaning!  Mom came home and she said she was dirty so she went to have a bath but all the shampoo was gone.  I was in big trouble not to mention what my dad would be like –  he would probably lock me in my room for a month.

Week 26 : Littering by Oisin

This is the story about a ten year old boy called Lloyd. He went to school on a Monday and the teacher was talking about littering.  She said who ever picks up the most litter will win a prize. Lloyd wanted  the prize so he went down the street just spotting

Week 24 : Trouble by Oisin

One day I found a cup. I picked it up and brought it home but my mom was mad and said to put it back. So I did. At night I snuck out and got the cup back. I hid it in my room. When I woke up the cup had grown hands.

I was petrified I ran but it was gaining on me. I tripped and he caught me. I tried to escape but it was no use. Then when IT was about to do something to me … I ended up in my bed. It was all a dream!

Week 19 Down the drain by Oisin

I heard a noise.  It came down the drainpipe. It was a very rare green budgie.

I raised it for two years. After that, my dad said it’s time to get rid of it. I refused and ran outside to hide the green budgie from my dad who went out looking for me.

My dad found me and took me home. Just when he was about to call the zookeeper I snatched the phone off of him and snuck into my room.

Then I found a way to keep the green budgie forever.

Week 16 A Bad Dream by Oisin

One day when I came out of school I saw a hand with legs. I ran away with my friend. I ran back inside but when we turned around it was there too.  We went back outside but it was there as well. It was like he could teleport.

Then it started to rain and the hand melted but he came back to life and went inside. But when it stopped raining  he came back outside. When he was about to get us … I blinked and I ended up in my bed.

Phew –  it was only a dream. What  a relief!

Week 15 Titanic by Oisin

In the beginning, they built a very big ship. Plenty of people went onboard the ship and they set sail.

They thought that the boat was unsinkable but a couple of hours later the boat hit an iceberg and the boat sank. They had lifeboats onboard but there weren’t enough of them to get everybody off the ship so some of them died and some of them lived.

Week 14 In a bad mood by Oisin

One day I came back from school in a bad mood.  Then my dad told me to connect him to the internet. Then my mom said to fix the shower.  After that my teacher wanted me at the school she wasn’t very happy. Later I came home again and I asked could I play the ps but my mom said no. I had to do the shopping. I got some milk and bread. I came home and then the girls wanted me to play with them.

Eventually I got so mad I broke the computer and I was grounded for a week.

Week 13 : Danger in the Attic by Oisin

One day Dad told me not to go into the attic but on Friday Dad was late home and we heard a very loud noise coming from the attic.  My dad was coming late home so we went into the attic.

I looked around but there was nothing there.  But when I turned around I saw a tiger.  The tiger was blocking our escape.  Then I threw a tennis racket and the tiger looked away.  Quickly I went out of the attic.

When I came down out of the attic dad was there and he did not look happy.  I was grounded for a month.

Week 11 Dreaming in bed by Oisin

One day I was lost in the forest and I thought that something was chasing me. So I ran for my life but then I looked around but nothing was there. As I walked on, I saw a statue.  Its hands were down and I turned my back on it for two seconds and then I took another look at it and its hands were up. Then I ran and ran. I left it there – I ran to the right – it was there again.

Then I looked around the place and it was everywhere. They walked over to me…

Week 10 Trapped in jail by Oisin

Once upon a time I got caught and sent to jail. Luckily I had a small shovel so I dug a hole and escaped but where will I hide the shovel? So I left it in the middle of the hole. Finally I was free to do whatever I wanted but then I got really hungry. I  boiled potatoes but they were tasteless so I added some spice. Then the guards came and they caught me and took me to jail again.

So now it looks like I will never ever get out of here.

Week 9 The two ghosts by Oisin

I was doing some shopping at night time.  Four minutes later I came out of the shops and saw two ghosts right in front of me. I told my parents but they didn’t see any ghosts so I looked again and saw no ghosts but I was certain I saw some ghosts. I went home and went to bed and then I heard a noise going past my curtains so I turned on my light and ran to my parents’ room and stayed there for the rest of the night.

Week 7 By Oisin

As the door slammed I knew something was behind me.  The worst thing was that someone dared me to go in and so I did.  It was hard to see in there but I thought it was ok.  There was only one sign of life –  a leaf that must have blown in.  As I walked on I heard a noise and I rushed back but the door was gone. So I looked for a window but there was no window to be seen.  Now I had to walk on to see if I was safe or not.. .I wasn’t safe. I felt I was gone for good.

Week 4 : Twitching around by Oisin

Once there were girls dressing up. Kate was wearing a skirt, a tutu, and a wig and for the other two boys they had to pick up every sock in the house even though they did get to play the play station for two minutes because they had to pick up some more socks as for the girls they decided to nag the boys while they were picking up the socks. When their mom came back she was very cross with the girls and now the girls had to pick up socks and the boys had to take the girls place and dress up in girl costumes and mom laughed when they did.

Week 2 : The Contagious Sweets by Oisin

it was break time and somebody had a jar of sweets. Then the jar broke and the jar and all the sweets fell to the ground. After school, the teacher found the sweets and ate them…

The next day the teacher came in very pale. Then it spread to one person then another and another. Soon the whole school was sick except the person who had the jar. His name was Alan. He gave everybody medicine and that made them feel better.

But how could the sweets be that contagious? Wait what sweets were they? They were the new ones. Once we knew that, we figured it out –  it was that new kind of sweets that were was so contagious!

Week 1: The Two Guardians by Oisin

So what lies ahead of me is a portal. Through the portal is a small little village. It’s a peaceful place but there are still two guardians in the other villages. They say that they are really spirits guarding the village. As I said it was a peaceful place until Friday the 13. On that day, the dark evil lord rose to destroy the gardens but still, they couldn’t get in. Because there was a  diamond wall around the village.