Oscar’s work

I will win this year.

I will not go to school today.

I am going to the park tomorrow.

I am not going to the shop today.

I will be going to the park on Saturday morning.

I will not go to the mass on Sunday night.


Jack will not go to the shop.


Alex will be running in the park today.

She can go to the party with her family.

The team is not ready for running today.

I can not read my book.

Oscar’s work

I will be on the moon when I am older.

I forgot that I have a test today.

The floor is going to break.

He is so near to them.

The wind blew the nest off the tree.


Oscar’s Work 14/1

Paul is very good at school today.

My mum will call me today.

I have a small book today.

I always play soccer at school.

My friend is very tall.

I saw the market stall in Cork.

We do not have a PE hall.


Oscar’s work.

My friend is so tall.

I do not have the ball.

Do you forget about them?..

Get your money with you.

Let me go to work!..

Do you have a pet?..

I am so wet today.

The day is so bad!..

This is the way to go to school.

My pen is not working.



Week 15 by Oscar

A robber was going to the shop to rob  $1000.

A man was looking for more new things but he did not have any money.

So he robbed the shop and got the things that he wanted and ran away.

Gary ran after the man who robbed the shop and the policeman caught the man and he went to jail.


Week 13 by Oscar

1.   Last  year  l was at home and l looked out the  Window and l saw Santa and 7 reindeer flying in the sky.

2. On Saturday  I will go to my friends house and we are going to hotel and we are going swimming.

3. Today I will go to the park  with my friends.

3. On Friday night I and my friends are going to play soccer. There will be 20 people there.

4. On Saturday I will go to my friend’s house. We are going to the cinema and we are going to see toystory3.

Week 4 By Oscar

Hollo.  My name in Oscar and I am in 5th Class.                                                              I live in Kanturk.                                                                                                                            I have two grandads and I have two nanas and I have three small cousins.

They are 5 and 3 years old.