Week 9 Different coloured Murderers by Paul

It was Halloween night and I just dressed up as Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.  I was walking over to my nana’s house when I saw a group of different coloured murderers behind me. My eye pupils went like a dot and then I fainted. The orange one spoke first. “Let’s steal his candy.” he said. When I woke up and they said “We’re not murderers you, loser!”

Then they walked away .

Happy Halloween

Week 7 Zombie apocalypse at Halloween by Paul

Day one of the zombie apocalypse at Halloween

I was getting ready for Halloween dressing up as Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine until I saw a group of zombies outside my house. I got a fright and ran to my sister and told her that there was a group of zombies outside and that we needed to call Dylan and Ben. So my sister went to get her phone. Until I reminded Olivia that her phone wasn’t there. “But where did it go” she shouted. “Remember we took it to the phone shop.”

WK 4 The day the Titanic wouldn’t start. By Paul

The year was April 13, 1912. The Titanic has just picked up people from Cobh. So Mr Murdoch told all crew members to start all engines. Suddenly the Titanic wouldn’t start so Mr. Murdoch went to Captain Smith and said “Excuse me, sir.  She won’t start. ”

Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay and Mr Murdoch went down to the engine room and no one was there. ” So that’s why it just wouldn’t take off.”

The poisoned avocado by Paul

The first time I was ever going to have an avocado. They say that they are good. But this one wasn’t!!! There was a poisoned elephant and bones in it. And every single bit of it was poisoned.

I knew it was poisoned because I smelled it. And I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my lips turned purple!  I also forgot to mention that there was a fried seahorse in it. . I just wanted to throw up in a trash  bin.