The fictional character that came to life art Part 2/2. By Paul

So after we got Pennywise back into the book we decided to go for a little hike in the woods. But the sign said ‘ Danger keep out ‘ but we paid no attention to the sign.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of waking Pennywise came out of the book and was stronger than ever. Then we decided to run out of the woods as fast as possible but like I said Pennywise got stronger. So Pennywise managed to grab me and Dylan and so it was all up to Ben to get the book.

So Ben went to the abandoned church and got the book. He got back to the woods and was just on time as well because Pennywise almost ate me and Dylan. Ben opened the book and Pennywise got sucked in again. After he got sucked in we burned the book and Pennywise was never seen again.


Week 22. The fictonal character that came to life. By Paul

So one time me , Dylan and Ben were riding our bikes to the park. After we finished we went to the abandoned church. When we were on our way in we saw a doorbell and rang it to see if it worked still.

Once we entered we heard a maniacal laugh. WE screamed for what we saw. It was Pennywise. We ran to the door but Pennywise blocked the door. Then he pulled a lever and we fell through the floor and fell on a pile of red balloons.

Eventually, we saw a book called IT and it appeared that Pennywise jumped out of the book and killed the reader. Then Pennywise jumped down the hole. We threw the book at Pennywise and the book opened up and a bright light flashed at Pennywise sucking him in and it teleported us out of the church after getting Pennywise back in the book.


Week 19: WWIII by Paul

So I was just chilling on my couch until I got a message on my phone. It was from my mom saying ‘Paul!!!!!! WWIII is coming to Ireland’.

I texted back saying: ‘ But I thought Ireland was neutral’.

And she said. ‘Not anymore. Donald Trump is tired of Ireland being neutral…So they are coming here right now!’

So I headed off to the shop. When I got to the shop it wasn’t open. In fact, all the shops were closed then there was this one person who said ‘ Although it is Saturday nothing is open.”

The next day everything went back to normal but nearly all the town was destroyed but we finally  managed to open the shops, restaurants and more. Mmmmmm the good food finally get to eat.


PS Ireland is still neutral this was just for entertainment .

Week 15 The unknown hero who couldn’t find the shop. By Paul

So one time there was this poor and unknown hero named £%*0! man. He was super hungry until these three heroes named Slayer man. Lazer kid and Inky boy came up and saw that he was homeless. So the gave him $ 100,000.

After he thanked them and asked.” Which way to the shops”.  He panted because it was the middle of summer. So they showed him which way to the shops.


WK 14 Almost killed by Paul

Hello my name is Pau, the bee and this is a story of how I was almost killed.

Once I was just flying around … you know bee stuff until it started to rain. So I flew and flew and flew but the rain just kept up with me. Then I crashed landed into an apartment. I saw a professional tennis player. Until they saw me.

” Kill it !” said the tennis player.

Until his girlfriend came into the room and saw his boyfriend trying to kill me.

” Stop,” said his girlfriend.” If you kill him then the world will end!”

So she picked me up into a glass and a magazine, opened the window and I was free.


The big escape by Paul

My parents are so cruel to me and my sister so we try to escape over 10,000 times but none of them succeeded . Maybe this one will… We don’t know. Only God knows if our plans will work.

” OK” I said.

” This plan will work”.

” Ya sure it will” my sister said in a rude voice

.” OK  OK  whatever ”

“OK you go to mom and dads room then get the tranquilizer and shoot them with it”

The warship by Paul O’B

It was the year 1895 and my wife and I were about to go on our honeymoon until the ship we saw wasn’t a ship – it was a warship. We thought it was our ship but it turns out it wasn’t. We knew it was a warship because of the yelling, fire and explosions.

We got on the boat because I lied about the marriage because I’m 15. I ran away from home because my parents were so cruel. So we waited for a ship. Then the people in the ship threatened to shoot us until we told them what happened. They took us to Southampton. Now we are living our best life in England.


Week 11 Marmite by Paul

So I came back from doing the shopping until I saw a group of three people in a van. They came out and grabbed me. After I woke there was one guy  next to me. Then another guy came over to and had marmite. I remembered that I was allergic to marmite. Then I said “Do you love marmite?”  ” No” he said ” I like marmite”.

Just then my mom kicked in the door.

” How did you know where I was?” I said.

” I always know where you are, Paul.”

Then my mom untied  me and then I punched the guys in the face

Week 10 Angry over nothing by Paul

I was sleeping one night until someone came into my room. I didn’t hear them because I was fast asleep. So when the person came into my room he pulled out his pen and red sauce.

When I woke up I felt something on my belly button .

I thought that there was a monster inside my belly button. The reason this happened was because I remember I saw an image on YouTube of a monster coming out of someone’s belly button. I panicked until I realised that it was just red sauce and pen. I got really mad and scared over nothing

Week 9 Different coloured Murderers by Paul

It was Halloween night and I just dressed up as Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.  I was walking over to my nana’s house when I saw a group of different coloured murderers behind me. My eye pupils went like a dot and then I fainted. The orange one spoke first. “Let’s steal his candy.” he said. When I woke up and they said “We’re not murderers you, loser!”

Then they walked away .

Happy Halloween

Week 7 Zombie apocalypse at Halloween by Paul

Day one of the zombie apocalypse at Halloween

I was getting ready for Halloween dressing up as Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine until I saw a group of zombies outside my house. I got a fright and ran to my sister and told her that there was a group of zombies outside and that we needed to call Dylan and Ben. So my sister went to get her phone. Until I reminded Olivia that her phone wasn’t there. “But where did it go” she shouted. “Remember we took it to the phone shop.”

WK 4 The day the Titanic wouldn’t start. By Paul

The year was April 13, 1912. The Titanic has just picked up people from Cobh. So Mr Murdoch told all crew members to start all engines. Suddenly the Titanic wouldn’t start so Mr. Murdoch went to Captain Smith and said “Excuse me, sir.  She won’t start. ”

Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay and Mr Murdoch went down to the engine room and no one was there. ” So that’s why it just wouldn’t take off.”

The poisoned avocado by Paul

The first time I was ever going to have an avocado. They say that they are good. But this one wasn’t!!! There was a poisoned elephant and bones in it. And every single bit of it was poisoned.

I knew it was poisoned because I smelled it. And I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my lips turned purple!  I also forgot to mention that there was a fried seahorse in it. . I just wanted to throw up in a trash  bin.