Week 26 : The Scary Blocks by Rhys

I was in Italy there were big blocks in different colours. There were rumours that if you go where they were at 3 am something bad would happen to you.  So we went – it was 2.50 am.  I was with my sister Lily and friend James.

One of the blocks ran after me.  Then I looked and a group of them were after us – one jumped on James.  I shouted, ” Stop this please.”  They laughed. I was irate then they caught James and they took him somewhere. We followed.  They were at a lab There I overheard what they were saying. …They were catching people and turning them into blocks…

Week 25 Tom’s birthday by Rhys

Tomorrow is my brother Tom’s birthday.  My mom told me to set it up but I was irate.  I wanted to play video games. I went to the shop to get the party stuff.  The lady gave me a heavy box.  She said if you drop it will be damaged. “I know that,” I said.  We took all night setting it up. Then the morning came and  Tom’s friends came. I was hungry. I got a banana. It was black. We played soccer. Then a clown jumped out.  He did tricks. It was really cool. Tom said it was the best birthday ever.

Week 23 : The danger sign by Rhys

My friend Sam said there was a hunting place near where we lived so we got our stuff and headed there. We were ready when I accidentally spilled my bottle but I got I new one.  When we got there it was dark but it was only six.  We saw a building and we went in.  I heard a noise.  Then I man popped up.

“What are you doing here?  Did you did not read the sign? It says, Danger. There are monsters here and  we are trying to get rid of them”

I said “Sorry sir,  we took no notice of the sign.”

Then we heard a noise –  zombies were coming after us.

Week 20 The Twin Towers crash by Rhys

I woke late. I was irate. I might miss the train. I met my friend Troy. We work at the Twin Towers in an office. We went on a train to New York. As I was working I saw something. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. I went into the office next door.

“RUN ” I heard.  I ran down the stairs. Then there was another plane crash. I was scared.  I was bamboozled. Troy went into the lift… I got outside. The planes were vast.  I haven’t seen Troy ever since…

Week 19 Why is it not open? by Rhys

I was watching tv but I got hungry. There was nothing in the press.  I was irate.  I didn’t want to go to the shop but I guessed  I had to go to the shop. I was walking through town and no one was there –  strange.  I was in a quandary whether to go back or not.  It felt like I was in a ghost town but I continued to the shop.  Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was bamboozled. I went home and no one was there.

“Hello!” I screamed.

I looked out the window and saw everybody was running.

“Why are you  running?”

“There are five bombs in town –  run!”



Week 15 The goblin by Rhys

When I was 5 I got a teddy – he was a goblin. One night I heard a noise. I woke up. Then he said calm down my name is Paul.  I’m sorry but I went to jail and they’re trying to find me so I have to go – bye.

I’m coming with you and I followed him. He got irate. I felt glum. I was in a quandary whether to stop or go. I wanted my teddy.  Then I heard him- which way to the shop? it panted. He got tired and he at the shops the guards found him.

I guess I’ll have to buy a new one.

The Man and Boy by Rhys

3 years ago my parents died. Then we got taken away by pirates –  my sister and I.  My sister always makes me irate.  The boat is vast.  Then Captain Jack said there is a bad storm ahead. I also heard the mighty French are coming.

I was in a quandary whether to jump or stay.  My sister told me to jump and I did. I fell between two rocks and hit my head. But then I heard Captain Jack say –  come back up.

But then a french man stole my sister. My watch had a picture of my mom and dad. It fell. Then Captain Jack got me but my watch and my sister were gone.  I was getting a bit hostile.  I went into my room to cry. I am solitary now. After awhile I was pedestrian and then I jumped off the boat. I went down to the bottom of the sea.  I couldn’t breathe. I found my watch but I fumbled with it.  I was now scared that  I was going to die.  Then I fell asleep-  I saw a guy in front me with an icepack on his head.

How are you? I am Liam. Who are you? My name is Fin, I said.

Then I saw my sister. I ran to her. We said goodbye Liam- thanks for saving us.

We went a bit away. We sat on a curb. Then thunder started roaring. There was a high tide. It’s the bad storm. We started waving at a ship. Then I fell in the water and it brought me with it. Help I said –  who is going to hear me? I saw land – a sand beach with a cave . There was a man.  Who are you? he said I’m Fin.  I have been here for 7 years and   I saw a ship.

I said come on we’re going.

Week 10:The last day by Rhys

“Wake up,”  I heard the leader call me. “Do you want to come? “I was in a quandary but I did.

At one o clock that day the bell rang.  War was over. I fumbled with my gun and I went into the hut. My friend John said that the war had been glum. He was aggressive. He said it was hard to shoot. The field was vast. I started to chuckle. John had a habit of dropping his gun. Later, we had a meeting with our leader, Jack. He said “well done.” Then we sang God Save the Queen. Finally, the war was over.

Week 9 She is witch by Rhys

In 1505 on the 31th of  0ctober it was Halloween-  the last day of school. Jake had invited people to a party.  Jake was rich. I was getting irate as I didn’t get one yet. There were two Jakes so we called one of them the orange one. Suddenly the orange one spoke.

” Will you go to the party?”

” Yes, I’ll go,” I said.

When I told my mom my brother said: “do you know that his mom is a witch?”

When I knocked on the door his mom answered and she had a broom and she took me…

Then I woke up and my mom said Happy Christmas

Week 7: The Class Play by Rhys

This Friday was my class play and I was the tree in this the Halloween play. I was so irate. My friend John kept messing up his lines so when the bell rang we all ran I was in my room. Then I heard someone scream my name. It was Ben he said that he found a scary house in the wild. I had a drink in my hand but I fumbled it spilled. Kate was furious with us. When I looked at the house I saw a green zombie looking creature.  Then we couldn’t find Ben. “But where did it go?” she shouted

Week 6 Why is it heavy? by Rhys

Last weekend I got into the Weight championship finals. There were forty-five people who made it. When I got there they explained the rules. The first round was good. I was still there. In the second round, there were ten people who got knocked out. I was bamboozled. Then in round three, I did my lift – it was fine. It was heavier then I expected but I was still there. There were only three people left. Everyone was cheering for me. Eventually, I came second. I was sad but then I heard that I could represent Ireland in the Weight world cup.

Week 4 The scary ride by Rhys

We went to Disneyland in Paris, France.  We got pancakes for breakfast and then we went to go on a ride. First, we went on a ghost ride. I was so excited. It was going for three minutes and then it stopped. That was my worst nightmare. Then my brother said,” this ride is futile.” It just wouldn’t take off. At this stage, my heart was beating like a drum. The sweat was pumping through me. I was bamboozled.  Then a guy with a mask scared me but showed me the exit.

Week 3: The newspaper by Rhys

When world war 1 was on I had to go on my bicycle to deliver the newspaper. I use to get beaten up by the bullies. Then when they were at war I didn’t get hurt anymore.

One day I woke up and  I heard that the USA was doing well. As I was going on my yellow bike a guy warned me to be careful as there was a kidnapper around snatching kids. I gave him a newspaper. Suddenly a kid greedily grabbed all the papers.

Week 2 Hunted bomb by Rhys

In Moscow, Russia there was a trios attack. The local news said not to go outside but I did with my friend Spencer.  We got the train station and there were guards with guns looking at you… just waiting.

We were hungry so we decided to go and get Pizza. When I turned around I saw a bomb and someone was chasing people.  I heard everyone screaming then I heard a bang …and then everything stopped and the bomb went off…

After a while I got to my feet but I couldn’t find Spencer. My phone was still working and  I rang him. I wish he just would answer!

Week 1 : Museum of moving Statue by Rhys

in 1980 CCTV cameras found a moving object in Glasgow, Scotland. Some people say it was a statue. The owner said that it couldn’t be real.

20 years later in England in a Manchester museum, a statue wrecked the museum. It had to close down.  People from England looked back at CCTV  cameras it did wreck the whole museum.

19 years later in France, some person punched a statuee. He disappeared. The town’s people banned statues and closed their museum. People were scared and there were so many guards around.