Week 37 The Strange Noises by Ronan

It had been raining all morning and today was the day I was supposed to go for a thirty-mile cycle. I was extremely annoyed. Suddenly I heard a loud smash from upstairs. I went up to see what was going on. There was nothing there so I went up to the attic to have a look.

When I was on my way up I heard another smash. When I was finally in the attic I saw two grown men fighting. They were constantly throwing glass lamps at each other. I called my mom to try and stop them fighting but my mom was nowhere in sight…

Week 36 The knotted gun by Ronan

One sunny day a hunter went out hunting in the forest.  He brought his gun with him so he could shoot animals. He spotted what looked like a tiger but he thought that was Impossible. He walked over to it to get a better look. He was right – it was a tiger. A very rare one too. He thought he would be a hero if he shot it and brought it back.

So he lifted up the gun. But just before he pulled the trigger … the tiger lifted up his paw and caught the gun and tied the end into a knot.

Week 35 The Sinking of The Titanic by Ronan

There was a girl on the Titanic looking for a  better life for her family. She had never been to America but she was sure it would be better than Ireland at the time. Being a third class passenger was better than being no passenger…She had thought.

One night just about thirteen miles off the coast of America her mom was feeling very sick and was sure to die soon. She was about to die because she was not being taken care of properly and that was all her fault. However she could not believe what she had done. Suddenly she heard a crash and the scrape. She woke the family and got them dressed. She knew the boat would sink

Week 34 The vanishing people by Ronan

Every day after school two of my friends and I go to a tall tree near the huge bridge to Spike Island. There were always lots of pink flowers and daffodils around that tree. But one particular day one of my friends told me that Spike Island the prison was still in use.

I did not believe him until I saw a window open on the top floor. There was someone about  to jump from window. I thought it was too high to jump from. Suddenly I realized that one of my friends was gone. My other friend sprinked some dust on the ground and also vanished.

Week 33 The chestnut by Ronan

One evening my grandad told me a story about these two chestnuts growing on a tree. These two chestnuts were no ordinary chestnuts. There were aliens inside them. My grandad would not tell me where they were incase I would try and brake in. He did tell me how to get in though.

He said there was a little key pad on the back of the chestnut on the left. My grandad also told me the password. The password is 271#/_\21.

The next day I went looking for the chestnuts. I searched every where for them. I finally found the chestnuts on top of the tallest hill in town but I did not dare to put in the password.

Week 32 The Russian Instructions by Ronan

One dark and rainy day an asteroid from a planet far far away hit earth. It is spreading a highly contagious disease that the President of Ireland has got. I have to invent a cure for it before the world ends.

One week later.

I did not get to invent the cure but a Russian scientist did. He gave me instructions on how to make it.

Another day later.

The instructions were impossible to follow because they were written in Russian. I know what your thinking but I didn’t understand the instructions.

Week 31 Bob the Boa by Ronan

Bob the Boa lives in the Whispering Woods but his favourite place has to be  Igloo city. He often goes to the Waterfly woods to meet his friends Grudge the bear, Ick the squirrel and Sam the spying giraffe.

Today is the day that everyone in the Night zoo is having a meeting about animal protection. The meeting is extremely important. Bob the boa is on his way to the meeting. On his way he saw some enemy voids in the distance. Bob the Boa was terrified. He had to go into hiding.

Week 27 The prison escape by Ronan

The thieves decided that they were in prison for long enough. Almost twenty years.  There were two people per cell. Out of all the cells they had the worst one. The thieves had a plan to escape from prison.

They splashed a boiling effervescent liquid onto one of the security guards and he let them out. The thieves jumped out the window onto their ancient motorbikes which did not work … so they ran for their lives. They could see security guards in the distance. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress… It was back to prison for those two.

Week 26 Tomorrow’s newspaper by Ronan

One glorious evening I was watching Live Nascar from Daytona International Speedway. The person that was coming last was hopeless in his shiny tiny yellow car.

When the postman turned up he handed me the newspaper. I took one look at it and I knew that there was something strange. It was the next day’s thin newspaper. That might sound impossible but it was true. It showed the winning numbers for the night’s lotto. I think everyone would do what I was about to do… I rushed to town to buy a lotto ticket.

I had just won the lotto

Week 25 : The Robbery by Ronan

But how did he get up there? I asked my self.

The jewellery shop has just been robbed It was mom and dad’s main talk for days. The person that robbed was definitely not from here and was said to have jumped down from the roof. They seemed to like diamonds. Every diamond object from the shop was gone. All the diamond necklaces were gone and all the diamond rings were gone.

Everyone was saying that he was from China. But I think he is an Eskimo from the Arctic. But I do not know how he got to Ireland. The owners of the shop were very angry and they phoned police stations all over the world.

But no one ever found the man.

Week 24 : The Giant by Ronan

Every night since two hundred years ago an enormous giant was said to have had tea with the little boy in the nearby cottage in the centre of the town park. The over sized tea cup still remains there. It is now a tourist atraction. It is extremely popular.

Two hundred years ago the people of the town voted to exterminate the giant and make sure that the boy didn’t try to stop them. One night the people of the town set up traps around the park. The next morning no one was caught in the traps. All that remained there was the dusty old china cup. The giant never came back again.

Week 23 : The Principal for a day! By Ronan

One day in an ordinary geography class I said to my friend Mike “I hate this boring old school.”

Why couldn’t school be fun? But what if I was in charge?
I realised that there was a school inventing contest and the prize was to be the principal of the school for a day. After school Mike and I set to work on the thing for the contest. The next day we brought our project in to school. Mike and I were so excited. We won first place. We were principal for the day

Week 22 The flying fish by Ronan

Walking to school with my friend Dara was no fun. All he did was walk slowly. He did not do anything else except for when a pheasant flew past. I was told that the school bully Johnny Brown was having a rendezvous in the yard that day. I was not looking forward to what might happen after that.

The teacher read us a book about how things fly. I could not get that out of my head. So when I got home I went straight to the garage and got the big brown ladder. After that, I snatched the goldfish bowl, some wax and some feathers.

Slowly I climbed up the brown ladder on to the roof. I made wings for my fish and threw him off the roof…

Week 19 The Enormous Spider by Ronan

One bright sunny day Mom and I were cleaning the kitchen. I saw a spider on the floor and I  completely annihilated it with a tissue. Mom had her diamond ring on the window as usual. But on this particular day, a menacing spider popped out of the drain and took mom’s ring.

My sister walked in and said “I’m done with potions,”   as she poured her growing potion down the drain. As it came down the drain pipe mom just realised that the potion was a growing potion. “There is a spider down that drain,”  screamed Mom.

There was  huge pandemonium as every one absconded from the house

Week 18 The Mystery by Ronan

36 years ago on a dark dreary night, three kind people were out for a late night walk. Suddenly a speeding car drove right into them and they were killed instantly.

There were three statues made out side the church. They were made to remember these three people died.

36 years later.

Once again on a dark dreary night the three statues were caught staring into the window of a restaraunt. They were said to have been talking to each other. One of them said “Hmm, I will order an extra, extra, extra large portion of chips and a mini pizza. I have not eaten for 36 years.”

Week 17 The Snake In The Kitchen by Ronan

One dark dreary night before bedtime, I heard a hissing in the kitchen. So I decided to go outside and get my bike and cycle around the house three times on my red bike. That always helped when I was hearing things.

When I went back in I was bamboozled by the strange clock. I went up to my room and tried to ignore it. About one hour later there was a bit of a crash. Once again I tried to ignore it but I just couldn’t. So I crept down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. The first thing I saw was an empty box of corn flakes and a slimy green snake!

Week 16 A strange day by Ronan

Walking home from school I heard a window smash. Suddenly two robbers brushed by me carrying huge bags of money. Later on, I saw a random boy walking on the footpath eating a banana. No longer than a second later the boy turned into the Beano and Dandy superhero Banana man. He gave me a bar of chocolate.

Banana man also caught the robbers and put them where they belonged. When the town marathon passed the person at the front was non-other than the  Beano and Dandy speed runner Billy Wizz. When I got home I said “mom get me my dinner”  and she said,” I don’t have three hands.”

Suddenly a giant hand walked in and said “need a hand?”

Week 15 The race by Ronan


Male driver Kyle Busche drifted off the track into a hazardous area. I was at the Daytona 500 in Florida. The white flag was waved and all the cars slowed down.

Suddenly time stopped and went backwards. No longer than a split second later…

I was sitting at the wheel of Kyle Busche’s car. I knew I had to drive the car so I put my right foot down hard on the accelerator and the car roared off. I put my left foot down on the clutch and selected 6th gear. I realised that in the beginning there was something wrong with the steering. I hoped that the steering would fix itself but it didn’t…

Week 14 First day at work by Ronan

Slowly I walked into the big building of offices. I was feeling extremely nervous because it was my first day at work. When I got to my mini office all I could see was one apple laptop with no charger and a glass of water.

Suddenly my cantankerous boss plundered into the room and bamboozled me with words. After a while I managed to understand what he said and that was that I had to type a three thousand word essay in just one day. Six hours in, my laptop ran out of charge. There were no chargers so I couldn’t charge it again.

My head was so filled with anger that I pushed the laptop clean off the table.

Week 13 The school trip by Ronan

One day in school our teacher took the whole class to the nearby zoo. The first part of the zoo that we saw was the place where the tigers were kept. Later on our teacher took us to the monkey island.

My friend Eoin and I went away from the group to have a look at the eagles. Suddenly on the loudspeaker, it said that a vicious hungry tiger broke free and to walk calmly to the nearest exit.

Of course, no one did what they were meant to do and ran for their lives. There was huge pandemonium in all of the town. Eoin and I dashed for the nearest exit but the tiger was blocking our escape!

Week 12 The Museum by Ronan

One day  I noticed that our teacher was not there. One of my friends told me that the battery in her car was dead. At break, I ate my plain old white bread sandwich and did some work.

The next day our abominable teacher came back. She announced that we would be going to the new museum in Cork city.

On the day that we were going I hurried out the door of my house feeling very energetic. I ran to school as fast as I could. I launched myself on to the bus. About half an hour later we stopped at the side of the road. The bus driver told us that the bus broke down.

Two hours later I started to wonder if the replacement bus would ever come?

Week 11 The Grim Reaper by Ronan

One day I was in the park and I noticed that there was a new statue. It looked like a grim reaper. At first, I was terrified but then I noticed that it wasn’t real.

I came back the next day and it was in a different place. I asked the care taker of the park and all he said was look and listen. Suddenly the statue cocked up its head and gave me a menacing smile and started laughing.

The next day I came back to the park again. I went to see if I could make him laugh. But then I noticed that it looked a lot more different. I kicked it to see if it was real but my leg went through…

Week 10 The Diamond by Ronan

One day my friend John and I came in from the yard at school and our ghastly teacher announced that we would be going on a trip to the museum. we got extremely excited.

When we got to the museum the first thing we saw was the world’s largest diamond. The school bully coerced us into smashing the glass around it with the emergency hammer. I said to him but there was a menacing guard protecting it. “Go over and do it or I will beat you up when we get back to school,” he said. So we crept past the guard and got the hammer and smashed the glass. We caused enormous pandemonium. Glass everywhere. John said to me “but where will we hide it all?”

Week 9 The Invasion by Ronan

Scientists in the United States discovered what looked like an asteroid but was actually a spaceship coming to Earth from Mars. They spotted it just three hours ago. The scientists said that it would be landing in Zambia in Africa in about five minutes. But they were wrong…

The spaceship already came and was attacking Ireland.They came right to our school and burst in. There were five of them and each one of them were holding weapons. Suddenly they clicked their fingers and they all turned into ghosts and shouted “we want sweets. “We all gave them our sweets. They said thanks. All five of them flew through the roof and drove their spaceship back to Mars.

Week 7 The Horrible House by Ronan

As I was walking home from school one day with my friends we passed by an old building. Suddenly the school bully Jimmy walked in front of me and coerced me to go inside the old building. I knew I shouldn’t have but I did. I pushed open the old wooden door. I walked a few steps into the house and the door slammed shut behind me. As the door slammed I knew I was in danger.

I walked through a door that led to a creepy corridor. All I could see were enormous cobwebs, a dusty old couch, and a few bones. My only option was to keep on going. Then I would know if I was safe or not.

Week 5 A Treasured Item by Ronan

I get some every year from Santa or from my mom and dad. In school I think about it all day and cannot wait to go home and
play with it. Usually I build cars out of it. I have it in nearly every shape and size and nearly every colour. sometimes I like to build huge work yards out of it and pretend that I am a piece of it. I play with it all of the time. When I am bored I know what to do.
I started playing with it first when I was a small baby.

Week 4 The dog’s babies by Ronan

I came home from school one day and my dog looked a lot smaller than usual. Straight away I saw that there were six other baby dogs.

One of them was quite a lot bigger than the rest and the dog was wearing glasses. Suddenly the biggest dog jumped up on me. Immediately it turned into an orangutan that was wearing a ballet dress.

Then I heard a BANG and I heard … my teacher’s voice. I was just daydreaming all that time.

Week 3 The odd teacher by Ronan

One day at school I found it very difficult to walk. I had twisted my ankle in the yard. When I came in from the yard there was a sign on the teacher’s desk that said Professor Purple Crocodile. Suddenly there was an enormous BANG… and everything started to fly.

Then the teacher came flying and said with a grin – “Ok class, sit down.” and everyone caught hold of a seat and sat down. I noticed that there were rocket boosters and seatbelts on their seats.

How peculiar I thought.