Week 37 The Lost Gold Viola By Ronan

One morning as I got out of bed I decided that I was going to try to find the lost gold viola. My mythical legend book said that it was buried somewhere in the town park so I grabbed my shovel and headed down there. I searched non stop for 48 hours. I only realised how tired hungry and thirsty I really was when I stopped working.

Just as I was leaving the park I noticed something extremely shiny in the park keepers shed of ancient artifacts I ran over and peered in through the window. That’s when I saw the lost gold viola sitting on a shelf.

Week 36 The Bullies By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to school I spotted a line of people waiting to give the two class bullies their lunch money. The reason everyone lined up was because they knew that if they didn’t give the bullies money they were guaranteed a miserable life at school. I joined the line just like everyone else and waited for my turn to pay up. When it was finally my turn I did something that I really regret doing I told the bullies to go away and I refused to pay them my lunch money. They got so angry that I was sure there was at least a 90% chance they would explode. That’s when I knew I should run.

Week 35 Teaching My Dog To Swim By Ronan

When I decided that I wanted to swim the English Channel I wanted someone to go with me so I decided I’d teach my dog who was afraid of water to swim. I was so excited to get started that when I was running around looking for my dog I tripped over him and broke 2 of my fingers. I had to wait 3 weeks before my fingers healed.

During that time I told my brother to take the dog down to the river and try give him a head start on swimming. But what really happened was he went outside and tried to teach the dog to read.

Week 34 The Racoon By Ronan

One day as I was cleaning out the attic, I noticed something moving underneath a chair. I bent over to check what it was. I saw a raccoon eating what was supposed to be today’s dinner. I shot back up and started looking for a box to cover it. I had to settle on the Christmas decorations box.

I rang my friend Tom and told him to come over as soon as possible. I looked out the window and up into the sky knowing that Tom always makes a strange entrance but this time he brought a ladder and came in through the window. He lifted the box that the racoon was under and touched it with a leaf. The racoon shot off as fast as the wind.

Week 33 The Mystery Screams By Ronan

One afternoon as I was cycling through the woods I heard a series of tiny little screams. I cycled around trying to find out where the screams were coming from but there was no sign. After a few hours the screams seemed to get louder and louder.

The sky turned from bright blue to pitch black. I decided to climb a tree and see if I could locate the source of the screaming but still no sign. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night.

The next morning I noticed a bug under the seat of my bike. I flicked it off and it made the exact same sound as the screaming from the night before.

Week 32 The Race By Ronan

It was the morning of the New York marathon. I was extremely worried because if I didn’t win this race I would have to give my running nemesis €30,000 but if I won he would also have to give me € 30,000.

At the starting line, we both lined up next to each other and waited for the race to start. When it finally did start my nemesis took off at the speed of sound. Instead of doing that, I took the start nice and slow and tried to preserve my energy for the end. When we finally reached the last leg of the race we were neck and neck.

I thought about pushing him over but would this really be the right thing to do I thought to myself.

Week 31 The Rat Tunnel By Ronan

One evening as I was walking through the foggy woods, I noticed a rumbling sound coming from the ground beneath me. I put my ear to the ground to see if I could figure out what it was.

About a minute later the rumbling stopped and a tiny little rat popped out beside me. It did a little cough and about 200 more rats appeared at his side. Suddenly they started to climb up on me trying to push me to the ground and into this wide tunnel that just appeared. They finally brought me down and were heading for the tunnel.

I screamed out for help so loudly that it could’ve made someone deaf but nobody came…

Week 30 The Alien Attack Sign By Ronan

One day as I was walking through the square I noticed 2 construction workers digging a hole so they could put up a sign. I asked them what the sign was for but they just continued working. When the sign was finally planted into the ground, I could see what it was.

It said, Caution Alien Attack Expected.

I ran home as fast as I could to get my mom. I dragged her to the square not caring about the bright sun stinging my eyes and that I had to kick down half the flowers in the public garden. When we got to the square all I could see was a stop sign where the alien attack sign used to be.

Week 27 The Core Of The Earth By Ronan

One morning as I was getting out of bed, I decided that I would try to find the core of the earth.

First I needed about 800 shovels so I rang my friend and told him to come over that evening with all the shovels he could find. Meanwhile, I set to work on the plans. We were going to dig the hole in my back garden and it was going to be a square metre wide.

When my friend finally arrived, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be.

“Was that really the only one you could find?” I said angrily.

…Now 30 years later I’ve still only managed to get 12 meters deep… Even with the help of 3 diggers.

Week 26 The Alien Attack By Ronan

Last week as I was going for a walk by the harbour I noticed some people dressed in colourful clothes. They all had red face paint on. I went up to the small yellow one at the front and asked him why they were all dressed in colourful clothes. He told me that they were expecting a minor alien attack and dressing in bright clothes was the only way to scare the aliens off. He told me that I could stand there too. I wasn’t too keen on scaring aliens so I ran off.

Later that day a huge bright ball lit up the sky. About 5 minutes later the colourful people passed by. Apparently they were short one person and the aliens invaded.

Week 25 The Golden Nugget By Ronan

One day as I was coming down stairs I spotted a black banana on the kitchen table. But when I tried to picked it up I could hardly lift it so I peeled back the damaged skin. I was surprised to see that inside was a solid golden nugget. I rolled it off the table into my bag and hauled the heavy load onto my back. I put a bit of bubble rap around it too because the last thing I wanted was for it to get damaged. After that I cycled to the bank to see how much it was worth. I jumped when they turned me away instantly saying it was just a stone.

Week 24 A Day Working For The Secret Service By Ronan

One night I was woken up by the sound of a phone ringing. I went to answer it. Apparently it was the secret service and they wanted me to help stop a mass robbery with my friend Ben.

The next day I found myself sitting in the back of a military helicopter. The plan was that we would make a jump onto the enemy helicopter and take over. When It was time for Ben to jump he messed up and ended up hanging off the side of our helicopter.

“Hold on” I shouted.

” I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted back.

Week 23 The Money Press By Ronan

One day as I was passing the old abandoned house in my neighbourhood I eyed a light flickering from inside. I scrutinized it carefully and I noticed that it was coming from a torch. I thought that was strange because there was a No Entry sign on the front garden. I brought my friend  Liam over to see. He decided that we should go in and check. We took no notice of the sign. There were footsteps, evil laughs and the sound of an old fashioned printing press. I kicked the door open and inside were 2 fugitives of the law printing money.

Week 22 The Wrong House By Ronan

One day as I was going to my friend Liam’s house I saw a huge for sale sign right in the middle of his front garden. I ran up and rang the dusty old doorbell but there was no answer. I was extremely confused.

A few seconds later I heard a ping from my back pocket. It was a text from Liam saying that he moved house. I followed his directions to a run-down house in the woods. I rang the crumbling wooden doorbell but all of a sudden the door swung open. I wandered in and scrutinized the old shabby furniture. I quickly realised that I’d wandered into the wrong house…

Week 21 By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to the park I stopped at the shop to get a bar of chocolate. As I walked into the dusty old shop I noticed a huge poster on the wall with a picture of a tiny giraffe with no spots or hair. The strange thing was that the giraffe was pink. Instead of getting the chocolate I just ran out and went to the park. At the park about forty or fifty birds started chirping at the same time. The sound was painful. After a while I spotted a telephone pole with the same picture of a tiny pink giraffe. I scrutinized the picture to see if I’d seen it anywhere other than the shop.

Week 20 The U.F.O By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to New Jersey with my friend Jack I noticed that there was a big bright disk lighting up the sky. I asked Jack if he had any idea what it was but he didn’t know so I whipped out my telescope. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was.

Suddenly there was a huge bang followed by an enormous gust of warm wind. We started driving again but it didn’t last for long because there was a huge creator on the road right in front of us.

I peered into the creator and it was just then that numerous peculiar-looking creatures started pouring out of a spacecraft…

Week 19 The Strange Cycle By Ronan

One day as I was going out cycling with my friend Geoffrey, my Mom shouted down the stairs for me to get some milk and bread from the shops. I walked out the door to find that Geoffrey was already waiting for me on his brand new bike. First, we went for a quick trek through the woods and after that, I headed for the shops to get the milk and the bread. Geoffrey said he’d wait beside the old ash tree which was erratic because he usually hated being on his own. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened which was also erratic. I went back to the woods to meet Geoffrey but he wasn’t there…

Week 18 The Ford Thunderbird By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to the airport, my car started making a strange noise. After a while, it came to a sudden halt. I hopped out and ran back to my house. I asked my neighbour who was very old if I could borrow his ancient Ford Thunderbird. He said yes. So I hopped and fired up the engine. I pulled out of the driveway going at such a slow speed that a slug could overtake me with ease.

“But it is so slow” I shouted.

“Live with it,” he shouted back.

When I finally arrived at the airport my plane had already taken off.

“I wish this car could fly” I muttered…. A few seconds later the car took off into the air.

Week 17 The Yellow Bike By Ronan

One day as I was riding my bike through the woods I noticed that its colour was a little bit faded so I went down to the local hardware store and bought two cans of yellow spray paint. I cycled back up to the woods and strapped my bike to a telephone pole beside a near by-road. I whipped out the cans of spray paint and started painting.

After a while one of the cans wouldn’t stop spraying I turned around in the direction of the road and tried to get it to stop but instead, I accidentally sprayed a long yellow stripe on a passing red car.

Week 16 The Furry Creature By Ronan

One day as I was walking along the footpath, I came across this strange looking furry creature moving slowly towards me. I stood still in the hope that the strange-looking creature would go away but it didn’t. It climbed right up my body and hung onto my head. I ran and ran but the creature stayed put right where it was. Finally, the creature hopped off but it did push me into the back of a black vehicle. It started the van and took off.  The music that was blaring out in the front and could be heard for miles.

Week 15 The Werewolf By Ronan

One day as I was going to the bookshop I came across a strange werewolf like human. It came up to me and started speaking.

“Which way to the shops?” it panted.

I tried to speak but no words came out. The half-werewolf half-human started to growl. I tried to speak for the second time but once again no words came out so I just pointed in the direction of the shops and ran off. I looked back and saw the werewolf running like a bullet through everything in its path.

Week 14 Robotic Bees By Ronan

In my opinion, bees are amazing. Some scientists say that if bees die out people would only have four years to live after. Bees are responsible for very three out of four bites of food that you eat and that’s the same as 75%.

In China, there are not that many bees so some people have to pollinate by hand. We can not keep depending on bees to do our work and that’s where robotic bees come in.

A robotic bee would need to be light, have fast wings, powerful motors and solar panels.

Week 13 The Man In Blue By Ronan

On one Christmas Eve I woke up to an enormous bang followed by a vast chuckle. I opened my bedroom window and peered out into the night sky. I could see nothing so I went outside, clambered up the wonky old ladder and onto the side of the roof. I got the biggest shock of my life. I saw an old man dressed in blue and two polar bears pulling a big bag with a saddle on top. The man took one look at me and hopped onto the bag. The two polar bears started to run. After a while they took off into the night sky. ” Wow I didn’t realise they could fly” I thought to myself.

The Ship To Canada By Ronan

The hazardous famine had been going on for months at this stage. Our parents were sending us off on a ship to Canada and they were going to go to a treacherous workhouse. I wasn’t happy with the situation. I could tell that my sister wasn’t too happy either because we’d probably never see my parents again. I started to wonder what my new life would be like over in Canada.

The day finally came as we stood at the shaky old pier clutching our suitcases. You could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and wind howling. It was fairly obvious that a storm was brewing. Off in the distance, I heard the shouting of people. My sister started quivering with fear. When the thunder started booming like there was no tomorrow she got even more scared.

As the ship came closer I was just about able to make out the tattered white sails billowing in the wind. It looked extremely lopsided and I knew that it wasn’t supposed to be like that. When the ship finally docked, an old man popped his head over the side.

“Hop on, there is a nasty storm brewing” he hollered.

We hopped on so quickly that there was a risk of us breaking the sound barrier. As we set off for sea I noticed that the ship was still tilting. My sister was sitting in the corner with her arms covering head looking as white as a ghost. A few days later I woke up to an enormous bang. I looked over the side and noticed to my horror that we had sailed straight into an iceberg. The ship was sinking fast. I grabbed my sister and went up to the old captain. He didn’t say a word…

Week 11 The Wizard by Ronan

One day as I was walking up the road I felt something hit my back. I realized I was in the vicinity of what people called the old wizard’s hut. I turned around to see what it was but just as I turned my head I had a complete blackout. That’s all I remembered before I woke up in the kitchen of the wizard’s hut. I heard the wizard babbling  out crazy things like “give me food” and “no” he said “I like marmite”.

I was so scared that I fainted and woke up in the same place a few weeks later.

Week 10 The Robbery By Ronan

We were planning a robbery. My friend Bill and I. I was in a quandary whether we would hang around the vicinity of the bank for a while and then make a pounce or if we would just dive straight in. The plan was that I would be the getaway driver in the old rust red pickup truck and Bill would go in and use a crowbar to pull open the main safe. The day of the robbery didn’t start well. At around 6 o clock I went to pick up Bill. He broke his finger by catching it in the door of the pick up.

Week 9 The Halloween Bullies By Ronan

On Halloween night everything was fine until I knocked on the two sixth class bullies houses while I was trick or treating. They pulled me outside and gave me dirty looks. One of them had orange hair and the other one had black hair. The orange one spoke first. ”Give me all of your sweets or I’ll punch you to the ground” he said. After that, the one with black hair threatened me if I didn’t give him all of my money. The bullies started arguing with each other over which way they should split the sweets and the money so I saw that as my chance to run.

Week 7 The Missing Diamond By Ronan

One day we went on a trip to the museum. It was fairly pedestrian at the start but it was alright. The main attraction seemed to be this enormous diamond. As we were about to leave I asked if I could go to the bathroom. When I got out everyone was waiting for me outside. But just as I was about to leave I noticed that the diamond was missing.

”The diamond is missing” I roared. A lady came racing in.” but where did it go ” she shouted. I didn’t know what to do so I just ran in case she thought it was me who stole the diamond. On the bus home, I noticed that the class trouble maker was struggling with his bag…