Week 29: GG By Sean

Hi my name is GG  – it stands for Greasy Giraffe  I can’t stop sweating and some people call me greasy. I also live at the zoo.

The zookeeper gives me melted cheese with some salt on a leaf. Sometimes I try to Jump over the fence but my greasy feet make me slip. But one day I got over it and ran to the town park.


Week 26: Escape By Sean

That one night in an old little shop, all that I could see was a shining red and blue light. There was a black gun aiming for my head. …

In prison, I watched every person –  every step they took. At lunch, I waited for the guard to move away from the office. Then I ran into the office and luckily the window was opened.

The main entrance was being watched by two guards. As they were walking I threw a rock and I ran. Unfortunately, the guard saw me. I was so cross that I threw a rock at him. …I won’t get out of jail now for a long time.

Week 23: The Chocolate Factory By Sean

One day a factory was opened and it was a chocolate one and if you got a white ticket inside a bar you would be able to go inside. But there was a boy that was poor and he only had £2.  The bar was  £3.

He was walking one day and he saw a red ladder that had a £10 note under it.  He was very happy until he saw it sinking in the wet pavement so he ran and got it out.

He was very happy. He got the ticket.  And today he is the owner of the factory.

Week 22: The robbery of the year By Sean

There is a competition among the criminals as to who does the most difficult robbery in a year. I was sure I would win.

The king and queen were going to a party so I went to the castle when they left and watched the guards as they walked around.  Then I ran into a vent.  As I was crawling I heard the chief saying the vinegar was too sharp on his lunch.

Then there was a shining light coming from the vault.  As soon as I was over the crown I blew some dust off it to see if there were any lazers protecting it.  Luckily there were no lazers but as soon as I hit the ground there were alarms sounding…

Week 21: Left Behind By Sean

One day there was a boy that was kidnapped and the only thing that he left was a phone and a teddy. When I picked up the phone I could hear men talking.

I ran as fast as I could to the garda station and I told them about the man who had a ghastly voice.  As soon as I gave them the phone we could hear a loud BANG.

The garda followed the IP address of the phone and  It led us to a house that had 2 people inside and there was a boy sitting on a chair.  The men were bamboozled when we came in…


Week 19: Black Fringe By Sean

One day my dad told me a story about a man named Black Fringe. He told me that whoever throws an egg at the house will be pulled in.  You would see that it is pitch black…followed by a flickering light.

If you follow that light then you will see the sea.  Then there is another light and if you follow that one you will be at his bedroom where he is lying down. If you lay a hand on him you will be pulled outside and you will be washed away forever.

Week 18: The Golden Warrior By Sean

One night a man was stealing the golden warrior. The only place he could go was the Sydney Opera House. So he dragged the large golden warrior behind him. But as soon as he got there he had to hide the golden warrior and he hid it under the Sydney opera house. He was arrested.

15 years later when he was out he went straight to Sydney to the opera house. When he got to the opera house the warrior was alive and it ran and grabbed the man. They ran off and there was no sign of either of them ever again.

Week 16: The PJ Day By Seán

One night I was very tired so I went to bed early and I fell asleep straight away…When I woke up I was in school and I  was in my pink pjs that my nana made for me.

Then John the class bully said,” Do you have bubbles and a pink bicycle to go with that?

Everyone laughed at me at break.  I felt empty inside.  Then I heard the door open and John was there with a stick in his hand so I fired a chair at him and he hit me in the leg….

Week 15: Night Mare By Sean

One night a boy named Jim was at his friend’s house when his Mom  rang his phone. Then she told him to come home but there was a storm on that would blow him away so he asked a stranger to drop him off home.

When the car was going the man put a sack on the boy and put him in a shed that was  over at the boy’s own house. As soon as Jim woke up he was very afraid but as soon as he got out of the sack  he opened the door and ran out onto the  road.

As he was running across, a light came but the light blinded him.

Raft by Sean

There it is right in front-  it’s …it …AAAAH..

Hello anyone there. I guess that I am all alone. So first I must find a place to stay until it stops raining. There is a house over there at the cliff -that’s my home now.  There are lots of stuff there to use as a bed for the night. It is getting dark so I better get a fire going to keep me warm for the night.

BOOM -the door is after coming off. There is a huge thing outside the house and it is coming in. I should use the fire to scare it away from the house. But as soon as I got the fire on – the stick, it was gone.

It is the next day now- last night was cold. I better get the food from the plane crash. There is all most enough for me for 2 weeks and 6 days. Well, I better get more food anyway because it will be hard to hunt when you are weak. It won’t hurt to hunt early in the day so it won’t be hard in 3 weeks time. Ok, there are 2 fish in that lake over there next to the coconut tree. I am having the fish now. If I  do leave them they will go off.

Boom -the house came tumbling down and off the cliff. Then the next thing that went wrong was when the monster came up to me and started running after me and it would not stop until it fell off the cliff. I was happy when it grasped on to my leg and …and…

Splash I went deeper and deeper until I hit the seas bottom floor as I swam up the light came closer until…

“Jack you are going to be late.”

Week 9 Jail Run by Sean

One day I was arrested for taking part in a robbery but can I tell you something -it was not me. It was a man who was running across the road.

“Run!” yelled a man who was in a cell across the hall. A guard was asleep so I grabbed the key and opened the door. As I ran there was a man and he was saying that there was a door that had all of our stuff inside it so I went there. I wondered what was behind the door. As I opened the door I saw a light…

Week 7: Lego VS Lady Bird By Sean

Long time ago before mankind there were people that weren’t real people but they were lego people. They were happy until lady birds wanted war.  So the great war began.

FIRE – BOOM!  A bomb hit them.  They send a boy to the other team who raise him.

Then one day they were under attack.  Then he saw a man being shot. The boy ran over and saved his life but the boy never knew that the man was his father.

Week 5: Freedom By Sean

I was listening to a story about blood and weapons and I thought of my great grandpa.

It reminded me of a time of war where my great grandpa fought for peace and freedom.  It was a war of blood and death. My great grandpa was a man who would never give up. He got shot in the leg, the arm and in his back. As soon as he laid down- BOOM- a bomb went off and there was more gun fire.

He had no way of escaping.

Week 4:The News Report By Sean

They struck once again and this time they really did it – they robbed the new museum and left three statues behind -a goat, a cow and a horse. If you know who they are please call 089665438 and you will get a reward of 2000,0000 euro.

Stay away from this criminal gang if you see them because they are dangerous. …OOhh News just in …They are where? We just got news that they have robbed the bank and now they are on their way to the boat.  But don’t be afraid they are headed for Iceland.

That’s it for the News. Bye for now.

Week 3: The New Car By Sean

One day I in a car race but I crashed into the wall.  I was fine but my car wasn’t – it was in pieces.

20 days later I got a new car and it was a BMW. When I got it I zigzagged through the garden and the neighbour’s garden.  it was a lot of fun. As I went in I saw a car going forward but it seemed to be going backwards. As I went in I realised there was a race going on. So I went in and took part.  There were  a lot of good cars there but I won…

Week 2 :The jump by Sean

One day I was accused of a robbery. The Guards took me to this place on an island and it was surrounded by shark and alligators. Inside there was a man that was as bossy as a teacher but he gave me a key and told me the way out of this prison.  It was tricky. I climbed to the vent but I made it.

I was so happy until …”Stop right there.” said a man.

I had no choice but to jump off the cliff. So I ran as fast as I could and as I was about to jump a gun was shot…

Week 1:The Legend By Sean

There is a legend that a knight’s sword was so powerful he placed in a chamber where no one would go… until…

There were two boys named Jake and Bill. They were in a forest with their school but they got lost. Jake fell down a hill and hit his head off of a rock and fell asleep.

“I’ll go for help,” said Bill.

But as soon Bill got back to the bus they went and Bill went too.

“Aaaa Sir.”


“Jake is still in the forest.”

When Jake woke up he saw the sword. There were two hands holding it but as soon as he picked it up…

Week 35: Ultra Bomb By Sean

The ultra bomb team is the best-trained team in the world. There is a girl on the team and she is the best one. And her name is Jane.

Jane, we need you in the office -there is a bomb at the White House and there are men with guns there –  so leave that to us.  You go now with your team and defuse that bomb.

2 hours later they were there and John was after knocking down the door and they are shouting at the men. But there was a problem there-there were only green wires. Jane just cut one and luckily the bomb stopped at the last second. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 33: Little John by Sean

One day John was building his house In a horse-chestnut. It took little John 2 weeks to finish his house and he was happy when he was finished.

But that night his house fell into a river and floated along until it hit a log in the morning.  He was not angry that his house was wet – he even had a party with his pets.

That night a cat knocked his house down a waterfall.  Now he was angry.  He ended up making a new house and he was sure this time that it would stay.  Well, I wonder what happened next?

Week 31: Sean the Slithery Snake By Sean

One day Sean the Slithery snake was being pushed around the place so he slid away into the forest.  He was very upset that he was being pushed around the place like a bag but that was not the reason.

He was pushed around by the son of Nulth. Then the Nulth rat ran up and went to hit him but he missed so Sean moved away as fast as he could and he saved his friend from the Nulth rat.

Week 28: Bomb Boy by Sean

One day a  boy was at a hotel when suddenly a bomb went off.   He was sent flying into the forest next to the   river. Sadly he had lost his legs and he was the last one of his family left.

He was lying there next to a tree until two people came and saw him.  They called the hospital and they came. Finally he was safe. Eventually he got new legs and he was able to go back playing with his friends again.

Week 27: Jail break by Sean

One day John and I were at a shop but we fell a sleep.  When we heard glass break we woke up and we hid behind the table.  The robber got some of the money.  The cops came but the robber was all ready gone but not us … we were still there and we were put in jail.

After 2 years we were getting sick of jail so we made a plan to escape. The guard’s keys were out of his pocket and we took  them. We put some effervescent potion into his drink to make him sleep and then we left.

But the guard woke and the other guards were after us too. Although they ran quickly they still were making not enough progress and luckily we escaped!

Week 26: Vikings By Sean

One day the Vikings  were stealing  gold and other gold  things. As the Vikings  were putting the gold into the ship a boy was getting the gold and hiding it underground next to  the round tower while his brother was screaming  and crying in the tower.

When the Vikings were leaving all of the monks were coming down the ladder. 20 Days later the Vikings came back to  get more gold. The tiny thin boy rang the shiny yellow bell  to warn the monks again and the Vikings felt  hopeless.

Week 25 : King Kong by Sean

One stormy night at a lost island was an animal. He was not the same size as a normal one but was the same size as a building and its name was King Kong.

As King Kong ran through the island a boat came on to the beach. The people on the boat had guns lost of guns. A girl called Jane was after waking up and she screamed when she saw King Kong. A man shot King Kong in the neck with a sleep dart and they took him to New York.

They gave him to the zoo but when he woke up he took Jane to the biggest building in New York. When people saw him they asked, ” how did he get up there?”

Week 24 : The Last Tea cup By Sean

In 1935 an unknown number of giants were spotted in a forest. Every month people would see them and hunt them down until they went away. The Giants thought that they were playing a game of hide and go seek until a giant picked up a child and ran off because a man was about to shoot the house with a small ball of fire. Instead he hit the giant and the giant fell.

In 2006 that same child now an old man saw the giant’s cup in the forest. His name was Kevin. He was 90 years old at that time and you can now see it in his house.

Week 23: The Evil Babysitter by Sean

One day mom and dad were going to a hotel in Cork. So they asked a babysitter to mind us. They also gave her a warning to not to touch the cake up on the shelf. This was how it started.

“Hi” said the babysitter. She was  nice until the door shut and then she said you don’t touch my phone.
But all our other minders allowed us to use and play with the phone.
But I am not like your other ones – I am better.
No you are not.
WHAT? yelled the babysitter – You are in for a lot of trouble. Go to your room now.

But if I was in charge? -things would be different.

Week 17 :The last snake by Sean

One stormy night I was in bed asleep. I was dreaming about the last red snake. In my dream, I was running through a damp forest. Then a few minutes I saw a red snake.

I was terrified at first but it began to be nice. But suddenly smoke when flying into the air.I was not scared but the snake was. It jumped up and bit my leg.

I went outside and got my bike and I cycled all the way down to my uncle’s house. But before I checked the clock in my uncle’s house I heard a scream…

Week 16: Doctor Hand By Sean

One day Doctor Hand was up to his shenanigans but not his old shenanigans. He was making a potion to turn his son into a hand to use him as a slave to build an army of hands. It took him all day and all night.

At last, he had it – he had the potion. So he crept into his son’s bedroom.  But as he walked he fell over his son’s toy car and spilled the potion all over himself…