On Halloween night my friends and I were going trick or treating. When we were walking we met two colourfully dressed men.  The orange one spoke first, he said “do not go to the spooky neighbour’s house. Do not take his candy .”

We looked at the neighbour’s house and we saw an avalanche of kids at his house. So we went there and we knocked on the door, “trick or treat” we said . He gave us Mars bars , Snickers and Jelly babies.  After that, we went home.

When we woke up we were in the neighbour’s basement…

Week 7 Night Shift By Sean

I told my family that I was doing the night shift with my friend Marie. They all chuckled full of laughter. It started at 12 o clock to 5 o clock. When we entered we locked the door and then we went to the office. We went to look at Cam three where the gold was. We saw a man stealing the gold. Marie went out to stop him. But where did it go” she shouted…. I saw the man and he gave me a ghastly look. I called the police as fast as I could. The police came and arrested him.

Week 6 The bank heist By Sean

At night we will rob the bank. But that is the biggest bank in the world. Our hacker is coming he will hack the vault for it to open. It is time for the bank heist. Let’s hope this works. We need to hack the security cameras. Cameras are down  -let’s rob that bank. The vault is open and there are gold bars silver bars and a lot of money.

I went to lift the gold bars. It was heavier than I expected.

Leave it we need to get out of here.

The robbers got 500 000 euros

Week 5 Moving statues BY Sean

One day a strange statue showed up in the middle of the town. People were saying it looked like a giraffe. I went out one night and the statue moved to the school in our town. The next morning the students and the teachers were very confused. The next night I went out very early. I saw the statue move. When it saw me, it ran around the side of the building and I never saw it again

Week 4 The Terrible Accident By Sean

Nasa was planning to launch a rocket the following morning. People were not sure if it was going to launch or not. People were prolonging the build on the rocket. The next day the 2 astronauts set off on May 22, 2020.

If anything went wrong they were promised an emergency ship would be sent.  When we arrived the doors would not open. I contacted the Nasa station to say the doors were not opening. When the ship arrived one of the astronauts said the trip was futile.

Week 3 The Night Shift By Sean

I was doing the night shift at my friend’s gas station. I drove there on my yellow bicycle. When I arrived, there was a strange old man inside the gas station.

“Man, this place is closed – come back tomorrow,” I said.

“Give me money,” said the old man.

“I warned you to get out. ” I answered.

I need money – I’m desperate. ”

“You are acting very greedily. ”

A couple of minutes later I called the police. After that, I never did a night shift again.

Week 2 Half of life is frozen by Sean

When I went downstairs to watch tv the news was on –  half of life was frozen -cars, planes, animals and bikes . Then everything stopped and I was terrified . I looked outside my window. No one was moving – no cars, no people -no one. I went outside and I looked into a car.  The engine was on but the car was not going. A few minutes later the car ran me over …

It was all a dream

Week 1 Weeping statues by Sean

Years ago it was a stormy night. The storm was so bad that no one could see. 5 people were heading home that stormy night.  In the distance, there were 6 statues. My friend said they were moving. “No they’re not,” said the other friend . After that night no one saw them again.

20 years later people started calling them weeping angels . They have sharp wings and sharp teeth. Every time you blink they move and if they touch you then you will turn into a weeping angel.

Rumours say they still live  to this day .

Worst Holiday Ever by Sean

My family and I are going on holiday this weekend to see the aquarium and the zoo. When we arrived we got some food. On the menu, there was a purple avocado, bones and elephant steak. After the food we got our hotel room. 1 day later we went to see the aquarium. There were seahorses stingrays and whales After the aquarium a strange man was looking at us He was in a black coat, black hat and a navy pants and old looking shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                  The strange man put his hand in my dad’s pocket and took his wallet and ran away. After that, we went home.