Week 36 : The Sly crow , By Dan

” I’ m hungry!” squaked Bill the crow.

“Go eat the animals food then” his mother replied.

Bill flew down from the tree above and into the window of the barn. He sat on the feeder and pecked at the animals’ treats. Suddenly the barn door creaked open. It was the farmer with a REVOLVER!

BANG !! BANG!! Two shots rang out of the gun. Bill was just able to avoid them. Bill flew up to the loft and tried to hide.

BANG!! another shot fired right near Bill’s head.

“Where are you?” the farmer cried out.

Suddenly Bill noticed the shutter at the back of the room…


“Not now,” I said “not ever” and I ran away dripping wet even though the rain only sprinkled on my head.

The giant grabbed me and put me back in his cave. The cave was dark and had no heating as I suspected so I shivered from the cold until the giant rolled a stone over the door.

I wanted to run back into my pink house and see all the yellow daffodils in my garden. I wanted to go and drive over the bridge near my house and head into town but no –  a giant had to be my long lost father that wanted me to stay with him instead of mom.

How will I ever escape?…

Week 33 The Acorn monster by Maciej

Once there was an oak tree growing in the forest. But that tree wasn’t a normal tree –  it is a base for a lab. That day a scientist was working on an effervescent potion that makes things grow into monsters.

Suddenly two acorns fell into the potion. The scientist tried to take the acorns out of the potion as fast as he could. When he put them down on the counter they hatched out and turned into monsters.  They went on to destroy the town.

Week 28: An Amazing Idea

Roy was a boy when his mum and dad bought him a robot. His movements controlled it. The bot was Roy’s only friend. One day his parents told him the bot had to go to war.

When he came back all that was left of the bot was his legs! Roy was heartbroken, his best friend gone forever.

Then he had an idea – he could put the Robots legs in the park and turn it into a slide so not only he could enjoy seeing the bot but the children could enjoy it also.

When the slide was finished everyone loved it.

Week 27, The forest by Tim


The school bus crashed into a tree on the way to a school trip. The bus driver called a mechanic to come and fix the bus. Luckily there was a picnic area close by and the class sat there to wait for the mechanic. The teacher did a head count to see if all her students were there. There were 3 students missing.

The three boys had gone into the forest. The forest was very dark and there were wolves in it. The mechanic arrived and fixed the bus.

Suddenly the three kids screamed “HELP”.  Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. They heard a wolf howl so they ran even quicker. They arrived at the picnic spot and the mechanic had already fixed the bus. So they all went back to school.

Week 23: If I was the principal By Mathew O G

But what if I was in charge?… I thought in boring geography class.
I was day dreaming at the perfect time .
I was wondering what changes I would make if I was in charge.

I would probably make a gaming room with games such as Fortnite and FIFA 18.
Or I could make a trampoline park in one huge room.
I would love to be able to put a zoo in a vast amount of space.

20 years later I signed up for principal and made all those things happen.
The school was awarded best school in the whole entire world.

Week 21 A Close Call by Joe

“Why though? ” said David. Dad was in shock. He was speechless. But then Mum came in. “You are going because you said you wanted to,” shouted Mum.   “Not with granny Margaret, ” he replied.  He was so annoyed and ran to the park.

As the day went on he realised there was no getting out of it…

“What was that?” he thought. It was coming closer. There it was – the evil doctor Bob and he was turning all of the yoga people into trees.

In the end, David got turned into a tree too.

Well, perhaps it was better than staying with granny Margaret.

The Jailbreak Week 20 By Szymon


We were escaping from a prison. We were moving very fast when one of the cameras spotted us and set off an alarm. Suddenly we heard footsteps and guns being loaded and saw a bright light. Tired we ran on and managed to hide in a bush but we heard dogs barking. The policemen found one of us and he got taken back to jail.

Then I found a Skoda and broke into it. We all jumped in and I drove off. We were on the most wanted list but that did not stop us from stealing again. We were courageous because we broke into the biggest jewellery store.

The police never found us.

Week 20 Unpleasant Idea: By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted my pompous chubby boss, Isaac.

“We can’t” I roared back. “We will get caught. “

I didn’t want to go but I had to. At last we got there. Isaac slurped the last of his Slushy.   Cautiously we tiptoed over to where all the cash was. Suddenly we spotted a bright light flickering in the distance. Isaac broke all the cameras and boasted “I’m the best.”

“Yes I know” I sighed.

When we got the money we tiptoed back. Soon we saw a guard. We were moving very fast when the guard was chasing us. We stopped at a dead end.

What would we do now?

Week 18: Stone statues, Dan

One bright sunny day in my favourite game called MINECRAFT, I felt like going to Blocky Bill’s restaurant.

As I walked out the door I saw a  flying bow. I ignored it because  I thought I had seen it before. What I did not know was that an evil mastermind was holding the bow.

I walked out onto the street and bumped into my neighbours Steve and Alex. We all decided to go to Bills together. As we walked into the restaurant an arrow landed on the ground.

CRACKLE!!  Everything turned to stone … including us.


Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D

One dark dreary night a robber and his gang had just robbed the bank. They got away. Cunningly, their leader said,”Let’s hide behind the three statues.” As soon as they made that move they knew that they were going to regret it .

All of a sudden the statues came to life. This bamboozled the robbers . Quickly the three statues coerced them into giving them all the money. They then tied them up and called the Gardaí to take them away. Then they gave all the money back to the bank.

The three courageous  statues saved the bank’s money.

Week 14 An angry animal by Dan

Click! Went the computer mouse.
I had just hired a monkey to do my homework.
I loathed homework-  it is a waste of time.

The next evening the doorbell rang and a little hairy figure was staring at me.
AAHHH! I screamed as the monkey walked inside my house.

He scuttled over to my school bag and threw all the books out on the floor.
Surprisingly he was able to land them in a neat pile .
He snatched my laptop and sat on the floor .
He typed a couple of sentences and threw the laptop into the air .
Crash went the laptop as it hit the floor.

I won’t hire a monkey again to do my homework

Week 13 The Day at a Zoo by Szymon

One day my family and I were going to the zoo to celebrate my birthday.  When we arrived we saw aggressive lions and a baboon up to his usual shenanigans. The monkey was making a buffoon of himself by copying what the people did. At the end, we went to the area with the tiger.

Suddenly there was a warning of a fire in the nearby forest. Shortly after the fire came to the zoo and there was pandemonium everywhere.  Suddenly the window that protected us from the tiger got smashed . The tiger leaped out and with a ravenous look he stared at me…Now the tiger was blocking our escape route.

Week 12 The Experiment by Joe

“Class, take out your books in silence, NOW!” screamed Miss O’Leary.

She was the strictest teacher ever.  She loathed her time with children. The bell rang and the look on her face was terrifying . Jeff and I were in for break. I went to the bathroom and Jeff was eating his sandwich.

As I came back I heard an abominable roar. I saw a human-sized, white monster. Luckily we were 100% energetic so we could run. We hurried outside and called the police. I saw the monster and it was shrinking.  By the time it nearly got us -it was half a meter tall and the police got it.


Week 11 All in Favour By Mathew O’G

Long ago in a monastery, there lived a very wise monk named Jim Charles Ederson. He was from Brazil but had great English. Jim Charles was also the oldest of the monks. One day when he was teaching a Portugues visitor English the bells of battle rang.

He grabbed his valuables and dashed to the round tower. The ladder was already being pulled up. Jim Charles was not seen or heard so he had to fight. He defeated all the Vikings and saved the monastery but he also died.

He was buried under his statue and he was remembered forever.

Week 9 Ghosts By Danny

Legless Luke and Headless Harriet are Ghost friends. They live in a castle called Ivy Hall. They always have great fun jumping out and scaring people out of their pants but now people are too scared to go to the castle except one person who is never scared.

Both of them got bored because they could not scare him. So one night they went down town. Legless Luke went to the supermarket while Headless Harriot went shopping for a black dress. When Headless Harriot was done shopping she went to pay but then she noticed that no one was there so she went to get Legless Luke and both of them went back to the castle and lived happily ever after.

Week 8: A Night Of Doom, by Dan.

A flame of red and orange light danced in the long narrow hallway. I was frightened, but I wanted to follow it at the same time. Thoughts of what it could be were now swimming through my mind.

As I slowly crept along, the moon flooded white light flashed through the old building. A shiver ran down my spine…As I rounded the corner the light got brighter.

I could hear voices, a party was being celebrated, but I was the only human guest. Skeletons and spooks witches and zombies, it’s HALLOWEEN NIGHT…I’m DOOMED.

Hopefully tomorrow morning won’t be long coming.

Week 4; Hurry by Marc

One day I was going to America to see my grandparents. I saw a guard dog. It was running straight at me. I closed my eyes hoping it wouldn’t hurt me.

Soon after I opened my eyes to see where it was. Suddenly I saw it -it bashed into the wall. I ran over to see was it okay. It ran away again. After a few minutes, I went back to my Mom.

I heard another BANG. It hit another wall. Someone caught the dog and took it into the medical room. It came out and the dog was wearing glasses. Then it didn’t bash into anything. The dog just needed glasses.

Week 4 The Mystery Portal By Szymon

One day Jeff was walking his dog. The dog’s name was Butch. On his way home Jeff realised that a branch of an old oak tree looked fake. He climbed the tree and pulled the branch. Afterwards, as he fell he realised that a door had opened revealing a hidden portal.

He went into the portal. When he and his dog went in, the portal shut with a beeping noise. He was wearing an ocean blue hoodie and the dog was wearing glasses. There was one problem – How would they get back home?

Week 4 The journey from Cork by Maciej

One day when I was training hurling my dad came to collect me and my friend Carin. He brought our dog. The training was in Cork so the journey took an hour to get home.

In the middle of the ride, I put on my sunglasses. When we were driving up the hill my glasses fell off my eyes and landed on the dogs eyes. When Carin looked over the dog was wearing glasses. We both laughed. But then they broke and fell off.

Week 2: Sweet Proof By Naglis

One bright sunny day Jake was walking home after popping into Eddie’s gardening centre to buy a plant for his mum because it was her birthday.
He was walking home until he heard a bang.He lost concentration for that one second and he dropped the plant. There were sweets everywhere.

Jake ran away petrified.What Jake didn’t realise was that there were two microscopic people there as well. Moments later his friend Niall ate one of the sweets. The wind blew and the sun turned into a storm as the two mini people came to life as murderers.

Niall fell asleep.The two people who used to be tiny took Niall away to an empty room. Niall woke up tied to a chair “What are you going to do to me?” …