Week 37 The temple by Colin

I had been searching for the gold temple for two months now. I pushed through some bushes and then saw a massive gold temple. It was the Lost Temple of the Gods.

I took the viola out of my backpack and started the play. The stone doors slowly slid open. I stepped inside and took it all in.

Suddenly I heard a shout for help. I looked into a corner to see one of the previous explorers …  Tied to a chair… I rushed over and untied her. She gasped in relief before running to the door.

Then out of nowhere, a monster appeared in front of me.

Week 37 Tomb of the Lost Mummy by Dylan

My trusty assistant Viola and I searched for years to find the lost, ancient mummy’s tomb.

Finally, after an awful sandstorm, a dark crevice was revealed on the side of a pyramid. We slowly and carefully crawled through it in case it collapsed. When we got to the other side, the most magnificent room came into view.

There was a giant sarcophagus made out of gold, with rubies, sapphires and diamonds on it. The room was filled with gold and precious jewels. As soon as we touched a gold chalice on the ground, the whole room began to crumble.

Luckily we got out alive but with no gold. We decided to keep the tomb a secret.

Week 36 The Bullies By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to school I spotted a line of people waiting to give the two class bullies their lunch money. The reason everyone lined up was because they knew that if they didn’t give the bullies money they were guaranteed a miserable life at school. I joined the line just like everyone else and waited for my turn to pay up. When it was finally my turn I did something that I really regret doing I told the bullies to go away and I refused to pay them my lunch money. They got so angry that I was sure there was at least a 90% chance they would explode. That’s when I knew I should run.

Week 36: A Close Call By Benny

The weekend finally came so my friend and I went outside to play some basketball. Next to my house there was a very old house with stone walls surrounding it. I took my shot and the ball went straight over the wall.

“You threw it so you get it” Jake said.

“Fine” I replied.

I hopped the wall. Since the ground on the other side was much lower I wasn’t able to hop back over. The man who lived there jumped out of his back door and started sprinting towards me. That’s when I knew I should run. I was cornered, but Jake had managed to open the gate in time. I just barely got out.

While I never got the ball back I’m happy I never got caught by that grumpy old man.

Week 35 The Zombies by Colin

The zombies were just behind me.  I ran through the forest, ducking out of the way of branches. Suddenly I saw a river dividing me from the safe house. I raged silently before preparing myself.

After a while I decided to jump into the river. The current was strong and swept me down the river. I tried to swim to land but was overpowered by the current. I grabbed hold of a rock and climbed onto it.

After I caught my breath, I jumped off the rock and clutched at grass. As my hands were slipping away I grasped onto a rope that was tied to a well. Then I ran to the safe house.

Week 35: It was a Volcano By Liam O M

It was a nice autumn day when my dog and I were out for a walk…Until the ground started shaking…

We looked up at the large mountain which was shaking…Then lava sprouted up out of the mountain… It was a Volcano…

We rushed closer only to be stopped by raining ash upon us. Then we dashed away as fast as we could but then I got hit by ash and fell to the ground.

My dog turned around and barked at me to get up but I couldn’t. He dragged me to a secure cave where we waited until everything stopped. Then we got out of the cave…

We were terrified of the landscape as we walked home hoping everyone was ok…


Week 34 My Life by Jacob

The sky was getting dark and I thought to myself its time to get up.  I crawled out of the box I was sleeping in and stretched my aching body.  After a good scratch, I found a leaf stuck behind my ear from my bed.  I plucked it out and threw it on a chair to use later.

My tummy was rumbling and I knew it was time for food. I could not find any food in the pantry so I headed out the door on the hunt.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any frogs, worms or fish but there was a Mac Donalds open nearby, and I thought a Big Mac would go down a treat!!  I quickly popped to the car park of the restaurant and rummaged around in their bins, and hey presto! A half-eaten cheeseburger and two chicken nuggets suddenly became breakfast….its a tough life being a raccoon.

Week 33 The Great Escape By Conor H

It was a cold night in the city of London. Everyone in the city was asleep except for me. This very night I was sent a very important email. My agent Tony told me that I had to go to the local prison and somehow try and evacuate my gang  ASAP.

I had just reached the prison when I saw tons and tons of security blocking my way so I had to go the long way around.

Then as soon as I reached their cells I got out my jackhammer and busted the place down.

“GO, GO, GO!” I exclaimed.

Then we looked back at the security and the deafening screams echoed through the night.

Week 32 The Trek By Liam O M

It was a bright summer’s day when my friends and I went for a hike up the tallest hill in our area, Mt. Raptovest. At the start, we picked a spot to go from and come back to so we set off not realizing what we were getting into.

A couple of hours later it was getting dark so we decided to turn back but it was too late as we had no idea where we were… WE WERE LOST.

One of our friends got really scared and ran off, the rest of us ran after. Until we all got tired and slowed down.  We looked at each other and back to the light. .. Then we disappeared into the night…

Week 32: No Essential Medicine

I stepped on to the sleigh.

“Good Luck”  chanted the crowd of onlookers.

“HIKE!”I roared to the sleigh dogs.

I felt a sudden jolt of speed as we disappeared into the night.                                  All the people in the village were depending on me to bring back the essential medicine.

We were dashing along the snowy cliffside gaining speed all the time.I had the waypoint insight and my dogs were beginning to tire as I slowed down in front of the hospital. I walked into the waiting room and overheard a conversation.

They were out of medicine!

Week 31: An Eerie Experience By Benny

I was lost. I thought I knew my way through the forest. It was getting dark. What was supposed to be a nice walk in the forest turned out to be a disaster.  All I wanted was to get out of the forest.  I don’t know what made me do it but I decided to follow the moon. It was pitch black by now. The howling wind made it much worse and it was freezing.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of walking, the forest ended and I saw my house! Happily and cheerfully, I ran straight home and fell asleep in my bed that I missed so much.

Week 31 The Rat Tunnel By Ronan

One evening as I was walking through the foggy woods, I noticed a rumbling sound coming from the ground beneath me. I put my ear to the ground to see if I could figure out what it was.

About a minute later the rumbling stopped and a tiny little rat popped out beside me. It did a little cough and about 200 more rats appeared at his side. Suddenly they started to climb up on me trying to push me to the ground and into this wide tunnel that just appeared. They finally brought me down and were heading for the tunnel.

I screamed out for help so loudly that it could’ve made someone deaf but nobody came…

Week 30 The corona uprising by Jacob

It’s week 30 of lockdown.

As part of the Artyfartbuckel’s family, it was my turn to go to the shops.

As I was in the shop, these people in gas masks pulled up in a van and burst into the shop saying GET ON THE GROUND! I was terrified and went behind the counter and called the guards.

After 10 minutes S.W.A.T teams came bursting through the door and started to shout at the rebels. They were shooting at each other. The cashier said that he would try and escape and I should come with him. I said no and he called me scared and I said it doesn’t matter what you say does it?

He started to crawl to the door then a grenade landed next to him…

Week 30 Leroy’s treasure by Aidan

As we plodded through the dark and damp sewers pondering why we were there, we heard a noise. We turned around slowly expecting something horrifying but all we saw was a little boy.

“Hello I’m looking for the sun,  can you point me towards a sign,” the little boy said. We all looked at each other awkwardly. “Well there is a manhole up that way if you want to get out,” I said.

The boy just walked muttering about how he’d kick flowers. We just kept walking until it got darker and darker. Suddenly there was a light and we saw the boy again.  “Hello” he said in a creepy voice…

Week 27 The Bunker by Colin

I clambered through the rusty tunnel, hoping it led to a bunker. I could hear the zombie trashing the room below me. I held my breath and silently crawled along. After a while more of crawling, I came to a T junction. As I was about to turn right I heard a scream coming from the left side. I crawled as fast as I could down the left vent.

Suddenly I saw a flicker of light and heard murmuring. I slowed my pace and crawled out of the tunnel. As I stood up, I thought to myself “Was this really the only bunker left?”

Week 25: The Bank: By Liam A

It was a cold night and the sky was pitch black. I had my biggest robbery yet. I was going to steal the new golden banana in the bank. I was nervous and was watching the clock tick away and suddenly it struck twelve midnight. I plodded along and got to my old damaged car. After a while, I got to the bank. I took out my laser and made a circle in the window. I got in and saw the banana. I took out my spray and found the lasers. I jumped over them and got to the banana. It was really heavy. Suddenly it slipped out of my hands and I heard the sirens.

”Guess I’m going to jail…again.”

Week 21 Safari by Dylan

We were driving on the dusty road in search of the rare white rhino when we saw a flock of pink flamingos. They sang a beautiful song. We were so distracted by the flamingos that we accidentally hit a giraffe with our jeep. It looked very painful for the giraffe and we got out of the car to help it when we heard the roar of a lion. We dashed to the car but we noticed one of our crew was missing. We drove off in our jeep and we found our missing person hiding in the boot of the jeep.

Week 21 The Stolen Giraffe By Evan

It was the day that we would steal a small giraffe from the zoo. So my friend Ethan and I  got ready. We had hijacked a rusty car last week to use. We got in the car and parked it in a dark corner. We ran into the zoo and went into the giraffe section. We caught the giraffe with a leash then we went to the front of the zoo.

Suddenly the alarm went off so we swiftly got to the car.  Ethan then sang a Pink song and I told him to be quiet.  Then suddenly I felt a painful shot in my back …

Week 20 The U.F.O By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to New Jersey with my friend Jack I noticed that there was a big bright disk lighting up the sky. I asked Jack if he had any idea what it was but he didn’t know so I whipped out my telescope. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was.

Suddenly there was a huge bang followed by an enormous gust of warm wind. We started driving again but it didn’t last for long because there was a huge creator on the road right in front of us.

I peered into the creator and it was just then that numerous peculiar-looking creatures started pouring out of a spacecraft…

Week 19: The Catastrophe: By Dan

The guns woke me on that dreadful day.

They got closer and closer each day but that day they were there. I dressed and ran to the military station. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened, including the station.

Suddenly a group of enemy soldiers walked across the bridge, they were heading for the station.

I prised the door open with a branch that I had found, ran inside and locked the door. I ran to the telephone and called the Military.

I jogged into the armory and plucked a gun off a rack.

I was going to defend our town!

Week 19 The Bombing By Colin

I was walking through town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. Suddenly sirens rang out all around me. It took me a few seconds to realise we must be getting bombed. I started to sprint back to my house. I was about 500 metres away from my house when I felt a deep rumbling followed by an explosion in the distance. I saw a cloud of black smoke billow into the sky. I started to move faster.  I got to my house to see it in ruins. The bomb must have detonated near here. Suddenly I felt another deep rumbling. I looked up to see a B 24 fly past. Then I saw it … a black ball hurtling towards me.

Week 19 Air Raid By Aidan

As I walked around the corner to buy bread at the bakery I noticed that it was closed. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened I thought. Suddenly sirens rang through the town and there was commotion as parents picked up their kids and ran to the bomb shelter – it was an air raid.

I could hear the roaring sound of the Luftwaffe’s propellers while screaming in horror as robust buildings crumbled to rubble. The Germans had a habit of attacking when it was unexpected. Hostile soldiers ran through the streets hauling rocket launchers on their shoulders. I leaped into the bomb shelter where I felt a cold hand grab my shirt…

Week 18 Terrible Train By Aidan

“Come on get in the car” shouted my brother as I walked out the door. I jumped in the car and mum drove off. When we got to the train station we looked up at the times for Dublin. First, it said two minutes then five minutes after that ten and it went all the up to fifty-nine.

After an hour we saw the slowest train in history scrape along the tracks. “We can still make it to Dublin by 10 pm” said mom cheerfully. “But it is SO slow” I moaned. The station speaker called out that the train would arrive in Dublin by 3am. I moaned once more while I plodded on to the train.

Week 16 The Bank Robbery By Kristupas

We were preparing to put everything into the vehicle and rob the bank. My buddy said to put on a furry hat so they wouldn’t recognise us so I did. As we were driving to the bank, there was a very big hill so the car climbed up very slowly. It was harder with pounding music on in the car. When we got there it was eight-thirty. We had to get into the vent before nine so we ran with our gadgets to the vent.  When we got in we crawled to the gem, got it with the gadgets and went home with no problem

Wk 13 The Reindeer By Joe

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was coming down fast . My brother Cian and I were begging mum to let us go outside . When she finally caved in she told us to wrap up well because it was freezing outside .

We ran outside and met up with the children from the estate . We were planning on making a massive snowman . Cian started to roll up snow for the body but suddenly he heard a noise from the bushes . We ran to the bush and looked through . I saw a deer taking flight. I didn’t realise that they could fly . But as I said that I saw a bit of red on its nose.. .

Week 10 The Fire by Dylan

It was pandemonium. Some buffoon bombarded my house with numerous fireworks and now it was on fire ! The menacing red and orange flames demolished everything in sight.

I woke up first to an avalanche of flames consuming my room. I covered my mouth and dashed to my parents room and pounced on their bed to wake them up. When they were awake I ran to my sister’s room to wake her up.

The fire brigade was  alerted to the scene by our neighbours .We all escaped through my bedroom window and the fire brigade saved our dog.

Sadly our house was consumed by the vast amount of flames.

Week 10 War by Aidan

The bomb shells flew everywhere. The peculiar stench of smoke and decay wafted through the air. You could hear the rat-ta-tat-tat from miles away. I sprinted along the trenches to the opening to take a peak at what was happening. Bodies lying everywhere, loved ones hearts broken because of this war.

As I walked closer I noticed four legs. Suddenly a horse galloped out of the vast area of no mans land with a red bay gleaming so bright it nearly blinded me. I was in a quandary -not knowing if I should get the horse or not. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I held up a white tissue and shouted “stop firing”…

Week 6: The Box : By Dan

“I want a robust fearless man to complete my mission” bellowed our bunker’s leader.

“I’ll do it” I shouted.                                                                                                                      I walked over to the airlock and pulled on a nuclear suit. I picked up the box that I was supposed to carry. It was Heavier than I expected, but I didn’t take notice of that because I had a job to do.

I stepped outside into the remote and deserted barren lands that so many in our cramped little bunker used to call home, but after the undetectable enemy plane nuked it we were left only with a bunker. I struggled along into the distance with the box.