Week 34: Wrong Switch! By Shane C

Earlier today my aunt had gotten married. We all now sat in a hotel after the ceremony, all dressed up, awaiting our food. After the food most of the children were as bored as a bear so we decided to go outside onto the small green at the front of the hotel.

Some time later I needed to use the toilet so I went inside.

I reached the toilet and it was quite dark in there. I hit a few switches and eventually the light came on. When I got back outside some wet and angry faces were looking at me. The water just kept gushing out of the sprinklers.

….”Ammmm… It wasn’t me!

Week 31 Crocodile trouble by Julius.

Carefully  I got onto the stilts that were holding us off the ground so thankfully we were no longer on the ground.

While we were looking at crocodiles someone managed to make them mad and they started to hit the stilts. Suddenly my mom handed me a carrot so orange that it nearly started to glow.

Even though we were safe within the walls somehow it collapsed. The crocodiles had wide mouths and were about to eat me. When I hit the ground I heard a crunch. I thought it was me but it was the carrot.

Week 29 : Bulging And Bulbous, Raging And Insane By Paul

I heaved and puffed when I slammed and locked the door. I crumbled into a worthless heap. All I heard was the soft drip drop of the slime. The slime dripped through the floorboards overhead.

I stared up. Another pair of eyes met me. They were bulging and bulbous, raging and insane. CRASH! The person fell before me. I wasted no time.

I took hold of the pale man’s head and slammed it into the wall. The little cottage shook. Then I flung it over my shoulder as if I was a pro wrestler.

It screamed and ran at me. Taking out my crowbar, I swung it like a baseball bat. The thing flew away a meter and never got up again.

I fell to the ground and tried to sleep. But something wet landed on my cheek…

Week 25: War Escapee by Kayden

I was always last out of the trenches because I would be able to know where the enemies were shooting from. I would wait until my allies all got passed to go because the longer I wait the better chance I have of the enemies ignoring me and searching for my allies.

This pretty much saved my life because after 1 day of the war I did it and managed to run away and leave all of my equipment behind. I also left behind my uniform. The only thing I took with me was a pistol and a tonne of ammunition. I got clothes from a shop and actually was the only person to flee from war and survive…So that is why I am always last.


Week 24 Future life by Ewan

I was walking down the street in New York when suddenly there was a flash and the ground started to shake.

“Oh no,” I said then I was knocked out unconscious.

When I woke up I was covered in sand. I wiped the sand off me got up and looked around. There were no humans just animals and the ground was mostly soft sand with trees growing out of this. After that I got up and walked around. I then saw a giant hand sticking out the ground with what seemed to be a torch. So I ran over and looked – it was the top of the statue of Liberty

No, no , no I was in the future.

Week 23: War Wandering by Jack

Aghast. Petrified. Angered.

Serena gazed in horror as the towns population rapidly decreased. It was remarkable……but not in the good way.

The war; hostile, unforgiving, depressing. Fleeing from gruesome sights, she sped away as the bite of the wind swept underneath her yellow rags, palpitating as it froze her body. Gingerly, Serena crept around a corner, hoping that being confronted by a soldier wouldn’t happen. She had no where to go; no home, no family, no love…..

Peeping behind her, she quickly discovered that she was being followed. Panting for breath, she dashed down a nearby alley, hoping to disappear into the darkness of it, however the chances of being spotted were extremely vast. Hopefully luck would be on her side…..


Week 22 Escape from Alcatraz by Gary.

Tonight I was going to escape from the most heavily guarded prison in the world. Alcatraz. I had finally dug a hole big enough in the wall of my cell for me to crawl through. I had been chipping at the wall for 7 months. But in case one of the guards passed by my cell I carefully designed a head made out of plastic and put it at the right angle to make it look like I was asleep.

As soon as I escaped the main building I ran down the harbour. Laughter escaped out of my mouth. But as I jumped onto one of the boats a shot rang out and everything went black……..

Week 22 The Christmas Day Truce! By Calum

It was Christmas day and the war had been going on for a few months now. Everyone felt miserable and sad because their families were back home. Suddenly the Germans emerged waving a white flag. We decided to go towards the Germans and see what they were doing.

Surprisingly we all decided to have a truce. Later on that day one of the British soldiers got a ball and we had a game of soccer. It was Britain against Germany but in a game of soccer. The joy on everyone’s face was delightful and the sound of laughter was wonderful. For a few hours, everyone forgot about the war and we all became good friends. The game ended 5-3 with the British winning but that didn’t really matter.

But then the time came and we all had to go back. It was the most fun everyone had had since the war started.

Week 21: Carnival Disaster Part one by Kallum Y

Joy. Colour. Brightness.

We arrived at the carnival at 7:30.p.m. It was nearly dark. My brother and I ran for the roller coaster, bought a ticket and got into the carriage. Ascending we were nervous but excited.

Suddenly all the lights went out and the rides came to slow, eerie, hault. “What’s going on?” I whispered to my brother who was as scared as I.

“I don’t know,” he whispered back.

Suddenly we heard screams from below. There was nothing we could do. The carriages started moving backwards at a tremendous speed and then darkness.

To be continued….

Week 20: Escaping By Liam

The time had come, I had waited a long time for this day. An immense amount of planning went into it. As the guard turned away, I started to pull the bricks from the wall. I had prepared beforehand, so it was easy.I did it! I was able to escape from my cell. I needed to work fast if I wanted to get away.

Before I knew it, the alarm was sounded and all the guards were alerted to my escape. The noise was so loud! It was ear piercing, eardrum popping loud.

I kept going. I had to swim to mainland. After that, I just had to stay unnoticed. ….

Suddenly, a bright light shone down on me.

Week 20: Alone With A Murderer by Jack

“Come out, come out,” came the hostile, demanding voice. Trapped under a bed, alone with a murderer, my heart pounding. I had tried to warn them, but cruelly they just laughed at me. Nobody ever believed me….. Suddenly a shiver came down my spine.


The noise was SO loud, I could feel my ears about to fall off. The murderer was totally destroying the place – looking for me, though when I looked around me all I saw was blood…

Petrified, I watched the pair of feet, constantly tapping impatiently, as if he were expecting me to reveal myself. Eventually, he moved slowly into the bathroom. My heart lifted, as I approached the door, until I twisted the doorknob; Locked…….


Week 19:The Painting by Adam

My Mother and I were going to the museum one day.

In the museum’s first room there were paintings. There were the famous Mona Lisa and more wonderful paintings. But as I turned the corner I saw the best painting of all.

It was a picture of a boat grave yard.

The boats had a blue tint to the glass. The base colour of the boats was blue. The boats were shining in the light of the sun coming through the window.

My mother told me we were leaving. I didn’t want to leave the painting….So I took it!..

Week 18: War-Torn by Jack

Petrified and worried, shaking and frightened, the sight of the war-torn, hostile street made Hazel shiver. She had lived in this same street for thirteen years and now, everything, everyone, was gone.

Hazel palpitated under her mauve rags. “The war ruined it all. Everyone, everything, it’s all gone,” she cried gazing at the tearful, demolished scene, at the same time nibbling on her only source of food, carrots. The only thing she had left, was a picture of the one thing she wished she had right now; her family.

With that she, took out another picture, this time of her best friend, Albert, who had a heart of steel. He was always there for her, whenever she needed him; every time, except now.

Bereft and crestfallen, she looked around and thought, “No matter where, home is home. But what’s a home without a family?”

Week 16: Running For Life by Jack

As the algid, bitter night approached, I roamed the hostile, inimical town. I turned around to see two odd looking men emerging from behind a wall carrying  a very unusual shaped bag. Curious, I wanted to know what was in it. Right then, they spotted me. Without thinking, I ran, not once looking back…..

Eventually, I had to stop. Gasping for breath, I listened all around. Nothing. I looked in front and behind. Which way? Suddenly, a spine-shivering shout made me forget everything and run.

Panting heavily, I ran down an alley, only to find the one thing that could stop me. A dead-end……..

Week 12 The unknown tribe by Laurynas


Blood everywhere, people dressed in animal skins cheering, our explorers getting killed and I’m stuck in a cage.

The people were an unknown tribe living on an island called Hudo. They sacrificed people for their imaginary god called Vudu. They would cut off their enemy’s head and legs but this was no joke everything was real. They took everything seriously and had no jokes.

The god Vudu was a cup but no ordinary cup. It had funny patterns on its side and it had an angry face. There were legs sticking out at its head.

Suddenly the cage banged and a man walked in and dragged me out. He murmured something under his breath and placed me on a stone. …This was the end of my life.



Week 11: Please take action: by Kasparas

Greetings humans of Earth.

I am here to give a very important message to you all listening. It is vital that we respect the earth and it’s environment and if we don’t there will be  large consequences.

Today I really want to concentrate on pollution because if we will keep living like this for about sixty years we will all be sleeping in waste. The global warming is going to melt all of the ice which will lead to serious floods.  Later on, animals and plants will start to become extinct. So, therefore, meaning our human race will  certainly start to die.

Your human numbers will start to drop like flies. So in conclusion, I came here to give a message of warning to you humans.

Only you can stop this havoc!


Week 10 : Coffin house by Ewan

We were all in the workhouse hoping for the impossible  – freedom. But we all knew what the word impossible meant. Once you’re in this absolutely horrific place the only way out was a coffin.

Outside one of the few windows, we could see children queuing but where were they going? We could not see where they were queueing for because we could not see where the back of the line was.

And all we were all thinking was we wish we could be there at the back of that line instead of this dreadful place.

One day I will hopefully be there.

Week 9: A Life-Less Planet by Jack

Evil. Diabolical. Malevolent. This guy’s plan was to destroy the city. I had to stop him. Unsure of his plan to do it, I began sneaking around. After a while, I found something very suspicious looking. I pulled off the khaki looking tarp, and gazed in shock at what lay under it. …. A bomb……. But not just any old bomb, one of the most powerful ones in existence.

My only way to save the city, and probably the whole world, was to make sure that it would not begin lighting. But suddenly the fuse began to burn….. “NO…….”

As the smoke cleared, all that was left was rubble, earth and a life-less planet. Evil. Diabolical. Malevolent.

Week 8 The Grotesque Witch by Dylan K

It was a cold winter’s day in the kingdom and the King’s child had been missing for three days. The king felt bereft and worried. The king couldn’t handle the situation, however, he needed to set out on a journey to find Jake his child.

He ventured through the woods and after days of searching he finally found an eerie cottage. He decided to enter the cottage. The rooms were very dark but suddenly a grotesque witch attacked the king with a yellow effervescent potion. The king felt weak in front of the witch but he still stabbed her and killed her.

He discovered Jake and this was the most remarkable day of his life.

Week 8 : World War 2 By Adam

Bombs dropped, guns fired, bombs exploded.

We were supposed to bomb the main hall however, before I could even make it, “I’m hit” I screamed. I was falling- we were all  falling like flies.


I survived the bomb, unlike my friend. There were a lot of yellow logs on the floor. There was a hand sticking out of the logs. I gingerly removed the logs and there was my brother . My eyes filled up with tears.

“Good bye my friend. war is never going to change” I mumbled.

Later I  discovered that the war was over.  It was remarkable. I buried my friends and my family and I sat and cried.

Week 7 : Tables Turning by Seán M

Concentrating on a new potion, Mike was in an absolute trance as he was racing to finish his experiment.

All of Mike’s miserable life he was bullied. He was always tiny so he was seen as an easy target to physically bully. That’s why he decided to attempt to put a halt to all of that nonsense and to show the abominable, cantankerous child what it can be like. Mike’s plan was to brew an elixir that would make him grow rapidly. Mike used to be a bashful, demure child but not anymore.

Just about to drink it when suddenly he coughed and some dropped on the fragile glass on the floor in the path of a spider. The spider legged over to it and swam in it.

Mike hated spiders and always killed them but now the tables were turned! …

Week 7: Agent Black Widow by Liam

Computer hacking! Ha, like I would like to do something so devious and illegal. That’s what I would’ve said when I was younger, but now I’m the best security firewall disabler and the most brilliant account hacker in the world. If it’s a hack I made it

Although I’ve done all that, I still to this day haven’t been able to get inside the main super computer of The Pentagon. A highly advanced facility with biological weapons that could take out a nation.

Finally, I came up with a simple but ingenious design with so many possibilities and tools. I call it Agent 008: The Black Widow. I now want to have the opportunity of a lifetime to see all the projects that go on inside that base.

Week 6: Captured by Kayden

I was captured. Two people grabbed me when I was walking down an alleyway and took me to their house.They put a blindfold over my face and got a box. They told me to put my hand in and to guess what was in it.

They said if I guessed right they would spare my life. I put my hand in and felt around. The material felt like it was a knife.

“It’s a knife or is it a sword?” One of them said, “Which one?”

I took a long pause and nervously said a knife. They then announced, “You’re spared now run and don’t tell anyone about us.”

I then ran thinking should I ring the guards or not?

Week 6: Abandoned by Kasparas.

And there I was in the blackout in 1939 World War II. I was only 12 living in London with my mother. My father and brothers have been taken to war. The least thing I liked about the war were the blackouts which would always start at sunset.

But it just had to be that day when our city was attacked by German bombers And everything was falling-  the candles, pots, plates, cutlery everything.

Then the most horrific thing happened.  I was reaching to get the matchsticks and the candle but instead, it was not a candle I felt; the material felt like a cold moist cloth.

Later when my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw my mother under that boulder.

Week 6: The Oakford Murderer (Part One) by Jack.

Oakford town was a densely populated town with a variety of both strange and joyful people. The atmosphere that night was very gelid and chilly. Suddenly, the wind swept up a torn poster –  WANTED. MURDERER. UNNAMED.

Being a detective meant that I had to get right on the case. There were three abandoned houses in Oakford. “The murderer must be in one of those houses,” I thought.

Walking through the town, I spotted a piece of cloth on the road. The material felt like flat cotton candy. It was a magenta sort of colour.

I felt like I had seen something like it before…

Week 3 Finally at PEACE by Dylan K


One dark, cold night in London there lived a nice, friendly family.  Their father John Browne fought in the war. The children had a tough life. It had its up and downs .  It was coming up to Christmas. The kids were excited to see their Dad.

It was Christmas Day and the Family got up to a heartbreaking letter.

“Dear Mrs. Browne, we are sorry to tell you that your husband is missing and presumed dead.”

The family was devastated after what they had just read.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Luke opened the door to his surprise he saw his Father. The family were finally at peace and had a very happy Christmas.

Week 2 The Original Story of the BFG By Robert

One day  Sophie asked the BFG a question,

“Were you born a giant?”

“No I wasn’t born as a giant,” the BFG replied.

“Then who were you?” Sophie wondered.BFG

The BFG proceeded to tell Sophie his story…

“In earlier times I was called Harry Potter. When I defeated Voldemort somebody from his people changed me into a giant. I became an abominable monster. I destroyed Hogwarts when I was out of control and I had to run away because I could get killed.”

Suddenly Sophie asked, “You were Harry Potter – why didn’t you turn yourself back into a human?”

“I lost my powers as well – so after I killed Voldemort  I came into this cave.”



Week 1 :The Martian By Liam


Suddenly a storm strikes. The team rushes to the escape rocket. Mark is hit and thought to have died. And I thought “well what a start”! He started work for survival. He found a way to reproduce water and potatoes. He has made Mars a livable place.

His home or protective dome is a site called Areas 3. He planned to travel to Areas 4, where the next mission was meant to land 2 years after Areas 3.

His teammates (who are in space) eventually find out he’s alive. They pick up extra supplies from Earth and slingshot themselves towards Mars! They successfully make physical contact with Mark.

He’s heading home!!