Wave of bees by Stas

On the news they say there was a bee apocalypse.  I was sure they were joking.

But will there be a bee apocalypse.

1 day later and there was a bee apocalypse.

I walked to my bed and cried.

I thought that the bees didn’t like water so I grabbed my scuba diving helmet and I waited and waited. I went down for 3 hours and I survived.

The titanic part 1 by Stas

AAh the lugshores ship, it is so vast !!! SO COOL man if I was 1st class well I’m not…


Stop shouting… okay okay(Paul)

Well I’m going to America (Stas)

That is what I just said (Paul)😒

2 days later it is pitch black and it is pedestrian.

(Jeb)Stas that an iceberg

Yes, it is -well I’m going to the captain 😢

Well it is getting closer – it has hit the ship. Man, I want to see some fun but no.


Titanic part 2 by Stas

(So part 1 did not post well so  I’m going to make a part 1 next time 😉

This is hazardous and I have bad omen.  The R.M.S TITANIC will sink in 2 hours but the rescue is in 4 hours. So when they come people will die of hypothermia. So the lifeboats will help but women and children first. Well, only half of the people get into the lifeboats.  I will have a 25% chance of survival.  I will go in the corner and sob.  Henry my friend will just slap me out of it. The ship is sinking so I will just go and die.  I’m going where the rats are going… to be continued …

part 3 soon.


Space company

A place where you build rockets = vehicle assembly building

PAB= plane assembly building planes that go to space

Space control = a control for space ships

Research facility = research parts for planes

Deep space  – unknown for us

Toadstools versus Flies By Stas

Toadstools are very toxic.  Flies are very irritating.  Flies like to eat everything even toadstools but if they eat them they will die.

OK story time!

Once upon a time, there was King Toadstool of the toadstools but flies didn’t care. They started a war –  yup toadstools versus flies.

Toadstools live in a magical forest.

The toadstool civilian side was having trouble.