Week 6 Why Me? By Szymon


A plate clumsily fell out of my hand. My parents were so mad at me they told me that I couldn’t go on the school tour. I really wanted to go because my class was going to Bath in England.

I already had my orange bag packed. I was so annoyed at my parents that I went upstairs. I tried to sneak out but they heard me so I danced to make them think that I was just dancing. It didn’t work  and I got grounded.

The next day I was watching my favourite fighter when I heard my parents shout to get ready as they changed their minds.

Week 5 The Ring By Szymon

I broke another window while robbing a jewellery store. My companions and I rushed in. We saw many cheap rings and necklaces but we were going big this time. We wanted to rob the jewellery that was worth millions. We got through the security with ease.
Suddenly I spotted a ring. It reminded me of a time when I proposed.
“What are you looking at?” My friend asked. ” Nothing” I replied.
We were so close but an alarm went off. Before we knew it the police were already there. We tried to escape quickly but we got caught and …they all blamed it on me.

Week 4 The Three Tormentors by Szymon

Legend says that if all three statues are gathered  together on their altar they will wake up and torment everyone in sight.
Zap! Another man was zapped by the statue when he touched it. Only the worthy can pick them up and release all evil. Another year passes by before someone tries again but this time he is worthy. He collects the first one and puts it in place. The second one was put in by his ancestors. The third one was far away in an open field. He collected it and put it on the altar… Their eyes started to glow…

Week 3 The Hunter By Szymon

”Bye!” I shouted.
I was going to my favourite place to be where I want to be alone. It was a patch with lush green plants and wildlife. That was in the middle of a field that was next to my house.
When I was there it looked as beautiful  as always. I saw a rabbit but it seemed to be going backwards.
” It seemed as if he was running away from something” I whispered.
I went in to check and I was frightened at what I saw. It was a hunter that was shooting the animals. Then he pointed his gun at me. I ran away as fast as I could.

Week 2 National Pet Day By Szymon

Dear Diary,
Today was the funniest day ever. Since it is national pet day we were allowed to bring in our pets. I brought in my alligator. When the teacher saw him she turned mauve and backed off to the back of the classroom. When I told them his name was Ali and that he was only ten months old my friend interrupted me and asked could he hold him. I said that he could. After that it was tricky to get him back in his cage but soon after that, he climbed in himself.
I will not forget this day and the horrified look on my teacher’s face.

Week 1 The Failed Escape By Szymon

Silently Luke crawled over to the exit. He was ready to escape. He had everything prepared.
“I’m finally escaping out of this wretched prison!” he whispered.
He was already in the yard. Sneakily he threw up a rope that he snatched from a guard. Quickly he started to climb the wall. He wasn’t paying attention because it was too late when he realised they had put up a sharp and big barbed wire. He just scraped his hands lightly but his legs dug in deep… He bled out before the sun started to rise. They put up a statue to show that barbed wires are too dangerous so it is safer to use ropes.

Week 37 Dear Diary By Szymon

It had been raining all morning but when it brightened up I was very happy. This was because we were planning to go to the Aqua Dome. We went there and we had lots of fun.
I really liked the outside slide but I nearly drowned. After that, we went to a beach. I got sunburnt but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun on the beach and I built a giant sandcastle.
Later that day we went to subway and ate. When we arrived home we went to spar and ordered ice-cream. I loved this day and I will never forget it.

Week 36 The Murder By Szymon

I heard a gunshot followed by another one. I was very terrified. Finally I fell asleep.
When I woke up next morning everything was normal but things started to change very quickly. After I ate my breakfast,  brushed my teeth and dressed, I went outside. I was going to my friend’s house but I spotted a long shiny object. I went closer and saw that it was a gun. I ran home and called the police. They told me that they would come as quickly as possible.
When they arrived they told me what had happened and that someone got shot and the murderer hadn’t been found. The gun was knotted and someone got an inspiration from it and made a statue like the gun.

Week 35 Halucination By Szymon

“Good Night” said Gabriela.
She was going to bed after a frustrating and tiring day. She had three tests and tennis practice that lasted an hour. In the middle of the night she started to hallucinate and she went to the house next door.
No one was in the house because the owners went to a party. They forgot to close the door so she got in easily and accidently took a necklace that was worth thousands. The next day she saw the police and saw that she was holding a necklace. She realised that it was the neighbours however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 Wonder World By Szymon

“Where am I” ? I whispered.
I was in a place where everything looked different. The water in the river was like lemonade and the fish were like gummies. I was hungry and thirsty so I ate the fish and drank the pink lemonade.
I crossed over a bridge that was over the river. It started raining but it was more like someone had sprinkled marshmallows over me. I hid under a huge daffodil.  I loved this place but I didn’t stay for a long time…
Suddenly I heard a bell ring and I woke up. It was all a dream. I was sad when I woke up.

Week 33 The Robot By Szymon

One night a little robot landed in a forest. He was sent by aliens to investigate the environment. The robot had abilities to see heat waves and transform into anything or any item.
The aliens had a control panel to steer the robot and they headed for a tree. The tree had a horse chestnut on it so the robot went there and transformed into a horse chestnut.
When it was Autumn and all the nuts were falling off the trees the horse chestnut was shaking. Suddenly it fell and hit the robot by accident. The robot fell and it was damaged. 

Week 32 The Treasure Map By Szymon

“What is this?” I asked myself.

One day I found a treasure map in my garden when I was digging holes to try to find dinosaur fossils. The one that I was really trying to find was an utahraptor.

It showed me a riddle that I figured out straight away. The answer to the riddle was the Big Ben. I flew there to find a clue for the second location. This one took me the longest of times but finally I figured it out. The answer was the Loch Ness lake.

I drove over there and found a clue but I didn’t understand the instructions. Eventually I figured it out and the answer was Stonehenge. I dug out the chest and slowly opened it…

Week 31 William the Working Walrus By Szymon

William the Working Walrus is a young, affable, green and strong walrus. He lives in Igloo City. He loves building houses, helping people and swimming.

His best friends are Grudge the Bear and Larry the Limping Leopard. He hates the spying giraffes because he thinks they only show off with what they can do.

He hates the lord of Nulth because he thinks that the lord of Nulth is a menacing monster. He went to the jail, Conform five times but he always escaped. Because of this, they put in more defenses in Conform. He hates the whispering glade because the echo annoys him.

Week 28 The Amazing Robot By Szymon

“Yes!” shouted a scientist. “I have completed the robot.”

He turned it on and it started to pick up the litter that was in the room. Soon after it became a peacemaker and it helped solve all of the problems of the world. No one was homeless or poor. Everyone had clean water and food. There were no more wars and the earth wasn’t polluted.

When the scientist died his son had a plan to destroy the robot and make the earth the same as it was before. He crept up behind the robot and cut it in half. He buried the top part deep underground but left the legs above ground.

Week 27 The Storm By Szymon

One day a family was watching television when suddenly the programme changed onto the news. It said there was a tornado coming in one hour. When they looked out they saw pandemonium everywhere.

“We will not make it by car as there is too much traffic around,” said the mother.

They started running but they saw an old lady that fell over who could not get up so they helped her. They ran quickly but they saw people tripping and they also helped them. Then a  child fell and could not walk because he broke an ankle.

Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress…

Week 26 The Titanic By Szymon

“Hooray!” I shouted.

I was so happy when my parents told me we are going on the Titanic. When we arrived we saw a wealthy and pompous man who was showing off his shiny  yellow watch.

“That tiny and thin man that we saw – I think he was showing off his watch” he whispered. “I think so” I replied.

My friend was coming too but not only that… we were also in first class. We were happy until the Titanic started to sink. We went on a boat with our parents but we saw hopeless people drown.

We survived and lived in America but we still sadly remembered that day.

Week 25 : The Robbery by Szymon

AHH! roared Tom.
He got a fright when he could not find his cat. His cat’s name was Pebbles. He was named Pebbles because when they bought him he was tiny and looked like a pebble.

The same day meowing woke the president up. He was confused but when he finally spotted the cat he was terrified. Tom was putting up some posters of the cat and his phone number.

He saw a group of firemen in a truck. He followed them to the white house and saw his cat on the roof. He went to the president and told him that it was his cat.
“But how did she get up there?” asked Tom.
“I don’t know” answered the president.

They brought the cat down and Tom was very happy.

Week 23 : The Babysitter by Szymon

Another vase fell. I do not know how this happened?
Why did I have to get a babysitter?
Because I am ten, I could at least stay at my cousin’s house. This was the worst babysitter ever. I had her for a week and she had already broken three vases and four television. She breaks something if I do not listen to her and tells my parents that I broke it.

I tell them that she is lying and that I would never brake anything but they do not listen to me. I am banned from doing everything exciting and I hate her.

What if I was in charge?

Week 22 Diary Entry By Szymon


I heard the goldfish bowl fall down. I tried to save the goldfish by putting it into a cup but I slipped and the goldfish flew slowly over to the window. It was too late so my parents and I  went over to the local fish store.

I asked for the one in the biggest tank. Mr. Brown who was the owner climbed up the enormous ladder and got it for me. I was so happy and took it home but sadly straight away it died and I was the saddest person on earth.

This was the worst day of my life.

Week 21 In Honour By Szymon

Boom! Exploded another bomb.

A group of men was moving very fast when one of them saw one of their enemies. Straight away one of their allies shot their enemy. They were planning to deploy a bomb at the enemy base and blow up all of the injured men and the enemy’s captain. One of the men got shot but carried on. When they reached the enemy base they deployed the bomb. They put the timer to five minutes and started running away. It blew up but tragically all the men died.

They had statues built in honour of their braveness.

The Jailbreak Week 20 By Szymon


We were escaping from a prison. We were moving very fast when one of the cameras spotted us and set off an alarm. Suddenly we heard footsteps and guns being loaded and saw a bright light. Tired we ran on and managed to hide in a bush but we heard dogs barking. The policemen found one of us and he got taken back to jail.

Then I found a Skoda and broke into it. We all jumped in and I drove off. We were on the most wanted list but that did not stop us from stealing again. We were courageous because we broke into the biggest jewellery store.

The police never found us.

Week 18 The Family By Szymon

It was a normal Sunday morning.  Someone famous was coming to Singapore. A family came to meet the person and maybe get an autograph from the person. There were three people in the family. The child was full of skulduggery. The mom was angelic and the dad looked menacing but was very nice.

Suddenly they saw a man hiding a shiny object. When he sprinted off the family went to see what it was. …It was a bomb. They roared that someone had placed a bomb in a bush. When everybody fled except for the family the bomb exploded.

They put up statues to remember these people. 

Week 17 Diary Entry By Szymon

This was the best day of my life. First of all, I woke up to the chiming of my grandfather clock. Before midday, I cycled to my best friend’s house. We played with lego at his house. We also played his x-box one. Arond three o clock my family and I had a flavoursome, scrumptious and appetizing dinner.

Then we went to the zoo. I saw menacing lions, monkeys making buffoons of themselves and baboons up to their usual skullduggery. I dashed over to see a red mamba snake. It looked very scary and aggressive. After that we went home and ate supper.

Week 16 The Aliens Headquarters By Szymon

One day I saw a U.F.O. also known as an Unidentified Flying Object. It left a trail of molten iron and looked menacing. I saw it going somewhere every day so one stormy night I sneaked outside and followed it to a weird hand.

I went in and I saw aliens everywhere. Courageously I went into a secret room. Suddenly I got trapped and banged my hands on the plasma wall.

Somehow I managed to get out but will  I tell people that I saw aliens and that they are planning an attack on Earth because if I tell anyone I will cause pandemonium everywhere.

Week 15 The Last Day by Szymon

In the beginning, it was a normal and quiet day. Tired I limped down the stairs. My parents were gone. I thought that they went to the shop. I made myself a sandwich and it looked scrumptious. I went over to the window. Every 5 seconds the weather changed from sun to rain and from rain to snow.

Then my parents dashed in and told me to go into the car. So I went in not knowing what had happened. We drove off to the space station and people led us into a rocket. Everyone was seated and we flew off into space. I saw a meteorite the size of Mars hitting Earth.

But where will we live now?

Week 14 Mysterious Potion By Szymon

One day a girl named Mandy started messing in the middle of the class and got sent to the principal’s office. The pompous and abominable principal rang Mandy’s  menacing and aggressive parents and told them about Mandy’s shenanigans. They lambasted her and took her home.

Two days later she went to her uncle. He was a mad scientist. Mandy was so ravenous she absconded to the kitchen and ate everything she saw. She also drank a potion and went to sleep. When she woke up she looked in the mirror. She was a monkey. She got so mad she knocked over a table with an apple laptop on it.

What will she do to be a girl again?

Week 13 The Day at a Zoo by Szymon

One day my family and I were going to the zoo to celebrate my birthday.  When we arrived we saw aggressive lions and a baboon up to his usual shenanigans. The monkey was making a buffoon of himself by copying what the people did. At the end, we went to the area with the tiger.

Suddenly there was a warning of a fire in the nearby forest. Shortly after the fire came to the zoo and there was pandemonium everywhere.  Suddenly the window that protected us from the tiger got smashed . The tiger leaped out and with a ravenous look he stared at me…Now the tiger was blocking our escape route.

Week 12 Lost In The Forest part 2 by Szymon

Terrified I stared into the man’s eyes. I was as white as snow. I was ravenous but energetic after standing in front of the man. Suddenly the man moved, so I quickly hurried back to the forest. As quickly as a cheetah I fled from the man. I heard the man chuckle and straight away he was in front of me again.

Terrified I stared at the man and saw a battery. In one scoop I pulled out the battery and like a robot he shut down. I put it back and he turned on so I quickly took it out again. The man was a robot.

I hurried home and saw my dad steering the robot. I ate a sandwich and went to sleep.