Week 27 The Painter By Szymon

“Remember – it has to be green” the lady snapped. 
Suddenly the painter remembered that he had a secret. It was that he was colourblind. He had only applied for this job because it was easy money. While he was picking out the colour he knew what might happen.
The person he was painting for was as vicious as a lion. He knew he would be in big trouble. A week passed and he was finished painting. The lady came into the house and she was astonished. The lady started screaming at the man.
”  But it is the wrong colour!”

Week 26 The Famine By Szymon

Hungrily I pulled out a potato but something seemed odd about it. It looked like it got blight. Ravenously I ripped out the rest of the potatoes. They all looked off. I was apprehensive because I was too poor to buy more crops.
I was so cross that I lobbed all the potatoes across the field. Quickly the news spread across the country that all the potatoes had gotten blight. I knew my only chance of survival was to get on a ship because I didn’t want to go to a workhouse but what would happen to me on one of those ships?

Week 24 The Box By Szymon

Not too long ago a box full of expensive jewellery was stolen and everyone was looking for it. We were looking for it for about two weeks but we couldn’t find it. One day as I was walking at the fringe of the town I was looking in the bushes. Suddenly I found a box and it was the same one that has been missing. I opened it but it was empty. What a surprise!
Then I saw a man sneaking to a car with the jewellery and I called the police. The man was caught but not all the jewellery was found.

Week 23 At The End of the Rainbow By Szymon

Slowly I walked on the pavement, my heart sinking. I wanted to go and buy myself ice cream but I didn’t have the money to buy one as my parents weren’t home. I wanted to get a normal one with red, sweet strawberry sauce on top. I saw my neighbour on a ladder washing his windows but I didn’t say anything. Suddenly I saw a rainbow at the fringe of the forest. I ran as quickly as a cheetah and within two minutes I found myself at the pot of gold. As I was reaching for the coins … I heard rustling in the bushes…

Week 21 New Crisp Flavour Fail By Szymon

It was my first day of work and I had already made a bad impression of myself. I began working at a crisp factory at the fringe of the city. I decided to impress my boss by making a new flavour for crisps. It was pepper and vinegar.
I had made some and ate them with my boss but there was one problem; the vinegar was too sharp. One of the employees who always wanted to be the best had a smug smile on his face. I almost got fired for my idea until my boss decided to sell them in bright eye-catching colours. They were a hit.

Week 21 All Alone By Szymon

“W hat’s in it ?” enquired the child.
” It’s a surprise” answered his parents.
It was Christmas Day and the child was opening presents. He got a massive, stuffed, colourful parrot and straight away he threw away his small white teddy bear. That was his favourite toy for years. He stopped playing with the teddy even though he used to love him. The parrot was crafty and knew how to make the child forget about the teddy. One day the child was looking for old toys to sell. He came across the teddy and threw the parrot away.
He was remembering the old times.

Week 20 The Contest By Szymon

I was preparing my guitar for the contest that was on that night. At seven o’ clock I left my house and I was nervous because it felt like I was being stalked. Once in a while, I saw little eyes; it felt completely out of tune.

I took a shortcut through the old, isolated forest. Suddenly I heard rustling in the bush across of me. I had a sense of foreboding. To my surprise it was just a small cat. It followed me so I decided to keep it. That night I was triumphant and won the contest.

Week 17 Where Is She? By Szymon

I left my house to go to school. I met up with my friend at the park and then we walked to school. It was a fun day at school but when I got home I realised something was wrong.  My dog didn’t run up to me like she always did. I called out her name.
No response. 
There was NO trace of her. “But how could she just disappear?” I whispered to myself.
After a week of her missing I saw a glimpse of a Labrador at the park. I ran after it and then I saw it slowing down and collapsing. It was my dog and it was wounded.

Week 16 Unlucky By Szymon

The code was almost finished so I went to grab some food from the cafeteria. I ate chicken with mashed potatoes and for dessert I took a milkshake. This was a new pink milkshake so I took it into my office. For about two minutes I watched the bubbles pop.
I finished the code but before I could save it I accidentally knocked my milkshake over and it spilled all over the laptop. I picked it up and the cup was empty.
My menacing and cantankerous boss came in and fired me. Then I had to ride my bicycle home.

Week 15 The Light By Szymon

One child eagerly asked his parents if he could go outside. After a while he was allowed to go outside. First, he strolled over to the park and swung on the swings. After that, he went to his friend’s house to play. His friend just recently bought a game for the PlayStation 4 so they played it and finally, they played Monopoly. It was getting dark so he had to go home. He was walking carelessly along the road when suddenly he saw a light. The light blinded him. Then something struck him.

Week 14 Magical Things Happen By Szymon

“Why!? Why won’t you let me out?'”
It was Christmas Day and I was in jail. I was waiting for something magical to happen since it was December. I went to bed exhausted but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was just too sad but eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up I went for breakfast and started wolfing it down. Then I strolled over to my cell.
I lay down but suddenly a guard called me over. He opened the cell door and took me home. I hoped something magical would happen. I just had to believe.
My family was waiting for me with presents outside the house.

Week 13 The Tree! By Szymon

“Why”? I asked anxiously .
“We want to plant a tree, to be eco-friendly ” my friends answered.
My friends wanted to a plant a tree and it grew surprisingly quickly. They decided to climb it but I disagreed. It took them hours to climb up but when they reached the top they were amazed. It reminded them of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. There was a castle on a cloud and instead of a giant, there was a dragon.
The dragon found them and flew above their heads. They ran but they were exhausted. They were about to climb down but the dragon caught them…

Week 12 We Won By Szymon

“We won !” yelled my dad.
My dad just bought a lottery ticket and was checking after checking the numbers.
“How much?” exuded my brother excitedly.
” 10 million euro” my dad said calmly.
When we went to the shop to exchange our ticket into money my brother started swaggering in pompously. On the way back we saw a gr0up of poor people begging for money on the street. I decided to give each of them 100 thousand euro. My parents agreed. We didn’t realise that there was a news reporter behind us. We went home and watched the news and to our surprise we seemed to be on the television.

Kanturk Arts: The Not So Great Famine

Happily, the farmer strutted over to the potato crops. He knew he would have plenty to eat and he wouldn’t have to starve. He was so ravenous he was about to eat an uncooked potato because rodents infested his home. He got rid of them but they ate all his food. He wasn’t so opulent so he couldn’t buy a lot of food. He lived off of farming, fishing and selling extra fish and vegetables.
He was anxious after pulling out his crops. He grew weak and docile after finding his crops rotten. He knew straight away that it was a famine. He knew about it from Irish people that had visited him. A century ago it happened to Ireland and now it happened to him. He tried planting more crops but he had no more seed potatoes.
He sprinted over to his neighbours and asked them. Before they could answer he dashed over to their potatoes and pulled them out. As fast as he could he sprinted over to his house and grabbed all his belongings. He started making his way to the bay before everyone realised what had happened. He hopped into a boat and started making his  way over to Ireland. 


Week 9 The Door By Szymon

“Whatever happens- do not open this door!” roared the astronaut. I wondered what was behind the door?

” Picture this – you are stuck in a room with the most dangerous thing you can imagine,” yelled the astronauts. The astronaut’s voice was convincing but gentle. “I can’t wait to learn more about this place,” I said.

I just went onto my first space station but little did I know it was also my last one.

When everyone fell asleep I sneaked over to the door and opened it. I went in and suddenly something grabbed me by the ankles and roughly tripped me.

Week 7 The War By Szymon

“Fire!” roared General Ladybird.

The ladybirds effortlessly shot as a much as they could but it didn’t do much good. The lego army hid in the trenches until the ladybirds stopped shooting. The lego army hastily threw grenades and killed most of the ladybirds but in the process got their hands shot off.

The last ladybird which was General Ladybird got shot and died. The general of the lego army strutted over and was standing in the middle of a field covered in dead ladybirds. Before he knew it the ladybirds started to explode…

Week 6 Why Me? By Szymon


A plate clumsily fell out of my hand. My parents were so mad at me they told me that I couldn’t go on the school tour. I really wanted to go because my class was going to Bath in England.

I already had my orange bag packed. I was so annoyed at my parents that I went upstairs. I tried to sneak out but they heard me so I danced to make them think that I was just dancing. It didn’t work  and I got grounded.

The next day I was watching my favourite fighter when I heard my parents shout to get ready as they changed their minds.

Week 5 The Ring By Szymon

I broke another window while robbing a jewellery store. My companions and I rushed in. We saw many cheap rings and necklaces but we were going big this time. We wanted to rob the jewellery that was worth millions. We got through the security with ease.
Suddenly I spotted a ring. It reminded me of a time when I proposed.
“What are you looking at?” My friend asked. ” Nothing” I replied.
We were so close but an alarm went off. Before we knew it the police were already there. We tried to escape quickly but we got caught and …they all blamed it on me.

Week 4 The Three Tormentors by Szymon

Legend says that if all three statues are gathered  together on their altar they will wake up and torment everyone in sight.
Zap! Another man was zapped by the statue when he touched it. Only the worthy can pick them up and release all evil. Another year passes by before someone tries again but this time he is worthy. He collects the first one and puts it in place. The second one was put in by his ancestors. The third one was far away in an open field. He collected it and put it on the altar… Their eyes started to glow…

Week 3 The Hunter By Szymon

”Bye!” I shouted.
I was going to my favourite place to be where I want to be alone. It was a patch with lush green plants and wildlife. That was in the middle of a field that was next to my house.
When I was there it looked as beautiful  as always. I saw a rabbit but it seemed to be going backwards.
” It seemed as if he was running away from something” I whispered.
I went in to check and I was frightened at what I saw. It was a hunter that was shooting the animals. Then he pointed his gun at me. I ran away as fast as I could.

Week 2 National Pet Day By Szymon

Dear Diary,
Today was the funniest day ever. Since it is national pet day we were allowed to bring in our pets. I brought in my alligator. When the teacher saw him she turned mauve and backed off to the back of the classroom. When I told them his name was Ali and that he was only ten months old my friend interrupted me and asked could he hold him. I said that he could. After that it was tricky to get him back in his cage but soon after that, he climbed in himself.
I will not forget this day and the horrified look on my teacher’s face.

Week 1 The Failed Escape By Szymon

Silently Luke crawled over to the exit. He was ready to escape. He had everything prepared.
“I’m finally escaping out of this wretched prison!” he whispered.
He was already in the yard. Sneakily he threw up a rope that he snatched from a guard. Quickly he started to climb the wall. He wasn’t paying attention because it was too late when he realised they had put up a sharp and big barbed wire. He just scraped his hands lightly but his legs dug in deep… He bled out before the sun started to rise. They put up a statue to show that barbed wires are too dangerous so it is safer to use ropes.

Week 37 Dear Diary By Szymon

It had been raining all morning but when it brightened up I was very happy. This was because we were planning to go to the Aqua Dome. We went there and we had lots of fun.
I really liked the outside slide but I nearly drowned. After that, we went to a beach. I got sunburnt but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun on the beach and I built a giant sandcastle.
Later that day we went to subway and ate. When we arrived home we went to spar and ordered ice-cream. I loved this day and I will never forget it.

Week 36 The Murder By Szymon

I heard a gunshot followed by another one. I was very terrified. Finally I fell asleep.
When I woke up next morning everything was normal but things started to change very quickly. After I ate my breakfast,  brushed my teeth and dressed, I went outside. I was going to my friend’s house but I spotted a long shiny object. I went closer and saw that it was a gun. I ran home and called the police. They told me that they would come as quickly as possible.
When they arrived they told me what had happened and that someone got shot and the murderer hadn’t been found. The gun was knotted and someone got an inspiration from it and made a statue like the gun.

Week 35 Halucination By Szymon

“Good Night” said Gabriela.
She was going to bed after a frustrating and tiring day. She had three tests and tennis practice that lasted an hour. In the middle of the night she started to hallucinate and she went to the house next door.
No one was in the house because the owners went to a party. They forgot to close the door so she got in easily and accidently took a necklace that was worth thousands. The next day she saw the police and saw that she was holding a necklace. She realised that it was the neighbours however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 Wonder World By Szymon

“Where am I” ? I whispered.
I was in a place where everything looked different. The water in the river was like lemonade and the fish were like gummies. I was hungry and thirsty so I ate the fish and drank the pink lemonade.
I crossed over a bridge that was over the river. It started raining but it was more like someone had sprinkled marshmallows over me. I hid under a huge daffodil.  I loved this place but I didn’t stay for a long time…
Suddenly I heard a bell ring and I woke up. It was all a dream. I was sad when I woke up.

Week 33 The Robot By Szymon

One night a little robot landed in a forest. He was sent by aliens to investigate the environment. The robot had abilities to see heat waves and transform into anything or any item.
The aliens had a control panel to steer the robot and they headed for a tree. The tree had a horse chestnut on it so the robot went there and transformed into a horse chestnut.
When it was Autumn and all the nuts were falling off the trees the horse chestnut was shaking. Suddenly it fell and hit the robot by accident. The robot fell and it was damaged. 

Week 32 The Treasure Map By Szymon

“What is this?” I asked myself.

One day I found a treasure map in my garden when I was digging holes to try to find dinosaur fossils. The one that I was really trying to find was an utahraptor.

It showed me a riddle that I figured out straight away. The answer to the riddle was the Big Ben. I flew there to find a clue for the second location. This one took me the longest of times but finally I figured it out. The answer was the Loch Ness lake.

I drove over there and found a clue but I didn’t understand the instructions. Eventually I figured it out and the answer was Stonehenge. I dug out the chest and slowly opened it…