Week 21: NINJA TREES by Tadhg

Jason was scared as there were only seven people left in his tree tribe. They would have to suffer on until they became extinct. Jason was bamboozled. He had tried to teach them self-defense but it didn’t work. If he didn’t teach them something fast they would be in trouble. They were going in fast rates already so it would be hard.

The next day another one of them disappeared and then there were only six left. That day he had taught them Kungfu and it worked. (All the tribe were fond of Kungfu Panda ) They could kick punch and even dodge.

He was proud of himself.  The tribe was saved.


“Yippee!  We’re in the top four – we can do the race.”

Kate and I were so excited we were in the race. If we won we would get a ps4. When we were at the race we got ready. Kate was first and I was after her .  Kate went to the starting line.  The whistle blew and Kate went off.  She made it second place and the person in the last place got kicked out.

Then I went. I made it first place. Eventually, we both went. We were moving very fast when suddenly we crashed. We were going to lose…  The whistle blew… In first place were Jake and Sarah.

Week 19 The robot By Tadhg

I looked at my watch. “It’s time! It’s time” I exclaimed.

I ran to my room and grabbed it. It looked amazing with its dazzling light its inexplicable colour. I couldn’t believe it.  I had made my own robot. Even if it was tiny I still loved it.

As I went into the kitchen to wash my hands I left my robot outside.  When I was done I went to get my robot but it was dangling above me on the gutter. I rushed for a ladder but when I went out it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere and then I found it sliding down the drainpipe

I couldn’t believe it, it came down the drainpipe.


One dark day three little alien men were trying to invade Earth. They sent lots of messages to what they called the Earthlings and then they decided to invade on Saint Brigid’s day.

They went in towards the blue and green planet but crash-landed in a beautiful place called Cork city.  It was a  really big place so they started going into shops and bought a few things.  They had the time of their lives there so they went back to their spaceship and decided not to blow up Earth.

They went back to their planet – exhausted and went for a nap  in their intergalactic beds .

Week 16 : The Experiment by Tadhg

One day a ghastly scientist was contemplating his important experiment. This experiment was about making a person immortal. He tested it on a person walking down the road and the man turned into an enormous  hand .

The hand started to cry very loudly and started to flood the whole town. Then after a while, the man turned back into a person and the ghastly scientist was put in a menacing pandemonium filled prison.

Luckily the man didn’t turn into an enormous horrible hand again. Or did he . . .

Week 14 The best job ever By Tadhg

Hello, my name is Tom I am a monkey. I have a very mean boss called Ben. I had one job to do. I had to find monkeys doing stupid things and delete them from Google.  I couldn’t  do it and I got in trouble. For a second I thought my boss wasn’t mad and then my boss shouted you imbecile,  pushed his computer off his desk and fired me.

I went back home and  I looked for another job I was ravenous for a job.And then I found one –  it was for MacDonalds.  I was so happy and went to bed

Week 13 : A Day to Remember by Tadhg

When Tom and I were walking down the road we saw a house.I could hear a voice in my head calling me to go into the house . We walked closer to the house and the door slowly creaked open.

We went into the big dark house and walked upstairs.  The stairs twisted as if it was moving. When we got to the top of the stairs I found that my friend wasn’t there.  I heard a loud roar and went into the painted room.  There was something moving in the room. It was a tiger.  I ran downstairs with the tiger trailing behind me. I found my friend and headed to the door but the tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 12 Christmas by Tadhg

I woke up on Christmas day and I was so energetic -my battery was full. I ran downstairs.I didn’t check the time and I saw my mom and dad and they said back to bed .They said do you know what time it is.  I said no and checked the time.  It was 12 o clock at night  – ohhhhhhh.

I went back to bed and had a dream about what I would get for Christmas .I woke up and looked out of the window and there was white snow on the ground. I ran downstairs and opened my present …it was a sandwich I looked at my mom and dad and said – Best Christmas present ever and I ate the sandwich.

Week 11 : The hooded figure by Tadhg

One day I was walking in a park and I saw a statue of a hooded figure. I thought I saw it look up at me. Then he looked straight at me and with a menacing grin he turned away and ran.I ran after him but he was too quick and he got away.

I looked around and I saw a tree –  it was as tall as a giraffe. Quickly I climbed the tall tree. When I got really high up I suddenly lost my footing and fell to the bottom. I didn’t get any injury but I had to go home. There was pandemonium at home that night because my brothers were ravenous.

I thought about that day –  I am not going there again.

Week 10 : The strange man by Tadhg

Running down the road one day I saw a strange man. He looked sad and he was looking straight at me as if I stole something from him. Suddenly he started to run at me. I ran away as quickly as I could and when I got back home I found bags of gold on the floor.

Maybe that was why he was looking weirdly at me. As I turned around there he was. He said we should hide this gold. But where will we hide it all? I asked. Behind the house, he answered.

Sadly the police found the gold and we were put under arrest.

Week 9 : The ghost hallucination by Tadhg

Last Halloween I saw ghosts flying all around me. I said it to my mom and dad but they didn’t see anything. So this year I will prove to them that I saw the ghosts. On Halloween, we went shopping but at first, I couldn’t find any of the ghosts but then I saw one. I reached into my pocket for my phone !!! But it wasn’t there. I forgot it at home.

How could I be so foolish?

Then it hit me right in the head. There were cctv cameras on the shop wall. I ran into the shop . I went into the cctv camera room and I grabbed a tape . Then when we went back home I checked the tape if it had ghosts on it .

It didn’t!  Then the cops came. Oh no …

Week 7 The Creepy Man by Tadhg

One day when I was playing with my friend we spotted a house.We tried to look through the windows but the blinds were closed. We knocked on the door and the door just opened. We walked in but as the door slammed I knew it was over for us.

My friend started screaming but nobody heard him. We were stuck here forever. My mom was probably very worried. I thought what will we do now?

But then we saw a man. He kidnapped us and got us out of the house.He threw us into the boot of the car and took us to his house. Oh no!  What will happen to us now?

Week 5 : My Treasured Item by Tadhg

I love my treasured item that I have. It sits in my pocket every day and every night. It gives me luck and it’s been passed down from generation to generation for a very long time. My friends think it’s stupid. It was given to me by my favourite grandad. Sometimes I take it out and stare at the bronze treasure. My dad wanted to take it from me when I was foolish. When I hold it close it reminds me of my grandad and all the nice things he did for me. I love my treasured item so much that I will never give it to anyone.

Week 4 Busted by Tadhg

One day in 1994 I was walking and I spotted the craziest thing ever. I spotted a dog and the dog was wearing glasses walking down the street on 4 legs . I started laughing but then the dog saw me.

It was a rottweiler. I started running as far away from the dog as I could.  It was as vicious as a lion. I was thinking of what to do but I accidentally ran into a cul de sac. I kept on going until I finally met a dead end.

“I am scared now,” I thought but then I saw a wall. I got soaked from the gutter but I got over. Eventually, I got home but then I saw my dad – oh no I am busted.

Week 3 : Professor problem by Tadhg

Luke was a professor.He had a pet purple crocodile and it was quite a devil. The professor was put into Arch cliff prison after the crocodile robbed a bank.The prison was the most guarded prison in the world.He tried escaping from it 10 times and never succeeded in escaping.He was living in a grey dark cell.

He wanted to escape that day so he ran out of the dirty cafeteria and was so close to escaping when he found a tunnel. He jumped down the tunnel and made a loud crash. He brought a bottle with him. He twisted the top off it and ran out of the prison.It was quite difficult escaping but he managed to escape the prison.

Week 2 : The invasion by Tadhg

Ben was an alien and he liked killing people. He had a boss that wanted to take over the world. When they were nearing the green and blue planet they launched a shrink bomb. It exploded all over Earth.

When Ben landed on Earth he started shooting people and they turned into beads. The alien armada succeeded in taking over Earth.

But they got greedy and also took an alien armada to planet T-rex. They attacked the aliens from T-rex. These aliens were highly armed they killed Ben and his army.

Week 1:The Cave by Tadhg

I was walking to school one day when I decided to go through the woods. I was scared. The woods were really dark.

Then I heard a groan. I thought it was my belly but then I saw a zombie.I started running and the zombie was surprisingly fast. I jumped over a river but the zombie did too.

Then I saw a cave and I went into it. Then I saw a dragon it was a red and black colour. It was amazing I thought what lies ahead of that cave? I saw a tiny gap I managed to squeeze through it. Before I left I saw a baby dragon- it looked angelic.  I was amazed.