Week 34 April fools By:Tadhg

Jack couldn’t help but grin; his plan was in action. He swapped his brothers water for vinegar and he had a cold so he couldn’t smell. Even better they were having chips for dinner. But the whole plan backfired when Jack’s friend came and sat in his brother’s spot.

Oh NOooooo!

When his friend drank the vinegar he screamed. He complained and said it just looked like a glass of water. For the rest of the day I was made drink vinegar every hour so I guess what goes around comes around.

I hate KARMA.

Week 30 The problem with Gerald by:Tadhg

It was maths time and Jake was doing a sum – 9 multiplied by 7 – 71. The class erupted in peals of laughter. Then everyone stopped but Gerald. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The teacher told him to stop but he didn’t stop. The doctor tried to make him stop but he didn’t stop.

Everyone was giving up as Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. Suddenly Gerald slipped . Everyone laughed but Gerald didn’t laugh… he was cured (Finally).

Suddenly the whole class couldn’t stop laughing . It turns out that it was contagious said the doctor. At least I don’t have it.

HA HA HA HA  … oh no.

Week 29 Christmas By:Tadhg

It was Christmas eve night and Jack was very excited . He asked Santa for a giraffe for Christmas . He was getting the stuff ready for the giraffe and Santa . He made a greasy , salty sausage for Santa and a melted cheese brown bread sandwich. He then went to sleep.


It was Christmas morning and Jack rushed down the stairs and opened a box that definitely couldn’t fit a giraffe in it… sadly. He saw a note saying look in the garden. He screamed as he saw the giraffe in the garden.

Week 28 The message in a bottle by:Tadhg

I’m writing this to whoever finds it .

This message in a bottle is very important. The faith of the world lies in your hands. To save the world you must follow the directions in this map. It will help you on your journey. When you are there you will be confronted by creatures beyond the reach of earth. You may see spaceships and aliens.  You will find it hard to find food and to find shelter.

A message just like this was sent to me and now I’m sending it to you. Good luck on finding that island.

Week 27 THE FLAMINGO By :Tadhg

Jake looked at the flamingo.
“Why is this flamingo orange?” he questioned.
“Nobody cares” said Tom the class bully.
“But it’s orange – it’s supposed to be pink”.
Jake thought that maybe it was a parttime secret agent and he got painted orange to stand out. Maybe he was a criminal and painted himself a different colour every time he did a robbery.  Or maybe he’s not actually a flamingo -maybe he’s a lion, a zebra, an owl or maybe even an elephant. Jake was confused  – why was the flamingo orange? He asked the zookeeper. The zookeeper said, “It was just born that way”.
“I still think it’s an elephant though”, said Jake happily.

Week 26 The Game by: Tadhg

I walked happily onto the pitch. I could hear the roaring of the crowd in my ears. I then saw the opposition. They were all as huge as boulders . I then knew that this wasn’t going to be a clean game. The other team was definitely going to win.

As they passed by I heard them laughing at me. Then the whistle blew they had the ball and scored straight away. I was so cross that I lashed out and kicked their best player in the shin. The referee blew the whistle and it was a red card. I stormed off the pitch with rage.

Week:24 The robbery By:Tadhg

The wailing sirens wouldn’t stop ringing in my head. I knew that stealing was wrong, but I had to do it to get by. The wall was only meters away. As I jumped my leg got cut on the wire but other than that I was fine.

The throbbing in my leg now was unbearable and I was worried that I’d be caught. The bloodhounds were getting closer and closer by the minute. I only had one option … to hide.  If the bloodhounds couldn’t find me nothing could. I decided to climb up a tree. Surprisingly I wasn’t found. I walked home happily. When I got home I checked my bag holding the money –  it was empty. What a surprise!

Week 23 The game By :Tadhg


The coins sank into the water. There was no way of getting them out as the water was too deep and they were already sinking to the bottom. I knew I would never get my new game anyway.

Jungle Journey was too expensive to buy. Suddenly I saw it –  I saw the game just left on the pavement under the red ladder. I rushed towards it and grabbed it and went home to try the new awesome game.

I inserted the disc and grabbed my controller. I clicked into the game. It showed the names. I chose Wolf Stone because the name sounded cool. … Suddenly I wasn’t in my room anymore ..I was in the jungle…

Week22 By:Tadhg The dish

The tension was unbearable.  He had to get the dish done in five minutes. The chips were nearly done so he grabbed the salt and the vinegar. He took the chips out and they looked lovely. He put on the salt and then put on the vinegar.


The menacing opponent hit his shoulder . The vinegar fell. “NO”.

He tried one chip. The vinegar was too sharp. He knew he was going to lose.

“Times up” yelled the judges.

“Tom – you are up first, you put way too much vinegar on your chips, but the burger is exquisite – great job”.

“Jerry your chips are great but your burger is bad –  now we will announce the winner.”

“The winner is …Tom!”

Week 21 By: Tadhg An adventure to remember

Bob the Bear rushed down the road trying not to be seen by humans- his secret was still to be kept . He didn’t want anyone to know he was alive .He accidentally got turned into a teddy bear by a wizard and was trying to get changed back.

Then he saw it-  the big tall wizard tower. It was time to be human again.He ran in and saw the wizard but the wizard was asleep . Bob went to wake him up and the wizard said the spell to turn back abracadabra.


Bob was no longer a bear … but he wasn’t a human either he was a DOG…

Week 19 The washed up eggs by:Tadhg

Tom marvelled at the amazing eggs that washed up on the fringe of the big beach. The eggs were starting to crack and Tom started to get worried if the mother didn’t get back soon the babies would die.
He had to act fast because it was getting dark and his light was flickering. He lifted up the eggs and they were a lot heavier than he thought. He ran as fast as he could to get home before the sun went and it became pitch black.
The eggs hatched they were chicken eggs…

Week18 The curse of the statue BY: TADHG

Tom turned to stone straight away with only the sound of crying left in the air. Wacky the wizard ran and hid while he watched his first couple victims turn to stone. He ran to hide somewhere closer to see random people from the street turn to stone . Soon everyone would be turned to stone. He laughed an evil but hearty laugh.
Do you know what made him do it?
Do you know what infuriated him beyond belief that he turned people to stone?
Well, what made him furious was that he was sold a sandwich for 100 euro.

Week 17 The day my teacher went missing By:Tadhg

“Alli for the last time, the teachers are not for breakfast. If you keep on eating teachers you wont be able to come to school with me.”
Okay -now we have to find out if the principal found out about it. If she does she is going to ban alligators from this school forever! “
Suddenly on the intercom …”Alli and Tadhg please come to my office immediately!”
“Tadhg did your alligator eat the teacher?”
“No Miss – he would never do something so horribly rude.”
“But how could she just disappear then?”
“She might have just hated her job and decided to leave .”
“Tadhg,  I blame you for what happened and I’m going to write a…”
“Good boy Alli -lets go home.”

Week 16 The Temple By Tadhg

Crash !
” What was that?” I shouted angrily .
“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter – all it did was get in the way of our race”.
” Let’s check it out, “I said.
We went in .
Crash .
The roof fell over the door.
“I told you we shouldn’t have gone in here” said Tom.
“Now the bike is broken and we don’t have a way out of this empty temple-  where will we go now?” I yelled .
We went forward and suddenly we saw light . We found a ball. I raged and fired it into a bush . “I wonder where that ball came from?” said Tom . We looked behind the bush and found pink bubbles coming out of a hole.  “This place is weird and why was there bubbles coming from the ground?…”


Week 15: The egg by:Tadhg


The alien spaceship crashed to the ground. The alien looked very strange – kind of like us but with the face of a cat.


The knock out dart was fired and now it was my job to search the ship and retrieve the alien. I felt bad for the alien because I would never want to be held captive in Area 51. I retrieved all the strange things I found in the ship but then I saw it -the light didn’t blind me but the light blinded him .

“Hey why are you even here?” I shouted .

The thing ran away and I wasn’t even sure if it was human… 

Week 14 : Christmas by Tadhg

It was Christmas eve . We were putting up the decorations for the Christmas tree .The tree was artificial so it took longer to put up. We then put on the baubles  – they were all different colours .My favourite one was the gold one – it was cool and I could see my face in it . When we finished we then went to sleep .

We woke up early in the morning . It was Christmas  Day. We rushed down the stairs , ate our breakfast, talked to our family and then rushed to the Christmas tree .

Santa visited our home and under the tree was filled with Christmas presents.

Week 13 The strange beast by Tadhg

“Uff! What was that for Jack? ” I said.

“It’s not like we’re going to make it anyway,” said Jack .

“Stop fighting you two,” said Simon.

“We should at least try to get away from the creature anyway.”

“What is the point? ” said Jack” we are all exhausted and the creature is probably going to burst out of the bushes at any moment now.”

“Quickly we have to go! we have to go! ”


We heard the shout of the bull –  the one that Simon called a minotaur.  I got to safety behind the tree and looked at the others. They were running but they were exhausted already and the beast was closing on them from behind…

Week 12: The sky scraper race By :Tadhg

I dashed up the steps racing to be first . I could still hear the holler of the starting horn echoing in the building. I was in third place just behind my friend in second place. I was puffing hard and was sweating like a dog.

A stitch in my side started forming and became more painful after a while. I darted up past my friend and raced to be in first position. The stitch was now biting in my side and the pain was unbearable but I wanted to come first.Then I saw the finish line and I was first.

Later on, I went home and to my amazement we seemed to be on the television


Week 11:The Tree By: Tadhg

“Tom, come on -we have to get to the park quickly.  The band is just starting to sing. We can’t miss Bts’s first song.”

“We’re not going to watch them sing – we’re going too screw up their songs and make them look stupid.”

“But I thought we were going to follow that suspicious looking guy over there . ”

“Wait –  what are you talking about?”

“There is a weird guy walking into the forest beside your house . ”

“Then let’s follow him and find out what he’s doing .”

“Where is he gone? and why is there a bike in the tree over there?”

“Let’s go and look at it . Wait there’s a door.  Let’s go in …”

Kanturk arts : The abandoned farmhouse by:Tadhg

Josh looked out into the open sky. If only he wasn’t trapped in this stupid farmhouse.  He can’t even remember how he got stuck there. All he could remember was walking along the cliff and then the rest was a blur. He looked around the drab house and sauntered over to his filthy chair. He was running out of food and he only had one precious chocolate bar left. Below the farmhouse, he could hear the sea smashing against the sharp and dangerous rocks.  Why was this place abandoned anyway?  He didn’t see why you would abandon a perfectly good old farmhouse.

“Sophie wake up.”

“Okay, Josh”

“Look what I found -there is a trap door under this box . Let’s go in there.

“Oh, it looks awfully dark down there .”

“Just get in there. The tunnel is not that long and I see light.”

“The light is blinding though and I can’t see.”

“Just keep on going until you reach the en…


“What was that?”

“It’s the end of the tunnel Josh and it seems like this farmhouse wasn’t abandoned after all.

“Who’s down there? … more like what’s down there?”

“There is an alien down here.”


“Okay let’s just walk away slowly then RUN!”

Suddenly the alien turned and it had a human head.

“Oh sorry to startle you there – this is one of my alien costumes. Anyway, my name is Nicholas but you can call me Nick. Oh, and you must be Josh and Sophie. ”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m not deaf you know -I heard you call each others names.”

” Well then why didn’t you call us?”

“I couldn’t call you because I didn’t want you to find me .”

“Wait you’re the guy on the news – the robber that murdered 10 people. You’re Nicholas Flamel from Paris.”

“Well you found me but that means that I have to kill you…”

Week 10 The journey BY:Tadhg

Josh stared out of the glass amazed -he didn’t even stop staring to blink. He was so surprised that there was actually a gorilla in his estate . It was running wildly around the place and staring continuously at the wall with the pretty yellow bricks that his neighbour painted around a year ago.

Josh went out and perilously he sauntered over to the gorilla. The gorilla didn’t notice him until he was 10 feet away. Josh could even smell the stench off the gorilla  -it smelt like rotten eggs and cheese. The gorilla looked at him and then turned and ran away.

The creatures by: Tadhg Week 7

“No it is too dangerous for you to go outside to the real world.”

“But mom ! I think I’m old enough now .”

“No son you are too young to go out and that is final.”

I rushed to the door and ran. I ran up a mountain and found ladybugs- they were about the size of a nut. Then suddenly the mountain started shaking and smoke started coming out.  I ran for my life.

When I got back home I screamed ” Volcano! Mom come on – we have to leave now .”

We ran and ran until we got to a big hill. We were safe.

RUMBLE! … I think…


I walked out onto the pitch and heard the crowd cheer.It was the final of our soccer match and It reminded me of the time when I was at home and heard my dad talking to my older brother about his final when he was a boy.

I see the other team and I scream – “they all are the size of adults and this is only under 11s . ”

We started the tip and played the best we ever did but we still left in a goal. My team was looking at me as if it was my fault . I got put as a striker and then scored 2 goals in the second half.

We won 2-1 .

Everybody cheered and I got man of the match.

Week 4 The secret passage by Tadhg

I have to get out of here. How will I get away from here?

I was at a funeral with my parents. My grandfather died when I turned twelve and my parents and I went over to his house for the funeral.

I looked at my grandfather’s crazy statues of animals. Then suddenly I saw a book behind the strange horse statue.  It mentioned a secret passage under That creepy horse statue. It said that when you pull down the horses head the secret passage opens up.  I wonder what would be down there. I pulled the horses head down and stepped inside…

100wc Week:3 By Tadhg

“Crash” Laughter rang in his ear .

“I will show them- I will show all of them. I will be the greatest! … Wait what’s my line again. ”

“Fired” He yelled that is the third time you said that. You have a bad memory-  you are fired. ”

I left the building to see my car but it seemed to be going backwards ! Oh no I forgot to put on the brake. As I chased after my car I thought how stupid I was not to put on the brake.

“Bang” something hit the car –  it was a person.  I jumped in the car and drove as far away as possible.


“Go to bed!” said mom. “I don’t want you to be awake until twelve o clock .”
“Ye yeah,” said my sister Anna.
She was older than me so she got to stay up longer than me… I woke up to find myself in a zoo. My sister was there and she was wearing a mauve jacket. 
My teacher was in an alligator pit and was getting chased to death. I climbed up some steps to see her getting chased but lucky for her she escaped . I played some tricky games and won all of them. I was having so much fun …
before I woke up from my dream.

Week 1: The cement By: Tadhg

“Splash ”

Tom crashed into the cement head first.

“Help me!” Tom yelled,” I’m too young to die .”

He started screaming like a lunatic so I had to help him . I walked over to him and gave him a rope. He grabbed it but before he got out I took a photo of him. Then I helped him out of the cement .

“What was that for?” He yelled. “Why did you push me into the cement?” Tom roared.

“I told you to move out of the way,” I answered.

As Tom went away and I checked my phone –  the picture was going viral –  already 1,000 views…

Week 37 The battle by: Tadhg

It had been raining all morning and Casper and I were bored as we had nothing to do- until we had an argument. We wanted to have different rooms. We were sleeping in the same room as when we were small children. We built forts and we built cannons and then we fought.

I sent out my lava hounds at him and he had a frontal attack with his giants.  Did I mention we were playing clash of clans?  I had a level 12 town hall so I had the advantage.  After beating him we switched to Fortnite.  We played and I got more kills.  I got 6 to his 2.

“I am the champion,” I declared.