I walked out onto the pitch and heard the crowd cheer.It was the final of our soccer match and It reminded me of the time when I was at home and heard my dad talking to my older brother about his final when he was a boy.

I see the other team and I scream – “they all are the size of adults and this is only under 11s . ”

We started the tip and played the best we ever did but we still left in a goal. My team was looking at me as if it was my fault . I got put as a striker and then scored 2 goals in the second half.

We won 2-1 .

Everybody cheered and I got man of the match.

Week 4 The secret passage by Tadhg

I have to get out of here. How will I get away from here?

I was at a funeral with my parents. My grandfather died when I turned twelve and my parents and I went over to his house for the funeral.

I looked at my grandfather’s crazy statues of animals. Then suddenly I saw a book behind the strange horse statue.  It mentioned a secret passage under That creepy horse statue. It said that when you pull down the horses head the secret passage opens up.  I wonder what would be down there. I pulled the horses head down and stepped inside…

100wc Week:3 By Tadhg

“Crash” Laughter rang in his ear .

“I will show them- I will show all of them. I will be the greatest! … Wait what’s my line again. ”

“Fired” He yelled that is the third time you said that. You have a bad memory-  you are fired. ”

I left the building to see my car but it seemed to be going backwards ! Oh no I forgot to put on the brake. As I chased after my car I thought how stupid I was not to put on the brake.

“Bang” something hit the car –  it was a person.  I jumped in the car and drove as far away as possible.


“Go to bed!” said mom. “I don’t want you to be awake until twelve o clock .”
“Ye yeah,” said my sister Anna.
She was older than me so she got to stay up longer than me… I woke up to find myself in a zoo. My sister was there and she was wearing a mauve jacket. 
My teacher was in an alligator pit and was getting chased to death. I climbed up some steps to see her getting chased but lucky for her she escaped . I played some tricky games and won all of them. I was having so much fun …
before I woke up from my dream.

Week 1: The cement By: Tadhg

“Splash ”

Tom crashed into the cement head first.

“Help me!” Tom yelled,” I’m too young to die .”

He started screaming like a lunatic so I had to help him . I walked over to him and gave him a rope. He grabbed it but before he got out I took a photo of him. Then I helped him out of the cement .

“What was that for?” He yelled. “Why did you push me into the cement?” Tom roared.

“I told you to move out of the way,” I answered.

As Tom went away and I checked my phone –  the picture was going viral –  already 1,000 views…

Week 37 The battle by: Tadhg

It had been raining all morning and Casper and I were bored as we had nothing to do- until we had an argument. We wanted to have different rooms. We were sleeping in the same room as when we were small children. We built forts and we built cannons and then we fought.

I sent out my lava hounds at him and he had a frontal attack with his giants.  Did I mention we were playing clash of clans?  I had a level 12 town hall so I had the advantage.  After beating him we switched to Fortnite.  We played and I got more kills.  I got 6 to his 2.

“I am the champion,” I declared.


“Not now,” I said “not ever” and I ran away dripping wet even though the rain only sprinkled on my head.

The giant grabbed me and put me back in his cave. The cave was dark and had no heating as I suspected so I shivered from the cold until the giant rolled a stone over the door.

I wanted to run back into my pink house and see all the yellow daffodils in my garden. I wanted to go and drive over the bridge near my house and head into town but no –  a giant had to be my long lost father that wanted me to stay with him instead of mom.

How will I ever escape?…

Week 33 The two plants by:TADHG

Have you ever wondered what would be happening at night ? Well, wonder no more .

One day I jumped out the window of my house and ran towards the deep dark wood. To find a tree with two plants dangling from a branch they started cracking.


the shells fell on the floor and out popped two golden birds. THEY flew all around the tree and created a portal.  I got dragged in with them into what looked like an ancient Egyptian tomb .

there wERE lots of birds the same as the two that brought me here… I was trapped oops …

Week 32 By Tadhg

“I have to go now  – just remember what I said .”

I wanted to shout wait but I knew he was already gone. I tried to listen to him but I didn’t understand the instructions.

I looked around. I was in a demonic factory full of illegal drugs. They were all caved into the corner of the big black menacing factory . I heard shouting from outside the big brown hazardous doors towering over my head. In the centre of the huge factory was a pile of money . When I said piles I mean a lot of piles – they reached up to the ceiling.

My job was to get them out of business and I might take a euro or two from the pile.


Scorch the Flaming Falcon is an amazing fierce bird that loves flying fish. He is the only species of his kind. When he is angry he bursts into flames and can create a burning tornado. He has won lots of awards for his look.

He works with Tom to stop the Lord of Nulth . The Lord of Nulth is an evil person that wants to take over the Night zoo. The time travelling elephant showed him where the Lord of Nulth lives and he barely escaped.

Scorch is used as the logo for the hunger games. He is also a very cool animal.

Week 27 The chase by :Tadhg

“Hey” shouted the man.

He spotted us as I hopped in the back of the jeep. “Drive,” I yelled .

One  hopped in the back as well and I pulled him in .3 left. They started running although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress . Bang -one flew up in the air.  Zap -another one . The last man leaped at the jeep and we pulled him in.

I turned around and the two other men were gone. Jeeps and cars were racing up towards us.  I grabbed a gun and started shooting. Bang –  one down –  crash – another one down.  Suddenly more jeeps came and they were catching up .

Crash –  they surrounded us.  “Hands up,” they yelled.

Week 26 The master gunman by Tadhg


“We will never be able to time travel in this tiny car .”

Suddenly a whirring noise came from the car and we went to the future. ZAP the car stopped. I hopped out with a grin on my face. Jack was jumping up and down with joy .

BANG!  A bullet whooshed past my head just skimming my hair . I turned around .

“That shot was hopeless,” he said .

The man facing us was thin with a tiny shiny yellow gun .

“Oh no,” I said.

“Oh no,” Jack said.

We were caught red handed . The last thing we heard was … GUILTY!

Week 25 : The Trial by Tadhg

Bang the gun fired we ran to skyscrapers. We ran up as fast as we could. If I didn’t make it up there fast I would lose the trial.

Something came flying by. It was a bolt. I had to run fast . There were tables to jump over and glass to break. When I got to the top there was no one there except me.

Then the man said from down below , “but how did he get up there?”
Suddenly I noticed the people climbing – they were only on the bottom flight of steps.
This is going to be a long day.

Week 24 : This means Trouble By Tadhg

Jake couldn’t believe his eyes. He was looking at a five foot tall china cup . It had gold patterns and a little crack in the bottom .It was tilted at a 90 degrees angle . Suddenly the cup wobbled. He ran away as fast as he could. He chanced a glance back and saw something rising out of the ground .

“It’s been so long,” it said .
He turned around again he saw that it was fully out of the ground. He couldn’t believe it – It was a giant skeleton. He tripped over a rock and fell .

The skeleton ran towards Jake…

Week 23: The Robbery by Tadhg


” Oh no!” said Bob the gang leader. “We’re going to prison. We wouldn’t be if you helped.”
“But what if I was in charge ?” said, Jeff . I would have gotten us out of there with no problem you buffoon.
” Why were you team leader anyway?”
” I brought Doritos to the open night of being a leader and the chooser chose me – so ha ha ha. ”
I vote that you should not be the leader anymore”
“Who is with me ?”

Nobody answered.
” Why are you not saying yes?”
” He promised us Doritos,” said one.
“Then this is going to be a very long day, “said Jeff.

Week 22 Boom Crash Bang! by:Tadhg


Jake climbed out of his dark grey room.He gasped for a breath of fresh air. Running into the kitchen he looked at the goldfish just swimming around in the cold, dark brown water. He was going around in circles slowly.

“I wish he wasn’t so boring,” I said to myself. He must be bored too  I thought. Walking quickly I flew towards my room.

On the way there I passed a big ladder and did an enormous experiment.

Boom Crash Bang…




Week 21: NINJA TREES by Tadhg

Jason was scared as there were only seven people left in his tree tribe. They would have to suffer on until they became extinct. Jason was bamboozled. He had tried to teach them self-defense but it didn’t work. If he didn’t teach them something fast they would be in trouble. They were going in fast rates already so it would be hard.

The next day another one of them disappeared and then there were only six left. That day he had taught them Kungfu and it worked. (All the tribe were fond of Kungfu Panda ) They could kick punch and even dodge.

He was proud of himself.  The tribe was saved.


“Yippee!  We’re in the top four – we can do the race.”

Kate and I were so excited we were in the race. If we won we would get a ps4. When we were at the race we got ready. Kate was first and I was after her .  Kate went to the starting line.  The whistle blew and Kate went off.  She made it second place and the person in the last place got kicked out.

Then I went. I made it first place. Eventually, we both went. We were moving very fast when suddenly we crashed. We were going to lose…  The whistle blew… In first place were Jake and Sarah.

Week 19 The robot By Tadhg

I looked at my watch. “It’s time! It’s time” I exclaimed.

I ran to my room and grabbed it. It looked amazing with its dazzling light its inexplicable colour. I couldn’t believe it.  I had made my own robot. Even if it was tiny I still loved it.

As I went into the kitchen to wash my hands I left my robot outside.  When I was done I went to get my robot but it was dangling above me on the gutter. I rushed for a ladder but when I went out it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere and then I found it sliding down the drainpipe

I couldn’t believe it, it came down the drainpipe.


One dark day three little alien men were trying to invade Earth. They sent lots of messages to what they called the Earthlings and then they decided to invade on Saint Brigid’s day.

They went in towards the blue and green planet but crash-landed in a beautiful place called Cork city.  It was a  really big place so they started going into shops and bought a few things.  They had the time of their lives there so they went back to their spaceship and decided not to blow up Earth.

They went back to their planet – exhausted and went for a nap  in their intergalactic beds .

Week 16 : The Experiment by Tadhg

One day a ghastly scientist was contemplating his important experiment. This experiment was about making a person immortal. He tested it on a person walking down the road and the man turned into an enormous  hand .

The hand started to cry very loudly and started to flood the whole town. Then after a while, the man turned back into a person and the ghastly scientist was put in a menacing pandemonium filled prison.

Luckily the man didn’t turn into an enormous horrible hand again. Or did he . . .

Week 14 The best job ever By Tadhg

Hello, my name is Tom I am a monkey. I have a very mean boss called Ben. I had one job to do. I had to find monkeys doing stupid things and delete them from Google.  I couldn’t  do it and I got in trouble. For a second I thought my boss wasn’t mad and then my boss shouted you imbecile,  pushed his computer off his desk and fired me.

I went back home and  I looked for another job I was ravenous for a job.And then I found one –  it was for MacDonalds.  I was so happy and went to bed

Week 13 : A Day to Remember by Tadhg

When Tom and I were walking down the road we saw a house.I could hear a voice in my head calling me to go into the house . We walked closer to the house and the door slowly creaked open.

We went into the big dark house and walked upstairs.  The stairs twisted as if it was moving. When we got to the top of the stairs I found that my friend wasn’t there.  I heard a loud roar and went into the painted room.  There was something moving in the room. It was a tiger.  I ran downstairs with the tiger trailing behind me. I found my friend and headed to the door but the tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 12 Christmas by Tadhg

I woke up on Christmas day and I was so energetic -my battery was full. I ran downstairs.I didn’t check the time and I saw my mom and dad and they said back to bed .They said do you know what time it is.  I said no and checked the time.  It was 12 o clock at night  – ohhhhhhh.

I went back to bed and had a dream about what I would get for Christmas .I woke up and looked out of the window and there was white snow on the ground. I ran downstairs and opened my present …it was a sandwich I looked at my mom and dad and said – Best Christmas present ever and I ate the sandwich.

Week 11 : The hooded figure by Tadhg

One day I was walking in a park and I saw a statue of a hooded figure. I thought I saw it look up at me. Then he looked straight at me and with a menacing grin he turned away and ran.I ran after him but he was too quick and he got away.

I looked around and I saw a tree –  it was as tall as a giraffe. Quickly I climbed the tall tree. When I got really high up I suddenly lost my footing and fell to the bottom. I didn’t get any injury but I had to go home. There was pandemonium at home that night because my brothers were ravenous.

I thought about that day –  I am not going there again.

Week 10 : The strange man by Tadhg

Running down the road one day I saw a strange man. He looked sad and he was looking straight at me as if I stole something from him. Suddenly he started to run at me. I ran away as quickly as I could and when I got back home I found bags of gold on the floor.

Maybe that was why he was looking weirdly at me. As I turned around there he was. He said we should hide this gold. But where will we hide it all? I asked. Behind the house, he answered.

Sadly the police found the gold and we were put under arrest.

Week 9 : The ghost hallucination by Tadhg

Last Halloween I saw ghosts flying all around me. I said it to my mom and dad but they didn’t see anything. So this year I will prove to them that I saw the ghosts. On Halloween, we went shopping but at first, I couldn’t find any of the ghosts but then I saw one. I reached into my pocket for my phone !!! But it wasn’t there. I forgot it at home.

How could I be so foolish?

Then it hit me right in the head. There were cctv cameras on the shop wall. I ran into the shop . I went into the cctv camera room and I grabbed a tape . Then when we went back home I checked the tape if it had ghosts on it .

It didn’t!  Then the cops came. Oh no …

Week 7 The Creepy Man by Tadhg

One day when I was playing with my friend we spotted a house.We tried to look through the windows but the blinds were closed. We knocked on the door and the door just opened. We walked in but as the door slammed I knew it was over for us.

My friend started screaming but nobody heard him. We were stuck here forever. My mom was probably very worried. I thought what will we do now?

But then we saw a man. He kidnapped us and got us out of the house.He threw us into the boot of the car and took us to his house. Oh no!  What will happen to us now?