Week 34, Big Mistake by Tim

One night I woke in the middle of the night to grab a cup of water because I was really thirsty. I ran downstairs and  I saw a glass of water on the kitchen table. I ran towards it and drank it. I then realised that the water was very bitter and strong so I ran back to my room with a strong taste in my mouth.

9.am in the following morning.

“TIM!” my dad shouted and woke me up. “Did you drink my Vodka?” he bellowed. “Ohhh” I said. “It looked just like a glass of water,” I told him. He then sent me back to my room. I heard my sister laughing at me. I realised I was grounded

Week 30, Prank by Tim

April 1st 2017.

“APRIL FOOLS DAY” my cousin Gerald shouted. His scream woke me up. I almost felt like I was deaf. I went to brush my teeth and all I could see was Gerald trying to put a bucket of water on top of the bathroom door. So I went to brush my teeth in the toilet downstairs, away from Gerald.

When I finished I went to make myself some eggs and rashers for breakfast. I went to take the pan and ” AAAHHHHH” there was a fake spider inside. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing so I ignored him and walked away in shame. I had to get my revenge…

Week 29, Family Field Trip by Tim

My mom woke me up to go brush my teeth. After I finished my dad called me to come and eat breakfast. My dad had made the most amazing food in the world. He made brown bread with melted cheese on the top and greasy sausages with a pinch of salt.

After we finished eating we got ready to go to. We got in the car and drove to the zoo. On the way, we heard news on the radio that a giraffe had escaped from the zoo. We then saw the runaway giraffe pass us. It stopped and ate a few leaves off a tree. My dad called the guards and they got there in no time. My parents and I decided to go to the beach instead.

What a day!

Week 28, The Infection by Tim

It has been 3 weeks since and scientists still hadn’t found the cure to what was causing plants and trees to die instantly.

Suddenly one day a scientist named Mr. Goodman had found the cure. Sadly an entire forest in Canada was wiped out by the infection. There were animals stuck under trees and they couldn’t get out. Mr. Goodman’s medicine had fixed the entire forest in hours. Mr. Goodman decided to make more medicine.

The medicine has saved the human race as without trees we would have all gone extinct. The medicine was used to grow trees and plants that were dying. Mr. Goodman has saved billions.

Week 26, The New Inmate by Tim

I was going back to my cell when I saw a short man in my cell. One of the guards said that it was my new inmate and his name was Tom. Tom was standing in the corner complaining that he was innocent. He was whimpering to guards that he didn’t belong there.

I walked over to the bars and I explained about my escape plan to the prisoners across the cell. I went to finish digging the tunnel I’ve been digging. I told Tom to distract the guards.

But Tom snitched and I was caught. Later I was sent to a maximum security prison in Washington. I was so cross that I kicked the bars of my cell.

Week 24, The wallet by Tim

One day I was walking home from the shop and on the ground I saw a brown wallet on the floor. I got excited because I thought that there would be a lot of money in the wallet. I put the wallet in my pocket and I ran home. When I got home I rushed upstairs as fast as the speed of sound. Quickly I opened the wallet and I was very disappointed because the wallet was empty. What a surprise! I then realised that the wallet was my brother’s because it had his name on it. I felt very stupid …


Wek 23, Sinking, By Tim

I was walking on the pavement heading for the ship. On my way I saw a man who fell off a red ladder so I decided to go and help him out. I continued my walk to the harbour. I counted my coins to see if I had enough to buy something from the gift shop on the ship. Luckily I was the first person to get on the boat. I went to my room that was big and opulent. I jumped onto my bed and went straight to sleep.

Suddenly a few days later the ship hit a rock that made a big hole in it and water started pouring in. A few minutes later the ship started sinking. I was terrified so I looked for something I could float on.

30 minutes later.

The ship had completely sunk and I was rescued by the rescue team.

Week 22, The New Chef, By Tim

Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant for dinner. When I got there, there was a new chef. I ordered my food but was a little bit nervous because I thought that he wouldn’t cook it right. When my food arrived I got excited to eat it. When I took my first bite the vinegar was too sharp. So I told the waiter that something was wrong with my soup.

The waiter brought the food back to he kitchen. While I was waiting for my food to be fixed I read a newspaper and on the newspaper, I saw the chef. It said that he was a prisoner that had escaped from prison a few days ago. It said he got fired from six restaurants because he would poison customers. I called the police and they came to arrest the chef.

Week 21, The Teddy by Tim

A few days ago I got a teddy for my mom on Valentine’s Day. When I got home I put the bear next to the Roses I had gotten also for my mom. I went to bed because I was exhausted.

In the morning I went to see the bear. I was shocked at what I saw. The bear was gone and there was a note on the counter saying ” I’M COMING FOR YOU”.

I ran upstairs to tell my mom that the bear was alive. At the top of the steps  I could see the bear smiling at me in a creepy way. I grabbed it and I threw out of the window onto the streets. I locked all the windows and doors and ran into my room. I hid under my covers and the bear was there so took it outside and I burned it.

Week 20 The Guitar by Tim

Yesterday my dad and I were practising on our guitars for the Metal Music Competition. We were practising our song and then all of a sudden my guitar got out of tune. It was completetly  out of tune and I thought I would have to get a new guitar. I was sad because I didn’t want to get a new guitar. I had my old guitar since when I was 6 years old and I got it from my nan as a birthday present before she passed away.

So my dad and uncle tried fixing it and it worked again. We won the competition and I got a gold medal. My dad was very proud of me. I soon found out that my brother tried to sabotage me so he could win the competition.

Week 19 The Kidnap by Tim

I was making myself some scrambled eggs with rashers when I saw a flickering light in the hallway so I went to change the light bulb. As I went back to eating my breakfast I suddenly heard a young boy screaming.

A man in a black hoodie was kidnapping the boy. I didn’t see the man’s face but I did see his long fringe. I chased him until I finally caught up with him. I was washed out but I was still able to push him to the ground. I called the police to come and get the man and they would also take the boy to his mother.

I felt very proud of myself.

Week 18, Trip to Sydney by Tim

Last week my father and I went to Sydney. My father bought a hotel for us to stay in for the three weeks. I was so excited to go and see the Opera House. We got to Sydney late so we had to go to sleep first.

The next morning I woke up very early. I brushed my teeth as I had eaten cereal for breakfast. My dad woke up at 1/2 past 8 and he also had cereal. After his breakfast we both got ready and we got a Taxi to take us to the Opera House.

After visiting the Opera house we took a photograph. After the photo, I looked at the picture and I saw coloured statues in the background. We went closer to see them. I touched one and I slowly turned into one of the colourful statues. ..

…My dad couldn’t find me because I looked like the other statues.

Week 17, Missing By Tim

I was walking my dog Lisa on a sunny Sunday evening. Then all of a sudden she disappeared. I was very confused because I was walking her on a leash. I ran home to tell my mom and my dad.

“But how could she just disappear?” my dad roared.

“We’ve got to find her” my mom cried.

We searched every were for her but we just couldn’t find her. I almost started crying because she wasn’t only my pet but she was my best friend. We looked all over the city but we couldn’t find Lisa. My dad and I put up missing posters.

3 weeks later.

I was playing on my Xbox and suddenly I heard whining at the front door.

“Lisa” I cried “You’re back”. I was so happy that she was back.

Week 16, A Great Day, By Tim

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was my little sister’s 6th Birthday. She was so happy and she got a lot of presents. Her first present was a small pink bicycle then she got a toy gun that shoots bubbles.

The gun was empty so I filled it up with water and soap. We both went to play in the back garden. She fired her gun and bubbles flew around us and then she shot me.

Later we had McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza. After that we went back home and had the big, triple chocolate fudge cake Mom had baked, it was delicious. We got tired and we both fell asleep.

Week 15, The Asteroid by Tim

A week ago an asteroid had been spotted entering the Milky Way galaxy. NASA had been trying to figure out how to stop it. Most people didn’t know what to do but one man named John Carter had an idea –  he had told the government to shoot a nuke at the asteroid so it could explode into a million pieces. Some thought that this was a bad idea but John was the only person who knew what would happen.

NASA launched the nuke as the asteroid past Neptune. The nuke hit it and the asteroid exploded. The explosion was so bright that the light blinded him. John was so happy that he saved the human race.

Week 14, The Eye Of Jesus by Tim

It all began on the day before Christmas. I was giving my little sister a Christmas card when all of a sudden a portal opened up in the family room. I walked in and the I saw a big red present. A second later my Mom, Dad and my sister walked into the portal. The portal closed up and suddenly the present started shaking and jumping around. It opened and a big blue bauble came out of it with a picture of me and my whole family in it. Then some mistletoe came out but I was very confused about the eye.

“The mistletoe means love and the eye stands for the eye of Jesus” my dad said.

Eventually the portal sucked us back into our living room.

Week 13, The Dare by Tim

One day three boys were playing truth or dare. One of the boys dared the two boys to run to the shop and run back without slowing down or stopping. A minute later the two boys started running. The boys got to the shop, but they were exhausted and they said that they could not run back to the house.

One of the boys decided to buy a bottle of fresh water. They tried to run back but they were still tired so they walked. When they got to the house the boy that was waiting had fallen asleep. So one of the boys dared the other to pour water on the sleepy one’s face. He did it and  the 2 boys started laughing.

Week 12, My first time on TV by Tim

Today was the weirdest day of my entire life. It all started when my dad and I went to the bank to get money for my mom’s birthday present. Then suddenly two men in black clothing wearing old, rusty ski masks came inside. They were also holding a shotgun. They started aiming at civilians and told everyone to put their hands on the ground. They forced the bank person to put the money in the bag one of the men were holding.

From a distance, I heard the police sirens go off. The building was surrounded by police cars. The police took care of the robbers and were sent to jail. My dad and I went home and told mum about everything that had happened, she was shocked. I turned on the news on the television and we seemed to be on the television.

Week 11, Fable by Tim

A long time ago there was a mother who was trying to protect her baby from a werewolf. But she was bitten. So she ran as fast as she could with the baby to their house in the woods so the baby could stay with her father.

21 years later

Fable was all grown up and she and her father were on the way to the park. Suddenly they saw a bike somehow stuck in a tree. They continued walking and all of a sudden a werewolf jumped out and scared Fable and her dad. The werewolf looked at Fable and smiled. Fable’s dad looked at the wolf especially its eyes. He told Fable that the wolf’s eyes looked like her mothers.

The wolf went back to human form and it was Fable’s  Mom

Kanturk Arts: Infected

A long time a young boy named Jay was reported missing on November 1996. He wasn’t found after a school trip. He didn’t know the way home because he was only 7 years old. His parents were also helping the police to find him and the rest of his classmates.

10 years later Jay was found but his old classmates weren’t found. They had found him at an old abandoned mansion which had been there for almost 63 years. The police had investigated the mansion to see if the other kids were there.

As the police checked the mansion they found three other kids who went missing a couple of weeks ago. One of the police went to check the basement downstairs. He was shocked when he saw all the children lying down on the floor starving to death. They were all taken to the Hospital. One of the doctors saw that three of the children were infected with some type of virus. They looked like as they were going to eat Jay.

Jay was taken home to his parents. Hours later more people were infected, every police station in the city was infected so no one could help the family. Luckily Jay’s dad had built a small bomb shelter a couple of weeks before. He had stored food inside the shelter. Jay’s dad told Jay’s mom to stay in the shelter.

So Jay and his dad went to look for a plane or a helicopter in the military. They found a small plane that the whole family could fit inside. Jay’s mom couldn’t wait any longer for them so she disguised herself as a zombie and she ran as fast as she could to the military.

As soon as she got there she saw Jay and dad trying to send a nuke because there was no cure for the virus. They launched and quickly got inside the plane and left off to a safe place until the nuke hit the ground. As the nuke hit the ground the family was already out of the country. So they were safe

Week 10, Skull Island by Tim

At the end of World War 2, a young American soldier crashed his plane on an island. Ross was the name of the soldier. His body was found in the wreckage by a tribe that lived on the island. The tribe had made a special type of yellow medicine and somehow he felt better.

One day as he was exploring the pretty looking island,  he came across a giant Gorilla. Running back to the fortress which was made out of bricks he tried to warn the tribe.

The tribe started laughing. They told him that the gorilla was their king. His name was Kong and he protected the island at all costs.

Why I like wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Tim, I am in 5th class ST. Colman’s Boys National School, Kanturk. Today I will tell you why I like wearing the school jersey.

If you are on a school tour to the zoo and you get lost, then your teacher or principal  might see you because you have the same jersey as your classmates on. Also if it’s the final of soccer, GAA or rugby or anything that your school is wearing in a big stadium and get lost your parents will be able to see you in the large crowd of supporters.

I also love wearing the school jersey and representing my school in a football match or any other sport your school plays. The school jersey also means you are being respectful to your school. It also means you are taking part in something, like a group, team or even a community.

The most important thing is that you don’t let your team or school down.

Week, 7 The Contraption By Tim

One day as I was walking home  I saw a weird looking contraption. It looked like  a gun, so I picked it up. I rushed home to show my dad. My dad picked it up and he pulled the trigger by accident. He shot his bottle of water and it turned into a lego piece.

My mouth fell open. I went out to the back garden and tested the gun on myself. I pulled the trigger and I turned into a small lego figure. I was so small that the  ladybugs around me were bigger. I pulled the trigger again and I went back to normal.

Week, 6 The incident. by Tim

A few days ago a couple had moved in next door. Their names were John and Jenny Bath. They had been seen in the newspapers a lot. People say that they are spies.

One night I heard gunshots coming from next door. I went to check it out. I saw a man in an orange jumper and wearing a mask. He was holding a Glock 97 pistol. He had shot John in the left knee. The man ran away with a briefcase. Jenny went outside and saw her husband wounded on the ground.

I called the police and the ambulance for him. I told them what I saw and they said they would look for the criminal. A few weeks later John’s knee had recovered. They told his wife that he was a fighter during the surgery. Jenny danced when she saw her husband on the way home. Jenny fell clumsily but got back up to welcome back her husband.

Week, 5, Snow Day by Tim

Last night it started to snow so I went to bed early . I woke up and I looked out the window. The snow looked thick and fluffy. I woke up my brother and told him that it was snowing.
We jumped out of the bed and got ready. We wore our jackets, hats, gloves, and our scarves. We raced downstairs and out the backdoor to the back garden.
My brother jumped onto the snow I jumped in too – the snow was so thick that I nearly got stuck in it. We started to build a snowman and it reminded me of a time when my brother and I built snowmen with our granddad. We took a photo next to our snowman and we put it in the family photo album.

Week, 4 The Animals, By Tim

Long ago a farmer went missing. The police looked all over the countryside but they still couldn’t find him. He was nowhere to be found.
Present Day.
One day I went to visit the farm. Then all of a sudden 3 statues emerged from the ground. There was a goat, bull and a horse. I walked up to them to take a closer look at them. They were formed in a triangle. I touched one by an accident. Suddenly the animals came to life and started to speak in a weird language. The triangle started glowing and then a portal opened up…
I fell in and I couldn’t believe what I saw…


Week 3, Theme Park Disaster by Tim

Last summer I went to a theme park in London. I went with my mom, my three sisters and my aunt. We had a lot of fun. We got to go on so many rides. It was fun … that was before the incident.
My mom and I went on the Roller Coaster while my sisters and aunt were on the Ferris Wheel . It was fun but then the Roller Coaster seemed to be going backwards half-way through the ride. My mom was scared and I started screaming.
later the mechanics arrived to see what was the problem. They fixed the ride and every thing went back to normal. At the end we all went home and no one was hurt.

Week 1 The giant by Tim

Last night I was walking home casually when all of a sudden the ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. I looked behind me and I saw a portal opening up.

Suddenly a giant came out of the portal. It saw me and it looked at me aggressively. Then the giant walked slowly towards me and I started running away from it. I looked behind me and it was still chasing me.

I had an idea. I ran to the construction site. I ran to a cement pit nearby. I just kept running. Suddenly the giant’s footsteps stopped. I turned around and all I could see was the giant’s hands in the cement holding a metal bar…

So I then continued my walk home.