Week 21, World War By Tim

It was a long time ago when  8 men were turned into statues for betraying their king. In 1872 they were found in the woods and placed in Central Park in New York. One night they were caught moving by a security guard.

They captured one and they brought it to the city laboratory but the other statues followed them. On the way, they saw other statues and they made them come to life. They finally reached the laboratory where they found their brother and took him back to the woods.

The military followed but found more than 8 statues  -there was every statue in New York. The statues had weapons catapults and crossbows. The war had started…



Week 20 The last dinosaur by Tim

It was the weirdest day of my life.

My friends James and Ryan and I  were at the park next to a river. Then I saw something in the water. It had a long reptilian tail.  It looked like an alligator tail but bigger.

When we went home we checked every book about reptiles and dinosaurs. 1 hour later I found the page – it was a raptor. Then James heard the front door open. We went to see what opened the door.

Then we heard a loud roar in the family room.  So we went on our bikes and cycled to the police station where we told them what we saw. Then they said they would handle everything . 2 days later we heard that they had captured the raptor. The end.

Week 19 Don’t throw it in the bin By Tim

Once there was a young boy named Peter who loved science.  He wanted to be a scientist when he got older. He liked making fake potions with his friends but one day he decided to make a real potion.  He used chemicals. His dad saw him and he told him to stop. His dad took the potion and threw it in the sink. Peter was mad at his dad.

As the potion came down the drainpipe there was a spider at the bottom. When the potion landed on the spider the spider changed colour and began to glow.

When Peter was going to bed the spider went into Peter’s room…

Week 18 3 Statues by Tim

It was a nice day. 2 boys Jack and Sam were playing outside. They invited their other friend over. His name was Alex.

One day they were having a sleepover at Sam’s house. They played lots of games and they had pizza for dinner. When Jack was going to the toilet he saw 3 statues staring at him. He ran downstairs to tell Alex and Sam.

When he told them Sam went to tell his parents. When he went back downstairs he saw the same statues. He told the others and then they got scared.

Alex went to the kitchen to get water and he saw the statues. He ran back to the others. They decided to go to their other friend’s house. They stayed there for the day.


Week 16 Hand-Zombie By Tim

Once upon a time there was a Professor named Professor  Biscuits . One day he was doing an experiment on his hand . He spilt his potion on his cat. The cat transformed into a human sized hand .

The hand ran after the professor but he had a gun . The professor shot the hand multiple times .  Later while the professor was asleep the hand got up and poured the remaining potion on itself. It got bigger and stronger . It went to the professor’s bedroom and it killed him . The hand went then to the city and infected half the city. There was no cure .