Week 10, Skull Island by Tim

At the end of World War 2, a young American soldier crashed his plane on an island. Ross was the name of the soldier. His body was found in the wreckage by a tribe that lived on the island. The tribe had made a special type of yellow medicine and somehow he felt better.

One day as he was exploring the pretty looking island,  he came across a giant Gorilla. Running back to the fortress which was made out of bricks he tried to warn the tribe.

The tribe started laughing. They told him that the gorilla was their king. His name was Kong and he protected the island at all costs.

Why I like wearing the school jersey

Hello my name is Tim, I am in 5th class ST. Colman’s Boys National School, Kanturk. Today I will tell you why I like wearing the school jersey.

If you are on a school tour to the zoo and you get lost, then your teacher or principal  might see you because you have the same jersey as your classmates on. Also if it’s the final of soccer, GAA or rugby or anything that your school is wearing in a big stadium and get lost your parents will be able to see you in the large crowd of supporters.

I also love wearing the school jersey and representing my school in a football match or any other sport your school plays. The school jersey also means you are being respectful to your school. It also means you are taking part in something, like a group, team or even a community.

The most important thing is that you don’t let your team or school down.

Week, 7 The Contraption By Tim

One day as I was walking home  I saw a weird looking contraption. It looked like  a gun, so I picked it up. I rushed home to show my dad. My dad picked it up and he pulled the trigger by accident. He shot his bottle of water and it turned into a lego piece.

My mouth fell open. I went out to the back garden and tested the gun on myself. I pulled the trigger and I turned into a small lego figure. I was so small that the  ladybugs around me were bigger. I pulled the trigger again and I went back to normal.

Week, 6 The incident. by Tim

A few days ago a couple had moved in next door. Their names were John and Jenny Bath. They had been seen in the newspapers a lot. People say that they are spies.

One night I heard gunshots coming from next door. I went to check it out. I saw a man in an orange jumper and wearing a mask. He was holding a Glock 97 pistol. He had shot John in the left knee. The man ran away with a briefcase. Jenny went outside and saw her husband wounded on the ground.

I called the police and the ambulance for him. I told them what I saw and they said they would look for the criminal. A few weeks later John’s knee had recovered. They told his wife that he was a fighter during the surgery. Jenny danced when she saw her husband on the way home. Jenny fell clumsily but got back up to welcome back her husband.

Week, 5, Snow Day by Tim

Last night it started to snow so I went to bed early . I woke up and I looked out the window. The snow looked thick and fluffy. I woke up my brother and told him that it was snowing.
We jumped out of the bed and got ready. We wore our jackets, hats, gloves, and our scarves. We raced downstairs and out the backdoor to the back garden.
My brother jumped onto the snow I jumped in too – the snow was so thick that I nearly got stuck in it. We started to build a snowman and it reminded me of a time when my brother and I built snowmen with our granddad. We took a photo next to our snowman and we put it in the family photo album.

Week, 4 The Animals, By Tim

Long ago a farmer went missing. The police looked all over the countryside but they still couldn’t find him. He was nowhere to be found.
Present Day.
One day I went to visit the farm. Then all of a sudden 3 statues emerged from the ground. There was a goat, bull and a horse. I walked up to them to take a closer look at them. They were formed in a triangle. I touched one by an accident. Suddenly the animals came to life and started to speak in a weird language. The triangle started glowing and then a portal opened up…
I fell in and I couldn’t believe what I saw…


Week 3, Theme Park Disaster by Tim

Last summer I went to a theme park in London. I went with my mom, my three sisters and my aunt. We had a lot of fun. We got to go on so many rides. It was fun … that was before the incident.
My mom and I went on the Roller Coaster while my sisters and aunt were on the Ferris Wheel . It was fun but then the Roller Coaster seemed to be going backwards half-way through the ride. My mom was scared and I started screaming.
later the mechanics arrived to see what was the problem. They fixed the ride and every thing went back to normal. At the end we all went home and no one was hurt.

Week 1 The giant by Tim

Last night I was walking home casually when all of a sudden the ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. I looked behind me and I saw a portal opening up.

Suddenly a giant came out of the portal. It saw me and it looked at me aggressively. Then the giant walked slowly towards me and I started running away from it. I looked behind me and it was still chasing me.

I had an idea. I ran to the construction site. I ran to a cement pit nearby. I just kept running. Suddenly the giant’s footsteps stopped. I turned around and all I could see was the giant’s hands in the cement holding a metal bar…

So I then continued my walk home.

Week 35, First day of High school by Tim

It was Penny’s first day in Elmore Jr High and she was very nervous about it so her parents told her to not be nervous. The next day Penny’s mom Nicole dropped her to school.
Her mom told her “Have a great day” Penny replied, “Love you Mom.”
Penny walked up to the door and she took a deep breath and said to herself ” You can do this”. She opened the door and then everyone stared at her. She walked down the hallway and she was scared because she heard that there was a bully named Olivia Jones in her class.
As Penny walked she saw Olivia. Olivia went up to Penny and pushed her. Penny punched Olivia and everyone looked at her however she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Week 34 Bridge Disaster by Tim

When I went on holidays to visit my cousin we had a picnic next to a bridge.  I had a huge pink strawberry ice-cream sprinkled with oreo crumbs and my cousin had a chocolate cupcake with marshmallows on top.

There were many flowers around the picnic area – there were lots of Daisies , Buttercups and  Daffodils. When it was time for us to go home suddenly the bridge started crumbling and pieces of the bridge started falling off.

We ran off the bridge and then the bridge just collapsed into the water. we called 911 and they took us to the other side and we got home safely.

Week 33 Weird feeling by Tim B

One day I was walking home through the woods and I heard weird noises so I went over to check what it was. When I got there I saw a weird shaped tree and the only things on it were round spiky shaped balls.

I went over to check them. I touched one of them and then I had a strange feeling in my stomach. I went home to take a nap. On the way home I fell on a sharp piece of wood. It did penetrate my skin but I didn’t feel it. The hole in my chest regenerated and the hole wasn’t there anymore.

The next day I went to the hospital to check if did anything bad did happen to me.

Week 32 The Bomb by Tim B

Tic toc tic toc  – the countdown was almost done.

I was not sure of which wire to cut – there were 3 colours Red, Green and Blue. There were only a few minutes left to defuse the bomb  or the whole city would explode. The countdown was ticking fast but I didn’t understand the instructions so I carefully cut the Red wire …

…and the countdown stopped. The bomb didn’t explode the city was safe. They took the bomb to military and it stayed with the government. The people who planted the bomb were terrorists. The terrorists were never found so everyone was safe and the terrorists never came back.

Week 31 Larry the Leaping Lion By Tim B

Larry is an affable friendly young lion but sometimes he is very lazy. His best friend is Tyler the Tidy Tiger. Their favourite food is raw steak. Their favourite place to go is The Whispering Glade.

Larry and Tyler love playing games their favourite game  Hide and Seek. Tyler is really good at hiding and Larry is a great seeker. They also play with Harry the Happy Hippo and Ben the bright Bear. Tyler and Larry lived in Igloo city.

They have been inseparable since their childhood and they always watch each other’s back. They are very Good friends.

Week 28 I kill Giants by Tim

“It’s been happening for weeks” I said to my friends. “I’ve seen 2 this week  – the first one was in the abandoned train station near the city. They have long legs and beaming yellow eyes. ”

I think it’s real,” Alex said.  My other friend Danny replied ” I think it’s Bigfoot.”

I wasn’t the only one seeing them – my friends were too. We built a trap to catch them. We caught one. I called my dad and he brought it to the Government. The Government brought it to Area 51.

One day we found where they come from. They came from a portal in the woods.  Luckily my dad was an army man so he threw a grenade in the Portal and he shut it down. They stopped coming for months and no one was hurt.

Week 27, The forest by Tim


The school bus crashed into a tree on the way to a school trip. The bus driver called a mechanic to come and fix the bus. Luckily there was a picnic area close by and the class sat there to wait for the mechanic. The teacher did a head count to see if all her students were there. There were 3 students missing.

The three boys had gone into the forest. The forest was very dark and there were wolves in it. The mechanic arrived and fixed the bus.

Suddenly the three kids screamed “HELP”.  Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. They heard a wolf howl so they ran even quicker. They arrived at the picnic spot and the mechanic had already fixed the bus. So they all went back to school.

Week 26, Clown in my Closet by Tim

It all happened when I was a kid.

Every night strange noises were coming from my closet. And every morning a shiny yellow balloon came out of my closet. I told my parents but they didn’t believe me.

But then one day as I was getting ready for school I heard a scratching noise from my closet. I opened it and I saw someone in it. It was a clown.  It had sharp thin claws.

When I closed it the clown made a roar and my parents heard it.  They raced up to see what was going on. The clown disappeared into something tiny. We felt hopeless.

We didn’t know what to do so we moved out of the house and now I live in New York.

Week 25 : My Cousin’s New Cat by Tim

Yesterday I went to my cousins to see his new cat. His name was Puffy but when I got there the cat was on top of my cousin’s car. My cousin came outside to see me. He saw his cat and asked me “But he did he get there”? I got Puffy off the car and we went inside to have some lunch.

My cousin’s Mom gave us some pizza. And she gave Puffy some milk to drink. After lunch we went over to see my cousin’s friend. His friend also had a cat and the two cats played outside for the rest of the day. That night I went back home.

The end.

Week 24 : The 4 Wonders by Tim

1,000 years ago a king named George had 4 wonders His cup that could refill water, a spoon that couldn’t be bent, a plate that couldn’t break and a bowl with a portal. Years later they were all gone. The King and his men looked all around the kingdom but there was no sign of them.

In 2016 2 boys named Corey and Scott were playing dodgeball in their backyard. When Scott’s mom called them to come inside for lunch they raced each other to see who could get to the house first.

Corey tripped over something. He tripped over the cup that the king lost many years ago. Scott called his mom When his mom saw the cup she called the police . She told them that one of the 4 wonders was in their back garden. The police rushed to their house with an archeologist.

Week 22 Lab Accident by Tim

One year ago a scientist named Professor Brown was doing an experiment on a goldfish to make it swim slowly. But one day he spilled a different potion and it made the fish enormous and have wings.

The fish flew off so he chased the fish all the way to the city. When people saw the fish they locked themselves in their houses. A few days later the fish was caught by the President and was placed in Area 51 where no one except the government and the President can go.

The end.

Week 21, World War By Tim

It was a long time ago when  8 men were turned into statues for betraying their king. In 1872 they were found in the woods and placed in Central Park in New York. One night they were caught moving by a security guard.

They captured one and they brought it to the city laboratory but the other statues followed them. On the way, they saw other statues and they made them come to life. They finally reached the laboratory where they found their brother and took him back to the woods.

The military followed but found more than 8 statues  -there was every statue in New York. The statues had weapons catapults and crossbows. The war had started…



Week 20 The last dinosaur by Tim

It was the weirdest day of my life.

My friends James and Ryan and I  were at the park next to a river. Then I saw something in the water. It had a long reptilian tail.  It looked like an alligator tail but bigger.

When we went home we checked every book about reptiles and dinosaurs. 1 hour later I found the page – it was a raptor. Then James heard the front door open. We went to see what opened the door.

Then we heard a loud roar in the family room.  So we went on our bikes and cycled to the police station where we told them what we saw. Then they said they would handle everything . 2 days later we heard that they had captured the raptor. The end.

Week 19 Don’t throw it in the bin By Tim

Once there was a young boy named Peter who loved science.  He wanted to be a scientist when he got older. He liked making fake potions with his friends but one day he decided to make a real potion.  He used chemicals. His dad saw him and he told him to stop. His dad took the potion and threw it in the sink. Peter was mad at his dad.

As the potion came down the drainpipe there was a spider at the bottom. When the potion landed on the spider the spider changed colour and began to glow.

When Peter was going to bed the spider went into Peter’s room…

Week 18 3 Statues by Tim

It was a nice day. 2 boys Jack and Sam were playing outside. They invited their other friend over. His name was Alex.

One day they were having a sleepover at Sam’s house. They played lots of games and they had pizza for dinner. When Jack was going to the toilet he saw 3 statues staring at him. He ran downstairs to tell Alex and Sam.

When he told them Sam went to tell his parents. When he went back downstairs he saw the same statues. He told the others and then they got scared.

Alex went to the kitchen to get water and he saw the statues. He ran back to the others. They decided to go to their other friend’s house. They stayed there for the day.


Week 16 Hand-Zombie By Tim

Once upon a time there was a Professor named Professor  Biscuits . One day he was doing an experiment on his hand . He spilt his potion on his cat. The cat transformed into a human sized hand .

The hand ran after the professor but he had a gun . The professor shot the hand multiple times .  Later while the professor was asleep the hand got up and poured the remaining potion on itself. It got bigger and stronger . It went to the professor’s bedroom and it killed him . The hand went then to the city and infected half the city. There was no cure .