Week 30 The last minute goal By Warren

It was a Saturday morning in spring. The sun was blaring down from the sky. We had our biggest soccer game of the season.  We had to get up early. I was going with my mom and dad. On the way, there was an avalanche of cars in front of us. We were almost there when the wheel of our car got stuck in a miniature hole and then punctured.


Luckily my friend was passing and gave us a ride. This was such a big game that there was a sign-up. It was 2-2 in the last minute when my friend tried to kick it and missed. Luckily I was behind him and scored. It turns out their goalkeeper got distracted by a flower.


Week 27 The Trap Door By Warren

It was Saturday and my friends and I were going to the castle to explore.  When we got there we went inside the door. Suddenly it shut behind us and locked.  We all were extremely scared. So we went forward and saw another door. We opened the door and saw a room full of snakes.

“Was this really the only way out?” we said to each other.

Then one of my friends spotted a window behind the door. We knew that was our way out but how could we get up there. Then we remembered that the oldest of our friends was very good at climbing so he gave us all a boost and then climbed up after.

After that, we have never went back.

Week 26 The Protectors By Warren

Many years ago there was a battle going on between two tribes. One of the tribes had a mystical jewel. There were 100 guards guarding the jewel and it was near impossible to get at it.

One day the tribe caught the guards off guard and got the jewel. They didn’t know how they could get it back. Then this one man said they could distract them by throwing paper airplanes next to where they were.   So they got paper and made airplanes. They started throwing the paper and slowly the guards went over to check them. Then they went over and stole the jewel. They guarded the jewel for the rest of their lives.

To this day,in that area there are statues of the guards.

Week 25 A Mad Zoo By Warren

My family and I were going to the zoo. When we got there my brother wanted to see the monkey so we went there first. They were black monkeys and they were inside a glass window. They were jumping around the trees. My brother was knocking on the window when suddenly one of the monkeys jumped at the window and severely damaged it. Next, we went to see a bird that we were allowed to hold in our arms. I went first and to my surprise, it was quite heavy. After we saw all the animals we went to get lunch but I just got a banana because I wasn’t hungry.

Week 24 The Quick Sand By Warren

My family and I were on holidays in Brazil. We were going on a tour to the Amazon jungle to explore. When we got there we saw lots of animals – there were monkeys bugs and birds.  We were getting quite deep in when my brother said that the ground near him looked peculiar and it did.

Suddenly he began to sink –  it was quicksand. My dad and I started pulling him. “COME ON,” said my dad in a struggle “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted back.  Then finally we got him out.

We didn’t go in any further into the jungle. Instead we went back and called a taxi. When we asked him about he said that it’s erratic and hasn’t happened in a while.

Week 22 The Old shack by Warren

It was a Thursday morning in school when the teacher announced that we were going on a school trip the following day. Suddenly our class started behaving extremely erratic and sustained that for at least 5 minutes.

That night I packed my stuff. The next day I woke up feeling very excited. After an hour journey, we arrived at this big robust cabin. That night someone in my class said that when they were out collecting wood for the fire they had heard a peculiar noise coming from a shack. I asked him to show me so off we went to the woods.  There we saw this big shack with a shattered door and a doorbell. Suddenly the door opened by itself….

Week 21 The Zoo by Warren

It was a Saturday morning I woke up and the birds sang beautifully. I went downstairs and realized that I had a sore leg and it was very painful. I thought today was going to be a very pedestrian day so I went to get breakfast when my mother said that we were going to the zoo. Suddenly I burst out with happiness. At the zoo we got a tour guide to show us around. First he showed us a giraffe and he said his name was Dusty. Then we went to see an unusual flamingo because his skin was dark pink. After we had seen the animals we got ice cream and went home – it was a great day

Week 19 The Bomb Scare by Warren

I was in Spain on holiday. My sister and I were in the pool while my parents were sitting on their chairs. Suddenly a siren went off and an avalanche of people started running. We asked one of them what was wrong. “There is a bomb” one of them replied.

So we ran with the crowd but suddenly a man with a loudspeaker started talking saying “calm down everyone there is no bomb”. Then everyone stopped running and listened “It was just a  small fire”. There was a look of relief on everyone’s face. Everyone went back to the hotel looking shocked.

Week 18 The project by Warren

It was a Monday morning in school. Mrs. Jackson said that she had an announcement. Then she spoke and said that we would all have to build a robot for a race and it had to be done by Friday. So that night I got to work. I built a robot using the materials she gave us and to make it faster I put extra wheels on. I called my mum to come up and see if it was fast. So I tested it and it didn’t go as fast as I thought. She said I think it’s good. “But it is so slow” I… Before I could finish she said don’t be silly.

That Friday my robot won the race and I was happy

Week 17 The Getaway Bike by Warren

Once there was this man called John. He was wanted for stealing bikes. He stole every bike he could see and rode them to his secret hideout. No one knew where his hideout was so one day the police had a very sly plan.  They would stand a bike somewhere and put a tracking device on it to find his hideout.

They tied a bike on to a pole and waited nearby. A few minutes later he came and rode off but the police followed him. He tried to cycle faster than the police car but he wasn’t fast enough. He was charged with 2 months in jail and all the bikes were returned to their owners.

Week 15 The undercover agent By Warren

It was a Tuesday afternoon.  I was an undercover agent for the police department. I was watching tv when I received a call from my manager saying there was a robbery on 82nd Street.

So off I went to find the culprit. When I was stopped at the traffic lights I saw a person with a black hoodie and the hood up. He/ It was a very robust and tall person which matched the description of the man in the robbery. So it approached the car “Which way to the shops?” it panted. “Keep going and turn right,” I said. Then he ran off. I was suspicious so I followed him…

Week 14 The lesson by Warren

One day I was outside with my friend. We were playing soccer when a bee flew straight past my friend. Just then he started running everywhere shouting.

“Calm down” I said.

“I hate bees” he said ” they are so insufferable.”

“No they are not, ” I said “you know that they are saving us from death.”

“How?” he enquired.

“Well 80% of what we eat is pollinated by bees.”

“I didn’t know that,” he said.

“And if bees go extinct we will starve and die of starvation.”

“Thanks for telling me” he said.

And from then on he never killed another bee.

Week 13 The experiment By Warren

“Come on” I said to my little brother.

We were going to our secret lab for an experiment

“What should we do it on today?” I said

“This daddy long legs” he said.

“That looks very dainty” I said.

So I took the spider and was about to dip it in to my mystical water when “WHOOSH” the spider flew out of my hands.

“I never knew they could fly” said my brother.

“Me neither” I replied.

“He must be very hyper or erratic” he said.

Just then our mother called us for dinner so we ran back upstairs.


The Invaders by Warren

It was a wet and stormy night. The wind was blustery and waves were choppy. All of our little friendly village was sitting out by the shore.  One night every year the whole village sits out at shore to talk and just have fun. We were 1 or 2 hours there when we heard bellowing coming from the sea. Just then we all peered out at sea and coming towards us was a vast and dangerous-looking ship.

We all wondered who it was? It was the Invaders.  These people always try to invade our land; they are very strong and there are numerous of them. Suddenly they started booming cannons. We all scattered but when I looked back there lay my father as white as ghost. I knew he was dead. The Invaders went away after a few minutes.

My dad was the founder of this Island so I knew, now that he was dead, they would attack more. I was devastated of course but I knew I had to stay strong. So the following week we were prepared for their attack. We all waited out at the shore.  Our plan was to fire stones at their ship and finish this once and for all.

So at 7 o’clock there it was – their big ship.  We knew it well – it was as old as the hills. We started firing stones at it. Suddenly their ship began to sink and they were in the water. We didn’t want to kill them so we went out and rescued them. They were extremely thankful and made a deal never to bother us again and we accepted. From that night on they never came back again.

Week 11 The Bully by Warren

One day the bully in my class came over to me at lunchtime and demanded my sandwich. He said if I didn’t give it to him he’d beat me up and this went on for weeks. He was very tall and robust. I try to glide past him but it doesn’t work. So one day I decided to put a stop to this. I went down to my lab and created a poisonous marmite to put in my sandwich. So the next day I asked him “Is it true you hate marmite”? “No,” he said,” I like marmite.” So he took a bite out of the sandwich and then he said: “this tastes a bit peculiar…”

Suddenly he dropped to the ground.

Week 10 The war field by Warren

One evening I was taking my dog on a walk through the field next to our estate. The field used to be a battlefield for World War 1. Many people died in the field. Before world war 1 there used to be red poppies growing in that field.

As we were getting to the exit my dog stopped and started digging. When he finished, lying on the ground was a red gun. I was stunned into silence before we extricated ourselves from the field. The next day my parents said I was unusually quiet. I was in a quandary whether to tell them or not.

That day I went back to the field but the gun was gone…

Week 9 The Haunted House by Warren

On Halloween night my friend came over to my house. He said it was very pedestrian being at home and I agreed. When he arrived he said that on the way he got a message from his friend that we shouldn’t go trick or treating at the mansion in the vicinity of his house.

We went trick or treating and when we came to the last house it was the mansion. It looked very robust and was extremely vast. We decided to knock. At the door, there were numerous pumpkins all in different colours. Just then my friend got another message saying the pumpkins at the door talk as the orange one spoke first.

We ran home…

Week 7 The Security Guard by Warren

Saoirse was having a pedestrian night. There was barely anyone in the mall for a Friday night. Suddenly an avalanche of people came running from the eastern side of the mall. Saoirse stopped one of them and asked him what happened. The man replied by saying “There was a big “BANG” and we saw a man with his hood up and a mask on breaking through the glass that was protecting the diamond.” Oh god” she said. The mall was in the vicinity of the police station so she told them. Rapidly she ran to see if he was still there. The diamond was gone. “But where did it go” she said”…

Week 6 The Robbery By Warren

“Get out of the car” I said

“Ok Jonny park out back and we will meet you in about a half an hour” I demanded

“Ok don’t get caught” said Jonny

So me and my assistant sneaked into the museum.

“We’re looking for silver, right?” said my assistant

“NO you buffoon- Gold” I said

So we walked around and suddenly I spotted it

“Over here” I whispered

So I broke the glass and tried to lift it but it was heavier than I expected. Suddenly an alarm went off. My assistant and I quickly extricated ourselves from the museum…

Week 5 The Silly Boy by Warren

It was the day I started secondary school. I was excited but also nervous. I was walking to school with my friend Derek. We were in the vicinity of the school when I saw one of my other friends getting picked on by a few of the older kids in the school. Derek and I sprinted over desperately to help him. “STOP” I shouted. Suddenly everyone turned around. The older kids burst out with laughter “Shorty” they were saying.

That day at home I asked my dad who was a scientist did he have any potions for getting taller “yes” he said so I drank it. So the next day I was walking to school I was about to enter the school when “CRASH” I froze and began to grow…

Week 4 The spaceship By Warren

It was the day of the spaceship take off to Space. 3 people were on board- 2 men and 1 woman. I was watching it live from tv. I thought this trip was futile but I still watched it anyway. So they were ready to take off  – the men were testing everything to make sure it was ready.

Soon it was ready but all the 3 were waving out the window. When it just wouldn’t take off the men did everything they could and it still wouldn’t take off. So they postponed the trip for another year while they try to figure out what was wrong with it.

Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Warren

One day as I was going to the shop on my yellow bicycle I remembered that my mother had warned me to be careful of the crossroads.

“Ok,” I said only half-listening.

So when I met with the crossroad I stopped. Suddenly I spotted money across the road. I was desperate for it so greedily I ran across the road leaving my bike unoccupied. Luckily there were no cars so I didn’t get hit. I fumbled for the money and snatched it off the ground. I was still in the vicinity of my house so I cycled home and didn’t mention a word to anyone.

Week 2 The Mega Swings by Warren

It was a Friday evening and my family and I were at a carnival. I was very excited because it was my first time being to a carnival.

At the start, I wanted to go on everything. So that’s what I did and it was just as I expected  – really fun. Eventually, there was one thing left to go on. The last thing to go on was called the Mega Swings. At first I didn’t want to go on it but in the end, I did. So I went on put on my belt and off it went. At first, I was actually enjoying it until we got to the top then everything stopped and the ride was stuck…

Week 1 The war of Korea By warren

In the summer of 1870 a war started between North and South Korea. Captain Kin Jong Wong lead South Korea to the battle field meanwhile Heung Yoo Ji lead North Korea to the battle field. Whoever won this battle would have the rights to be called central Korea.

The war started off really badly for South Korea when 10 men got killed by an atomic bomb dropped by a helicopter. Then a South Korean man shot down the helicopter which landed on a man that just got injured. South Korea started with 300 men and then had 1o2. The war was getting too severe.

2 months later the 2 captains made a treaty of peace. There is now a statue of them in Korea.

The restaurant by warren

My family and I were in Portugal. We decided that we were going to go out to a restaurant for dinner. So went out to try and find a restaurant. We couldn’t find a place for ages and I got hungry so I told my mom that I had got hungry and she said that I was lucky that she had packed avocados.

“I hate avocados,” I said. Just as I said that dad pointed out a restaurant painted in purple called the small seahorse. So we went in and sat down. The waiters were in seahorse costumes. On the menu, there was elephant steak so I got that and when it came I took a bite and “CRUNCH” STRAIGHT INTO BONES…