Week 1:The Zombies Attack by Wojciech

Long long ago there lived Michael, Tom and Charlie they were brothers. Once it was Halloween they were looking for friends but no one came – they were lost.

“Where are we? ” asked Tom.

After few hours they had found three people called, Kenny, a police man and a guy from the army. The children asked where is everyone? The policeman answered, ” they all changed to zombies.

Tom and Charlie were really scared but Michael wasn’t scared. About ten minutes later they saw a zombie – the zombie was chasing them. The army man took out his shotgun and shot the zombie in the face and the zombie died. The next day they were in a car and they heard a noise- it was the zombies. The zombies were attacking the people- then Kenny called them – they ran as fast they could. The people were safe for two days- then they sadly died.


Week 1: THE EVIL BABIES by Joe

Today is Friday the 13th. People are telling me not to walk under a ladder but I didn’t listen to them, and 3 of my friends and I went under the ladder. In class, superstitious children said to not play the Charlie Charlie pencil challenge because it would send us to another dimension. Alex said that he’s only speaking bogus.

As break time came we played Charlie Charlie. Niall said Charlie Charlie will you send us to another dimension.YES.Shouted a mysterious voice . BE GONE. As all four of them ended up in a dopey, creepy house. Kevin said This blows. They went outside and started walking.

Week 1: The Creation by Dan

One day my friends Conor and Ronan came to my house for a sleepover. But things did not go well.

So let’s get started:
“How long more do we have to play lego for? said Conor.

“Just let us finish our project,” I said.

Ronan built a ship and I built a tractor. Suddenly something happened and Ronan’s ship was changing -it turned into a great big monstrous looking ghost. The ghost roared words like this “animals in danger” he roared. We all thought for a second. Connor came up with a cunning plan….

Week 1: The Two Guardians by Oisin

So what lies ahead of me is a portal. Through the portal is a small little village. It’s a peaceful place but there are still two guardians in the other villages. They say that they are really spirits guarding the village. As I said it was a peaceful place until Friday the 13. On that day, the dark evil lord rose to destroy the gardens but still, they couldn’t get in. Because there was a  diamond wall around the village.

Week 1 : The funeral home by Matthew D

This guy was watching me at the graveyard and I wondered why. So I looked at his car -it was a Garda car. So what lies ahead of this place I mentioned to him. He said a car crashed here and a motorbike crashed there a couple of years ago and a couple of years ago and no one has been there since.

After he left I checked it out – there was a picture of the person who crashed. It was a woman who had been working in Spar . And I think her husband was in the photograph with her . So I spoke to my friend about it. He said to give it to the family because they had been looking for it so I did. Then the firemen moved the motorbike. Sometime later they built a funeral home there -it was named Lidyas funeral home named after the woman that died.

Week 1: WW2 1939-1942 By Liam O

It is 1939 and two tiger tanks are sniping in the Polish countryside. A polish scout is watching at the gates of Warsaw. It’s all peace and quiet but it’s not going to be like that for long. The Polish scout spots the tanks. The tanks notice and fire. Then the invasion of Warsaw begins. After the battle Poland was split between Nazi, Germany and the Soviet union. After the split Nazi Germany invades the low countries Denmark, France and Norway. It took 1 day to take over Luxembourg. Nazi Germany barged through western Europe. French and British troops were fighting in the battle of France. German solders corner British troops.

Week 1: My new pets by Liam A

Once there was a boy called Bob.
He believed that he could fly, so he climbed a sky-scraper and jumped off.
He was fine because he got saved by Bat Man.
But then Bat Man got heart-attack.
Then Gardos saved the day. Bob had a safe landing. Gardos is now his pet.
But Richu wanted also to be his pet.Then they had a fight.Gardos used ice fang move and Richu used Z-Power move.


Week 1: Horror House of demons wizards and witches By Colin

So a 13-year-old boy lived beside a so-called haunted house but he believed it was not haunted. So his best friend Iven 12 who was the youngest in the class and so he got bullied a lot said I dare you to go into the haunted house for 2 days.

The day came he stepped in while saying what lies ahead of me in this horrible house. 1 hour later he found a nice room with a bed, oh and it had a luxurious carpet. Suddenly he heard a roar and it was a demon wizard and a witch, Wow he said nearly fainting.

Week 1 Into the Woods by Aidan

“So what lies ahead of the lake?” said Tom thinking.

“Probably a dark deep tunnel,” Samo said thinking out loud.

Sarah said “It’s too dangerous.

Then something pushed them in. Sarah said that she knew something bad would happen. Then something whooshed in the trees.

Tom said “let’s go check it out.” It was a huge forest. Then Samo said “are you crazy man?” No I am serious,” answered Tom.

Sarah shouted,” this forest is huge.” They kept on walking and they found a man. Tom asked him what was his name. He turned around with a big ugly face and said , “My name is Gulther. Have you seen any trolls? …

Week 1: Behind the tree by Joshua

I am Joshua.  I live in Australia. My best friends name is Tom Riddle. He is a werewolf. At night I help him fight zombies.  One night we were patrolling when we stopped suddenly.

I said,” so what lies ahead  of us?

There were zombies everywhere. The lord of the zombies came out and noticed us.  He shouted to get them. One got Tom. I went back but I was already too late. I swore I would hunt all zombies down and kill their lord. The End ?

Week 1: New boy by Conor

One day at school we were all coming in from break. I turned back and I saw that there was a boy sitting beside Colin. He was just staring at me, with a freaky face.

I said to myself ” So what lies ahead of me here?” I wonder. The next day the boy was playing soccer and he was staring at me. So I started running out of school and ran down to my grandad’s garage but he was not there. So decided to go to my nana’s house. She said “why are you here?” it’s not three o clock!

The boy followed me but he just wanted to be my friend!

Week 1: Evil teachers by Ronan

Once there was boy named Tom. Tom was nine years old. He was terrible at reading. The teachers in his school wanted to take over the world.
They were extremely mean to all the children in the school
and so very nice to all the children in front of their parents.
But Tom had a plan to stop the evil teachers. The plan was to hit
the teachers in their weak spot which is their nose and then they can’t
take over the world. So what lies ahead of those teachers?

1 day later. Toms plan is about to happen. Tom runs out of his seat in class and punched all the teachers in the nose. Tom had just saved the world

Week 1 : Tunnel of Monsters by Marc

One night I was going to bed. I thought about if I was having a dream. What if I went to space or monsters came. So I tried to go sleep. About 5 minutes later I was asleep Suddenly I woke up in a mysterious tunnel. I was still in bed. There was a bag and next to the bag was a note. The note said, “Hello you are probably wondering where you are?  Well, you are in the tunnel of MONSTERS.”

Mo…Mo…MONSTERS  – my hands were shaking. So what lies ahead of me in this suspicious tunnel? I wondered. Then I heard ROAR.

Week 1: Halloween Horror by Dylan.

It was Halloween night. Liam,  Conor and I were trick or treating in what they called the haunted neighborhood. We were fine until we reached the haunted mansion. I knocked on the door.

“So,I wonder what lies ahead of us,” said Liam.

Suddenly the doors creaked open. We slowly stepped in. Immediately the doors slammed shut. They were locked. We then heard a scream that would break glass.

“Let’s go explore,” said Liam. “Are you crazy!” I screamed.

Week 1: Mareta Falls by Ciaran

One day I was walking to school and I saw the Mareta falls. When I got to school everyone was looking at a sheet on the wall.

It said :

(There is an obstacle race down at Mareta falls at 7 o clock. Discover a new paradise.  Call 089 220 39433)

I decided to do it because it would be a new experience for me. The next day I was at the starting line but no one showed up. I was the only person there. So they decided to call off all the traps and let just me go down safely and enjoy.

So what lies a head of me? Wow, it was amazing!

Week 1: The Criminal by Danny

Once I was in jail because I killed the president of America. I killed him because I thought he was a pain and that’s why I’m here but I’ve been trying to get out for about 10 years. Sadly every time I try to get out I get caught.

My friend said one day,”so, what lies ahead of you? maybe execution …” but by the time he finished I had nearly dug another hole. One hour later I was finished and we both got out.

Well that’s what we thought but then we looked back and we saw a guard and he shot at both of us.

Week 1: Club of mysteries by Szymon

Jerry is new in the estate. He is outside with his club. This club’s name is the Club of Mysteries.

“So Jerry are you ready to help us in our first mission?” asked Tom. “Our first mission is to go into the haunted house with Jim and Tim and find a bracelet, a ring, glasses in a case and an earring,” commanded Tom.

“Are all of you ready?” “Yes -Let’go in.”

“So what lies ahead of this door?” wondered Jerry.

“I found the bracelet and the ring,” shouted Tom. “Jerry also found the earring and glasses,” roared Jim and Tim.

“Well done Jerry you have passed the test and you are now an official member of the Club of Mysteries.”

Week 1: The Mystery Wall By Adam

Gabriel, Elleguard, Magnus and Soron. Together they are the order.

So they all set out to camp. One night they heard a sound.

They said, ” So what lies ahead of us in this forest?”

They went over to see. It was world end they thought. They decided to walk through. It was not world end. It was the other side of the world. It was lovely. They had no words to describe it – it was so beautiful.

A few years later. The land got attacked by trolls. The trolls wanted land. They said the trolls could have some. So it was all very peaceful in the end.

Week 1: Jail Escape By Naglis

A few days ago Ricardo Alakazam escaped from prison…SECRETLY.

Hello my name is Spike. I work as a secret spy. I am trying to catch the prisoner Ricardo Alakazam. Come help me! I saw him last night with his pal. His pal’s name is Steve. How I know is that I heard him talking with him and he said Steve. When they went I set a camera in the trees.

Listen-“So what lies ahead of this tunnel?” asked Steve. “I don’t know.”

So they rested in the morning inside the tunnel… Got you.

The headlines in the newspaper are as I predicted – Astonishing hero Spike saves the year. Ricardo said,” The revenge is ON.” 


Week 1 : Sam’s Dream by Maciej

Once upon a time, there was a child called Sam. Sam was going to school. He was very excited because it was his first day at school. When he got to school he noticed that there was a new boy; his name was Tom. When it was break time he went to play football. When he was about to score a goal Tom pushed Sam into a hole. He gave Sam a torch and a sandwich to eat.

So what lies ahead of me in this dark tunnel? he thought.


Week 1:The Cave by Tadhg

I was walking to school one day when I decided to go through the woods. I was scared. The woods were really dark.

Then I heard a groan. I thought it was my belly but then I saw a zombie.I started running and the zombie was surprisingly fast. I jumped over a river but the zombie did too.

Then I saw a cave and I went into it. Then I saw a dragon it was a red and black colour. It was amazing I thought what lies ahead of that cave? I saw a tiny gap I managed to squeeze through it. Before I left I saw a baby dragon- it looked angelic.  I was amazed.


Week 1 Halloween by Mikolaj

One Halloween night My friend Tom and I went through a tunnel. We wanted to go to the houses at the other side of it. When we were in the middle of the tunnel we heard a scary noise. So what lies ahead of us we thought. It was so dark that we could see nothing.

Tom had a torch in his back bag and it saved us from the wolf which was making that scary noise. He was walking behind us. Finally we were at the end of the tunnel and got to all the houses with out any trouble. I came home this time safely and happy. My bag was full of sweets. I could hardly lift it. It was the best Halloween ever.




Week 1: Skull island by Seán

In 1956 a shipment was to go to New York but instead, it went to Skull island and went into a very long wall. A few years later ship went the same way. This time it did not crash into the wall but it smashed into the old ship that had gone into the wall. This other ship then sank in the water. Just three people survived the crash and many other people had died in the crash. They went on and never looked back. They just kept moving and they were very sad. But it has been a while since they have been in a city.