Week 1 : By Oisin

When I was young there was a statue representing a famous jailbreak.

It all began when a guy was found guilty when he actually was innocent. The life he had in jail was miserable. The cell was damp. There was no bed and the food was awful so he decided to escape but there was

Week 1 Disaster, By Mikolaj

I was getting ready for school but I had to eat my breakfast first. I had porridge for breakfast. While I was eating I heard a monkey’s voice. I walked outside and there was a monkey in my garden trying to get on the tree.

I realised I had to be in school at this time. I quickly helped the monkey get on the tree. We were on the tree and the monkey showed me the fastest way to school. The monkey went so fast off the tree and caught a wire and it broke and the monkey fell into the ground and his hands stood out.

I walked school and I was late.

Week 1:The Legend By Sean

There is a legend that a knight’s sword was so powerful he placed in a chamber where no one would go… until…

There were two boys named Jake and Bill. They were in a forest with their school but they got lost. Jake fell down a hill and hit his head off of a rock and fell asleep.

“I’ll go for help,” said Bill.

But as soon Bill got back to the bus they went and Bill went too.

“Aaaa Sir.”


“Jake is still in the forest.”

When Jake woke up he saw the sword. There were two hands holding it but as soon as he picked it up…

Week 1 The Gym by Ciaran

It was 9:oo pm.  My brother and I were late when I got to school.  We were too late to get the bus to the amusement park so we walked home. The next day was Saturday and it was” Father bring son to work day” and my dad worked in the Gym.
My dad had a lunch break and we wanted to try out some of the equipment and test it. My brother went over to the pull-up bar but out of nowhere my brother was shot and pulled the alarm to save me.
Sadly he died and to this day a statue of two hands lays right outside the Gym.

Week 1: The cement By: Tadhg

“Splash ”

Tom crashed into the cement head first.

“Help me!” Tom yelled,” I’m too young to die .”

He started screaming like a lunatic so I had to help him . I walked over to him and gave him a rope. He grabbed it but before he got out I took a photo of him. Then I helped him out of the cement .

“What was that for?” He yelled. “Why did you push me into the cement?” Tom roared.

“I told you to move out of the way,” I answered.

As Tom went away and I checked my phone –  the picture was going viral –  already 1,000 views…

Week 1 The giant by Tim

Last night I was walking home casually when all of a sudden the ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. I looked behind me and I saw a portal opening up.

Suddenly a giant came out of the portal. It saw me and it looked at me aggressively. Then the giant walked slowly towards me and I started running away from it. I looked behind me and it was still chasing me.

I had an idea. I ran to the construction site. I ran to a cement pit nearby. I just kept running. Suddenly the giant’s footsteps stopped. I turned around and all I could see was the giant’s hands in the cement holding a metal bar…

So I then continued my walk home.

Week 1 Bad Bully by Marc

In primary school, the school bully was Bad Brian. He was really good at holding onto a bar for the longest time. I would always lose by one. Bad Brian used to be Brainy Brian but he got bullied as well so he became a bully.

20 years later we both were Olympians. Brian was the best in Europe. I was representing Ireland and he was for England. Brian was saying you can’t hold yourself for a second. He made me as pale as snow. I was bamboozled after that. He was being abominable.

Finally, it was time. We both jumped onto the pole and held on. Straight away Brian fell…  I was the CHAMPION! 

Week 1 Cornered By Jack

The giant had cornered me I had nowhere to go.

I had stolen the giants gold, time and time again and it had made me famous and rich.

But how could I have been so foolish to keep stealing from a giant? What was I thinking?

But now he has caught me.  He has cornered me in the town park between two walls. As he pulls a tree right out of the ground about to squash me flat, I know I’m about to meet the fate that I deserve…

Week 1 Free By Matthew D

I leaped into the air courageously catching the sliotar in my bare hands. Being aggressive I pushed my opponent out of my way. I then put the ball up on my hurley and started running like a cheetah.

CRASH!  One of the opposition’s players took me out. I was on the ground in agony with the medical team rushing over to me. I got back up and grasped the back of the hurley with my 2 hands.

I went as pale as a ghost because I was going to take the free that might win Cork the All Ireland. Sweat was pouring down my face… I took a deep breath to clear my head … I lifted the sliotar up and hit it…

Week 1 The Prison Escape by Danny

One dull rainy day my friend and I decided to break out of prison as we had been there for many years… actually too many to count. We were being abominable – well that’s what the guard said.

We had been planning it for the several weeks and today was the day to do it. I called over the guard to have a chat with him while Johnny took the key out of the guards pocket. I punched him and Johnny opened the prison cell which we were in and then we ran like a bullet from a gun…

Week 1 by Naglis

Nervously I took my first step into the eerie hazardous house at the end of the street. The smell was of damp and decay. I could see a dozen of the doors half off their hinges. Sweat dripping off my head feeling terrified I didn’t know what to do. Tiptoeing across the dark ghastly hallway I was as pale as snow. I felt a little safer because I had a flashlight. Moments later my batteries ran out.

What would I do now?

In the distance, I saw a rope which I thought was a light. Without thinking I pulled it. I looked up and  I saw a sandbag falling at me as fast as a bullet…and the rest is history. 

Week 1 The Failed Escape By Szymon

Silently Luke crawled over to the exit. He was ready to escape. He had everything prepared.
“I’m finally escaping out of this wretched prison!” he whispered.
He was already in the yard. Sneakily he threw up a rope that he snatched from a guard. Quickly he started to climb the wall. He wasn’t paying attention because it was too late when he realised they had put up a sharp and big barbed wire. He just scraped his hands lightly but his legs dug in deep… He bled out before the sun started to rise. They put up a statue to show that barbed wires are too dangerous so it is safer to use ropes.

Week 1 The getaway by Mathew O G

Stealthily I sprinted into the back of the immense shed trying to break free from the heavy metal cuffs …and then I was spotted.

” Hey what are you doing “? shouted the large muscular army troop.

“Get back to work now ” he bellowed pointing his gun at me.

I strolled back and he followed. Then somehow I kicked him and knocked him out. I took his equipment and ran. At last, I was free…

Now downtown there are two hands holding a metal bar to show the sign of Freedom and Independence.

Week 1 : The Jungle : Maciej

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“Yes I finally got a perfect picture of the gorilla,” said Tim quietly.

Soon after,   it got darker so Tim decided to go to his camping place or else he was going to get lost. The next day he went kayaking in the river but after an hour his oar broke. Tim tried to swim but the sea was too choppy.

He was carried on by the current. He was coming to a waterfall. Suddenly he spotted a metal paw and tried to reach it and he did… but after a while, he let go never to be seen again.