Week 1 The Robbery by Dylan

I was after losing my job and I needed money for my son Timmy. I made some new friends whom I later found out were ghastly people. I was out with them one night when Bob [ my friend ] asked me to be a getaway driver.

I thought he was joking so I said ” ya ” sarcastically. He said “ok meet me here tomorrow night .”

When I realised he was for real and said “no”. He said, ” ok then I’ll hurt Timmy “.

I had to do it so I did and he gave me $100000.

Then I saw police lights coming my way…….

Week 1 The get away plan by Conor C

The men were going to rob a bank. A man gave him some money to  be the driver. Then they started the robbing in England. They had a plan. There was a statue and they hid behind it. The police passed them and they got out of the county. When the men arrived home they got arrested and they were put in prison for 5 years. They were sad.

After that they were released . Now they are looking for a new team.

Week 1 The Fight By Liam O

Once upon a time there lived two men one named Max and the other named Finn. They were great friends but the only thing that was keeping them from being “best” friends was that of sports. They would always fight over what team was better but one day Max had enough of the fights- he wanted to settle this once and for all. So he confronted Finn and challenged him to a bet- if Finn’s team won 5 matches in a row he would win the bet and lot of money and the same for Max

Finn did not agree and it did not go well they had another fight and they never became “best” friends…


Week 1: A Genius Plan : By Dan

Sparks flew in all directions around the shed.  John had just finished his robotic statue. He was going to use it that night to rob the bank . . .

John parked outside the bank and unloaded the statue. John Swiftly drove to a dark ally and powered the statue on. It had an internal camera so John could see where it was going.

The statue walked over to the ATM and cut around it with its laser eyes. Suddenly the statue yanked the ATM  out of the wall.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance as John loaded the statue into his van and drove away swiftly.


Week 1 The Shifting Statues By Ronan

One day when I was walking to school I saw two statues. They were very old and shabby looking. The thing that was so strange about it was that they were right in the middle of the road. A bunch of construction workers started turning up in trucks. They all pulled in beside the statues and started trying to move them. They tried everything from digging up the ground underneath to chipping bits off with spoons to make them lighter.

When I was on my back from school I went to see If the statues were still there. But they weren’t…

Week 1 The Bank Heist By Joe

The plan was finally ready – it all came down to luck. Kyle and Jamal were ready and everything was falling into place. The bank was closed and when they heard the last employee leaving they knew that it was all going to be perfect.

They quietly dashed along the narrow hallway and when they got to the vault Kyle slid the card through the card slot. The door opened and they got as much money as the bags could hold. They dashed through the hallway and suddenly saw the janitor cleaning the floors. The janitor got one good look at them at called the police.

To this day the janitor and the bank manager both have a statue outside the bank .

Week 1: The Bank Robbery: by Liam A

Today I went downtown and saw people outside the bank pretending to be statues and suddenly something struck my mind.

If I pretended to be a statue in the bank I could rob it and be rich. There was meant to be a gold statue being brought to the bank three days later. That would give me enough time to practice my poses for the heist. The day came and I found the van and got into it.

I got to the bank and waited for the night when it was quiet I got into the vault and took the money.

Now I’m rich.

Week 1 The Statues by Colin

I saw the two status there before but I wondered had they moved. Surely not I thought, squinting my eyes. I was talking about the two bronze statues outside the local bank. On one of the statues the name Commander  Dan was engraved in the suit it wore. On the other General Jacob.

Was it a war I wondered as I walked past and sat on the bench next to the statues. Unexpectedly I felt a tap on my head. I turned around and saw nothing. I was very confused and stared back down at the erratic pattern of the pavement. Again I felt a tapping and stood up. This time I saw one of the statue’s mouth open.

Week 1 Weeping statues by Sean

Years ago it was a stormy night. The storm was so bad that no one could see. 5 people were heading home that stormy night.  In the distance, there were 6 statues. My friend said they were moving. “No they’re not,” said the other friend . After that night no one saw them again.

20 years later people started calling them weeping angels . They have sharp wings and sharp teeth. Every time you blink they move and if they touch you then you will turn into a weeping angel.

Rumours say they still live  to this day .

Week 1 : Museum of moving Statue by Rhys

in 1980 CCTV cameras found a moving object in Glasgow, Scotland. Some people say it was a statue. The owner said that it couldn’t be real.

20 years later in England in a Manchester museum, a statue wrecked the museum. It had to close down.  People from England looked back at CCTV  cameras it did wreck the whole museum.

19 years later in France, some person punched a statuee. He disappeared. The town’s people banned statues and closed their museum. People were scared and there were so many guards around.

Week 1 Building Statues By Adam

One day I was in town playing with my friends when I suddenly saw my dad building a statue with his brother. The statue was of 2 people shaking their hand in agreement of peace in Ireland. All criminals were to be arrested! They were building it to the right side of the church gate. I went over to him and said “I never knew you built statues” “You do now” he replied as he went back to building.

Week 1 The Time Machine by Kristupas

One afternoon I was doing my homework answering the question “who were your ancestors?”

I didn’t know any so I went upstairs to ask my dad.

“I don’t know, son” he answered.

I went back downstairs and out came an old man and he said ” come with me back in time I’ll show you your ancestors. We went through the machine and back in time.  It was the 1920 war and there were bullets everywhere. Men and woman were dying everywhere too. Then it all stopped suddenly. No more bullets were getting fired. A man got up and shook hands with the enemy.

The old man hugged me and said, ” This was me and you are my grandson.”

I got a 100 present on my homework.

Week 1 The Weeping Angel By Benny

Last night was the night when my friend and I had a sleepover. We were telling stories all night long. There was one particular story he told me about. ‘The Weeping Angel’.

It was about statues moving. They would creep up behind you and touch you. If they touched you, you would turn into one. If you looked at them they froze. It was by far my favourite story.

I woke up the next morning and there was no one there. I looked out of my window and saw statues everywhere. My heart sank. I then felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned around and that face was the last thing I saw…

Week 1 : The heist by Jack

One sunny morning people were getting ready for a heist. But they needed a driver so they hired one-  his name was Fang because he had one fang.

When they were ready, they robbed the biggest bank in  Ireland but in the middle of the heist, they left everyone for dead.

They saw there was a dress-up shop nearby and they paid the person that helped them dress up to be a statue but the police caught them.

They went to court and they were put in prison forever.  Nobody visited them and nobody liked them.

Week 1 The war of Korea By warren

In the summer of 1870 a war started between North and South Korea. Captain Kin Jong Wong lead South Korea to the battle field meanwhile Heung Yoo Ji lead North Korea to the battle field. Whoever won this battle would have the rights to be called central Korea.

The war started off really badly for South Korea when 10 men got killed by an atomic bomb dropped by a helicopter. Then a South Korean man shot down the helicopter which landed on a man that just got injured. South Korea started with 300 men and then had 1o2. The war was getting too severe.

2 months later the 2 captains made a treaty of peace. There is now a statue of them in Korea.

Week 1 The Floating War By Evan

Once upon a time, there were three floating islands. One had humans on it, another had statues then the other had aliens. One day the aliens sent out a note to the statues declaring war.  The statues knew they probably would not have enough time so they had a random idea. They sent a note to the humans asking them did they want to team up on the aliens. So they did.

They got their ships ready. The war began. After ships got demolished. Statues, aliens and humans were dying left right and centre. Suddenly aliens brought out a nuke which destroyed loads of ships. Then the humans and statues brought out the biggest ship ever which destroyed the aliens.

Week 1 The land of statues by Aidan

In a faraway land on top of a high mountain lived the statues. The land of statues is a secret place in Pennsylvania. Every year one statue was chosen to go on a mission and this year that someone was Tom.

“You will venture far beyond this land to the masonic temple,” said the king statue.

Tom was a smart statue so he replied “Why is it called the masonic temple ?  is it super-fast?”.”Just go” said the king.

Tom left and arrived at the masonic temple. He saw a statue walking towards him and the statue said: ” I believe you have a note.” “Yes, it says tom you are staying right here forever.”

He looked and the statue had vanished and Tom started to freeze…

Week 1: The war about two companies by Jacob

“This is no ordinary war” said Espinosa to his sister

“Please” said Gabriel “I’m fierce I can command the army.”

“NO, YOU CAN’T!!!” said Espinosa fiercely and he slammed the table so hard it cracked.  The alarm went off and they went to the sea wall. A fleet of nuclear submarines was coming to fire the defense cannons! Some subs were hit and the rest turned 180 degrees to the right.  Missiles hit the base and it turned into smoke.

“Sir” said Espinosa  “waste got into the ocean -nuculear waste.”

“Uh oh,” said Gabriel.

A giant monster came out.

“ACTIVATE PROJECT GYPSY! “SAID GABRIEL  …  5 days later a monster skeleton was spotted.