Week 10 : The strange man by Tadhg

Running down the road one day I saw a strange man. He looked sad and he was looking straight at me as if I stole something from him. Suddenly he started to run at me. I ran away as quickly as I could and when I got back home I found bags of gold on the floor.

Maybe that was why he was looking weirdly at me. As I turned around there he was. He said we should hide this gold. But where will we hide it all? I asked. Behind the house, he answered.

Sadly the police found the gold and we were put under arrest.

Week 10 Trapped in jail by Oisin

Once upon a time I got caught and sent to jail. Luckily I had a small shovel so I dug a hole and escaped but where will I hide the shovel? So I left it in the middle of the hole. Finally I was free to do whatever I wanted but then I got really hungry. I  boiled potatoes but they were tasteless so I added some spice. Then the guards came and they caught me and took me to jail again.

So now it looks like I will never ever get out of here.

Week 10 The Robbery Everyone Will Remember by Szymon

One calm and quiet night my friend and I were doing a museum robbery. When we went in, a security guard saw us and chased us as fast as a cheetah but we outsmarted him. Accidently I triggered a laser and it shocked me.We were finally in the artifact hall and we took every artifact we saw. Then we took every shiny piece of silver, gold, diamond, ruby, and sapphire we saw. Our robbery will be remembered forever. My friend and I chuckled and swiftly dashed to our houses. Only there was one problem –  but where would we hide it all?

Week 10 A game vase by Colin

One bright summer morning I lazily fell out of bed and put on my gear for rugby. I went downstairs and got toast to gobble down. Quickly I hid Jeffs boots in the rubbish bag and chuckled away to myself.

A good 10 minutes later Dad and I left. I got out when we got there and had a chat with Ryan my friend before we started playing. I got 4 tries and 1 brilliant pass for a try. I asked could Ryan come over and dad said ya. When we got home we broke Mam’s favourite vase. We decided to hide it but where would we put it all?

Week10: Treasure by Dan.

Awesome 5000 and I always wanted to steal the diamonds of truth . But there was one big problem, there was a fierce giant blocking the path. Then I  remembered that it was his birthday and that meant that he was on holiday.I slipped through the gate and got into the maze of doom. Inside that maze lay the diamonds of truth.

It was a tricky maze to get through that no one has been through before. I could see the diamond and it lay on a pedestal that was made out of copper. Then I heard a huge bang. I felt terrified. I snatched the diamonds, ran through the maze, crept out the gate and raced down the path. Awesome 5000 was waiting for me.

We scuttled in our front door and thought but where would we hide it all?

Week 10 by Conor

One cold and stormy night Jeff and I were playing in my room but it started getting boring so we wrote a story with robbers in it. Meanwhile, I asked Jeff if he wanted to become a robber. But he said”NO, NO, NO!” but then I said “Come on it will be FUN.”

Finally we started the hunt for gold. Sometime later, we reached the bank. Around the corner were security guards in front of the door. But luckily we had a spell to put people to sleep.So we did it on the guards. We took the gold and then we ran back home. When we got in we said but where will we keep it all?

Week 10 The robbery by Sean

One day a boy named John and his older brother named Robert and their Mom were going to the king and Queen of London castle. Robert called John we are going to the castle now. I’ll be down in 2 minutes. Ok said, John. When they got there.John went over to the Queen’s crown. Can I have it? asked John. No laughed the Queen. When they got home John and his brother went to bed.

Six hours later on John went back to the castle and stole all the gold and the crown. When he got back to home Robert saw him creeping across the hallway. But where would we hide it all?

Week 10 What to do with the Crocodiles by Joshua

Two years ago something happened that would change my life for eternity. My friend Big Bob and I went to the zoo.  We visited the crocodiles first. They were great but soon we got bored and left the zoo.  Finally we got to my house.

When we got in, the crocodiles from the zoo were in my house! I looked around to find a place to hide them . We picked them up. We knew my mom was going to be home in an hour but where would we hide them all?

Week 10 Pirates by Danny

One night my crew and I set sail from Copenhagen. By the way we’re Pirates, very menacing Pirates actually. Our names are Black Jack, (that’s me) the captain, One eyed Zach, Fishlegs Fin and Long John silver. We have been looking for treasure all our lives and finally we’ve found it.

But then we saw another Pirate ship coming our way. It was the Tangling nets ship. I said to my crew hide the treasure, but where would we hide it all? they said.  Just put it in the cabin I said.

When they were right next to us, they asked us what we were doing. We said we were going for a spin on our boat. Although they knew something was wrong, luckily they continued on their quest.

Week 10: The stolen money : by Maciej

Once my friends and I went to play in the trees. Tomas wanted to go to the tree house in the forest but we couldn’t go that far away from home. Carin took the best tree.I took the other and Tomas took the worst one.When I sat on one of the branches I saw a button. After I pressed the button and I fell into a hole. In the hole I saw diamonds,gold, money  and rings.

Then Tomas and Carin came and said the robber was coming back but where would we hide it all?

Week 10:A lot of money by Liam A

One day James and I were playing outside. BANG.

What was that? I said

I don’t know and don’t want to know said James.

Suddenly an aggressive man walked up and said listen up I have a lot of money here and I am giving it to you. So take it and hide it.

When I looked around, the man was gone. Then these painfully loud sirens went past.
We went inside with the money and started playing my ps4.
Soon I looked out the window and saw the police.

What will we do? said James.
We need to hide the money but where would we hide it all?

Knock -knock  – OH NO…

Week 10 The Diamond by Ronan

One day my friend John and I came in from the yard at school and our ghastly teacher announced that we would be going on a trip to the museum. we got extremely excited.

When we got to the museum the first thing we saw was the world’s largest diamond. The school bully coerced us into smashing the glass around it with the emergency hammer. I said to him but there was a menacing guard protecting it. “Go over and do it or I will beat you up when we get back to school,” he said. So we crept past the guard and got the hammer and smashed the glass. We caused enormous pandemonium. Glass everywhere. John said to me “but where will we hide it all?”

Week 10 The cunning plan by Mathew o’G

One day my roommate Larry and I were sent a big bill that we definitely could not afford. We had six weeks to pay it. We thought of absconding but we decided not to.It took me two weeks to come up with a great plan of robbing the big chubby mayor’s house across town.

Then I realised he would not be there so that was a bonus. When we were in the house Larry found the money closet. The closet was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Later on, we found a thousand dollars…

One week later the police arrived outside our house looking for the money. But where will we hide it all? we wondered.

Week 10 Jailbreak by Jack

So there I was in my cell with Bobby Joe and Jeff. Bobby and Joe were very skilled craftsmen and could easily make an escape route. The four of us were after breaking into the Maze bank and we were arrested the night after we did it.
We were planning our escape with the other prisoners so they could join our gang.
“Jeff, come with me ok. Call the guy you know at the gun shop and tell him we need guns and ammo.  Tell him to bring them here.Ok?”
“Wait -I’ve one question – where would we hide it all?…

Week 10: The killers at night by Dylan

One dark dreary night Jeff, Bobby and I were having a sleepover at my house. At about 8.00 my parents went out. We`ll stay at your nanas house to leave ye alone they said. When they left Bobby said he would get us candy.

2 minutes later we heard a ghastly noise. Bobby was screaming. Terrified we crept downstairs.On the floor was Bobby in a pool of blood. We have to hide it said Jeff. Where will we hide it all? I said. In your closet.

Jeff checked outside. I heard Jeff scream. I opened the door and Jeff was there lying on the ground.

Week 10 Night Time at the museum

One night my best friend Tom and I were going to the museum to get a good idea what to do for our science project. Tom was determined to touch the fossil. When he did and it broke into smithereens. “Tom, what did you do this time? Never mind that but where would we hide it all? I’ve got an idea. Shh, the garda is coming.” …
“We should hide it in the bog  next to the haunted house .”

Week 10 Prison life by Aidan

The gang and I were in prison one night when we cooked up a menacing plan. Right beside us was the museum –  so we were going to dig a hole and go into the museum and steal the diamonds!

Once we finished digging we crawled through the hole and out the other side. Then we ran into the museum. Accidently I set off the alarm so I quickly grabbed the diamonds. We split up and I ran out of the museum and into someone’s house. I got into the bed holding the diamonds when the police came in and I pretended I was asleep. Then I thought where would I hide it all?…

Week 10 The robbery By Matthew D

My friend Micheal and I were planning a to break into a bank tomorrow morning at 5 am. “Micheal” I said” it is time for us to go.” Micheal is as strong as an ox so he broke down the door. We quietly robbed a nice bit of money. We eventually got out of the bank.  But where will we hide it all? wondered Micheal

We hid it in our hideout behind Super Valu. One night we were walking back to our hideout but little did we know that a Garda was following us. He shot Micheal but I kept on running. That night I absconded to a different country and never came back.

Week:10 Destroyed Bank By Mikolaj

One day my friends and I were in our tree house. At night time Tom looked out the window and saw a robber stealing money from the bank. He told all of us what happened. We carefully went to the bank and sneakily got the money from him, and when he saw all of us he ran away.

Jeff said “but where would we hide it all?  I said let’s go home with it all and the next day we will see what we will do. So we went to bed. Jeff got up at 7:00am and rang the police. When the police came to us and they were very SURPRISED. 5 minutes later the robber came and the police got him and put him into jail for the rest of his life.

Week 10. The Happy Day for me. By Wojciech

One day my family and I were going to Poland. It was during the night and I was asleep with my sisters… Then my mum asked. How long do we have to travel? My dad answered 1932km to Poland.

Soon after I woke up -it was still night. I said to myself I really want a pet. Then my dad stopped the car. I whispered to him whats wrong dad? He said to come outside and look. I went out and I saw a weak cat on the road… I went back into the car. Then I heard a voice. Where’s that cat?

But where would we hide it?

Week 10: Brilliant Burglary By Naglis

One dark night Stealing Spike and Thief Tom decided to look for treasure. By the way they are pirates. Stepping into their ship Spike headed for the steering wheel while Tom looked around. Suddenly Tom spotted a Jolly Rodgers flag. They headed straight towards it. Tom put on his armour. Later on Spike put on his armour.

They hopped on to the other ship. Nobody was there. To their surprise they saw a gargantuan pot of gold. Their hearts nearly popped out of excitement. Straight away they took the gold and took it home. Just as they were brushing their teeth they heard sirens howling outside.

“Wait but where are we going to hide it all?”

Week 10: Rob The Bank By Adam

Today is the day. A  couple of months ago Cillian coerced me to rob money from the bank. So I decided I would have to do it or I’d have a black eye. I will do it with my friend Jordan. Jordan is dying to rob the bank. Jordan is really brave. He is as brave as a lion.

“Jordan” I said,” meet me at 6 o clock and we will rob the bank.”

When we went in Jordan just smashed the cash register. It broke into 1000 pieces. Jordan kept shouting but where would we hide it all?

Shortly after the cops arrive and we are going to prison for the first time.