Week 11 Dreaming in bed by Oisin

One day I was lost in the forest and I thought that something was chasing me. So I ran for my life but then I looked around but nothing was there. As I walked on, I saw a statue.  Its hands were down and I turned my back on it for two seconds and then I took another look at it and its hands were up. Then I ran and ran. I left it there – I ran to the right – it was there again.

Then I looked around the place and it was everywhere. They walked over to me…

Week 11 Lost in a Forest by Syzmon

One windy and stormy night I was in a forest. I started getting ravenous so I went home but straight away I realised I was lost.I was as terrified as a fish in an aquarium. I went along a row of bushes and found myself standing next to a giant hut. The hut smelled like as if it was rotting and was made of wood. As I went in I saw a shadow.

Suddenly the shadow turned and a man dressed in a black cloak chased me. With all my might I dashed through the forest. After hours of running, I saw my house. Tired I opened the door and I saw that mysterious man in my house.

I was stuck.What shall I do?

Week 11 The statue by Conor

One day I went to the park. I wanted to climb the trees. When I reached the trees I saw a statue of a man with black clothes on. He looked very aggressive. I thought it was some kind of shenanigan.I felt a bit bamboozled because I never saw it there before.

After I finished at the trees it was time to go home. On the way home I heard pandemonium. I told mom to turn the car around. When we got back the place was a big mess. Then I saw the man murdering people.

Week 11 All in Favour By Mathew O’G

Long ago in a monastery, there lived a very wise monk named Jim Charles Ederson. He was from Brazil but had great English. Jim Charles was also the oldest of the monks. One day when he was teaching a Portugues visitor English the bells of battle rang.

He grabbed his valuables and dashed to the round tower. The ladder was already being pulled up. Jim Charles was not seen or heard so he had to fight. He defeated all the Vikings and saved the monastery but he also died.

He was buried under his statue and he was remembered forever.

Week 11 : Friends with the Vikings, by Dan

One day a long time ago in my little Monastery, I was on the lookout in the tall round tower. I was really looking forward to having my afternoon nap.
Suddenly I spotted a black figure on a Viking longship.

I ran up the stairs and ran the big steel bell. As they rowed their boat on to our shores, the black figure stepped out of the boat.
He spoke quite softly but I made out some words and these were the words”HELP us”.

We healed their cuts. We were the first monks to become friends with Vikings.

Week 11 The Grim Reaper by Ronan

One day I was in the park and I noticed that there was a new statue. It looked like a grim reaper. At first, I was terrified but then I noticed that it wasn’t real.

I came back the next day and it was in a different place. I asked the care taker of the park and all he said was look and listen. Suddenly the statue cocked up its head and gave me a menacing smile and started laughing.

The next day I came back to the park again. I went to see if I could make him laugh. But then I noticed that it looked a lot more different. I kicked it to see if it was real but my leg went through…

Week 11:The monk By Liam O

“Come out from where you are hiding?” said one of the guards.

“Never” said the mysterious man.

Then one of the other guards heard pandemonium raging across the town.

“We sould get to the town and save the people before the vikings bombard the town.”

So the guards rushed into the town. The mysterious man who was as pale as snow thought his main priority was to coerce the guards to let him back into the town.  Meanwhile,  he went and did his shenanigans and bamboozled the people there.  Suddenly he got stabbed in the ribs by one of the guards.

In the present, his body was found and copied into a statue and it remained there for 20 years…

Week 11 A Day NOT To Remember By Jack

I was on my way to school on a Friday when I saw a building. I wanted to investigate it but a part of me was telling me not to trespass.

So after school at ten to three, I decided to snoop around the building. I looked in a window and saw a wizard putting a spell on a boy. But then the wizard saw me -oh no! I gasped and started to run.

Running.  Bamboozled. “Oh what a buffoon I was to have trespassed a private property” I said to myself.

Then my friend Bob saw me, threw his cloak on and yelled at the top of his voice – DUCK! He jumped in front of me just as the wizard tried to turn me to stone but sadly got him instead.

Week 11 : The Mayor’s trick by Ciaran

One day John the robber went to his abominable smelly base in the sewer. John was planning this plan for decades. The mayor was opening a new park on 11/12/2018.

The next day John made a navy statue and put wheels on it and got inside and put it next to one of the graves. The mayor suspiciously walked over to the navy statue.

Suddenly John grabbed the mayor’s wallet. There was pandemonium everywhere as the robber ran off with the mayor’s wife’s purse. The mayor chuckled because the robber fell for the hilarious prank.

Ha ha ha.

Week 11: The magic spell mistake:by Maciej

Once upon a time, there was a wizard called John and a witch called Anaja. John was going shopping to a market called Magic Market. He had a big list of things to buy. He bought a jar of frog legs, a broom, 3 spiders and some cat’s fur.

Then John went home and was starting to heat the water in the pot. When he made the potion he went to bed. But then Anaja came and put a chicken leg in the pot and then she poured it into a glass.

When John was awake he drank it and turned into a chicken for ever.

Week 11 The thought of dying by Aidan

One night I was in my bed and I couldn’t get a thought out of my head. It wasn’t a good one – it was an extremely bad one – it was the thought of dying.

It was so sad just thinking of me slowly passing away. I tried to think of something happy but then I thought of the most wonderful thing you could think of. My family. Mother is so nice and my father always goes fishing with me.

Then BAM- I ended up in the middle of the forest and a hooded figure started walking towards me.  He was holding a reaper and then he slowly said “it’s time”

“No I am too young. I have to see my family again. No no nooo!…

Week 11 In the park by Danny

One day my friend asked me to go to the park, so I said yes. When we were there we swung on the swings, jumped up the steps, and then slid down the slide, hanging for our lives on the monkey bars and finally went around and around on the roundabout. We were having so much fun that the time just flew.

Suddenly I saw a statue beyond the trees wearing just black. I went up cautiously. I pulled the cloak off and inside I saw one of my friends standing on my other friends shoulders . They had bamboozled me .

I got really mad at first but I forgave them after a while .

Week 11 THE WIZARD by Kacper

One day. I was going to the park. When I got there, there was a strange man standing next to a scary tree.

“DO YOU want to be a wizard? he asked.

“Yes I do.” I answered. ” Then come with ME.” Said the wizard.

“Where are we?” I asked the wizard.

“THIS is my lair.”

“Cool. I must make a spell. Can you turn me into a wizard please?”

“Here take this poison  and you will be a wizard.”

“Thanks I always wanted to be a wizard.”

I drank the poison and became undefeatable. I was so happy

Week 11 : The criminal raid by COLIN

One day I was explaining to my friend Liam where we would attack next. He suggested the park over by the old church. I nearly cried with laughter and muttered  -ya right. Liam was bamboozled by my actions on it. I made my last chuckle and wiped my eye. “Let’s go to some new park and I showed him Gauntlet park and he nearly exploded with excitement.

A week later at 12.34, we met both wearing black clothing. Racing down the street a man in brown clothes grabbed me by the leg and grinned evilly. I wiggled out and got away.  “OH NO!! soldiers.”

I coerced Liam to get out but we’ll be back.!

Week 11: Scared by Marc

One day I was walking to school. Suddenly I heard the crunching of leaves. So I was scared so I started sprinting to school. I told my teacher about my story. She said that I just heard someone walking.

After a while, I forgot about it. At lunch break, I remembered it. I told my friends about it. They said they heard the same thing.

About four hours later I was walking home. This time I heard the rattle of a tree. Then I looked to my right and there was a creepy man standing there. Eventually, I blinked and surprisingly he was gone.

Week:11 A Terrible Moment. By Mikolaj.

One day when my friends and I went to the park we saw a full person in black clothes (even all of its skin was covered) We wondered who was that or even what was that?

Tom really wanted to know. A second later he crept slowly up to it. Suddenly as he went closer and closer, it moved. Everybody was extremely scared and ran away.

We weren’t certain if it was a boy or a girl but we saw short hair from under the hood.

We went slowly home afterwards – puzzled.

Week 11 Scary night by Wojciech

One day my family and I were in Killarney. We walked to the park.  Afterwards, I saw a statue – it looked really strange to me. When it was time to go, I thought it looked like a wizard when the sun shone at the statue. I was really surprised at this.

Later on, we went shopping and my mum bought me a game called Sonic. I was really happy. When we went back the statue was missing. I said to myself – that’s weird.

When we got to the car the statue was back… I was scared.

Week 11: Pandemonium By Naglis

One dull misty night a monk named Jonathon was on the lookout. Everyone was snoring – it sounded like a gorilla protecting his young. Later on Jonathon was fast asleep as well. Moments later he woke up and saw massive Viking longships.

The longships were as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Jonathon took no notice at all. The moment he hit his pillow he was fast asleep again.

The Vikings smashed through the wooden gates and started raiding. Suddenly, there was pandemonium everywhere. The Vikings didn’t kill anyone but they took chalices, books, water and all the food they had.

The next day they Jonathon put a dark black cloak on and hoped that nobody would recognise him.

Week 11 : The hooded figure by Tadhg

One day I was walking in a park and I saw a statue of a hooded figure. I thought I saw it look up at me. Then he looked straight at me and with a menacing grin he turned away and ran.I ran after him but he was too quick and he got away.

I looked around and I saw a tree –  it was as tall as a giraffe. Quickly I climbed the tall tree. When I got really high up I suddenly lost my footing and fell to the bottom. I didn’t get any injury but I had to go home. There was pandemonium at home that night because my brothers were ravenous.

I thought about that day –  I am not going there again.

Week 11: The Bad Weather By Adam

The trees were blowing in St James Park. There’s one thing Jim loves doing in rain –  splashing in puddles of water.

“But it’s raining,” said Jim’s mum.

Jim did not care if it was raining or not. That day there was pandemonium in there because the park was flooded. Jim was mad kept shouting at his mom that he wanted to go to the park anyway. Still, his mum kept saying no.

Jim’s friend Alexis goes out in the rain also.

“Hey Alex,” shouted Jim” are you going to the park after the flood?”

Jim was abominable,  angry and aggresive.

Week 11 The stolen bag by Matthew D

One day my Dad and I were walking in the park as happy as could be until I saw a man in a black cloak robbing a woman’s bag. I chased after him and in the meantime, my Dad was calling the Gardaí. I saw the garda car and told them where he was. They sneakily pulled him to the ground. I was over the moon because my Dad had alerted the Gardaí. Trying to escape, the Garda had a firm grip on the robber. The next day the robber was in court and sent to jail.