Week11 : The magic Ground : by Maciej

“Tom I whispered do you see him ?”

“No , Oh now I see him.”

“Where is he? …Wait… he is saying something . ”

“1h24e ,” said the man.

Boom !

Poofs of smoke were coming out of the secret cage and then the person disappeared in the black shade of the cage entrance .

“Okay  he is gone.  Let’s leave our bikes here on the soft ground . ”

“Do you remember the code ? ”

“Yes it’s 1h24e ”

… Boom !

And the cage opened and then the boys went in. After a while, the boys came out and then they saw their bikes in the tree.

Week 11: Afraid of jail By Oisin

I was walking in the Island woods when I saw a bike in a tree. I tried to pull it out but when I did the whole tree collapsed. I heard police cars so I ran for my life I ran back into the city. I hid in between two houses for five minutes but then I had to run as I was cornered. I was caught but instead of going to jail he asked if I was all right.

“Yes,” I replied but then I was certain I was going to jail but again I wasn’t although I did have to pay a bill for the damage which I did.

Week 11 The Three Portals by Ciarán

It was 9:52 P.M.  and my brother and I just came out of Subway when we saw a strange black figure walking into the abandoned house. This was the house that everyone tells me not to go in but I was curious as to what was in there.

I took one step at a time  – one by one. I got to the door and knocked.


Nobody answered so I just walked in. It was inexplicable there appeared to be 3 different dimensions lava, water and forest. I courageously walked into the forest one and to my amazement, there was a bike in a tree.  I do not know how it got there. Suddenly the portal was closing…

Week 11 My bike is stuck by KACPER

One day I was rushing like a buffoon to my Nana’s house because she was really sick. She was sneezing all day long and she knew she could count on me. When I arrived I went as fast as the wind inside and she was asleep.

A few hours later she felt better and my mom was waiting for me. I went outside to find my bike stuck in a tree.

“What on Earth has happened?” I exclaimed.

It really shocked me and I tried to pull it out when my mom called me. I told her what had happened but she just said ” we will get you a new bike” :/

Week 11, Fable by Tim

A long time ago there was a mother who was trying to protect her baby from a werewolf. But she was bitten. So she ran as fast as she could with the baby to their house in the woods so the baby could stay with her father.

21 years later

Fable was all grown up and she and her father were on the way to the park. Suddenly they saw a bike somehow stuck in a tree. They continued walking and all of a sudden a werewolf jumped out and scared Fable and her dad. The werewolf looked at Fable and smiled. Fable’s dad looked at the wolf especially its eyes. He told Fable that the wolf’s eyes looked like her mothers.

The wolf went back to human form and it was Fable’s  Mom

WK 11 Foolish Brother, By Mikolaj

“Ha Ha Ha – I’m winning,” exclaimed my brother.

He never beats me in cycling – I always win. So I decided to take him to the woods and race him.

I counted ” On your marks, Get set, Go.”

I started two seconds after Go and he started on – on your marks. The race began, he was like two feet in front of me so it wasn’t too bad. I moved my pedals quicker to make him angry. In a flash of lightning, I was in front of him. In shock and dismay he gave up so he lost. I turned my head to him and mocked him as to why he was so slow. I suddenly drove into a tree and broke my hand and my poor leg. My brother had nothing to say so he just rang the ambulance. I was in the hospital for two months, healing.

Week 11: I finally found it!

As I was cycling to my grandmother’s house, suddenly a bush started to move but I kept going. When I arrived I gave her apple pie so we can talk and eat. My grandmother was a very angelic woman. I was talking with her for about an hour by now.

All of a sudden we heard a superstitious sound outside. My grandmother got up to see what it was but when she got up she started groaning wearily after the pie we ate. So I told her to sit down for a while. I secretly absconded outside. When I got outside an abominable wolf came out. I started running so fast that I forgot about my bike. The next day I looked everywhere to find it but I couldn’t.

A few years later I found it in a tree.

Week 11 The Twin Brother’s Race By Danny

Tom and John are twin brother’s and like anyone else they were very competitive. Tom always won but John was never far behind. One day John asked his older twin brother Tom to have a race in the forest. Tom said yes of course of course and being cocky like he usually is he said it would be a piece of cake and that John would be wasting his time.

Later on that day Tom swaggered to the forest to start the race. Tom raced ahead but just then out of nowhere John picked up speed and passed Tom out. When he was past him he looked back to see that Tom was in shock and dismay. Then John zigzagged through the course and won the race.

Week 11 The Hungry Tree by Mathew O G

It was a boring old Sunday and I didn’t have anything to do. I spent hours upon end thinking of what to do.

Finally I had it …I text my friend anxiously. After a while of persuading him he finally agreed to go cycling in the haunted forest. 3 hours later we were zigzagging across each other’s path having the time of our lives.

Later on we were bragging about how fast we were. 5 minutes later we were zooming between the dense pine trees up the steep path. I gave it a mammoth effort…so much so that I hit a rock and CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!

Somehow my bike got stuck in the tree.



Week 11 Password By Matthew D

I was being chased by the vindictive Guard and then I saw the bike stuck in the enormous tree. I scurried over to the bike and put in the code 91502.  It accepted the password and the door to the dank lair opened.

I looked out and saw the guards bamboozled because they hadn’t a clue where I was? I chuckled menacingly because they knew what I did and I wasn’t getting caught no matter what. The only thing was my lair hadn’t got one bit of food in it.

Should I hand myself in? Or stay here and die?

Week 11:The Tree By: Tadhg

“Tom, come on -we have to get to the park quickly.  The band is just starting to sing. We can’t miss Bts’s first song.”

“We’re not going to watch them sing – we’re going too screw up their songs and make them look stupid.”

“But I thought we were going to follow that suspicious looking guy over there . ”

“Wait –  what are you talking about?”

“There is a weird guy walking into the forest beside your house . ”

“Then let’s follow him and find out what he’s doing .”

“Where is he gone? and why is there a bike in the tree over there?”

“Let’s go and look at it . Wait there’s a door.  Let’s go in …”

Week 11: Guilty Graffiti Artist By Naglis

Running through the city my legs were getting weaker than a sprinting elephant. I was a wanted graffiti artist getting chased!

I darted left into a creepy hazardous looking wood which was my last hope. Sweat trickled down my forehead and onto my cheeks. My lungs are burning and my legs are aching. I can feel my heart thumping rapidly like a drum.  I glance around trying to get my bearings. Not long after I came to a bike in a tree. I took no notice of it but I clumsily pushed the handle.

A portal opened.

But the question was  – what was inside..?