Week 12 Lost In The Forest part 2 by Szymon

Terrified I stared into the man’s eyes. I was as white as snow. I was ravenous but energetic after standing in front of the man. Suddenly the man moved, so I quickly hurried back to the forest. As quickly as a cheetah I fled from the man. I heard the man chuckle and straight away he was in front of me again.

Terrified I stared at the man and saw a battery. In one scoop I pulled out the battery and like a robot he shut down. I put it back and he turned on so I quickly took it out again. The man was a robot.

I hurried home and saw my dad steering the robot. I ate a sandwich and went to sleep.

Week 12 The school tour by Dylan

“Oh no ” I groaned.
Today was the school tour day and we were going to a play called The Ballerina Queen. I loathed plays.
We called our teacher Miss Bossy but her name was Miss Mossy.
On the way Miss Bossy caught me eating my sandwich.

“Sorry Miss Bossy,” I said without thinking.
“What!” she shrieked.

I turned white in terror. Suddenly the bus stopped.

” The battery is dead,” said the driver.

When we got out we were very energetic. Miss was becoming cantankerous.
John and I went into the woods on an adventure.
But when we hurried out and the bus was gone….

Week 12 The football match by Conor

Excitedly the players hurried out of the dressing room.They were so determined to win the match to get to the top of the table.But there was something in their way.They were up against the best team in the league.

10 minutes later they were up two nill and you could see their batteries were running low. At half-time, they got some sandwiches. After eating their sandwiches they felt a bit more energetic.

Sadly after the match, the score was 3-2 to the other team and everyone’s faces were white in shock.

Week 12 : Munster Final Day by Danny

At the Munster Final, it was halftime, 1/13 to Kanturk and 13 points to the other team. All the players hurried into the dressing room. I had a sandwich in my pocket so I took it out. Then I realised that it was brown and I hated brown bread but I loved white bread.  I ate it anyway because I knew I would be energetic afterwards.

After a while the players came out and lined up from 1 to 15 just like the first half ended. They were wearing white with a green stripe in the middle. There were ten minutes left when suddenly it seemed as if everybody’s battery ran out.

I said to my dad  – what will happen next ?

Week 12:The snow owl: by Liam A

Mike and I were playing in the playroom.

“What is the beeping?”

“It’s the controller  – it needs a new battery.”

Suddenly we heard tapping on the window. We looked out the window and there was a white bird just sitting there.  We were scratching our heads trying to see what bird it was? Finally, we got a bird book – it was a snow owl.

Mike hurried outside.

“It’s injured. ”

“How do you know? ”

“Because it’s bleeding.”

I went to get a bandage and decided to feed it. Then after it ate the sandwich I hoped it would be energetic enough to fly.


After a while the bird spread out its wings and it took flight.

Week 12: A dream machine, by Dan

One morning on Goldcrest Farm I felt super energetic. I rushed out the door leaving my breakfast on the table. I walked to the huge tractor in front of me. As I climbed upon the steps I started to get a bit peckish so I pulled an old sandwich out of my pocket and started to eat. I turned the key and it started up very well.

The hum of the engine was like music to my ears. On the dashboard, my battery came up LOW!. Just then a huge white Valtra arrived.
It was like a dream and the farmer in the tractor gave me a new battery.
“That was weird,” I thought.


Week 12 The Museum by Ronan

One day  I noticed that our teacher was not there. One of my friends told me that the battery in her car was dead. At break, I ate my plain old white bread sandwich and did some work.

The next day our abominable teacher came back. She announced that we would be going to the new museum in Cork city.

On the day that we were going I hurried out the door of my house feeling very energetic. I ran to school as fast as I could. I launched myself on to the bus. About half an hour later we stopped at the side of the road. The bus driver told us that the bus broke down.

Two hours later I started to wonder if the replacement bus would ever come?

Week 12 The Experiment by Joe

“Class, take out your books in silence, NOW!” screamed Miss O’Leary.

She was the strictest teacher ever.  She loathed her time with children. The bell rang and the look on her face was terrifying . Jeff and I were in for break. I went to the bathroom and Jeff was eating his sandwich.

As I came back I heard an abominable roar. I saw a human-sized, white monster. Luckily we were 100% energetic so we could run. We hurried outside and called the police. I saw the monster and it was shrinking.  By the time it nearly got us -it was half a meter tall and the police got it.


Week 12 The F1 race by Liam O

It’s 2.37 on May 17th, 2017 and I’m on a plane that is flying to Nice for the Monaco F1 (Formula 1) Grand Prix.

1 hour later I arrive in Nice and take a bus to Monaco. I am 30 minutes early so I decide to eat a sandwich. Afterwards, I am energetic and because I hadn’t seen the qualifying. I saw Sebastian Vettel in 16th and Roman Grojan in pole position.

Soon, the race starts and because it’s so loud I don’t hear my phone beeping. 35 laps into the race Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were neck and neck.

I notice that my phone’s battery is dead and I hurried to a plug to charge it.  I saw that the finish flag has a white colour and Seb wins.  It was the best day of my life.

Week 12 Sandy sandwich by Mathew O G

One day a girl named Sandy was eating her white bread sandwich when she wondered what being a sandwich was like. Sandy was good at inventions but always did ghastly inventions. Once she maid Gregory in her class into a half pig. His mother hurried to the hospital with him.

This invention would be called the human morpher or the T.H.M for short.
This invention would need thousands of batteries to make it energetic.
When it was complete she put herself and a sandwich inside it.
It took twenty minutes to finish when she stepped out she felt strangely short and tasty…

Week 12 Christmas Eve By Jack

I was on my Christmas holidays in England and my brother and I were messing while eating a sandwich.

Then my dad gave us a sharp look as if to say be good or you won’t get any presents from Santa.

The following day my brother and I got our things and hurried to the airport. But as we were driving, the battery in the car went dead. So we pushed the car to the petrol station and got the white  Audi filled with petrol. As we were all so energetic we got to the petrol station in five minutes.

Then we just drove to the airport and flew back to Ireland.

Week 12 Curly`s Adventure by Colin

Curly the hamster was aggressively bitting the thick metal bars when the wooden door opened – it was Ave munching on a white ham sandwich. She opened curly`s cage door and threw in a crumb of the ham sandwich. Curly was an energetic hamster and would always get attention.

Ave was called by her mom and forgot to close the cage door. Curly absconded out the door and rolled like a pig in mud down the stairs. He crept into the playroom and saw a ginormous battery coming his way. He hurried out the door when he heard Ave`s abominably aggressive dad.

Curly ran like a cheetah and just made it back up. He started chewing the bar. Soon, Ave came in, fell into bed and nodded off to sleep.

Week 12: Oh No by Marc

One day I went through a Transporting teleporter, I went to 3017. There were sad Robots everywhere. Luckily there were still people around. But the President was A ROBOT! I was bamboozled and in shock. But it is extremely funny when his battery dies. He was also very energetic. He doesn’t eat SANDWICHES  – he eats nuts and bolts.

I forgot to tell you I brought my friend Brainy Ben with me. We decided to sneak into the President’s house – the white house. Quietly we snuck past the robotic guards. Suddenly a noisy alarm went off.

OH NO! Will Brainy Ben and I make it out without getting caught?

Week:12 My BFF By Mikolaj

One day I tried to break my friend out of prison. He was there in his second month. When the guards took a break for lunch I knew it was time.

Quietly I dug a small hole just to fit myself and him in. I was in the middle of digging that hole when I ran out of battery. Luckily I had an emergency bag with a white sandwich in it. I ate it all in about … 2 minuites.

I hurried back to him and because of the sandwich I was fully energetic. So I made the other half of the small tunnel in no time at all. Soon after we went home and had a party together.

Week 12: Successful Robbery By Adam

James, John and I are going to Crock Creek today. It will be a long journey with the pandemonium that John causes.

Carefully during school, we crept out and John took ages. Hiding behind the door waiting was boring, but he got out. We went to the castle and stole 3 diamonds. James was aggressive as we hurried into the town.

“We are so energetic” said John.

The guy eating the white sandwich was following them.

“He looks scary. ”

“His phone’s battery is dead.”

“Well I am going home” said James. “I am too” said John and I.

We all went home. It was a successful robbery.

Week 12 Christmas by Tadhg

I woke up on Christmas day and I was so energetic -my battery was full. I ran downstairs.I didn’t check the time and I saw my mom and dad and they said back to bed .They said do you know what time it is.  I said no and checked the time.  It was 12 o clock at night  – ohhhhhhh.

I went back to bed and had a dream about what I would get for Christmas .I woke up and looked out of the window and there was white snow on the ground. I ran downstairs and opened my present …it was a sandwich I looked at my mom and dad and said – Best Christmas present ever and I ate the sandwich.

Week 12 The Night Out By Matthew D

One night my friends and I were going out for a night out in Cork city. So before we left I ate a small sandwich. After we had our meal we went out of the restaurant and we saw a glamorous white light flicker. The battery must have run out I thought.

Then a very energetic man who loathed lights going out hurried into the nearest hotel and informed them on the light going out. My friends and I danced until the night was out as we were very energetic. And when we were going back to our car we saw that the light was fixed.

Week 12 Professor Pat By Naglis

It was a bright sunny evening and Professor Pat was trying to make a time machine. He was ravenous so he ate his exquisite sandwich made with white bread. Surprisingly buffoon Ben came in and pressed random buttons. Pat loathed Ben and Ben despised Pat.

As soon as Pat was finished eating Ben dashed outside. Ben was always energetic. Later on, Professor Pat finished the time machine.
He tried to start it but it wouldn’t. He had to get a new battery. He looked at his watch – it was two minutes to ten. Oh, no thought Pat Spar is only open ’til ten.

Pat hurried off to spar like a cheetah who has seen meat in the distance. Fortunately, he got them. He started it and came to a dark ghastly place. He couldn’t get out.

What would he do?…