Week 12 Drama By Matthew D

My friend and I were at the local post office trying to get tickets for the concert. Suddenly three men swaggered in the door and one of them was armed.

“What skulduggery are you up to”? I asked.

There was no answer and the room was quiet. We were all on the floor with them standing over us. My friend and I finally got the courage to scare them off. I grabbed the gun and my friend tied up two of them as I put the other one onto the ground. When we went home we seemed to be on the television for our courageous work.

Week 12: The sky scraper race By :Tadhg

I dashed up the steps racing to be first . I could still hear the holler of the starting horn echoing in the building. I was in third place just behind my friend in second place. I was puffing hard and was sweating like a dog.

A stitch in my side started forming and became more painful after a while. I darted up past my friend and raced to be in first position. The stitch was now biting in my side and the pain was unbearable but I wanted to come first.Then I saw the finish line and I was first.

Later on, I went home and to my amazement we seemed to be on the television


Week 12: Why? By Marc

Thinking so hard it felt like my brain was going to explode. The reason why is that we were going on a quiz competition. I am one of the smartest people in the school. Our principal is so vicious he’s like a wolf that didn’t eat for a month.

If we didn’t win this quiz we would have homework for the summer holidays. Suddenly the principal swaggered into the room and with a frosty voice, he shouted: “It’s time.”

We got 99/99 so far and if we got the next question right we would win.

“The next question is, What is Obama’s last name? “It was tricky “Obama” I screamed.

Then we realised that we seemed to be on the television.   

Week 12, My first time on TV by Tim

Today was the weirdest day of my entire life. It all started when my dad and I went to the bank to get money for my mom’s birthday present. Then suddenly two men in black clothing wearing old, rusty ski masks came inside. They were also holding a shotgun. They started aiming at civilians and told everyone to put their hands on the ground. They forced the bank person to put the money in the bag one of the men were holding.

From a distance, I heard the police sirens go off. The building was surrounded by police cars. The police took care of the robbers and were sent to jail. My dad and I went home and told mum about everything that had happened, she was shocked. I turned on the news on the television and we seemed to be on the television.

WK 12 The Great Talk, By Mikolaj

I was in America in Washington DC. I really liked Donald Trump so I decided to go to see him.My friend came with me. It was 13:00, and I rang on his doorbell. He was making a video to post on the television. I asked him how was his day and how did he feel being a president. He told me all the good stuff about his life.

Later when we got home we seemed to be on the television. I watched the whole talking part. I was very happy I was on the television.

Week 12 WAIT WHAT!!! By Jack

Three weeks ago I was on television. My brother and I were skydiving off a plane and it turned out we were being filmed although we did not notice it at the time. We were about to become famous for pulling the most dangerous skydive move of all time.  We were bamboozled because we didn’t even think the stunt was that dangerous because our dad had showed us how to skydive and he was a natural.

By the time we got back home, we seemed to be on the television.  There were videos of us all over the internet and all over RTE news saying :

“Daredevil brothers pull off most dangerous skydive stunt of all time.”

Week 12 Cork Schools Hurling Final Day By Danny

It was the day that my school, St. Colman’s Boy’s National School were in Pairc Úí Chaoimh for the Cork School’s Hurling Final Day. We had won every game so far in the competition. When we got onto the pitch there was a thick mist descending. A few minutes later the school we were playing, Scoil Mhuire Milford from Milford swaggered onto the pitch. One hour later the match had started and it was time to get my game face on.

With one minute to go to the Final whistle we were down 2 points but just then I had a shot which rattled the back of the net. Just after that, the referee blew his whistle and we won.

That evening we seemed to be on the television.

Week 12 Super Hero by Kacper

One day I was going to a grocery store with my mom. When we went in the shop my mom said ” Stay in sight  -ok?”

” ok”  I responded.

I went to get some snacks and then I heard… BOOM … robbers came running through the door.

” GIVE US THE MONEY AND THERE WILL BE NO HARM” one robber shouted, and then out of no where I jumped at the robbers and tried to tie them up.

After a while police arrived and arrested the robbers. That evening when we arrived home we seemed to be on the television. We were HEROES.

Week 12 We Won By Szymon

“We won !” yelled my dad.
My dad just bought a lottery ticket and was checking after checking the numbers.
“How much?” exuded my brother excitedly.
” 10 million euro” my dad said calmly.
When we went to the shop to exchange our ticket into money my brother started swaggering in pompously. On the way back we saw a gr0up of poor people begging for money on the street. I decided to give each of them 100 thousand euro. My parents agreed. We didn’t realise that there was a news reporter behind us. We went home and watched the news and to our surprise we seemed to be on the television.

Week 12: Abominable Attempt By Naglis

Bored and tired my colleague-Jim and I were at home thinking about what we could get up to that day.

“I have an idea, we could get my fake toy gun because there’s no chance in the world that we would get a real one and go to the post office and demand money… can we please try?”Jim asked cantankerously.

“Sure why not?” I answered.

We put our black masks on and headed to the post office. Surprisingly it worked. We came home dancing in delight …until I turned the T.V on and we seemed to be on the television.

Moments later we heard banging outside the door

. “FBI open up!”