Week 13 The XEV class by Jacob

Atlantic Ocean 2199

As the ships were on fire I had no choice but to tell the ships to leave the border. As we were retreating a sub came out of nowhere and started to fire at us. In the distance a ship started to fire at the sub. It fell back and we found  that the ship that was a legend ; its name was the XEV.

We were shocked and amazed. We headed back to Portsmouth and told the admiral that we were saved by the XEV. My commander;s name was Dylan and the admiral’s name was Luke.

Since then I decided to retire and become a bars man.


Week 13 by Oscar

1.   Last  year  l was at home and l looked out the  Window and l saw Santa and 7 reindeer flying in the sky.

2. On Saturday  I will go to my friends house and we are going to hotel and we are going swimming.

3. Today I will go to the park  with my friends.

3. On Friday night I and my friends are going to play soccer. There will be 20 people there.

4. On Saturday I will go to my friend’s house. We are going to the cinema and we are going to see toystory3.

Week 13 The king dragon by Ben

When I was younger I often heard stories of the fire dragons off the north. One time I heard a story of a dragon that could fly. I didn’t realise they could fly.

Then one day a dragon killer came to my house saying he needed help defeating a certain dragon. I was reluctant at first but then he said if I did it he would give me 10000 gold coins. So I went with him. But when we got there I realised that the dragon killer kept important information from me. It was the dragon king – we were going to fight…

Week 13 Superpowers By Sean

One day I was going to school . It was the same as always work , work and more work . When school was over these two bullies started bullying this kid . Other kids tried to help him too. When I did they started chasing after me . I locked myself in a room so they would not find me . A few minutes later the room started going black . When I went out of the room  I saw a man with a staff .” Hold my staff and say my name so my power can flow through you.

Week 13 The Heroes by Dylan

I thought Paul and Billy were acting peculiar until I found out their secret…

I was strolling home from school thinking about how erratic Paul and Billy were acting in school today. Then I saw them walking up ahead whispering to each other. They walked down an alley and  I followed them. I saw them putting on some weird suits and WHOOSH, they took off and flew away .

“I didn’t know they could FLY ” I chuckled  to myself.

They saw me and zoomed back to the ground .

“Do not tell anyone what you saw!” said Paul menacingly .

“Ok ” I squeaked in fright .

We are all great friends now.

Week 13 The Caterpillar By Evan

My name is Jake and I am 5 years old. I am on holidays in America. One day we were in a forest and we found a dainty caterpillar. My parents said we could keep it while on holidays. So we took it home and gave it some delicate food.  We let outside for a hour then we had to go home so I put it in a bottle and put some food in there. And so off we went – once we got home I snuck it out into the back garden and suddenly it evolved. I didn’t realise they could fly.

Week 13: The Close Call By Liam O

It was a normal day at Dragon Land, but that day was about to get crazy…

That day they opened a new area called The Galaxy Area where a new breed of  Dragon was created, it was named The Galaxy Dragon.

It was very popular, it was so popular that they made an indoor area where the Dragons would fly around.

“I didn’t realise that they could fly” some would say.

But then one day the dragons broke out and flew away.

They flew as a pack because that was what their genes designed them to do.

But one flew away from the pack and to my school where I was.

I saw the dragon and stood there with fear.

The dragon swooped in and flew past, I sighed with relief and went home…

Week 13 ARCUM by Aidan

“Road trip” shouted my dad.

“What do you mean?” I queried.

“I mean we are going on a road trip” said dad.

“Yay” squealed my little brother Tony.

“This is going to be so boring” I groaned as I boldly got in the car.

Suddenly I noticed something written on my brothers bag -it read ARCUM in big bold letters.

“Dad what’s ARCUM?”

“I don’t know” he said “now get in the car.”

My mom and dad sighed at each other and a fox flew past the window. “Wow I didn’t Know they could fly”…

Week 13 The Man In Blue By Ronan

On one Christmas Eve I woke up to an enormous bang followed by a vast chuckle. I opened my bedroom window and peered out into the night sky. I could see nothing so I went outside, clambered up the wonky old ladder and onto the side of the roof. I got the biggest shock of my life. I saw an old man dressed in blue and two polar bears pulling a big bag with a saddle on top. The man took one look at me and hopped onto the bag. The two polar bears started to run. After a while they took off into the night sky. ” Wow I didn’t realise they could fly” I thought to myself.

WEEK 13 Santa Surprise By Colin

It was Christmas Eve and I was excited for Santa . The rain had stopped coming down about 30 minutes ago. I was out for an evening walk. Suddenly I saw 7 reindeer speed into the sky. I ran after them but they were much faster. I called out for them to stop but they dashed into the cover of a forest. I sighed and turned around to see a man in a red suit and long white beard. Santa I said in my head. He had two floating elves behind him. I didn’t realise they could fly too. “Hello” I said in a high pitched voice. Suddenly I was in Santa’s sleigh and dashing through the night.

Week 13 Christmas by Jack

One sunny morning it was the last day of school and everyone was talking about Christmas  . It was three days till Christmas and it was so sunny outside .     The next morning Harry was eating his chocolate- then he watched a Christmas film-  then said good night to his family and then the next day he ate his chocolate and watched his phone.

The next day it was Christmas and he got his drone. He went outside and flew. It went so high he said to himself I didn’t realise it could fly that high. Everyone loved their presents.


Week 13: A Weird Encounter By Benny

I woke up to an unusual noise on Christmas Eve. I looked out my window while yawning and saw the bushes moving. I went out to investigate. It was freezing cold and pitch black. I was scared and regretted going outside. I peered over the bush and saw two magnificent deer. I ran inside to get my parents. They hurried outside and there was nothing there. Did I imagine it? I went back to bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. Suddenly, I heard a thump on our roof. I went back out to see what it was. The two deer were flying! I didn’t realise they could fly. Then they flew away and were gone.

Week 13 The experiment By Warren

“Come on” I said to my little brother.

We were going to our secret lab for an experiment

“What should we do it on today?” I said

“This daddy long legs” he said.

“That looks very dainty” I said.

So I took the spider and was about to dip it in to my mystical water when “WHOOSH” the spider flew out of my hands.

“I never knew they could fly” said my brother.

“Me neither” I replied.

“He must be very hyper or erratic” he said.

Just then our mother called us for dinner so we ran back upstairs.


Week 13: The Ostrich : By Dan

It was Christmas Eve.  All of us toys were extremely exited to see this years new arrivals.

Suddenly a pile of soot erupted out from the fireplace, then a head and body squeezed out. There Santa stood looking down at all the toys in his ginormous bag. He simply clicked his fingers and presents whizzed under the tree.            I glanced over to where the cookies and carrots were; there were bite marks and crumbs everywhere.

After Santa left, a new toy burst out of its box and it started to fly around the room- an ostrich I think it was called. None of us old toys could fly and I didn’t realise they could fly.

Week 13 Special Elf By Kristupas

It was ten days before Christmas and my brother and I were very exited . Our parents bought us three elves that can move around and tell Santa how we are behaving .

But one night I heard something downstairs . I went downstairs and I spotted one of the elves flying. I said to myself “I didn’t realise they could fly.” I ran back upstairs and went to wake my brother so he could see for himself but when we got back down the elves were back beside the Christmas tree. Our parents never believed us that the elves flew .

Week 13 Christmas Eve By Adam

It was Christmas eve and I was sleeping when suddenly I heard a noise and woke up to check it out. It was just deer out on the lawn. A few moments later they started flying. I didn’t realise they could fly I said to myself. Then my mom walked in and said what are you doing awake?

“Santa won’t come if you’re awake! ”

I went back to bed until she was gone and I heard another noise but this time from the sitting room. I went to check it out and I saw something or someone putting stuff down… The next day was Christmas Day.

Wk 13 The Reindeer By Joe

It was Christmas Eve and the snow was coming down fast . My brother Cian and I were begging mum to let us go outside . When she finally caved in she told us to wrap up well because it was freezing outside .

We ran outside and met up with the children from the estate . We were planning on making a massive snowman . Cian started to roll up snow for the body but suddenly he heard a noise from the bushes . We ran to the bush and looked through . I saw a deer taking flight. I didn’t realise that they could fly . But as I said that I saw a bit of red on its nose.. .

Week 13: The Best Christmas Ever: By Liam A

It was Christmas Eve and I couldn’t wait to get my presents in the morning. When I was asleep in my bed suddenly I heard a roar from some type of animal. I looked out the window and saw deer eating the grass in my garden. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and put on my jacket and shoes. I grabbed the oats and ran over to the deer in the garden. I gave each deer a handful of oats but suddenly there was a shout and the deer flew  away. I didn’t realise they could fly.