Week 13: Abominable Alex By Naglis

It was a dark dreary night and Alex had nothing to do. He called me over but I didn’t help. Just as I was about to go Alex shouted out “let’s do a robbery”. He gave me a menacing look as if to say do it or else. So I agreed.

Moments later we walked over towards my Bugatti Veyron. We speeded off to the zoo. First of all, we both jumped over the gate.  and then we headed to the office where all the money was. The money was in the closet. Alex smashed all the stuff protecting it and grabbed everything.

Unfortunately,when I was running I accidentally tipped the gargantuan red button. We didn’t stop running until we got to the gate. …The tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 13 The Day at a Zoo by Szymon

One day my family and I were going to the zoo to celebrate my birthday.  When we arrived we saw aggressive lions and a baboon up to his usual shenanigans. The monkey was making a buffoon of himself by copying what the people did. At the end, we went to the area with the tiger.

Suddenly there was a warning of a fire in the nearby forest. Shortly after the fire came to the zoo and there was pandemonium everywhere.  Suddenly the window that protected us from the tiger got smashed . The tiger leaped out and with a ravenous look he stared at me…Now the tiger was blocking our escape route.

Week 13 : The great escape by Conor

One day I was going on a school tour to the zoo. Before we left the school our teacher warned us not to go near the cage with the tigers in it.When we arrived she warned us again.

But my friend and I loved tigers so much. Like spies trying to steal from the bank we secretly went to the cage with the tigers in it. But sadly they were not there.

But when we turned around the tiger was blocking our escape.Soon after we saw the teacher leaving on the bus without us.What would we do?

Week 13 Just one picture by Ciaran

One day my friend and I were extremely excited to be going to see the aggressive tiger in the zoo on our school tour.

When we finally got to the zoo we ran as fast as the wind but there was a huge queue in front of us. Tom spotted a restricted area next to the tiger cage. Tom wanted to open the door to take a quick picture then suddenly the tiger pounced on us and gave out a mighty roar. There was pandemonium everywhere. We ran for the door out but the tiger was blocking our escape…If only we stayed in the line.


Week 13 The zoo experience by Dylan

“What do you want to do ? ” said Jim.

” I don’t know”, I said.

“Wait let’s go to the old zoo ” suggested Jim.”

” Ok, ” I said.

When we got there we looked around for about 10 minutes. Suddenly we got a cold shiver down our spine. I saw red bloodshot eyes. Then a ravenous looking snarling tiger stepped out of the shadows. Suddenly he charged at us. We ran for the exit. The tiger jumped over us. The tiger was blocking our escape.

I saw a gun on a brick. I grabbed the gun and shot the tiger. I thought I  killed the tiger so I went over to him. When I got to him he opened his eyes snarled and his strong sharp paw swiped for my head…

Week 13: A bad day , by Dan.

One day deep in the jungle my friend Oran and I lay asleep under a tall shady tree. As we awoke feeling ravenous, I stood up and smiled with glee. We rushed out of camp, and we were hoping to catch something in our handwoven trap.

As we approached our death trap what did we hear? Nothing but a loud roar that made us tremble with fear.

We peered into the deep hole and found a tiger. As we pulled him up he ran in front of me.

The tiger was blocking our escape


The End…

Week 13 The school trip by Ronan

One day in school our teacher took the whole class to the nearby zoo. The first part of the zoo that we saw was the place where the tigers were kept. Later on our teacher took us to the monkey island.

My friend Eoin and I went away from the group to have a look at the eagles. Suddenly on the loudspeaker, it said that a vicious hungry tiger broke free and to walk calmly to the nearest exit.

Of course, no one did what they were meant to do and ran for their lives. There was huge pandemonium in all of the town. Eoin and I dashed for the nearest exit but the tiger was blocking our escape!

Week 13: The prison escape by Sean

One day Micheal and I were in prison for robbing a shop. We had been  caught by 3 cops that had guns.

Micheal was cantankerous in prison. Sometime later a man with a ghastly voice said “I have keys for you to help you get out.”  We trusted him.

We escaped through a vent. In the vent we felt a big shiver down our spine. So we ran as fast as the wind. Then we got to the door. “Why is there a tiger at the door?” I shouted.

The tiger was blocking the escape door…


One morning John and I were going to Nana’s house. When we got there we asked Nana could we go to the cat enclosure.

“Soon, ” she said.

I moaned and groaned until we got a good whiff of the morning breeze. We ran ahead of Nana but stopped at the gate. I bellowed at Nan to COME ON. She finally got up to the gate and opened it so we could get in.  I saw all sorts of cats. Nana fed the cats and we petted them all except for one – the male tiger. He was angry that we were there. With one crash he broke the gate and suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape… What will we do?

Week 13 The safari trip by Maciej

Once my family was going on a trip to the safari. My brother wasn’t too pleased to go but he went with us anyway. We were going to camp there for some days. When we got there mom said that we’d camp next to the waterfall. I put my swimming gear on and started swimming in the pond.

After I came out Dad told me and my brother g to look for food. When we were coming back we saw a tiger. Dad tried to shoot him but he missed and then the tiger blocked our escape…

Week 13 Jungle Jam By Jack

My Dad and I were in our jeep going around the Jungle. We were ravenous as we hadn’t eaten in two days because we had got separated from the group and jeep one had the food in the back. So we were also causing a lot pandemonium in the jungle.

In the middle of nowhere well in the jungle, our jeep broke down. My dad was cantankerous. The only thing we had in the back of our jeep were ropes. Dad decided we would just walk. But when we got out of the actual jungle there was a tiger blocking our escape – the only way home.

“Aw man!” I said.

Week 14 The cave by joe

” Dad why can’t we go and watch the new space shuttle launch?” I asked.

“Because it’s pandemonium down there and we will never be able to see it actually launch.  How about we go to the zoo instead? ”

“Fine,” I answered.

At first, I thought it was going to be bad but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. When we were going to see the monkeys I saw a little cave. There was no sign saying that we couldn’t go in so we did . It was a long tunnel leading to the other side of the zoo . As we got closer Dad said he could see a tiger at the end – he was right . The tiger was blocking our escape…What will we do next?

Week 13: Abandoned By Liam O

It’s 17th of May 2016. My friends and I live in the German city of Braunschweig. We are in the north-west side of the city which is almost uninhabited. There are only about 50 people living there approximately.

Back in 2005 my friends and I went for a walk to the zoo. We watched as there was pandemonium in the zoo.  One of my friend’s said “the tiger is blocking our escape. ” but luckily we managed to get home. One day later we went back to the zoo to find that the zookeepers were loading the animals into trucks.  The trucks were going to Dusseldorf and now 11 years later the zoo is abandoned…The End…

Week 13 : Danger in the Attic by Oisin

One day Dad told me not to go into the attic but on Friday Dad was late home and we heard a very loud noise coming from the attic.  My dad was coming late home so we went into the attic.

I looked around but there was nothing there.  But when I turned around I saw a tiger.  The tiger was blocking our escape.  Then I threw a tennis racket and the tiger looked away.  Quickly I went out of the attic.

When I came down out of the attic dad was there and he did not look happy.  I was grounded for a month.

Week 13:The Desert Fire:by Liam A

One day Jake and I were playing outside with his new soccer ball.  Several days later there was a bushfire. It came out of nowhere. Each day it moved faster and nearer to us and the pandemonium got louder and louder.

We had to stay inside so we played my new Nintendo switch –  I won 4 games and Jake won 6.

Suddenly a tiger came into the house. When we went to get out the tiger was blocking our escape.  What will happen to us next?…

Week 13 The Trip by Danny

One year we went to Dublin Zoo for a school trip. My friends Tom and Con and I were playing Truth or Dare. Tom asked me and Con which one we wanted. We chose Dare. When he heard Dare he put on a mischievous smile.

Suddenly he said, “I dare you to go into the restricted area. ”

We were really nervous going in. It was pitch dark when suddenly we heard the door close. There was pandemonium in there. And then we heard a roar – it was a tiger. We backed up against the wall. We went to open the door when suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 13: What will happen next? By Marc

One day my family and I went to a circus. We were hoping that there were no animals in the circus there because my sister is extremely squeamish and very strict about what she wants to touch or wants to be near.

When we got in the place it was packed- it was like being on a busy airplane.

They said “Please no flashing lights as there are going to be animals. ”

I knew she was about to scream louder than an airplane flying off. It started, and a tiger came out. All I could hear was AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. It was louder than the loudest thing ever. Suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape. How could we get away from it?

Week 13: The Escape By Adam

Today my friend and I are off to the museum. The road was bombarded with people. In the museum, we saw everything we wanted to.

“There’s an upstairs you know,” said a Guard.

We went upstairs and the Guard started chasing us. Speeding down the hall trying to escape we went into the “zoo” room. When we got there the tiger was blocking our escape. We ran as fast as the wind. Slowly we crept past the Guard station. We got home pumping for breath. Later we heard that pandemonium broke out in the zoo.

Then John’s tears streamed down as he started to cry.

Week:13 The Cute Cub By Mikolaj

One day when my friend Luke and I were in our tree house we saw a tiger eating people and breaking things …everything. We really wanted to change that. So we decided that night to creep into its home.

Finally, we got there and we saw a cub. Luke went up to it and left it because he didn’t look bad. I stayed at the front but suddenly Luke called me. Quickly the tiger went to the front and the tiger was blocking our escape.

There was real pandemonium now…

Week 13 : A Day to Remember by Tadhg

When Tom and I were walking down the road we saw a house.I could hear a voice in my head calling me to go into the house . We walked closer to the house and the door slowly creaked open.

We went into the big dark house and walked upstairs.  The stairs twisted as if it was moving. When we got to the top of the stairs I found that my friend wasn’t there.  I heard a loud roar and went into the painted room.  There was something moving in the room. It was a tiger.  I ran downstairs with the tiger trailing behind me. I found my friend and headed to the door but the tiger was blocking our escape…

Week 13, The Lucky Day For Us : By Wojciech

One day my friend Mikolaj and I were in the zoo. We saw lots of the animals, but one thing that was really strange was that there were no tigers. We decided to turn around and look for them.

We turned around and the tiger was blocking our escape.

I whispered, “pretend that you are dead. ”

So we fell down –  ouch!  The tiger was surprised so he left us. I started to mess with Mikolaj as we walked to the car.  We drove back home… but my head is still hurting from falling to the ground.

Week 13 The blocked getaway By Matthew D

One day my friend Jacob and I were going to a zoo. But we weren’t there to look at animals  -we were actually there to steal money. As you go into the zoo you have to pay 20 euro so we were hoping to steal all the money. We were looking to see where the money was without making people suspicious. Then we suddenly took it hoping not to get caught.

But when we were running we were stopped in our tracks. My heart skipped a beat there in front of us was a menacing tiger looking at us –  in fact, the tiger was blocking our escape route. We turned around and were caught by security.

It looks like the tiger saved the day.