Week 14: Oh No: by Liam A


I just broke my Auntie Deirdre’s favourite vase.  She hurried into the room saying you silly monkey  – looking like she was trying not to say get out you little pest.

As nighttime fell I went to sleep. The next day I fell out of bed. I looked into the mirror and saw that I was an ape.

Will I have to abscond or leave?
At last I thought of something –  I will go to the zoo.
When I reached the zoo an angelic girl picked me up.

…The test went wrong and now I have to go to the jungle.  What will happen next?

Week 14 : The Zoo Monkey by Sean

One day I was signed up to be the new boss. I was very excited to be the new boss. Everything was going great until a monkey hopped into my window. He was very hyper when he saw a banana in my fruit bowl on my desk. When I took the last banana he pushed my computer onto the ground and it smashed off the floor.

I was cantankerous. 2 days later I took him back to the zoo.  The zookeeper was very happy when he came back.

Week 14 Mysterious Potion By Szymon

One day a girl named Mandy started messing in the middle of the class and got sent to the principal’s office. The pompous and abominable principal rang Mandy’s  menacing and aggressive parents and told them about Mandy’s shenanigans. They lambasted her and took her home.

Two days later she went to her uncle. He was a mad scientist. Mandy was so ravenous she absconded to the kitchen and ate everything she saw. She also drank a potion and went to sleep. When she woke up she looked in the mirror. She was a monkey. She got so mad she knocked over a table with an apple laptop on it.

What will she do to be a girl again?

Week 14 An angry animal by Dan

Click! Went the computer mouse.
I had just hired a monkey to do my homework.
I loathed homework-  it is a waste of time.

The next evening the doorbell rang and a little hairy figure was staring at me.
AAHHH! I screamed as the monkey walked inside my house.

He scuttled over to my school bag and threw all the books out on the floor.
Surprisingly he was able to land them in a neat pile .
He snatched my laptop and sat on the floor .
He typed a couple of sentences and threw the laptop into the air .
Crash went the laptop as it hit the floor.

I won’t hire a monkey again to do my homework

Week 14 Christmas Problems By Joe

Have you ever wondered if Christmas could ever be bad?…

” Jeffery , wake up now,” whispered Sarah. ” Santa came. “

I  got mom and dad and then darted downstairs to see what we got.

It was amazing …until Jeffery opened the last present. It was a dancing monkey. He loved it but on the other hand, my parents loathed it. He tried to teach it some tricks and called him Timothy.

“Jump boy,” said Jeffery .” It won`t jump” said, Sarah.” Shhh, jump” he said one last time and it did. ..It also knocked and broke dad’s new laptop






Week 14 Pandemonium in the office by Dylan.

“Breaking news: Jeff the baboon was up to his usual shenanigans and he broke out of Dublin zoo,” said the news reporter.

Suddenly I heard a weird noise outside my office. Slowly I crept to the door and opened it.
“Argh” I shouted as I saw a monkey outside my door.
Before I could slam my door shut the monkey rammed the door in. Scared I hid under my desk. The monkey rushed over to my chair sat down and threw my files and laptop all over the place. The monkey swung over to the fridge.
There was pandemonium everywhere.

Then I realised he was hungry. I gave him my orange and called animal control. When animal control arrived they took him to the zoo.

Week 14 First day at work by Ronan

Slowly I walked into the big building of offices. I was feeling extremely nervous because it was my first day at work. When I got to my mini office all I could see was one apple laptop with no charger and a glass of water.

Suddenly my cantankerous boss plundered into the room and bamboozled me with words. After a while I managed to understand what he said and that was that I had to type a three thousand word essay in just one day. Six hours in, my laptop ran out of charge. There were no chargers so I couldn’t charge it again.

My head was so filled with anger that I pushed the laptop clean off the table.

Week 14 In a bad mood by Oisin

One day I came back from school in a bad mood.  Then my dad told me to connect him to the internet. Then my mom said to fix the shower.  After that my teacher wanted me at the school she wasn’t very happy. Later I came home again and I asked could I play the ps but my mom said no. I had to do the shopping. I got some milk and bread. I came home and then the girls wanted me to play with them.

Eventually I got so mad I broke the computer and I was grounded for a week.

Week 14 A bad day by Maciej

Running up the stairs with my friend Stash to play with my new toys but when we got there Mum shouted out to me. ” Son, can you help me tidy the bathroom.” So I shouted back to her – ” mum I can’t help you because my friend came to play with me.” “Okay son,” she said.

So we ran back to my room. When I went in I couldn’t believe my eyes –  my smaller brother who was only three broke all my new toys. I was so angry I threw my Dad’s computer and I got in big trouble.

The end.

Week 14 Odd and angry by Aidan

One day I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I looked at the clock and suddenly noticed that it was one in the morning. That is weird. I remember setting the clock to go off at seven. I got up anyway and started to read the newspaper.

Then finally after six long hours of reading I got up properly.  Ravenous I grabbed the cereal and finished it off. After that I went to work.  On the way I saw the hot dog man kicking his cart.  What’s wrong with him? I thought. When we got to the office there was a monkey sitting down at my desk!

Wait – odd things – angry people – Is it Friday the thirteenth?

Week 14 Monkey Madness By Jack

AHHHHHHHH!!! dumb boss –  the only reason I missed a day at the office is because I was ill.

I loathe my new boss. I sigh to my pet monkey. He’s a pompous fool. I have to go through 1,000,000 files to find the virus in the system. And that was all to be done yesterday!

I went to bed last night at 7:00 pm (because I needed energy) with ONLY 1ooo files left to go through.

There was pandemonium in my house the following morning. ” Look’s like Jim’s been up to skullduggery ( Jim is my pet monkey)”

There were at least 20 monkeys in my house that morning but when I saw my laptop. I turned red in the face and started to chuckle.


Week 14 Anger issues by Mathew O’G

One day in the city zoo a new baby monkey was born. As he became older he became more popular around the zoo. But sadly he had extreme anger issues.

When he got his health examined something was seriously wrong with him. He had a disease called anger uncontrolled. This also made him extremely smart. He was determined to find out what was wrong. He told his friends that he failed the exam and they were all over him. He was gutted to bits.

When he was in his night house he crept out into the office. When he saw what was wrong with him he smashed the laptop.

Week 14 Monkey escape by Ciaran

Waiting and plotting my plan to get out of here. There was pandemonium everywhere just to see a red butt monkey.  I stood out like a peacock in the snow. After three years now I finally got out and ran straight into the forest.

Suddenly something was crawling up my back …it was a tarantula. Frightened that it might bite me I scraped my back off the first tree I saw. Then I saw flashing lights and the zookeeper caught me. I was so frustrated because I was planning this for years and all the work I put into it.

Week 14: The annoying monkey by Conor

Every day when I wake up I always ask my mom if I can get a pet monkey.She is getting tired of me always asking her so she finally says yes.

So we get in the  car and drive to the pet store. At the pet store we see lots of monkeys causing pandemonium. We buy a monkey and bring it home. When we got home I wanted to do some writing on my computer but the monkey wants a go too so I let him have a go but he pushes it off the table!

Week 14 :NATO by Liam O

It’s the 14th of August 2017 and the leaders of all the countries in NATO (N for North – A for Atlantic – T for treaty and O for organisation) are having a meeting in Seoul, South Korea. We are discussing how we will prevent WW3.

I am the leader of Canada and I am in control of this meeting.  Then 2 hours into the meeting the German leader talks about how it uses its technology to create a SUPERWEAPON.  2 minutes later I see Rusian, Chinese and North Korean soldiers waiting for a response at the front door of the building.

I was getting so frustrated I pushed my computer off the table and then I hear a crack in the front window. I stopped … I knew I had to run before the 2nd Korean War started…

Week:14 The Most Beautiful House Ever By Mikolaj

One day when Luke and I were in the forest we saw a monkey running in the most beautiful house ever. We really wanted to swop houses because we had a really bad one.  Luke went in front and I went at the back.

15 minutes later when we were nearly there we saw a monkey running into a Vodafone shop. We sprinted to its  house and my phone did a noise “there is no internet connection”. Luke’s  phone did the same thing and when we got upstairs we saw an aggressive female monkey pushing a computer off a table.

We laughed so loudly and the monkeys kicked us out of their house. So we went back to our old house and stayed there forever.

Week 14 A Switch of habitat by Colin

One morning I was swinging through the dark forest when a loud bang gave me a fright. The birds flew like bullets out of the trees and I knew that this was a bad omen. Slowly I climbed down the trunk and suddenly a tranquilizer shot my leg. My leg hardened with fear when 6 cantankerous men stormed towards me. I was so ghastly afraid, my face hurt.

Slowing down the men called A14 and a helicopter flew high above the trees. The men grabbed me and grabbed a rope to climb up. Wrecked and beat up I soon saw I was in a zoo. All I wanted to do was eat because I was ravenous when suddenly kids came and took the food.

I loathed kids now.

Week 14 The Monkey rage by Kacper

Once there was a monkey. One day he was playing Call of duty. But while he was playing the wifi was turned OFF. The monkey got super cantankerous and he threw the laptop[mac book pro] and it got smashed.

HE got aggressive so he stole a hoverboard and went to the store. While he was driving on the hoverboard it broke.  He ran and he ran and the shop was there. He searched and searched and after a while, he found another laptop[mac book pro] and he got it and went home.  When he got home he wanted to play a game but there were no games.




Week 14 The best job ever By Tadhg

Hello, my name is Tom I am a monkey. I have a very mean boss called Ben. I had one job to do. I had to find monkeys doing stupid things and delete them from Google.  I couldn’t  do it and I got in trouble. For a second I thought my boss wasn’t mad and then my boss shouted you imbecile,  pushed his computer off his desk and fired me.

I went back home and  I looked for another job I was ravenous for a job.And then I found one –  it was for MacDonalds.  I was so happy and went to bed

Week 14 The Monkey by Danny

One day a new monkey came to the Zoo, by the way, I’m the zookeeper. When he came first he was as white as snow.  You could see that he was really scared and I wouldn’t have blamed him because there were loads of people around him.

Suddenly he jumped off the table and knocked some liquid off the table. There was pandemonium everywhere. He ran out the door but thank god the manager caught him. He was really angry with all of us and we all got a warning but I thought we in big trouble. I was really happy that we didn’t get fired.

Week 14 , The zoo by Wojciech

One day I was in the staffroom with Dad. We were doing something at the computer because Dad was looking on the website. After a while, the manager came to the staffroom and lambasted my Dad saying he didn’t do his work, (he was aggressive).

My Dad was pretending that he was angelic. Dad was in a red room and started typing on the computer on the table. Dad was ravenous so I brought him a banana and he ate it and went back to work again. Soon after the battery died. Then there was a big problem!

Week 14: Mindless Monkey By Naglis

One bright sunny day a monkey named Scrimp was outrageously bored. Scrimp was full of skulduggery and shenanigans. He told his friends he was going to break out of the zoo. Excitedly he waited until it was dark and cold Off he went. Surprisingly Scrimp knew how to use a laptop.

Quickly he ran to the chubby pompous mayor’s house. Scrimp climbed to the top and shouted out” I’m the king ” Then he jumped into the office. There was a brand new Mac book on the table. He turned it on and looked for images of himself and his friends. Sadly it was out of battery. He tried to get out but he couldn’t he was locked in. Suddenly he heard the mayor opening the door…

Week14 The smashed computer by Matthew D

So one day I was outside playing and I saw a monkey. I immediately liked him. I asked my dad could I keep him and he said yes. After that, we went inside and had a little sandwich. Then I went on the computer and the monkey sat beside me. We turned on the radio and it said a monkey was missing from the zoo.

Suddenly my monkey started getting cantankerous and aggressive and before I knew it he had smashed my computer.

“Enough with the antics,” I said and then I called animal control and told them everything. They locked my monkey in a cage and as they were driving off my monkey gave me a menacing look.

Week 14: A Disaster By Marc

One exciting day I was going on a V.I.P. trip to the zoo. When we arrived I was extremely nervous. We went in and gave them the ticket. They told us we could go into a cage with monkeys. I was bamboozled and my mouth was as wide as a plane when I heard them spit out those words.

After a while we went to a skulduggery cage with monkeys.  I started walking into the cage. Straight away a monkey jumped out of the cage. I sprinted to the cart. We saw the monkey going to the CCTV area. He threw the laptops everywhere. Suddenly we heard the screech of monkeys.