Wk 14 The Battle Of The Bees By Joe

It was a cold and windy morning. Josh ran out to the kitchen and he heard a massive bang. He got back to his feet and walked towards the window. He saw loads of beams glide through the sky. As he ran to the garden he heard a loud noise that sounded like a turbine. Josh was getting confused and wanted to see what as going on.

To his surprise, he saw a gigantic queen bee sitting on the library. There were lasers shooting all around him. It was pandemonium.

Why were they acting this way?

Suddenly the queen bee faced Josh and . . .

WK 14 Almost killed by Paul

Hello my name is Pau, the bee and this is a story of how I was almost killed.

Once I was just flying around … you know bee stuff until it started to rain. So I flew and flew and flew but the rain just kept up with me. Then I crashed landed into an apartment. I saw a professional tennis player. Until they saw me.

” Kill it !” said the tennis player.

Until his girlfriend came into the room and saw his boyfriend trying to kill me.

” Stop,” said his girlfriend.” If you kill him then the world will end!”

So she picked me up into a glass and a magazine, opened the window and I was free.


Week 14 The bee Invasion By Sean

In a secret land in Spain people were looking for a way to make robots bees. If all the bees are gone we will die out in 4 years. We failed many times and it never worked until today. The robot bee started flying. We set off the bee into the world .

1 month later we saw the bees bringing people back to life. “This was not good” we said.

1 year later a bee invasion. Only 500 thousand people are left in the world. What will we do?

Week 14: Bee Invasion By Benny

The bees were growing. What started as an experiment was now an invasion. We were all told to stay indoors. The house was silent. Scientists were trying to make robotic bees. The experiment went wrong and they started attacking people instead of pollinating plants.

Suddenly, we heard the glass shatter from downstairs. I was holding my breath, scared to death. A massive, golden bee was charging at us. We managed to escape in time. The bees were shut down by the scientists. The problem was they had to pay for all the damage that was done.

Week 14 In The Classroom By Kristupas

I was reading a book in class when suddenly everyone shouted “bee, bee -help! teacher!”

But the teacher was In the staffroom. I said to myself I’ll take care of it. And I shouted “don’t kill the bee- it’s important in life to pollinate all the crops. If they all go extinct, we will all die in the next four years.  The teacher came in and said that the bees are robust animals and we just need to let it out of the classroom.

In my opinion, all bees are to be kept outside- if they are In your house let it out by opening the door.

Week 14 Bee Hive By Adam

John and I were playing football in the garden when suddenly we saw a beehive. We told our mom and she called the fire brigade to come and take it away in a plastic bag. They came about half an hour later and said: “do you want to kill the bees or will we take the beehive away?”

“Kill them,” my mom said.

“No don’t kill them,” me and John replied.

“Why not?” mom asked.

“Because bees are useful and they pollinate our flowers and if we didn’t have bees we could die” we answered.

“How do you know all of this?” mom wondered.

“School” we replied.

Week 14 The lesson by Warren

One day I was outside with my friend. We were playing soccer when a bee flew straight past my friend. Just then he started running everywhere shouting.

“Calm down” I said.

“I hate bees” he said ” they are so insufferable.”

“No they are not, ” I said “you know that they are saving us from death.”

“How?” he enquired.

“Well 80% of what we eat is pollinated by bees.”

“I didn’t know that,” he said.

“And if bees go extinct we will starve and die of starvation.”

“Thanks for telling me” he said.

And from then on he never killed another bee.

Week 14 BEES!!! by Jacob

Saturday evening research facility 19:17

“Our test is good to go,” said a scientist.

“AAAAAAAA” screamed someone.

I went to investigate the disturbance.

“What the …?” I said

“BEES BEES BEES!! said the scientist.

We scared them away and helped the scientist up.

“What was that?” I asked and he replied with “robotic bees. We found out they went rogue and were trying to take over the city and make it their domain!”

After a while we went outside to see what was going on. A massive explosion came from a building…it was a dirty bomb.

” Who would do such a thing?”


We rushed into the building where the bees were making honey. We all were surprised when we saw a bomb in there. I defused it and saved everyone.

Week 14: Bee Trouble :By Dan

It was getting closer… that sound I dreaded. The ginormous bees had already killed thousands of people and it looked like I was next.


A gun had begun to fire bullets at the bees and sure enough, the gigantic insects began to drop out of the sky.

“Get Down” roared the gunner, and with that, I dived behind a wheelie bin.    Suddenly a giant golden bee whizzed past. That must be what happens when they die.

I scampered over to the gunner and thanked him for saving me. Neither of us knew if we would survive.

Week 14 Bees by Ben

Bees are extremely important to the environment. But Bees are dying and fast.

Bees pollinate 75 percent of our crops. Some people think that if bees die out- humans will die out only 4 years later. There are people trying to make robotic bees but that might not be possible. When bees sting you they die. A bee will only sting you if it sees you as a danger. So if you see a bee don’t kill it because really when you kill a bee you’re killing humans.

We owe the bees everything.

Week 14 Robotic Bees By Ronan

In my opinion, bees are amazing. Some scientists say that if bees die out people would only have four years to live after. Bees are responsible for very three out of four bites of food that you eat and that’s the same as 75%.

In China, there are not that many bees so some people have to pollinate by hand. We can not keep depending on bees to do our work and that’s where robotic bees come in.

A robotic bee would need to be light, have fast wings, powerful motors and solar panels.

Week 14 The bee apocalypse by Dylan

It was pandemonium.

We were experimenting on wasps to make them bigger and more robust to be able to use them as war animals. But somehow, they were now gold and going MAD!

They broke through the windows at astonishing speed and were heading for the city. They started destroying cars and buildings and even people. Then they started connecting and formed one giant one. It started sucking up everything in sight including our lab.

The army came and started shooting it but it just sucked them. Then the air force came and I realised that they were our last hope or else the world would end…











Week 14 Killer Bees By Conor H

It was a lovely summer day and all my friends were playing with me in the park. We were having a game of catch when about 7 bees flew after us. The first thing that came into our heads was …… RUN.

We ran down to the square where the science lab was. Everyone in the town was very excited to see the new invention they were making called the shrink-ray. This could make stuff big and small.

BUZZ was all we could hear as we were near the shrink-ray.

‘NOOOOOOOOOOO!’ cried the scientist ‘Don’t lead the bees here’

OH-OH … suddenly all the bees had turned into gigantic bees.


Week 14 The Bee Swarm By Evan

Hi My Name is Dara and this how I survived the 4587 Bee Invasion. I was coming downstairs to read the news. And I saw there were bees everywhere and suddenly the TV turned off.

So I went to tell my mom and we went into my bunker. We got some food and I got my teddy named Jack. I looked up through the gap and there were loads of bees breaking in. I told my mom so she told me to swiftly run. I said I am not leaving you behind. Before I could say anything else she pushed me into the secret entrance and locked the door…

Luckily …it was all a dream.

Week 14 Experiment XII by Aidan

“Come on John we need to get out of here- there’s a red alert” roared Andy over the alarm.

“What about the bees? We can’t just leave them here or else they’ll mutate” replied John.

“Leave them if you don’t want to die” roared Andy.

John swiftly leaped over the work table knocking over the cage with the bees in it before sprinting out the door. From outside the building there was a deafening buzz to be heard.

“The queen bee has mutated into it’s full size and is capable of destroying the town” shouted John.

“Don’t worry- bees won’t harm unless they are harmed” said Andy…


Week 14: The Golden Bees: Liam A

It was a pedestrian day and I was in the sitting room watching television. Suddenly I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from outside. I looked out the window and saw gold and robust bees flying into people’s houses. I ran outside and saw people running around the place erratically. After a while, there was an avalanche of queen bees that rose up over the hills. They were massive and they were flying over to the biggest building in the town. For some reason, they were attracted to it because of the yellow glow off it …  What was happening?

Week 14 Invasion By Liam O

Once upon a time, there was a town and that town believed that they were the happiest people in the world.

But on one very bad night, they heard buzzing coming over the nearby hill. Filled with joy they went to greet the mysterious buzzing and as they got closer the buzzing got louder and louder.

Then giant bees flew out in front and stung lots of people and knocked down others. The people ran for their lives but they didn’t get very far before being tied up in honey.

Today the town is deserted and the only life is the giant bees…



Week 14 Bee War by Colin

The golden bees shot their laser as men ran for cover. The weakened buildings crashed to the cracked road. I slid across the dirty road as a laser hit my leg. Numbness seeped into my leg. My friend tried to help me up but a laser darted through his chest. I heard a loud thud as he hit the road. A golden bee landed on him and flew off.

Blood slid down my leg as I crawled into a white building. The building was weak and the wallpaper was peeling off. I leaned on a dirty couch and took a deep breath.

Suddenly a swarm of bees rushed into the building. Stingers … already flashing red.