Week 15:The war: by Liam A

One day I saw a lot of army trucks outside. Then the General walked up to our door. He rang the doorbell six times.  Mom was trembling. Closing the door after him I looked at my mom in a bamboozled way. He had asked
me to go to war.  I said yes.

Mom gave a  wave.  The next day we did training. It was so  hard. Now  we’re going into war. I was very scared.

In the beginning of the war, I saw Jets and bombs everywhere.  There was so many I gave a little chuckle. I saw the army base. It was so big.  The war started. USA vs Germany.  The planes would go first. And then us

What will happen next?

Week 15 Titanic by Oisin

In the beginning, they built a very big ship. Plenty of people went onboard the ship and they set sail.

They thought that the boat was unsinkable but a couple of hours later the boat hit an iceberg and the boat sank. They had lifeboats onboard but there weren’t enough of them to get everybody off the ship so some of them died and some of them lived.

Week 15 Cruel World by Joe

Darren was a boy that was treated in a mean way. In the beginning of his life he had to sleep on the sofa. As he got older his life got harder. Darren`s parents were in jail because there was a crime and his parents got the blame.

But his grandparents were despicable and treated him like a slave. So nowadays he just stays in his room.

” DARREN!” Screamed his granddad.


Oh no he had forgotten to tell that his parents went to Hogwarts and graduated. He saw his Hogwarts letter in his granddads’ hands.

“It’s from the local school ”  Lied Darren. That seemed to work.

In the end he snuck out and went to Hogwarts and had an amazing first year at his new school.


Week 15 The Last Day by Szymon

In the beginning, it was a normal and quiet day. Tired I limped down the stairs. My parents were gone. I thought that they went to the shop. I made myself a sandwich and it looked scrumptious. I went over to the window. Every 5 seconds the weather changed from sun to rain and from rain to snow.

Then my parents dashed in and told me to go into the car. So I went in not knowing what had happened. We drove off to the space station and people led us into a rocket. Everyone was seated and we flew off into space. I saw a meteorite the size of Mars hitting Earth.

But where will we live now?

Week 15: Demon Teacher, by Dan.

In the beginning, all was fine. Our new teacher Frank was teaching us.
We were just after finishing Irish when our teacher took off his glasses.
He glared at all of us.


The front rows’ heads all fell down.He had just hypnotised them.
The rest of us ran for our lives.


He had just zapped Jim and Tim. He swished his finger and the whole room went on fire.
“Our teacher is a demon,” I shouted.
Only then I realised that it was a dream.


Week 15 Changing By Danny

In the beginning of the school year there was going to be a new child joining our class. My class and I started asking the teacher what his name was. She said that his name was Tom. When I first met him he was smiling and was cheerful. After a few weeks he was sad and never smiled. So I decided to investigate.

So after school I followed him home. I wondered why he was walking home because his mom usually collected him from school. His Dad was waiting for him at the door and then Tom started crying. I wondered what had happened? Soon after then I realised that his mom had passed away.

Week 15 The race by Ronan


Male driver Kyle Busche drifted off the track into a hazardous area. I was at the Daytona 500 in Florida. The white flag was waved and all the cars slowed down.

Suddenly time stopped and went backwards. No longer than a split second later…

I was sitting at the wheel of Kyle Busche’s car. I knew I had to drive the car so I put my right foot down hard on the accelerator and the car roared off. I put my left foot down on the clutch and selected 6th gear. I realised that in the beginning there was something wrong with the steering. I hoped that the steering would fix itself but it didn’t…

Week 15 TOP CLASS WIN By Colin

“Kick off in five minutes boys –  get ready.”

In the beginning, we did well with a divine cross and a smashing header. We played good and we didn’t let them score.

But a late tackle came in and I broke my ankle but stayed playing in pain. I was limping so I went in goals and saved a killer shot but the defense was weak and a lot of shots came flying in.  But when they found out the defense was weak a great shot was put away.

I had to come out and luckily scored the winning goal so we went home in delight.

Week 15 SCHOOL SUCKS By Jack

In the beginning, I was a happy child but then  I went to a miserable school in Cork . I became a lonely, dreary, ghastly child.

One day when my friend Tom and I were walking to school minding our own business the school bully Roger came over.

“Oi what do you think you’re doing on my path to school?”

“Sorry Roger,” we both said at the same time.

And then he nearly killed Tom by pushing him onto the road and he threw my plastic bag in the River Lee.

And now you know how miserable my life is.

Week 15: The chase by Liam O

In the beginning of the chase my friend and I were running from soldiers to an old abandoned huntsman shaft and when we got there we hid in a small room at the end of the hall.  The first few minutes were quiet and fine. Then we heard a loud bang as the door opened.

The soldiers were armed with rifles and they went into a room near the entrance.We raced upstairs and opened the window as if we escaped. We locked all doors except one. We hid behind a locked up door. It was quiet and BANG! …Everything went white and I woke up in jail.

Week 15; The terrible tragedy by Mathew O’G

Many years ago on my very first holidays to Pakistan, it was very exciting. On the way it was very bumpy on the runway it was also very nerve-racking. Thankfully we made it to Pakistan safely.We stayed in a three-story villa with a pool and a jacuzzi. We stayed there for eight weeks and it was great fun. I also found a cute lizard in my room. It was green with orange eyes.  In the beginning of our flight back  I was nervous…When we were landing the plane flipped and caught fire.

Week 15 The Return of Slenderman By Dylan

In the beginning, I was very happy until my parents and I moved to Norway.
Our new house was in the middle of the woods. In the middle of the night, I saw strange shadows outside. One night I decided to abscond from the house to see what was going on.

Slowly I crept out of the house. I walked around the woods for a while and all seemed normal. Then I saw a tall man with a white face in front of a tree.
Scared I dashed back to the house. Then I realised he was in front of my house.
Suddenly he vanished and then I realised he was behind me.

Week 15 A day in the future by Ciaran

In the year 9999, my friend Tom and I were having a race. Speeding past him I drove through the finish line. The next day I was walking to school and I saw a sign saying hazardous area  – do not disturb.  The sign was pointing at the abandoned mansion.  I had a plan and told Tom…
We absconded from my house and sneaked out to the mansion. Suddenly the fireplace burst into flames. A man appeared out of nowhere.  He was as ugly as a donkey with no fur and he told us his story.  In the beginning, he was a radioactive spider superhero.

What was that supposed to mean?

Week 15 Hawaiian mystery by Aidan

Was Tom kidnapped? Was he scared? Was he killed?

“Yes, yes and maybe,” I said with a grin.

“If you want to understand I have to tell you the story,” I said while being bombarded with questions.

In the beginning, Tom and I were having loads of fun until smoke came out of the volcano.  It was a Hawaiian omen that meant the spirits were coming. I shouted to Tom “turn around” but he didn’t listen. Suddenly there was a growling sound and when I turned around Tom had vanished – he was taken by the spirits. Nobody knew what happened next.  It remains a mystery…

Week 15 A Football Match By Mikolaj

One day when my team and I were playing with Buttevant I played really well. The start was a victory. At half-time, I couldn’t play on because I couldn’t run. I told my coach and he said that he needed me. So I played on for 15 minutes and I scored 2 goals (in total 4) and then went off.

When I went off the other team scored 2 and it was 4-2. In the last minute, my best friend did a dirty tackle and they got a penalty and scored.

Thankfully, we still won by 1 goal. When we were shaking hands afterwards, a guy told me that I played really well in the beginning.

Week15: 2018 By Adam

In the beginning of 2018, there were loud noises in every house. My sister was going mad and also causing pandemonium. The boy across the street was up to his old shenanigans. Outside the weather was hazardous. My friend John coerced his brother to run on ice so in the end, his brother said yes. His brother was excellent. When he came in, his mum lambasted him for going out. That was not a good omen I said. So John and I chuckled and I went home and had some fun.

It was the best start ever to a year.

Week 15: Tunnel Of Monsters Part 2 By Marc

In the beginning of my NIGHTMARE The Tunnel Of Monsters, I heard a ROAR. So I’m going to tell you what happened next.  I was walking as slow as a sloth and as quiet as a mouse. Suddenly I heard a crunch of a bone. I was holding in my scream so badly.

Meanwhile I heard another roar. I had my plans but was too scared to do them. Soon I found a baby Monster and I touched it. Straight away it bit me. After that more baby monsters came. Eventually, an enormous, green, scaly monster came out of the dark…

Week 15: The Match By Naglis

It was Saturday morning and Tom was nervous for the cup final at 12:30. Tom walked to the stadium. All of the team were in the dressing room bombarding the manager with questions… “What formation are we playing?” ” What position am I playing in?” …”Stop!” the manager shouted.

Tom was captain and he was playing striker. When we were shaking the other teams hands the captain was as proud as a peacock. In the beginning Paddy hit the post and it was scoreless at half time. The manager lambasted us in the dressing room. Tom knew his team needed to win.

“C’mon we can win this!” the manager roared as we kicked off the start of the second half.

Week 15 The snow By Matthew D

In the beginning of 1947, there was a big freeze in Ireland. At first, people thought that it was only a bit of snow. Looking out the window every day to snow got a bit boring. The weather was hazardous and people started getting ravenous because all the crops were dying. Some people even died. People couldn’t even work because of the bad conditions.

People in Ireland like a bit of snow but they loathed this much. Suddenly the snow started to melt and the 30 days of snow were over for the people of Ireland.

Or was it really over?