Week 15, The Asteroid by Tim

A week ago an asteroid had been spotted entering the Milky Way galaxy. NASA had been trying to figure out how to stop it. Most people didn’t know what to do but one man named John Carter had an idea –  he had told the government to shoot a nuke at the asteroid so it could explode into a million pieces. Some thought that this was a bad idea but John was the only person who knew what would happen.

NASA launched the nuke as the asteroid past Neptune. The nuke hit it and the asteroid exploded. The explosion was so bright that the light blinded him. John was so happy that he saved the human race.

Week 15 Journey for survival By Mathew O G

Steve and his crew were filming a tv show in the Sahara Desert. Suddenly a huge life-threatening sandstorm struck. It eventually passed and Steve seemed to be the only one who survived.

But he had no idea how to get home.

He got even more terrified when he thought about the animals he might encounter. That night he covered his face and buried himself in the sand.

14 days later after drinking no water – an explosion of light came from the sky. The light blinded him but … what was it?

Week 15 The Light By Szymon

One child eagerly asked his parents if he could go outside. After a while he was allowed to go outside. First, he strolled over to the park and swung on the swings. After that, he went to his friend’s house to play. His friend just recently bought a game for the PlayStation 4 so they played it and finally, they played Monopoly. It was getting dark so he had to go home. He was walking carelessly along the road when suddenly he saw a light. The light blinded him. Then something struck him.

Week 15: The egg by:Tadhg


The alien spaceship crashed to the ground. The alien looked very strange – kind of like us but with the face of a cat.


The knock out dart was fired and now it was my job to search the ship and retrieve the alien. I felt bad for the alien because I would never want to be held captive in Area 51. I retrieved all the strange things I found in the ship but then I saw it -the light didn’t blind me but the light blinded him .

“Hey why are you even here?” I shouted .

The thing ran away and I wasn’t even sure if it was human… 

Week 15 Blinding by Danny

It was the FAI cup final and I went to see it because my friend who was goalkeeper was playing in it.  It was 7 o clock and time for the match to start.

At the start of the game, the other team was far better than my friend’s team but he kept them in the game with some astonishing saves. At halftime, it was nil all and that’s how it stayed until the last minute of the match.

The other team was on the counter-attack and one of the players slid inside the box. ” Penalty!” the referee said. The keeper was ready but just then the floodlights turned on and the light blinded him…

Week 15 Run or Die By Matthew D

Lucas strolled casually into the bank. He entered the manager’s office with a smirk on his face. Suddenly the room was filled with an ear piercing alarm. The security rushed to the basement. But by the time they reached it, the money was gone Lucas had obviously taken the money.

Lucas walked out the door a bit big headed. The light blinded him and he collapsed onto the floor –  he had twisted his ankle. He heard the dogs coming in and in desperation, he shuffled his way across the floor but it was too late …the dogs had him.

Week 15 Lazy Cousin, By Mikolaj

It was the first day of school and my cousin didn’t want to wake up. He was used to waking up at 10:15 am but this day he had to wake up at 5 am. It was 5:15 am and he still wasn’t awake.

I ran into his room and turned the light on. Eventually,  bamboozled he woke up but he told me that the light blinded him. He said to never do that again so I guess I won’t do it. Eventually, he got to school and he was ok. I still don’t know what was wrong with turning the light on if he was supposed to be going to school.

Week 15 The Prison Escape [FAIL] By Ciarán

John was thinking for months now -thinking of a way to escape this abominable prison. He was in his cell one fine day when it came to him.

First, he would bate the guards into his cell, steal their key card and then lock them up. After that, he would get a rope from the staff room where the guards ate. Then he started to climb and he was delighted – no alarms went off thankfully.

Suddenly a spotlight shone on him –  there was nowhere he could run to -he was surrounded and the light blinded him.

Week 15: Poor John By Marc

“Leave me alone- I’m tired” Shouted John to his brother who was attacking him. John was also running to his treehouse. Suddenly the farmer next door put bulls in the field. John was running for his life. Mom was calling him for his dinner but he couldn’t go for dinner. His face was as red as roses. When he reached the tree house he whispered to himself “I’ll just walk on the road to get to the house. “

He was walking on the road.   Suddenly a car came towards him. The light blinded him and he got knocked over. ..His delicious, beautiful tasty dinner went cold.

Week 15: Robbery Gone Wrong By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted Stephen’s chubby pompous impatient boss-Frank.

“Sure, I don’t really have a choice” Stephen replied.

It was half past ten and the two men were crouching uncomfortably in the bushes while being camouflaged. Their hearts were thumping rapidly as they shuffled inside the back door of the bank.

“The safe is this way” whispered Frank.

They scurried inside and put all they could, into their brown scruffy bags and darted back out again. Breathless, Stephen sat down beside the bonfire and the light blinded him.

“We have done it,” he thought…

Nee Naw Nee Naw.

“Sugar honey ice tea!” “Run!”

Week 15: Night Mare By Sean

One night a boy named Jim was at his friend’s house when his Mom  rang his phone. Then she told him to come home but there was a storm on that would blow him away so he asked a stranger to drop him off home.

When the car was going the man put a sack on the boy and put him in a shed that was  over at the boy’s own house. As soon as Jim woke up he was very afraid but as soon as he got out of the sack  he opened the door and ran out onto the  road.

As he was running across, a light came but the light blinded him.