Week 16 Hand-Zombie By Tim

Once upon a time there was a Professor named Professor  Biscuits . One day he was doing an experiment on his hand . He spilt his potion on his cat. The cat transformed into a human sized hand .

The hand ran after the professor but he had a gun . The professor shot the hand multiple times .  Later while the professor was asleep the hand got up and poured the remaining potion on itself. It got bigger and stronger . It went to the professor’s bedroom and it killed him . The hand went then to the city and infected half the city. There was no cure .


Week 16 A Bad Dream by Oisin

One day when I came out of school I saw a hand with legs. I ran away with my friend. I ran back inside but when we turned around it was there too.  We went back outside but it was there as well. It was like he could teleport.

Then it started to rain and the hand melted but he came back to life and went inside. But when it stopped raining  he came back outside. When he was about to get us … I blinked and I ended up in my bed.

Phew –  it was only a dream. What  a relief!

Week 16 The Aliens Headquarters By Szymon

One day I saw a U.F.O. also known as an Unidentified Flying Object. It left a trail of molten iron and looked menacing. I saw it going somewhere every day so one stormy night I sneaked outside and followed it to a weird hand.

I went in and I saw aliens everywhere. Courageously I went into a secret room. Suddenly I got trapped and banged my hands on the plasma wall.

Somehow I managed to get out but will  I tell people that I saw aliens and that they are planning an attack on Earth because if I tell anyone I will cause pandemonium everywhere.

Week 16;The Adventures Of Mr Hand Man By Conor

One day Mr hand man was up on an enormous building.


The bank was being robbed by robbers. So Mr. Handman flew down. When he got down the robbers were no ordinary robbers – they were feet. These little feet were big buffoons. They were causing a lot of skulduggery. Luckily  Mr. Hand had a special potion. This potion made Mr. Hand really strong.

BOOM!!!!! BANG!!!! KA-POW!!!!

The feet were defeated!

Week 16 Rock solid by Colin

I was walking by the hand man when a cantankerous man pushed me. I got mad but an angelic voice said “no – take me down and I will help you.”

I was scared but looked around and saw Hand man so I grabbed him and took it home. It helped me with homework and jobs. Next day I got an A and $5 dollars.

A search party went out for the hand so I had to break him but he wouldn’t break. Why? I wondered. I searched the internet -nothing came up. I went outside and saw an army of men. Oh oh.

Week 16: No one knew by Liam A

One day I went to New Zealand.  After the plane landed we got out. We went to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. The next day we went shopping to get some clothes for me and my dad. On the way back I saw a statue of a hand.

That night I absconded outside and ran over to the statue.  All the fingers were out except the thumb. I went to the back of the statue and turned the thumb. Suddenly a secret door opened in the ground. I went in…

Week 16 Handman and the Governor’s antics By Danny

One day I was reading my comic but then suddenly I was in my comic.  By the way my name is Tom and I am reading Handman and the Governor’s antics.

Well back to the story. When I got in the comic I was on a building with Handman. The building was enormous. Then I saw the Governor and he was up to his usual antics. He was robbing a bank so Handman jumped down and… then I heard my mom calling my name.

Thank God it was only a dream. She woke me because we were going for a drive. When we were driving down the road, I saw an enormous hand on a huge building and then I remembered it looked like Handman in the comic.

Week 16 Friend Or Foe By Joe

One day Billy and I were walking into Cowboy land. At first, I thought the place would suck but it really didn`t in the end. There was a diamond gun there and it was worth 545,000,000,000 pounds. When it got dark our uncle came to collect us but we asked him if we could stay at the Cowboy hotel. In the morning we saw that something was covering the sun. We thought it was a U.F.O.   We were right.

There was an army of footmen that wanted the gun but they didn`t get it. In the end, there was one left and he was sad. We stole the gun and gave it to him. We told him NOT to give it to his master.

In the end we didn`t  know if he was a friend or foe.

Week 16: Doctor Hand By Sean

One day Doctor Hand was up to his shenanigans but not his old shenanigans. He was making a potion to turn his son into a hand to use him as a slave to build an army of hands. It took him all day and all night.

At last, he had it – he had the potion. So he crept into his son’s bedroom.  But as he walked he fell over his son’s toy car and spilled the potion all over himself…

Week 16:The hand: By Liam O

“Yum that’s some nice curry,” I said to my mom.

My friend and I were having a sleepover at my house. And then my mom said,” It’s time for bed guys.”  So we went upstairs.

When we got to the top of the stairs we heard a big loud bang! We ran to a window and looked out and saw a UFO up in flames.  Then we saw an alien hand.  We both agreed to run to the basement.  15 minutes later we saw a light and then I woke up to find alien hands everywhere.

I was scared…

Week 16 Robo hand By Dan

Proffesor  Ninetails  loved science but he always wanted a hand . One day he invented a stone hand . He splashed a mixture of cocktails on it. Suddenly a face appeared on the hand.

“I am Zygard ” buzzed the robot hand.

The profesor jumped with joy . The proffesor had programed him to get materials for inventions . Can you get me some scrap tins please ? asked the professor as soon as they got to know each other.   They became very close friends .



Week 16 A strange day by Ronan

Walking home from school I heard a window smash. Suddenly two robbers brushed by me carrying huge bags of money. Later on, I saw a random boy walking on the footpath eating a banana. No longer than a second later the boy turned into the Beano and Dandy superhero Banana man. He gave me a bar of chocolate.

Banana man also caught the robbers and put them where they belonged. When the town marathon passed the person at the front was non-other than the  Beano and Dandy speed runner Billy Wizz. When I got home I said “mom get me my dinner”  and she said,” I don’t have three hands.”

Suddenly a giant hand walked in and said “need a hand?”

Week 16 The Unknown Hero By Maciej

Once when we were in town shopping, we saw something flinging in the air. Everyone thought that it was a bird . Suddenly someone shouted robbers .

Soon the thing flew down and caught the robbers and flew away. Later on the guard came and took the robbers.

The people said that a hand that could fly caught the robbers.  Nobody knows who he was at all.

Week 16 Quasi the Babysitter By Aidan

Andys and Mia’s parents were going up to Dublin so they had to get a babysitter. They called all the people they knew but they were all going to the match too. Finally, they got babysitter but he wasn’t exactly a human.

They met him along time ago.His name was Quasi. So the next day Quasi came.  When he walked in the door the children noticed he wasn’t a human. Andy ran away screaming and Mia hid in the closet.


The next morning Andy was annoying his little sister but then Quasi came In.  “Stop annoying your sister” he said.  Andy stopped. From that day on they called him handman.

Week 16 Quasi By Jack

One day a mad aggressive ghastly scientist named Quasi wanted to do an idiotic thing that no other scientist had done before. So he went home and had some dangerous chemicals with him.

He made a mixture that was toxic and hazardous and poured it on nearly every limb on his body. Then the limbs dropped off and regenerated nearly instantly and the ones that dropped off came to life.

But……the right hand grew to the size of a man and had an abominable mind of its own…

Week 16 Not so handy by Ciaran

One day Professor Fancy Pants was just coming back from New Zeland with a souvenir of a hand with a face on it. A few days later while the professor was asleep a chemical fell on the hand. Courageously the professor crept downstairs and saw an enormous and aggressive hand destroying his lab.

He ran through the house and there was pandemonium everywhere.  He stayed at his mother’s house because his house was a hazardous site.

Why didn’t I get the russian dolls? he wondered.

Week 16 The Hand’s Revenge by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tom came back from New Zealand. He brought me a hand called Quasi. I hated the hand and put it in the attic.

That night I heard noises in the playroom but I thought it was nothing. When I got up the playroom was a mess. I cleaned it and played my PS4 .

The next night I heard a whisper in my ear. I was startled. Scared I hid under my covers.

The next morning my favourite toy was ripped to shreds.

Who did this ? Then I realised it was Quasi…

Week 16 Glove Guy by Mathew O’G

Once upon a time in Christchurch, New Zealand lived a pair of menacing robbers. The local police could never catch them for they were too good at what they did. They robbed the local bank monthly .The bank had only one security guard who was plump and could not run fast . They hired a new guard but he was useless .

The town needed some kind of superhero if they wanted to catch them . When they robbed the bank again, off the roof jumped a hand in a glove and it threw them into jail for the rest of their lives.


Week 16 : The Experiment by Tadhg

One day a ghastly scientist was contemplating his important experiment. This experiment was about making a person immortal. He tested it on a person walking down the road and the man turned into an enormous  hand .

The hand started to cry very loudly and started to flood the whole town. Then after a while, the man turned back into a person and the ghastly scientist was put in a menacing pandemonium filled prison.

Luckily the man didn’t turn into an enormous horrible hand again. Or did he . . .

Week 16: Handy Andy By Naglis

It was night-time in the city and Andy or as most people called him HandMan was watching if there was any trouble. Suddenly he saw a bright white light coming from the bank. He ran as quick as the wind to the bank. Quietly he peeked through the window.

“Oh no,” he thought there were nearly ten of them. He knew the men there were definitely not affable. There was pandemonium inside and their boss was up to his usual shenanigans. He went in and with one blast out of his thumb he knocked all of them down.

Will he become a Marvel superhero?

Week 16 The Handy Hand By Matthew D

So I was getting ready to go to New Zealand on a holiday for the first time. We got on the plane. It was a very long exhausting flight. We eventually landed and I was ravenous so we got something to eat. Suddenly I heard an alarm – the bank across the street was being robbed.

Then a courageous limber Hand jumped off a roof and stopped the robbers in their stride. He was contemplating whether he would let them go or tie them up. Eventually he tied them up and the Gardaí took them away . The Handy Hand saved the day.

Week 16: James Is A Hand For A Day By Adam

Earlier today James the professor spilled a potion which turned him into a hand. He was contemplating for 4 hours trying to think of a plan. Jim and I were trying to find a potion to change him back.

Jim’s mother chuckled in the corner. My dad was in the other corner with an angry look in his deep dark eyes. We had to sleep in the lab because of the hazardous weather. That was not a good omen.

The next day we found a potion to get James back to normal. When we got home my mother was getting bombarded with questions by my sister.