Week 16 A stray dog By Adam

One day my friend and I were in town walking when we saw a furry dog tied on a leash. We went over to rub the dog when suddenly a vehicle slowly drove past with really loud music blaring. We stayed by the dog for a while but no one came to get the get the dog. We untied it and took it home.

A few hours later there was a knock at the door and when we opened it people were looking for a missing dog that looked exactly like the one we took  They came in and took the dog back and we were sad. Mom said we could just get another one and so we did.

Week 16 The Bank Robbery By Kristupas

We were preparing to put everything into the vehicle and rob the bank. My buddy said to put on a furry hat so they wouldn’t recognise us so I did. As we were driving to the bank, there was a very big hill so the car climbed up very slowly. It was harder with pounding music on in the car. When we got there it was eight-thirty. We had to get into the vent before nine so we ran with our gadgets to the vent.  When we got in we crawled to the gem, got it with the gadgets and went home with no problem

Week 16: The Alien Attack: By Liam A

It was a stormy day and my mom and I were going to my granny and grandad’s house.  I was playing calming music in the car. As we slowly climbed the hill we saw a flying vehicle in the sky.

When we reached the top of the hill there was commotion around the town – people were running across the road with furry blue aliens chasing them. Suddenly everything stopped and all the aliens stared at our car. It was almost as if they were attracted to the light.  Mom went to reverse down the hill but the aliens stopped the car. We were surrounded.

Was this to be the end?

Week 16 The Furry Creature By Ronan

One day as I was walking along the footpath, I came across this strange looking furry creature moving slowly towards me. I stood still in the hope that the strange-looking creature would go away but it didn’t. It climbed right up my body and hung onto my head. I ran and ran but the creature stayed put right where it was. Finally, the creature hopped off but it did push me into the back of a black vehicle. It started the van and took off.  The music that was blaring out in the front and could be heard for miles.

Week 16 Mt Everest By Aidan

As I walked into the base camp cameras flashed and people cheered. I was going to be one of the first up Everest. I put on my furry fur-lined coat and walked over to the monk. I could hear the news in the background and a reporter saying how nobody has climbed Everest and survived. A monk gave me his blessing while I got into a black vehicle. I was only getting driven up the mountain road until it ended so I asked the driver to turn on some music. Finally the van came to a halt. For a split second, there was absolute silence, I got out of the car and slowly made my way up to camp 1…

Week 16 The Crash by Dylan

I was sweating. This was the biggest moment of my life. If I won this race I was the Formula 1 champion of the world. There was music blaring in the background. My furry mascot, Ryan the Rhino cheered me on as I walked nervously to my vehicle.

I started out when suddenly, CRASH!!!! I lost control of my car and it went flying off the road. I climbed slowly out of the wreckage and got away with only minor injuries.

I later found out my rival driver hijacked my car and did something to the engine so I would lose…

Week 16 The Videogame By Conor H

One normal day at my house I was playing my favourite videogame, Derby crash. This game is a car game. You win by crashing into the other people and when their car explodes. IT IS THE BEST!

‘Henry’ Mom shouted ‘Time for bed’

‘Ok’ said Henry.

Off I went.  I walked down the hall and leaped into my bed. I was really looking forward to the following as it was Saturday. ..

Suddenly I teleported into an unknown dimension. Then I realized I was in the videogame. I was driving around the place crashing into other cars and the music was really loud.

Week 16: The Demolition Derby: By Dan

3! 2! 1! GO!  We were away every Demolition Derby vehicle.                                      Team Furry was the favourite for this race, but they were already near the very back.

I drifted slowly around the first corner and I did so lap after lap until the last lap. It was a battle for the front- My team Vs Team Furry.  Both our cars were in a horrendous condition after the crashes and bashes that we had received.

Suddenly disaster struck. Furry ‘s  Car shot into the air and hit the ground. I looked back as the driver climbed out of the wrecked car.

I Had Won The Race.

Week 16 Escaping by Colin

My feet were sore. My furry jacket barely managing to keep out the cold.  I could still hear the vehicle behind me as I hopped over a low wall. The vehicle had music playing. I looked over my shoulder to see the black vehicle slowly come to a halt at the wall. Four robust men stepped out of the vehicle. They were covered in thick black armour. The letters W I C K E D were printed onto their armour sleeves. I tripped over another low wall and fell. As I looked up, pain shooting through my body, I saw the men advancing forward. Suddenly I was being pulled back and then I blacked out.