Week 17: The Mystery By Adam

One dark dreary night I saw something in my press. It looked like a red snake. As the clock chimed at midnight I went outside and cycled to my friend’s house. I got him to come to my house the following morning and all we saw was my dog.

The day went on. When it turned nighttime I saw it again and told my friend to take a picture of it. Before we turned on the light it had disappeared. It was inexplicable. My friend was contemplating what to do.

Outside something hazardous was slithering around the garden. A snake was found in the morning and taken to the pet store.

Week 17 Diary Entry By Szymon

This was the best day of my life. First of all, I woke up to the chiming of my grandfather clock. Before midday, I cycled to my best friend’s house. We played with lego at his house. We also played his x-box one. Arond three o clock my family and I had a flavoursome, scrumptious and appetizing dinner.

Then we went to the zoo. I saw menacing lions, monkeys making buffoons of themselves and baboons up to their usual skullduggery. I dashed over to see a red mamba snake. It looked very scary and aggressive. After that we went home and ate supper.

Week 17 :The last snake by Sean

One stormy night I was in bed asleep. I was dreaming about the last red snake. In my dream, I was running through a damp forest. Then a few minutes I saw a red snake.

I was terrified at first but it began to be nice. But suddenly smoke when flying into the air.I was not scared but the snake was. It jumped up and bit my leg.

I went outside and got my bike and I cycled all the way down to my uncle’s house. But before I checked the clock in my uncle’s house I heard a scream…

Week 17:The accident: by Liam A

One wet stormy night I was lying on the couch. I was watching my new clock ticking left and right. I got up and saw something red behind the TV. I walked closer and closer until I noticed it was a snake.

It was the KING PYTHON, nearly the most venomous snake in the world. Before it sprayed its venom on me I just got out the way. I started running and the snake wasn’t far behind. I saw my bike over by the shed I got up on it and cycled away from the snake.

I looked back to see if the snake was there…CRASH!!!

Week 17 Venom out by Colin

Slowly I plodded through the muck and sand. I heard a branch break and leaves crinkling together. I foùnd a bike and cycled on it through the trees. I hèàrd more noises : bullet ants and howls.  I looked at my watch and it was 3 o clock. I got off my bike and heard a hiss from behind the tree!

But before I went over I took a deep breath. I trembled and walked over a red snake with venomous fangs as sharp as blades. It leapt at me and sliced its fangs into my smooth skin. Blood dribbled out and I was in pain as if 20 bears had scaped me. Soon the venom kicked in… Thankfully help came and I was okay.

Week 17 The zoo by Joe

It was my birthday and Billy and I were going to the zoo. Before we go out to the car I check the post box. ” Nothing ” I said .

The zoo was packed  . ” Has it ever been this full? ” asked Billy. As we went through the big red gates I noticed that it was already 5 o clock. “Mum, can we go into the reptile house please? ” said Billy.

But we did not wait for an answer and ran in. We saw a sign and it read “Do not feed animals. ” But that’s what we did. The snake went crazy.

We left after and went for a cycle when we got home. We cycled around for an hour. It was the

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST BIRTHDAY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week:17 Scary Moment By Mikolaj.

One frosty day I cycled home from school. Before I was at home I saw a big, sneaky, ravenous snake.  I was scared and took my red bike and cycled back to school. I looked at the clock and it was 23:56 and school start at 9:00 am So I went to sleep fast.

By the time I woke up, it was 6:00 am.  I don’t know why so I went back to sleep and woke up and it was 11:30 am.  I saw my class outside playing soccer…

Finally I went to school and said sorry for being late to school to my teacher. What a dramatic day!


Week 17 The Snake By Matthew D

My friends and I were in London to see the clock Big Ben as we had never seen it before. So we rented out a red bike and cycled to Big Ben. I felt a shiver go down my spine and within a matter of seconds, an enormous ghastly snake pounced on me. Luckily, my friends courageously got it off me.

They then called animal control to take the snake away.  I was contemplating whether I would stay in England or go back to Ireland. But in the end I stayed  in England for the day. That day was inexplicable.

Week 17 The last man standing by Kacper

Before I was setting up my maze, I went to put in the weapons. The game started.

My best friend  Timmy was playing but he was unlucky – he got a bow (no arrows). But he got a bike. He cycled around and he found a sword.(probably a player died). He saw  snake and he killed it. He kept on cycling until he saw arrows.  That was good because he had to fight a gorila. When he got to the main area he fought with a gorila . He broke the gorilas back and he felt sorry for the gorila, but he was happy to win.

Week 17 The Snake In The Kitchen by Ronan

One dark dreary night before bedtime, I heard a hissing in the kitchen. So I decided to go outside and get my bike and cycle around the house three times on my red bike. That always helped when I was hearing things.

When I went back in I was bamboozled by the strange clock. I went up to my room and tried to ignore it. About one hour later there was a bit of a crash. Once again I tried to ignore it but I just couldn’t. So I crept down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. The first thing I saw was an empty box of corn flakes and a slimy green snake!

Week 17:The magic clock by: Mathew O’G

Many years ago before I was born my Grandad was given a red Grandfather clock. He was only three at the time. The clock had many designs on it such as snakes and dragons. My Grandad told his Mother it was magical. “Don’t be daft,” she said “….But..but,…” “No buts!” she said, “magic is not real.”

That night he told his Mother to fold her arms and shout HUZZA!!


“Believe me, now,” he said sarcastically. “WHAT?” gasped his Mother…They both went back in time when everyone cycled instead of driving. They stayed happily in the year 1921 for the rest of their lives.

Week 17 :The science contest by Aidan

One bright sunny day Professor  Snake was trying to turn a cheetah red for the science contest. He needed a hair of a buffalo, a spike of a porcupine and a scale of a red-bellied snake. After mixing all that together Professor Snake brought in the cheetah and poured the potion on it.

The cheetah began bouncing around and bombarded towards the professor. The cheetah was red -it was completely red. Before it was yellow but now it was red. As Professor Snake looked at the clock he noticed it was time for the science fair. He jumped on his bike and cycled to the science fair with the cheetah behind him… he won first prize and he was delighted!

Week 17 Runaway Snake By Danny

One dark dreary evening my brother and I were watching the news. On the news it said, a black cobra which, is an aggressive snake, escaped from the nearby zoo. It said that it had already killed 9 people.

Early next morning my brother went for a cycle on his red bike. Just before he went he had a bowl of cheerios for his breakfast.  Later that morning my alarm clock rang out loud and I went downstairs and ate my breakfast.  Suddenly my brother cycled through the door in a panic and broke a vase…

Just then a snake slithered out the door and down the steps.


Week 17:The red king cobra by Liam O

Chop, Slice, Chop, Slice…

“Are we ever going to get out of here and find the temple?” I said.

“Maybe but if we do we must not show it to the public,” my friend answered as he continued cutting the bushes in front of him.

Two minutes later I heard hissing in the bushes before me.

I said “Bro I think we should start running because I hear hissing… “Then I looked behind me and saw a red king cobra. I screamed “AHH SNAKE!!!!!”

While we were running I looked at my watch and the clock said 3.14.  Finally, we saw our bikes. Quickly we got on the bikes and cycled away happily.


Week 17: WHY ME By Marc

One damp rainy day I cycled to the beautiful green forest. I had an alarm clock on my bike so I knew when to come home. Suddenly I cycled over a hard rock. After a while, I heard a hiss so I stopped and looked.

I heard the crunch of the leaves on the ground. I got scared so I cycled off. Before I came here I thought of bringing my phone, but I was a buffoon and left my phone at home. So I started heading back home until my bike stopped and I fell. I saw a long red thing behind a tree. I went over to check. There was nothing there, I was bamboozled.

Then a snake slithered out of nowhere.