Week 18: Wicked Warriors By Naglis

“Yay, I’m going to Sydney!” Robert exclaimed.

After an extremely long flight Robert was exhausted. Then he had a relaxing nap and  was more energetic than ever.

First of all he went to Sydney Opera House which was absolutely fantastic.              Next he went to a beach not far from his opulent hotel. The lavender sand was as smooth as a varnished table. In the distance he spotted dozens of multicoloured  figures.

“I must go see that,” he whispered to himself.

Cautiously, he tiptoed over to the smallest warrior and he suddenly disappeared. “HELP!”              

Week 18 The Odd Statues By Kacper

I was in Australia and was heading to the Sydney Oprea House when suddenly I saw strange and interesting statues.

“What are they?” I asked myself.

There were about 200 of these statues and I was in shock. After when I came from my vacation I learned that they were not statues. Instead, they were souls of the old samurais and they came back to kill other people.

They said that they killed 2 people already and they were seeking more revenge.

I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks and never want to see them again.

Week 18: He is sorry By Marc

“Let them go!”

Everybody was shouting. Some people were being held hostage in the Sydney Opera House. About a day later the aggressive, menacing man was arrested. While we were in court he was very cantankerous. So I decided to make a strong, ferocious army to protect our Sydney Opera House.

Everybody was laughing at me – calling me stupid. I was the only one to contemplate about protecting the Sydney Opera house. Sometime later people were being held hostage again in the Sydney Opera House. But this time the man was abominable and was mammoth in size. My army came in and arrested him. Suddenly the crowd started calling me the champion.

Now the Sydney Opera House is safe.

Week 18: The Golden Warrior By Sean

One night a man was stealing the golden warrior. The only place he could go was the Sydney Opera House. So he dragged the large golden warrior behind him. But as soon as he got there he had to hide the golden warrior and he hid it under the Sydney opera house. He was arrested.

15 years later when he was out he went straight to Sydney to the opera house. When he got to the opera house the warrior was alive and it ran and grabbed the man. They ran off and there was no sign of either of them ever again.

Week 18 Regret By Matthew D

As I stepped off the plane the beautiful Australian air blew into my face.  After that, I went to Sydney Opera house and a strange man performed an amazing show  – you could see that he was proud of it. When we came out I saw there was a lot of pandemonium going on in the streets.

I loathed the thought of bustling my way through the crowds but at the same time I really wanted to see what all the commotion about. I then realised they were coloured statues. I looked at one right in the eye and then I turned into a red coloured statue.

Week 18 My Holiday In Sydney By Danny

In 2017 my family and I went to Sydney on our holidays for two whole weeks. When we arrived in Sydney we went to our hotel, booked in and went straight to sleep as the journey had taken us an astonishing 23 hours.

One week later we had visited Sydney Opera House, Sydney F.C. home ground where they play, the beach and of course the pool in the hotel every day.

On the day we were going home we decided to go and see the twelve statues across from Sydney Opera House. When I went to take a picture of one … he put his hand on my shoulder.


Week18 The rescue by Mathew OG

There is an army next to the Sydney opera house. They look like statues but they are actually ninjas.

One day a huge explosion happened right next to the opera house. The ninjas heard and they flipped and rolled stealthily towards the opera house. They investigated the scene wondering where the bomb was thrown from.

Just then they heard a loud continuous beeping sound and BOOM!.

The ground shook from the force of the bomb. Many were ok but others were badly injured. The bombs just kept on coming and more powerful as they came…


Week 18, Trip to Sydney by Tim

Last week my father and I went to Sydney. My father bought a hotel for us to stay in for the three weeks. I was so excited to go and see the Opera House. We got to Sydney late so we had to go to sleep first.

The next morning I woke up very early. I brushed my teeth as I had eaten cereal for breakfast. My dad woke up at 1/2 past 8 and he also had cereal. After his breakfast we both got ready and we got a Taxi to take us to the Opera House.

After visiting the Opera house we took a photograph. After the photo, I looked at the picture and I saw coloured statues in the background. We went closer to see them. I touched one and I slowly turned into one of the colourful statues. ..

…My dad couldn’t find me because I looked like the other statues.

Week18 The curse of the statue BY: TADHG

Tom turned to stone straight away with only the sound of crying left in the air. Wacky the wizard ran and hid while he watched his first couple victims turn to stone. He ran to hide somewhere closer to see random people from the street turn to stone . Soon everyone would be turned to stone. He laughed an evil but hearty laugh.
Do you know what made him do it?
Do you know what infuriated him beyond belief that he turned people to stone?
Well, what made him furious was that he was sold a sandwich for 100 euro.

Week 18 : A terrifying nightmare By Oisin

I was going to Sydney when I saw a big jelly man. I wanted to take a picture and when I did one of them grabbed me and five of them took me to a cave. They started making a stew and then I heard these exact words …” time for the final ingredient” –   Time froze.  What if I was the final ingredient?

Then I looked at the positive side. I always wondered what it would be like to be dead … but time froze for me again and in a blink, I was in bed.  It must have been a dream ( Thank God!)

Week 18 : The red headed aliens : By Maciej

The aliens were ready to attack.

“They have their laser guns ready to shoot, Captain Syz,”  said the alien commander.

“Okay, we will drop them on Earth, in Australia,”  he said and pressed the button to drop the alien capsules .

The capsules landed in the sea . They burst in half before touching the water and the aliens swam to the edge of the beach. When the aliens reached beach people ran away. Everyone was scared but one of the painters by accident dropped his paint on one and the alien’s head turned red and he turned in to a statue. The painter then took more paint and spread it on the aliens and they all turned into colourful statues.

Week 18 Mime Artists by Ciarán

I was so excited my dad and I were going to Sydney Opera House. I have been waiting for this all year.
We were too late when we arrived so we decided just to go to the hotel first. On the way out we came across some mime artists –  a lot of them.
At first I thought I was going insane but then my dad saw them too – there were close to a trillion mime artists there.  I saw a lot of red and blue ones  and two purple ones.  Then one of the purples started to move and he ran straight at me… 😦¿`

Week 18 A Mysterious figure By Jack

One day in Sydney, Australia a mysterious cloud appeared. The cloud was coloured yellow, blue, red, green, purple and white. Suddenly there was the crack of thunder and a dazzling bolt of lightning struck the ground.
And in the exact spot where the lightning struck stood a figure like a human being except frozen still and all the colours that were in the cloud were covering it.
Everyone around the figure stared at it in awe but that was their mistake. Then without warning, a menacing little girl skipped over to the figure.
“Mommy -look at this thing,” the little girl called out chuckling.
“Honey,” called the little girl’s mother ” Get away from it.”
But it was too late.  She was frozen still.
“Run!” Someone shouted, “And don’t look at them.”