Week 18 The slow journey By Adam

My family and I were on the way home from a long journey to Dublin. It was so boring but luckily I had my IPad to entertain me. As we left the city there was a vast traffic jam and big commotion. “We will get out soon” My Mom Said. “But it is so slow,” I replied. We were there for hours on end. We got out of the city but as we were going into the town nearest to our home there was a crash so we had to turn around and go the long way. The journey was supposed to take 3 hours but it took 7 hours.

Week 18 The Tank By Kristupas

It was the day . The day I got to test the new tank that America is working on. I can`t wait I have to drive around with the crew and see if it`s fast. When I was driving to the base I saw the tank in the distance I said to my self “I hope It`s fast”. When I got there I was told that the drivers meticulously worked on the tank. The tank was called T32. It had to be the fastest tank. When I went in it felt awesome” but it is so slow” I said to myself. That was a big mistake they made. It will take a long time to repair.

Week 18: The Bank Robbery: By Liam A

It was night and our gang was outside the bank. This had to go well. Surprisingly I saw my one and only nemesis standing in an alleyway trying to rob the bank. We lock picked the door and got in. We saw the jewels in a bulletproof case so we took out our lasers and pointed them at the glass. We cut a perfect circle and took the jewels. Then the alarm went off. We ran out and got into the van. We started to drive but it is going so slow I thought we were definitely going to get caught.




Week 18: Late For Hogwarts By Benny

We were going to be late. It was going to be my first day at Hogwarts. We all rushed into the car. King’s Cross station was about 2 hours from our house. There was no way we’d be there on time. My siblings weren’t helping because they were fighting about which house I would be in. I hoped to be in Ravenclaw.

Our car broke down halfway there so we borrowed a vintage car. “We’ll be there in no time.” My dad said. “But it is so slow.” I said back.

We finally arrived at King’s Cross station. The gate to 9 3/4 was closed. We were too late.

Wk 18 The Train By Joe

The date is the 24th of February 1940. We’re waiting for the train that will take us to Auschwitz, it’s a terrible feeling. They made us line up and stand in the cold. “What’s that noise? ” I hear someone say. It was a train, a gigantic train.

I was happy that there was a train because it was freezing. But suddenly I saw another train on the rail at our side. It’s an old train and doesn’t look like it’s going to get us anywhere fast. It was only then when I realised that it was packed with people. I got on and it started moving. But it is so slow, I would rather walk to Auschwitz .

Week 18 The Race by Ben

It was the day of the race I was worried that the new car would not be good. But the engineer said that it was the fastest car yet. When the race started I was last immediately. But it is so slow I said. Then I saw a button that said sonic I pressed it and it went incredibly fast. I couldn’t even control it. It was about to crash straight into the audience and I couldn’t stop it…


Week 18 Terrible Train By Aidan

“Come on get in the car” shouted my brother as I walked out the door. I jumped in the car and mum drove off. When we got to the train station we looked up at the times for Dublin. First, it said two minutes then five minutes after that ten and it went all the up to fifty-nine.

After an hour we saw the slowest train in history scrape along the tracks. “We can still make it to Dublin by 10 pm” said mom cheerfully. “But it is SO slow” I moaned. The station speaker called out that the train would arrive in Dublin by 3am. I moaned once more while I plodded on to the train.

Week 18 The Ford Thunderbird By Conor H

It was a normal day at the A.G.E.N.T headquarters. Suddenly a call came in and said A.G.E.N.T ‘s arch nemesis were trying to steal the ATM.

Everyone ran to the get ready for the big chase. Then the driver got to the car. Then the car would not start. It must have been the bad guys. They had no other choice but to get into the old vintage Ford Thunderbird.

The gate opened and moved as slow as a snail out the building.

The secret agent thought “But it is s0 slow, I wish I had a super fast car!”

Week 18 The Getaway by Dylan

I sprinted out of the bank, my bags stuffed with money. I knew the guards would be there any second. I hopped into my car but it just wouldn’t start. I dashed away as I heard sirens behind me.
I had a cunning plan I would go to the train station because I knew a train would be there shortly and just as the train was about to arrive I would jump to the other side and run away. I ran to the train station and saw the train coming but it is so slow, I jumped and fell onto the track…..

Week 18 The Train To Auschwitz By Colin

I was shoved into the line of Jews. The Nazi soldier looked at me disapprovingly. My friend, Joseph, was slotted behind me. Our line was boarding a rusty train. There were still about 200 people waiting in line. The line slowly moved forward as people boarded the rusty train. I boarded the rusty train and found a seat. Joseph sat next to me. The train started to move slowly along the tracks. “Do you want to go to Auschwitz?” Joseph said suddenly. “No” I replied. Joseph sighed sadly “we’ll be there soon on this train”. “But it is so slow” I moaned.  Suddenly the train came to a halt.”Oh, Never mind” I said.

Week 18 The Ford Thunderbird By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to the airport, my car started making a strange noise. After a while, it came to a sudden halt. I hopped out and ran back to my house. I asked my neighbour who was very old if I could borrow his ancient Ford Thunderbird. He said yes. So I hopped and fired up the engine. I pulled out of the driveway going at such a slow speed that a slug could overtake me with ease.

“But it is so slow” I shouted.

“Live with it,” he shouted back.

When I finally arrived at the airport my plane had already taken off.

“I wish this car could fly” I muttered…. A few seconds later the car took off into the air.

Week 18 The project by Warren

It was a Monday morning in school. Mrs. Jackson said that she had an announcement. Then she spoke and said that we would all have to build a robot for a race and it had to be done by Friday. So that night I got to work. I built a robot using the materials she gave us and to make it faster I put extra wheels on. I called my mum to come up and see if it was fast. So I tested it and it didn’t go as fast as I thought. She said I think it’s good. “But it is so slow” I… Before I could finish she said don’t be silly.

That Friday my robot won the race and I was happy

Week 18 The red flags by Jacob

Today we’re doing a mission – a very IMPORTANT mission. I’m in squadron  5 aka the red flags. Mother told me not to join the war because she might never ever see me again. I told her I was fighting for grandfather then she started to cry.

The time had come when we were told to get in our aircraft. I complained to the commander “BUT IT IS SO SLOW” I said. “Stick to your aircraft solider- that’s an order.”” Fine ” I said.

As our bombers made our way to the French coast  ME 214’s came and attacked our bombers. Screams came through the radios as bombers got shot down


The bombs dropped –  explosions came out of nowhere.

Doomsday had begun.

Week 18: The Leap of Faith By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was taking the train to work as usual except today was way different.

I was sitting on the bench waiting for the train to arrive looking at my phone when I heard some rustling in the bush. I turned around and saw a bunch of soldiers dash out from the bush. With my heart pounding, I jumped off the bench and screamed.

A soldier came up to me and said: “everything is going to be alright but first you need to get out of here.”

I said, “but I’m waiting for my train.”

He replied with “just go” in an annoyed voice.

“But it is SO slow…I…I… oh alright,”

Reluctant and confused I agreed. I grabbed my phone and went for the bridge. I knew the only way was to get across.

As I was running the middle of the train exploded leaving a gap in it.

“I can do this- it is not that big” I whispered to myself. I walked back slowly and then dashed for it. I jumped as high as I could. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was on the other side of the bridge. “I made it” I said to myself. “I made it.”


Week 18 The Prison Escape By Evan

I woke up this morning in my smelly jail cell. I got out of my cell and went for breakfast and we had sandwiches. When my gang told me they had a plan to escape they told me they had made an escape route in the yard. So we said that we would meet in the yard before lights out so I got ready.

We met up in the yard and went through the tunnel. We found an old car so we got in it “but it is so slow” I said then told them we needed to go swiftly. We got caught about an hour later.