Week 18:The Statues:By Liam A

One wet stormy day I was going for a walk. It started to rain so I went into a  restaurant.  I saw a statue outside and then two more came out of nowhere. Soon the sun came out. So I went over to the three statues and rubbed my eyes because I thought I saw a door in the ground but I must have been just daydreaming.

Then I leaned up against the statue and heard a click. I saw that door again in the ground. I walked over to it and went in.

All I saw were diamonds and gold.


One dark day three little alien men were trying to invade Earth. They sent lots of messages to what they called the Earthlings and then they decided to invade on Saint Brigid’s day.

They went in towards the blue and green planet but crash-landed in a beautiful place called Cork city.  It was a  really big place so they started going into shops and bought a few things.  They had the time of their lives there so they went back to their spaceship and decided not to blow up Earth.

They went back to their planet – exhausted and went for a nap  in their intergalactic beds .

Week 18 The stone bee by Aidan

One bright sunny day Kevin and Charlie were going for a snack in the South Pole Inn. Just when they were about to go in they saw a grey bee. Kevin was terrified (as usual). Charlie was interested in the bee and went closer (even though he is usually a scardey cat like Kevin).When Charlie got too close he got stung. He started turning grey and froze.

Then Kevin chased the bee. He got stunned and froze too. Someone noticed and she called the ambulance. When Kevin woke up he was in the hospital…

Week 18 Made Of Stone by Conor

One beautiful day I was walking down the street in China with my family to go to a restaurant. On the way, I thought I saw superhero ( or villain?) Stoneman and got a bit terrified. But  I decided to just ignore him and went in.

After I was done in the restaurant he was still there. Then I saw them! There were some affable people down the road that got turned into stone!


Week 18: The Battle by Marc

It was a sad dark day in the war against the aliens in DARK DRAIN Planet. The only way to defeat them was to freeze them. We had already tried that so we asked Brain Ben the smartest person in the world.” Can we make them int…… ” BANG – “Oh no – they’re here on planet Earth to destroy our world for revenge for nuking their planet DARK DRAIN.”

“I need you to make a stone gun. GET BUILDING RIGHT NOW !” shouted Brain Ben.   It would be ready in  30 minutes.

“It’s ready Sir.”

“Now Airforce, lead the aliens here.”  

“Airforce coming in there over base – copy. “

“Shoot in 1….2…….3  FIRE. “

Week 18: One day In Singapore by Liam

One day in the micro-nation of Singapore in the Japanese restaurant I got the traditional usual curry. Suddenly I heard a big BANG.  I stopped eating and ran outside. I saw a big alien spaceship and according to Japanese scientists the aliens are called Seatians and they are from a region on Mars called Seatia.

Suddenly the Seatians started abducting people. I ran and found a gun called an M1035  -it was an SMG.  As I was firing the Seatians were sending down the people they had abducted.  They had turned them into aliens to destroy the Earth. I then hid in a bush and watched as they burned the city to bits. When they were finished, they got into the spaceship and flew away forever.

Week 18 The Hotel By Danny

Once there was a family with 3 people in it. The mom’s name was Sandra, the dad’s name was Kevin and the son’s name was Jeff. They were a very kind family. They would always say hello to you if they walked past you and would always give money to the poor.

But one Sunday they got knocked down by a car and all 3 of them sadly died. So all the community built a hotel for them and put a statue made out of stone in front of the hotel.

Nowadays everyone goes there to have a chat, a drink and a bite to eat.

Week 18: Stone statues, Dan

One bright sunny day in my favourite game called MINECRAFT, I felt like going to Blocky Bill’s restaurant.

As I walked out the door I saw a  flying bow. I ignored it because  I thought I had seen it before. What I did not know was that an evil mastermind was holding the bow.

I walked out onto the street and bumped into my neighbours Steve and Alex. We all decided to go to Bills together. As we walked into the restaurant an arrow landed on the ground.

CRACKLE!!  Everything turned to stone … including us.


Week 18 The Family By Szymon

It was a normal Sunday morning.  Someone famous was coming to Singapore. A family came to meet the person and maybe get an autograph from the person. There were three people in the family. The child was full of skulduggery. The mom was angelic and the dad looked menacing but was very nice.

Suddenly they saw a man hiding a shiny object. When he sprinted off the family went to see what it was. …It was a bomb. They roared that someone had placed a bomb in a bush. When everybody fled except for the family the bomb exploded.

They put up statues to remember these people. 

Week 18:The Moving Statues : by Maciej

One evening I was going to a party at my friend’s house. As I was passing the restaurant I saw three new statues. Later that night when I was going back I saw that the statues had moved.

I thought I must be daydreaming so I went home. The next day I went shopping. As I was passing the restaurant, I saw guards standing in front of the restaurant. The statues were gone.

I wonder what had happened?

Week 18 The Worst Birthday By Joe

As months went by my birthday finally came.

” Mum I want breakfast now! ” said Gary my little angelic brother. She dragged herself out of bed and made him some breakfast .

“I want Coco pops not pancakes! ” shouted Gary in rage.

“It`s your brother’s birthday and he wants pancakes. ”  That made him really annoyed.

When we were finished our food we went town. After going from shop to shop we decided to eat . The first place was too busy but the second was perfect. After our food, we walked outside. It was the best day ever.

But as we were walking an evil monster came and turned us into stone. Well there goes the best day ever .


Week 18 3 Statues by Tim

It was a nice day. 2 boys Jack and Sam were playing outside. They invited their other friend over. His name was Alex.

One day they were having a sleepover at Sam’s house. They played lots of games and they had pizza for dinner. When Jack was going to the toilet he saw 3 statues staring at him. He ran downstairs to tell Alex and Sam.

When he told them Sam went to tell his parents. When he went back downstairs he saw the same statues. He told the others and then they got scared.

Alex went to the kitchen to get water and he saw the statues. He ran back to the others. They decided to go to their other friend’s house. They stayed there for the day.


Week 18: Terrorist Attack By Mathew O’G

Very recently a terrorist attack happened in Singapore. Nobody knew who the terrorists were. But they had a secret lair.  It was next to a restaurant with three statues outside. To get in you had to press down on the small statues head to enter the lair.

One odd day a clumsy policeman sat on the small statues head. He fell into the lair. He saw so many guns and rocket launchers. He was scared out of his wits. He rang the chief and told him to bring the whole station.

They caught the criminals and the policeman was given a medal of bravery.

Week 18 The Mystery by Ronan

36 years ago on a dark dreary night, three kind people were out for a late night walk. Suddenly a speeding car drove right into them and they were killed instantly.

There were three statues made out side the church. They were made to remember these three people died.

36 years later.

Once again on a dark dreary night the three statues were caught staring into the window of a restaraunt. They were said to have been talking to each other. One of them said “Hmm, I will order an extra, extra, extra large portion of chips and a mini pizza. I have not eaten for 36 years.”

Week 18 Statues By Jack

Outside a café next to one of the twin towers, a couple and their child were talking to each other when…BOOM! The building came down.

On the 12 of September, after the twin towers had fallen, the locals decided to put up three statues  -one a dad, two a mother and three. their child after they died a tragic death.

But now it is 2018 and still every day I walk past the statues and remember this family.

Week 18: A Frozen Fact By Naglis

It was a ghastly cold night in 1997 and Professor Cobra was making an unpleasant potion. Suddenly Jake his younger brother stormed in. He was plundering around until Professor Cobra stopped him.

“What do you want this time?”

“Nothing,” replied Jake.

“Then get out!” bellowed Professor Cobra.

Finally, he could carry on and hopefully Jake with his shenanigans would go away. Sadly a few months later he died because of cancer.

In early 2018 a posh family was going into a French restaurant. Just outside it, was where Professor Cobra spilled the potion. After a delicious enjoyable meal they stopped and they could not move  …They froze as statues!

Week 18 The Statue By Matthew D

One dark dreary night a robber and his gang had just robbed the bank. They got away. Cunningly, their leader said,”Let’s hide behind the three statues.” As soon as they made that move they knew that they were going to regret it .

All of a sudden the statues came to life. This bamboozled the robbers . Quickly the three statues coerced them into giving them all the money. They then tied them up and called the Gardaí to take them away. Then they gave all the money back to the bank.

The three courageous  statues saved the bank’s money.