Week 19: Mischievous Mathew By Naglis

Walking in the fringe of town Mathew was washed out so he bombarded Black Eyed Jack’s house with eggs. While he was at it he checked the house out as well. As he shoved the door open he peeped inside open-mouthed. Cautiously and carefully he tiptoed inside. His heart was thumping rapidly and it was beating like a drum. 

 Fortunately, he had brought his flashlight with him. He could see dozens of doors in front of him but he wouldn’t dare to go in. “The people weren’t lying, this house is really fraught with danger!” The last door creaked open suspiciously and he crept inside


When the door slammed shut Mathew knew he was trapped…

Week 19, Easter Holidays, by Mikolaj

It was Easter so my Dad and I were making Easter eggs. My grandparents hadn’t come yet so my Dad decided to take me to the barber. We needed to go because I had a long fringe.

My hair was grey but the barber dyed it black for some reason. It took about two hours so it was pitch dark outside when I was ready. I got my flashlight out of my pocket and it started flickering. As we were walking home we saw eggs cracked on the floor. Somehow we got home and my Grandparents were there. We spent Easter together and everyone was delighted that I  no longer had my fringe in my eyes.

Week 19 Busted By Matthew D

Strolling up to the fringe of the town I saw the black house. The people who lived in the house used eggs and egged other residents’ houses. As I was a detective I waited outside the house and hid behind the huge wall. It was then I heard the creaking of a door but it was just their neighbours who came out and washed the car.

Suddenly I saw a light flickering and I decided to go and investigate. The bulb in the kitchen was almost blown but I saw a figure in the kitchen too. I peered in the window and saw a man.  He went as pale as a ghost when he saw me and he ran.

Week 19: Never Again By Marc

Tired, I had to walk to the shop to get eggs. It was 5:45 pm and the shop closes at 6:00 pm. On the way, my best friend jumped out of a bush and scared me. I completely forgot about the eggs and it was 5:55 pm and I needed eggs.

So running as fast as lightning I reached the shop. Often the shop stays open later than 6 pm but it didn’t that day so I had to go to the damp old shop on the fringe of the town. It was pitch black by the time I reached the shop. The lights were flickering. But I got the eggs.

Then when I ate the eggs  I felt sick and every one was saying I looked washed out.                                                                         

Week 19 The Easter Egg Hunt By Danny

For Easter this year my granddad was doing an Easter egg hunt at the fringe of the town where we lived. He did it every year but this year was very special as he was hiding 12 eggs instead of 6.

When we started I found my first one in seconds and I was over the moon. After half an hour I had found 5 of them and my older brother Tommy had found six.

Just then I saw the last one. It was covered with a black file. After that I washed as it was dinner time.

Just then the light started flickering. Oh NO – A great start to the  day but a bad finish.

Week 19 The Kidnap by Tim

I was making myself some scrambled eggs with rashers when I saw a flickering light in the hallway so I went to change the light bulb. As I went back to eating my breakfast I suddenly heard a young boy screaming.

A man in a black hoodie was kidnapping the boy. I didn’t see the man’s face but I did see his long fringe. I chased him until I finally caught up with him. I was washed out but I was still able to push him to the ground. I called the police to come and get the man and they would also take the boy to his mother.

I felt very proud of myself.

Week 19 The washed up eggs by:Tadhg

Tom marvelled at the amazing eggs that washed up on the fringe of the big beach. The eggs were starting to crack and Tom started to get worried if the mother didn’t get back soon the babies would die.
He had to act fast because it was getting dark and his light was flickering. He lifted up the eggs and they were a lot heavier than he thought. He ran as fast as he could to get home before the sun went and it became pitch black.
The eggs hatched they were chicken eggs…

Week 19: Black Fringe By Sean

One day my dad told me a story about a man named Black Fringe. He told me that whoever throws an egg at the house will be pulled in.  You would see that it is pitch black…followed by a flickering light.

If you follow that light then you will see the sea.  Then there is another light and if you follow that one you will be at his bedroom where he is lying down. If you lay a hand on him you will be pulled outside and you will be washed away forever.

Week 19 The Island by Ciarán

It was midnight and it was pitch black. I woke up and I was washed up on to the beach. I was desperate for water and food. Soon I came across an old wooden shack at the fringe of the island. I was not alone. I could smell some scrambled eggs from inside. I went inside and it was hard to see because the lights were flickering. Suddenly I  realised that the door was shut and there was no way out. I was stuck  😥

Week 19 Black belly by Mathew og

It was a Saturday night and my friends and I were going on an adventure. I brought a flashlight and some cereal bars with me.

We set off for the fringe of town where Black Belly the saltwater crocodile lived. They say she was the deadliest croc out there. This adventure was fraught with danger.

As we made our way to the river my friend Bob had a sense of foreboding. When we arrived I turned on my flashlight and there seemed to be some eggs washed up on the shore. In the blink of an eye, one started cracking.

Just then my flashlight started flickering and then it turned off…and all you could hear was the growl of a saltwater croc…