Week19 Pandemonium Everywhere By Danny

My cousin scientist Sam loves science but he’s not very good. He works day and night trying to think of a new potion. Once he tried to make his brother Daniel disappear but he actually turned him into a girl so now Daniel is called Sarah but that’s another story.

But one day he made a potion and the potion was to make spiders smaller because he hates them. So one day he put it down a drainpipe. As it came down the drainpipe it hit a spider on the way down. Suddenly the spider got bigger and it didn’t get smaller.

There was pandemonium everywhere. Just then the spider bit him and now he is in hospital.

Week 19 Down the drain by Oisin

I heard a noise.  It came down the drainpipe. It was a very rare green budgie.

I raised it for two years. After that, my dad said it’s time to get rid of it. I refused and ran outside to hide the green budgie from my dad who went out looking for me.

My dad found me and took me home. Just when he was about to call the zookeeper I snatched the phone off of him and snuck into my room.

Then I found a way to keep the green budgie forever.

Week 19 Borrowers by Conor

One day I was going out to clean the mossy drainpipe, but when I went out to do the job I heard something rattling in the drain. I was terrified.

I took the lid off the drain and two microscopic people came flying out. They shot up the drainpipe and up to the gutter.

Unluckily it started to rain and one of the little people tried to hold on but it came down the drainpipe.

Week 19: The Spider : by Liam A

My little brother is very gullible.  For example, once I said it was raining cats and dogs and he went out to check. He wants to be a scientist when he is older but trust me he doesn’t have a hope.

One day he was making a potion to make everything bigger. Dad loathed him making potions because he always made a gigantic mess and dad had to clean it up.

My brother is the smallest in his class so that was why he wanted to make the potion. Dad grabbed it and poured it into the sink.  It came down the drainpipe and hit a spider. …The spider grew and grew….

Week 19: Magpie Thief, By Dan

One day at my house my Mom took off her rings. She put them by the window and walked off to go shopping.

When she did that, the diamond on the rings sparkled in the light. But that particular day she left the window open and a magpie flew off with the ring.

When Mom realised that her rings were gone she started crying. That night it started to rain and I heard metal falling.

The next morning I went outside and saw Mom’s ring. It came down the drain pipe. “The magpie must have dropped it,” I thought.

WEEK 19 VINNY’S TRIP! by Colin

Vinny was a drain spider  – a rare type of breed and that was because he had 15 LEGS!  People contemplate hard on whether to hunt them down or not.

One day Vinny was on the roof when a magpie dropped a diamond ring from its beak.  How unlucky for the magpie! Vinny got the piece of glorious glistening jewellery and spun a web around it. Low and behold, that dreary midnight a flood in the gutter pushed the ring along to the edge it came down the drainpipe.

When Vinny woke up the ring was gone!

Week 19 Don’t throw it in the bin By Tim

Once there was a young boy named Peter who loved science.  He wanted to be a scientist when he got older. He liked making fake potions with his friends but one day he decided to make a real potion.  He used chemicals. His dad saw him and he told him to stop. His dad took the potion and threw it in the sink. Peter was mad at his dad.

As the potion came down the drainpipe there was a spider at the bottom. When the potion landed on the spider the spider changed colour and began to glow.

When Peter was going to bed the spider went into Peter’s room…

Week 19 : The snake escape : By Maciej

This morning when I was going to school I met my best friend John. He told me that he was going on holidays to France and he said,” could you mind my pet snake? ” “Of course,” I said kindly.

On Friday he came to say goodbye and gave us the snake. The next day the snake was gone . We were very scared because it could bite someone. I went outside to look to see if he was there. Afterwards, I saw it.  It came down the drainpipe and I brought it inside .

Week 19 It came down the drainpipe by Mathew O’G

One very strange day when I was in school my pet mouse accidentally flushed himself down the toilet.  When I got back I was devastated – I thought he was gone forever.

But little did I know he was on a little mission.  That night I held his cage in devastation. I could not help myself but cry.

The next day in school my friends told me that he would come back.When I got home I saw something in the gutter –  it came down the drainpipe. It was my mouse!

Week 19 Croke Park disaster By Liam O

One day in the big smoke (A.K.A Dublin) there was a G.A.A match on.  It was  Kanturk vs Ballyragget.  A college teamed up with Ballyragget so Ballyragget could win the All Ireland Intermediate Club Hurling final. The Ballyragget manager had a rendezvous with a man from the college.

The manager said, “you must lock all Kanturk fans in the car park at the college.”

“OK,” the man then shouted after their rendezvous.

The next day rolled by when the man went to close the gates. He dropped the key and It came down the drainpipe. All the Kanturk fans were able to cheer on the Kanturk hurlers and Kanturk won the All Ireland intermediate club hurling final.

Week 19 Unlucky by Kacper

I woke up and my day was not good.

Firstly when I woke up I got my teeth covered in shampoo (I thought that it was toothpaste  but it was shampoo.)

Then my phone fell and it came down the drainpipe.  After that, the flour fell and it burst open on the floor of the bus!

Then I broke my dad’s car and I tried to fix it but it fell apart…

At least no one got hurt that day.

The next day things started to get better.

Week 19 The robot By Tadhg

I looked at my watch. “It’s time! It’s time” I exclaimed.

I ran to my room and grabbed it. It looked amazing with its dazzling light its inexplicable colour. I couldn’t believe it.  I had made my own robot. Even if it was tiny I still loved it.

As I went into the kitchen to wash my hands I left my robot outside.  When I was done I went to get my robot but it was dangling above me on the gutter. I rushed for a ladder but when I went out it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere and then I found it sliding down the drainpipe

I couldn’t believe it, it came down the drainpipe.

Week 19 The Enormous Spider by Ronan

One bright sunny day Mom and I were cleaning the kitchen. I saw a spider on the floor and I  completely annihilated it with a tissue. Mom had her diamond ring on the window as usual. But on this particular day, a menacing spider popped out of the drain and took mom’s ring.

My sister walked in and said “I’m done with potions,”   as she poured her growing potion down the drain. As it came down the drain pipe mom just realised that the potion was a growing potion. “There is a spider down that drain,”  screamed Mom.

There was  huge pandemonium as every one absconded from the house

Week 19: The clown attack by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tim and I  were playing soccer. Suddenly Tim turned as white as a ghost and pointed behind me. I turned around and saw a clown running towards me.

Tim and I ran for our lives. We climbed down a drainpipe and into the sewers. And then it came down the drainpipe. We ran and ran and Tim fell.

The clown grabbed him and pulled him into the darkness and he went silent.I ran down a tunnel and saw a red balloon. I touched the balloon and it popped.

When it popped the clown was there. I tried to run but it was too late…


Week 19: Rooftop Rendezvous By Aidan

I was on the tallest house in town. I had done this before so surely I could do it again. I took a step back and leaped… I made it again.

I kept on walking on until I saw Bruce up to his usual shenanigans. I saw him go through a window of a house and come out with a necklace.

The rotten filthy old cat.

When he had left I kept on walking then I came to the washing line. I took a gulp and walked across. Finally I got to the meeting point but there was nobody there. I thought I saw something. It came down the drainpipe.  I looked forwards and saw a dog!

What would I do now?

Week 19: It Was Just A Dream By Marc

One sunny summer’s day as I was coming home from school I saw something green on the roof. I thought it was just moss so I just left it alone. But when I was having my dinner I could hear something heavy on the roof.

I went outside and there was enormous green goo on the roof. IT WAS EATING OUR HOUSE! Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and it was heading towards me. It was going to go on top of me and eat me… WOW!…

Phew, it was just a dream.

Week 19 Poisonous Potion

One sunny day I was testing out a rocket that goes up and comes down with a parachute. I put in a test subject and if it goes wrong I pour some kind of chemical that makes it indestructible.

I fired the rocket up into the air but there was a problematic gust of wind which blew the rocket into a gutter. Then it came down the drainpipe.  How will I get it back? I wondered.  Then in the gutter it started to grow and grow and grow…

Week 19 The Break out By Matthew D

One cold dark night I was passing a prison and as I glanced to my right I saw a figure and it came down the drainpipe of the prison wall.  It was a probably a troublesome robber breaking out of jail.

Almost immediately an alarm went off in the jail and there was pandemonium inside.  I then reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and rang the jail. They quickly stopped the robber from escaping . I later explained to the staff what happened and they said it was a great omen.

It certainly prevented the robber from causing any harm.

Week 19: Mysterious Monster By Naglis

One bright sunny summer’s evening I was walking home from school and suddenly my drainpipe caught my eye. I heard an inexplicable sound. It looked to be something squeaky, fearsome and troublesome. I decided I was going to catch it. Sadly I didn’t have a clue how to trap it but I eventually figured it out.

I would put out a scrumptious appetizing sandwich with a bell and see what happened. Soon it was time.  I snuck out and looked. I was probably there for hours but then I heard a sound. Next, I saw a colossal spider and it came down the drainpipe.