Week 23 Military Base by Ben

I am a military agent. I work in a secret facility that creates and tests new weapons. I am part of the security there. Another guard and  I heard a deafening sound from the weapons testing area. We rushed in and we took no notice of the danger sign.

It turned out poisonous gas had broken through the glass container it was held in. There was a huge panic because if it wasn’t contained fast it would kill everyone in the entire country.

Week 2 Half of life is frozen by Sean

When I went downstairs to watch tv the news was on –  half of life was frozen -cars, planes, animals and bikes . Then everything stopped and I was terrified . I looked outside my window. No one was moving – no cars, no people -no one. I went outside and I looked into a car.  The engine was on but the car was not going. A few minutes later the car ran me over …

It was all a dream

Toadstools versus Flies By Stas

Toadstools are very toxic.  Flies are very irritating.  Flies like to eat everything even toadstools but if they eat them they will die.

OK story time!

Once upon a time, there was King Toadstool of the toadstools but flies didn’t care. They started a war –  yup toadstools versus flies.

Toadstools live in a magical forest.

The toadstool civilian side was having trouble.

Week 2 Hunted bomb by Rhys

In Moscow, Russia there was a trios attack. The local news said not to go outside but I did with my friend Spencer.  We got the train station and there were guards with guns looking at you… just waiting.

We were hungry so we decided to go and get Pizza. When I turned around I saw a bomb and someone was chasing people.  I heard everyone screaming then I heard a bang …and then everything stopped and the bomb went off…

After a while I got to my feet but I couldn’t find Spencer. My phone was still working and  I rang him. I wish he just would answer!

Week 2 The Time Reverse Shrine By Evan

One day my friends and I were walking around town. And then everything stopped and I mean time stopped. So I ran around everywhere and no one was moving. For decades I ran but still, I was the only one moving and growing older by the day.

Until one day, I saw a meteor coming down on top of me. But lucky me it landed next to me and there were three birds flying to different areas. There was a note which said- find the birds and time would reverse. So for a decade I looked and found the birds and then everything reversed.

Week 2 by Jacob

Then everything stopped and I looked up.  There was a broken looking orb – it was white and blue.

“W-where am I?”  a voice called from the light.


“Why is it so bright?” I said.

” This is where time is put in balance,” said the orb. I asked the orb who he was and his reply was so funny.

He said, ” this my name –  INFINITY or you can call me Steve -I’m going to give you a mission to defeat a man called Ominous Shadow – oh and take this ok….”

I went through the mountains and volcanos until I saw a shadow .

“Um hello!”

“Hello Jack  – so you’re Ominous Shadow”

“Yes,” he said “I’m here to take the world over. ”

We had a really big fight. I punched him so hard that he collapsed and turned into dust.

“Is it over “?

The world went back to normal and  a little blue butterfly came and said: “You saved time, thank you!”

” You’re welcome. How am I supposed to get down from here?”

“I can teleport you down” the butterfly said.

So I got home and my mum said “dinner!”

“…he can’t defeat me,” said a shadow in the distance…

Week 2 The Pocket Watch By Ronan

On the 8/3/2016 something very strange happened. I was walking along the street when something shiny caught my eye. I went over to see what it was. It was a little golden pocket watch. I pressed the button on the side. Then everything stopped and no one was moving. I pressed the button for the second time and everyone started moving again. I didn’t know what to do with it.

I pressed the button for the third time and sure enough everyone stopped again. The first thing I did was run straight to my favourite restaurant. I raced through the door. But it was then that I realised that I could do nothing because there were no other people there.

Week 2 The Bomb by Dylan

The robber put the bomb down in the middle of the street and ran . There was 10 minutes before it would blow up.

One of the police called the bomb squad to defuse it. The leader of the squad said it could blow up the whole city. ..They were depending on me.

I opened up the bomb and saw a red cable, a blue cable and a green cable.nI fumbled with the wires and accidently cut the green one…

Then everything stopped and … it didn’t explode.

I saved the lives of millions.

Week 2: The Orb By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was doing my daily walk in the forest when I saw a blue light flashing. I got suspicious and went over to investigate and saw an orb. The orb was flashing from light blue to dark blue to light blue again.

I wondered what it felt like so I reached in to touch it and every time my hand got closer the orb got brighter. When I eventually touched it, it got bigger and bigger and then smaller before exploding.

Then everything stopped and I was somewhere dark. Before I could do anything I heard growling behind me I closed my eyes and….

Week 2: The Remote: by Liam A

I was relaxing on the couch and was watching my favourite programme. Mom called me in for dinner so I went to pause the television I pressed the button three times but it wouldn’t pause.

I walked into the kitchen and then everything stopped and Mom didn’t move I waved my hands in front of her but she didn’t move. I looked outside and nothing was moving. I was scared but a small bit happy. I could do what I wanted and have as many sweets as I wanted. I walked down to the shop. I was just so happy.

Week 2 TV By Adam

One day I was looking for the remote for the TV and when I looked under the sofa I saw a remote and thought it was the TV remote.  But when I pressed pause nothing happened. I went outside and pressed it again. Then every thing stopped and I pressed play and then it was back to normal.

I went back inside and found the remote behind the TV. I turned on the TV and watched some movies. Later on, my friends came over and we watched Netflix and played video games. My mom gave us all popcorn and after everyone left we played together on ps4 all night.

Week 2 The plane crash by Colin

A man in a black coat stood up and reached into his rucksack taking out an AK47. I was terrified as he walked from his seat to the isle. Then everything stopped and six shots rang out.

I felt a sharp bullet swiftly slice through my hoodie. I ducked down and cried for help. The man shot the glass of the window two rows ahead of me. He shot the engine and smoke flew out.

The plane tilted and the pilot lost control. The pilot told us not to be alarmed and to put on the air masks. Suddenly we hit the ice-cold water. The plane began filling with water!!

Week 2 The Tower by Aidan

“I can’t wait to go on the tower -it’s the tallest ride in the theme park,” said Tom as they waited in the queue.

“I can’t wait either –  it is going to be so much fun”.

When it was our turn we walked on to the platform and got in our seats. Tom was a bit scared so I told him that the ride is completely robust. It started to go up and I let out a squeal of excitement.

Then it started spinning and everyone below was looking up. We were shooting up like a rocket until we got to the top. I was so happy that I didn’t notice the loose screw… Then everything stopped and screams were heard below us as we fell…

Week 2 The Mega Swings by Warren

It was a Friday evening and my family and I were at a carnival. I was very excited because it was my first time being to a carnival.

At the start, I wanted to go on everything. So that’s what I did and it was just as I expected  – really fun. Eventually, there was one thing left to go on. The last thing to go on was called the Mega Swings. At first I didn’t want to go on it but in the end, I did. So I went on put on my belt and off it went. At first, I was actually enjoying it until we got to the top then everything stopped and the ride was stuck…

Week 2: The Predicament : By Dan

I could hear a faint ticking noise in the plane’s cockpit. I looked behind me and hung on the wall was a small bomb. I put my head down swiftly.


It was only a small explosion but had damaged the wires, and then everything stopped and we were just gliding. There were a few screams from the seats in the back of the plane.

“Bill, manually drop the landing gear,” I told the copilot. I looked out of the window. There was a field below me that seemed long enough for a runway.

“Land it, Dan Just Land it,” Bill said nervously.

Week 2 Time By Joe

” Leave me alone ” I screamed as the bullies pushed me against the wall. Henry got his fist and I saw it coming at my face. His fist was about two inches from my face but then everything stopped and I was so confused and got down and ran .

As I ran through town I noticed that nothing was moving and I was beginning to think that I was lost in time . I ran home and I went on the computer but it wouldn’t load . I was bamboozled and began to feel hopeless.

Would I ever be back to normal again?

Week 2 The Clock By Kristupas

My friends and I were meeting up in the town park to play soccer and to go to Spar.  Suddenly when I got there, they ran to me and said “look we found a watch to stop time .”

I said  “impossible –  nothing in the world can do that.”

They said to press it. So I did and then everything stopped and they started dancing with joy.  Then someone suggested that we go and take everything from Spar.

I said “NO are you crazy? we’ll get in trouble “.

So we started fighting over it and it broke. I said “let’s work together to fix it.  It took eight hours  to fix but it was all worth it –  we got home and then thrwe it away.

Week 2 The Bomb By Conor H

One day I was on the plane to Lanzarote. Everything was going fine but suddenly the pilot exclaimed ” Greetings passengers there has been a small problem in the cockpit.” Everybody was surprised.

Meanwhile I was the way to the bathroom and heard this ticking sound. At the start I did not take any notice , but in the bathroom I was getting kind of worried so I ran into the hall of the plane and bellowed “THERE IS A BOMB IN THE PLANE”. Then everything stopped and there was complete silence. The bomb had a timer on it for 30 seconds.

Everybody was panicking. 5 seconds.


AHHHHH!! …was all I heard falling into the North Atlantic Ocean…


Week 2 The Dream By Benny

I suddenly woke up to the sound of my mom shouting at me. I was late for school! I didn’t have time to eat. I ran into the car. My mom started yelling at me for waking up late. I shouted back that she should’ve woken me up. We were starting to argue.

I tried to tell my mom to focus on driving but she kept arguing. She suddenly turned around to see a car flying at us. Then everything stopped… and I woke up.

It was time for school. I realised it was just a dream!

Week 2 The Bomb by Jack

One cloudy morning a man was in bed all snug in England. He wanted to be part of the bomb sqard but he was not good enough so he practiced and practiced but he was still not good enough.

So he gave up.  A few years later he found a real bomb in his job but he did not know what to do so he tried to defuse it.

There were a red wire, a black wire and a green wire. He did not know what wire cut so he cut the black one first … and everything stopped and he had saved everyone.