Week 2 The clowns by Colin

One day I was walking home from school when suddenly 4 Phsycho clowns chased me up the hill. I was petrified but I turned around they were gone. I went home but nobody was there so I went to Spar. But when I got there the clowns were inside and one had an ak47.

I rang the cops and the clowns were taken by the cops. I never saw the clowns again and I now live a happy life with my family and friends.I can go to the bookshop now with no clowns after me.

Week 2 :THE DOLL by :Wojciech

Long ago me, my family and my friends were in my house. We were sitting on the couch when suddenly I heard someone screaming. What is happening I said to myself. After two minutes I saw a doll walking down the street. She was running towards me. I ran back home.

I told my Dad. We went outside and saw the doll attacking someone.I was scared. My dad said let’s stay at home until it gets brighter.In the morning we ate breakfast and went outside to play -everyone went out. The smaller children were playing and everyone was happy. The End.

Week 2 : The Contagious Sweets by Oisin

it was break time and somebody had a jar of sweets. Then the jar broke and the jar and all the sweets fell to the ground. After school, the teacher found the sweets and ate them…

The next day the teacher came in very pale. Then it spread to one person then another and another. Soon the whole school was sick except the person who had the jar. His name was Alan. He gave everybody medicine and that made them feel better.

But how could the sweets be that contagious? Wait what sweets were they? They were the new ones. Once we knew that, we figured it out –  it was that new kind of sweets that were was so contagious!

Week 2: So Many Confusions by Adam

One day it was very windy so I ran home. On the way home I went to the shop and I saw blood everywhere. So I ran home.

When I got home my parents were upstairs tied up. I untied them and asked them what happened?
They said it was a robber. So I went outside and saw a tiny man, a fallen flower pot and some beads.
Then I saw the robber. I was an undercover policeman. So I arrested him.

Then life was great.

Week 2: Murder mystery by Dylan

Come on! I shouted to Conor as he slowed down.

There he was- the guy with the knife. He grabbed Conor. He pulled Conor into a corner and all that came out was blood.

No! I shouted.

That’s when I realised he had vanished.

I’ll get you for this! I shouted. I went to the police station. The place was a mess. All that was left was a bucket of sweets. Then I saw him again. I fled for my life. This time I realised it was killer Adam.

Oh no. It’s over. I’m dead. I ran as long as I could. Then he appeared in front of me….

Week 2 : The invasion by Tadhg

Ben was an alien and he liked killing people. He had a boss that wanted to take over the world. When they were nearing the green and blue planet they launched a shrink bomb. It exploded all over Earth.

When Ben landed on Earth he started shooting people and they turned into beads. The alien armada succeeded in taking over Earth.

But they got greedy and also took an alien armada to planet T-rex. They attacked the aliens from T-rex. These aliens were highly armed they killed Ben and his army.

WEEK 2 Jewels by Conor

One day my brother and I were walking down the street.

Then Donagh said,”Why are we waking down this street?”

I replied”I have to show you something.”

Then we arrived.”I saw this earlier” I said.

It was a pile of jewels.We started looking at all the jewels, and suddenly we saw a bomb. So we quickly put it in the dump.

That was close we thought

Week 2 The Flood of Beads By Szymon

One day a boy called Luke and his friend were going to visit his uncle. His uncle is a mad scientist and he rang to tell Luke that he had invented a new potion. After an hour of walking, they were finally there.

Handing them the potion he carelessly dropped it and started panicking. After explaining to them that the potion created a flood of beads – the liquid had turned into beads already. Eventually they saw that the floor outside was covered in beads. The lab was barricaded but they saw the flood coming. After a minute of watching the flood they were fully covered with beads.

What would they do?

Week 2: The Sweets by Dan

One sunny day Barry and I wanted some sweets.
“Let’s go to Super Sweets ” Barry said.
“They do amazing sweets ” Barry explained.
We walked in and stumbled upon a big poster on the wall.
There was a nice looking sweet on it.
“I’ll have that one, “I said pointing at the poster,” same,” said Barry.

The shopkeeper handed us our bags.
“These sweets smell good,” said Barry.
“They look nice too,” I said.
Soon I opened my bag and POOF!! …I shrunk.

Well, how did this happen?

Week 2 The Shrink Crystals by Ronan

I am just about to try a lab experiment with my two lab partners Jeff and Joe. I am going to try and make the world bigger by using glow gems also known as shrink crystals. But if they fall they could shrink anyone that touches them.

So that is why I am carrying them in this… oh no I have just dropped the
crystals and Jeff and Joe have just touched them.

Could this get any worse?

Week 2 : Robber attack by Maciej

When Tom was going to the sweet shop he saw that there was a pot lying on the ground. When he went into the sweet shop he saw blood and sweets on the ground. The shopkeeper was gone. Suddenly the door shut.

Tom was trapped. He saw a robber with a knife but thankfully the guard came and arrested the robber. Tom went home.

On his way home he saw blood again. This time it was coming from his neighbour’s house….

Week 2 The Murder Unleashed by Aidan

One day Austin and Kevin were walking in town. They turned the corner to go to Charlies Burgeria when they saw a huge metal thing lying there. Austin saw paper, flowers and loads of balls. Kevin wondered what happened there? Then a boy came along and said my dad is missing.

It was Tom! He burst into tears. Then we noticed a trail of blood going over the flowers and around the bend. We followed it to a huge old house and we walked in. Then we felt a cold breeze go around us and more blood dribbling down little cracks. We followed it…

Week 2 Taking over the world By Jack

Hello, my name is Appollo star. I am an alien. I am from the planet Zukuruko in a far away Galaxy. My family and I were on holidays in the Milky Way when a missile from Earth hit our jet and we landed on the planet Mars. I survived but my family didn’t.

I was mad. I made a disease that I would spill onto the ground on Earth. I was going to kill everyone and it was all going perfectly until a kid knocked over the container. This was a catastrophe. It wasn’t poured on the right place on Earth -it was going to destroy the universe.

Week 2: The hurricane by Ciaran

One Easter Jack and I were watching for our show to come on but the news was on first so we watched it. The news and the weather lady said there would be a hurricane that night and to stay inside. Jack and I were very hungry so we went downstairs and opened the fridge but there was nothing there. Jack suggested that we go to the supermarket. We were half way across the road when a gust knocked over our flower pot. Whaa….

Sadly Ciaran and Jack died that September 2007.

Week 2 by Joshua: The rocks

I was carrying a bucket and there are rocks in it. I was bringing them back to my lab for research but then I tripped and the bucket fell. My friend Tim picked one up and somehow he turned into a doll.

I ran back to my lab for research. The only way I could reverse it was to find five purple crystals. I had them in a safe the whole time. I was able to bring Tim back. I told him about the rocks – they were magic. I showed him what I was going to do with the crystals. I was going to make jewellery with them. The End.

Week 2: Mars By Mikolaj

One day, I lived on a planet Called Mars. I worked in my factory with my friends for 20 years and I was waiting for money to buy my space ship. And a year after I had the amount of money to buy the space ship. So I bought it and the colour was blue. Inside it was 20 by 20 metres big and it was just perfect. I tested it all around Mars.

One day I decided to fly to every planet, so I got bags and everything and flew. It took me 5 days to fly to Earth. When I was there I bought a bucket, beads, sweets and lots other things. Unfortunately, I tripped and all of it fell. I left it and went back to Mars. What a good trip.

Week 2:Whoops by Marc

Hi my name is John. I live on another planet. My planet doesn’t have a name. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time Peter and I were delivering crystals that look like sweets. By the way, we were in a U.F.O. The crystals are in a glass container at the bottom. These crystals were going to planet Zap. These crystals can’t touch Earth. If it does people would eat them and then they become abominable.

Suddenly we were sleeping and a malfunction happened. We crashed into Earth. Where are the crystals? … We’re going to be killed.

Week 2: Sweet Proof By Naglis

One bright sunny day Jake was walking home after popping into Eddie’s gardening centre to buy a plant for his mum because it was her birthday.
He was walking home until he heard a bang.He lost concentration for that one second and he dropped the plant. There were sweets everywhere.

Jake ran away petrified.What Jake didn’t realise was that there were two microscopic people there as well. Moments later his friend Niall ate one of the sweets. The wind blew and the sun turned into a storm as the two mini people came to life as murderers.

Niall fell asleep.The two people who used to be tiny took Niall away to an empty room. Niall woke up tied to a chair “What are you going to do to me?” …

Week 2 ; The sweet shop by Matthew D

One day my friend Zac and I were on our way to a sweet shop. When we finally got there the owner was lying on the ground. His hand was covered in blood. He had dropped a glass onto it.

My friend and I helped him up. We got a first aid kit and bandaged up the man’s hand . Afterwards, the man gave us a packet of bom boms each . That night I went to sleep happy.  The next morning on the front cover of the newspaper I saw my friend Zac and I.