Week 2 National Pet Day By Szymon

Dear Diary,
Today was the funniest day ever. Since it is national pet day we were allowed to bring in our pets. I brought in my alligator. When the teacher saw him she turned mauve and backed off to the back of the classroom. When I told them his name was Ali and that he was only ten months old my friend interrupted me and asked could he hold him. I said that he could. After that it was tricky to get him back in his cage but soon after that, he climbed in himself.
I will not forget this day and the horrified look on my teacher’s face.

Week 2 :The jump by Sean

One day I was accused of a robbery. The Guards took me to this place on an island and it was surrounded by shark and alligators. Inside there was a man that was as bossy as a teacher but he gave me a key and told me the way out of this prison.  It was tricky. I climbed to the vent but I made it.

I was so happy until …”Stop right there.” said a man.

I had no choice but to jump off the cliff. So I ran as fast as I could and as I was about to jump a gun was shot…

Week 2 The alligator by Mathew O G

In skipped the teacher singing good morning children in her disgusting mauve flower dress.

“Pfft, look at her,” I muttered to Jason.

“I know it’s going to be a long day,” he whispered back.

After maths, as bored as I could be, I looked out the window. It was then I spotted something in the bush. It was hard to find out what it was so I called the teacher over.

She examined  the bush and then out popped an immense alligator. It climbed in the window  of the classroom. The place was in pandamonium –  it was a tricky situation.

Week 2 Books By Ciaran

I was reading a book called Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It was the best book I had ever read.
There was a boy named Charlie Bucket and his family was very poor. Mr. Willy Wonka was famous for his chocolate. Later on in the book a very rich girl ate a special gobstopper that made her swell up in a kind of a mauve colour.
That inspired me to write my own book about a teacher who turned into an alligator and trying to escape climbed in a vent and that would be very tricky.

Week 2 An Alligator Whistle by Jack

Eoghan was in school and it was a Monday.  His wretched teacher was giving them a pile of work and Eoghan wanted to get out as soon as he could so he took his alligator whistle that he had got in a cereal box that morning out of his pocket and at break time –


He blew the whistle. Nothing happened.  He looked at the mauve coloured whistle and shoved it back into his pocket.

After break time he was inside doing some really tricky maths when he heard screams.  He looked out of the window and saw alligators – hundreds of them climbing up the walls and into the school.

“Oh no!” Eoghan shrieked as the whole school was in pandemonium.

“What have I done?”


“Go to bed!” said mom. “I don’t want you to be awake until twelve o clock .”
“Ye yeah,” said my sister Anna.
She was older than me so she got to stay up longer than me… I woke up to find myself in a zoo. My sister was there and she was wearing a mauve jacket. 
My teacher was in an alligator pit and was getting chased to death. I climbed up some steps to see her getting chased but lucky for her she escaped . I played some tricky games and won all of them. I was having so much fun …
before I woke up from my dream.

Week 2 Pets day by Kacper

Dear diary,

Today was pet’s day and it was awful. Well, it wasn’t that bad. We were allowed to bring any pets we had .to school. I brougth Ruby ( because I could not find my cat 🙂  ).

Before we went to school we took a drink. I had a juice called Mauve. Its colour was mauve. After our drink we went to school. My teacher was not that happy but she brought her alligator.  Everyone climbed the table and was in shock.

When it was hometime it was tricky to get out but we’re home now and that’s what matters.

Ruby is so happy.  I have to go now – bye.

Week 2: The Zoo By Marc

I was going on a tour to the zoo with my teacher. She did NOT like alligators. It was a V.I.P. trip so we got to go in the cages and feed the animals. We climbed the fence to feed the tiger but there was a gate there. It was tricky to get the slimy fresh meat over the fence. The tigers’ cage was full of dense pine trees.

After that, we went to the scaly green alligator cage. My teacher went mauve. The alligator was as quick as a bullet from a gun. Suddenly the cage broke.

What were we going to do?

Week 2 The New Teacher By Danny

It was the start of a new school year and this year my class were getting a new teacher. We had never met her before and everyone was excited to see what she looked like.

When she came in she looked like a kind teacher but when I looked at her shoes they were made from alligator skin. They were Mauve. She was very demure at first but after a few days, she started to relax.

On her first day, she gave us very little homework but it was tricky. She is also very strict because when Tom climbed on the wall she roared at him.

But now she is a lovely teacher.

Week 2 By Mikolaj

When my teacher and I were walking to the shop she wanted to buy a chocolate bar. She needed 1 more cent! She was so angry she turned into a mauve alligator. I climbed the mountain hiding from her.

Suddenly I saw her climbing up the mountain. It was too tricky for her so I decided to take a rest. After a while she turned up 5 metres away from me. I ran to the zip line and went down so fast.

I thought I was safe then.  I ran home and I told everybody that story about me and my bamboozled teacher.

Week 2 Rock Climbing By Matthew D

It was Friday and we were going on a trip to the beach. When we arrived I asked the teacher could we go over by the immense rocks. She said that we could. But to our surprise, a mauve Alligator with a menacing face was there. She told us to run.

She ran into a cave but the Alligator followed. She then climbed the walls of the cave – it was tricky but when there was an Alligator behind her she didn’t care if it was tricky or easy. She crawled into a hole that the alligator couldn’t fit into and she escaped.

Week 2: An Abominable Attempt By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank!” insisted my chubby pompous boss who’s as bossy as a teacher and always wears Lacoste (some kind of brand with an alligator on it). Stealthily I  drove down to the bank while my boss was at the back slurping his Fanta. Moments later we stepped out of the mauve Bugatti. It was too tricky to get in so we couldn’t do it.

Instead, we climbed to the top and luckily the window was open. My boss was filling bags with everything he could see! I heard the police and sprinted as fast as a bullet to hide behind one of the bushes.

CLIP went the handcuffs on my boss’s hands.