Week 20: The Old Diamond mine by Maciej

“I WON I WON, “I shouted.

I had just won the trip to the diamond mine in Galway. On Sunday my family decided to go there.  But before we went to the diamond mine my mom wanted to go shopping in the city of Galway. After shopping, we headed back to the diamond mine.

Going down to the diamond mine I heard a clicking sound and then BANG! The lift broke. At last, the doors opened. We thought were stuck in the diamond forever. Forty minutes later we found the way out. We were saved now .

Week 20 The last dinosaur by Tim

It was the weirdest day of my life.

My friends James and Ryan and I  were at the park next to a river. Then I saw something in the water. It had a long reptilian tail.  It looked like an alligator tail but bigger.

When we went home we checked every book about reptiles and dinosaurs. 1 hour later I found the page – it was a raptor. Then James heard the front door open. We went to see what opened the door.

Then we heard a loud roar in the family room.  So we went on our bikes and cycled to the police station where we told them what we saw. Then they said they would handle everything . 2 days later we heard that they had captured the raptor. The end.

Week 20 Bill’s secret by Joe

I went to stay with my cousins, Charlie and Thomas for the weekend.

The first day  Thomas and I went cycling down the road. We were moving very fast when we were on the straight road… But after, we crashed.

“I thought I told you to not use Charlie’s bike “, said Thomas. I was puzzled. I looked at the bike once more. “I thought this was your bike “, I answered.

We slowly trotted home and put the bikes in the shed. Suddenly Charlie ran into our room.

“WHO WAS USING MY BIKE? “, shouted Charlie.

We both froze. “It was him “, shouted Thomas and he was pointing at me.

Week 20 Disaster by Colin

One bright sunny morning  Brian and I  were going to Bounce tastic  a trampoline park. We were nearly there when the engine cut so we called a mechanic to look at it. The engine had a snapped wire cable so we had to walk all the way to the park.

When we got there we noticed a new roller coaster so we went over to have a turn. The queue was long but we got in early so in no time we got on.

We put on the straps and then it zoomed off. We were moving very fast when it started to wobble. My eyes opened in fright… Was this a dream?

Week 20 : African Adventure by Aidan

My family and I live in Africa and we are very poor. But that doesn’t stop us adventuring.

One sunny day we went out to the tall grass and saw a bug that we had never seen before. Tom and I picked it up and started shrinking.

“We might as well have some fun while we are down here,” I thought.

A few hours later we heard our mom’s call. So while a peregrine falcon wasn’t looking we hopped on its back. Suddenly it took off. We were moving very fast when we spotted our house. When it landed we jumped off and magically turned back to normal.

This was the best day ever!

Week 20 My Family Are Rich By CONOR

One normal day I was my family’s mansion. My brother and I were feeling kind of bored so we went into the garage. My dad owns a load of cars such as a Bugatti, a Ferrari and a Lamborgini. I wanted to get in the Ferrari. So we did.

The key was still in the car and I accidentally turned the key and drove out of the garage. On the road, we were moving very fast when……………KABOOM!

It smashed into smithereens!

Week 20 The tunnel by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day. My Mom and Dad called me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to have a friend over. I wanted to get Conor over and we decided to go to the park.

We spent a lot of time there and eventually did a race around the park.  We were moving very fast when we saw a fire in the distance.  We ran as fast as possible to see what it was?

All we saw was fire and smoke.  It was at my house.  I went in to save my parents.

But was it too late?

The Jailbreak Week 20 By Szymon


We were escaping from a prison. We were moving very fast when one of the cameras spotted us and set off an alarm. Suddenly we heard footsteps and guns being loaded and saw a bright light. Tired we ran on and managed to hide in a bush but we heard dogs barking. The policemen found one of us and he got taken back to jail.

Then I found a Skoda and broke into it. We all jumped in and I drove off. We were on the most wanted list but that did not stop us from stealing again. We were courageous because we broke into the biggest jewellery store.

The police never found us.

Week 20 Last day of school By Danny

It was the last day of school and there were loads of things to do. There was a three-legged race and a fun run and lots of more things to do. My friends and I were all staying together to keep each other company and to do all the stuff together.

First, we played a soccer match and my team won 4-3. After that, we played hook the duck. Next one of my friends and I did the three-legged race. We were moving very fast when suddenly we fell over each other’s legs. We started to laugh and just then everyone past us out.

Even though we came last we had so much fun.

Week 20 Going to the Theme Park by Ciaran

My friend and I were at the theme park and we were going on our first roller coaster. My friend said it was inexplicable.

We courageously got into our seats and my friend Tommy was a bit problematic about heights.  He held on to the bar as tight as a gorilla who sat on a pin.

3.2.1.     Zoom     We were moving very fast when we went down the steep hill. After the roller coaster was over we got ice cream and then after that, we all cheered as  Tommy had faced his fear of heights.

We finished by going on the fair wheel.

Week 20: Evacuate by Liam O


“Get to the planes before the Germans attack the town” ordered the general while the siren went off.  My friend and I  heard a loud BANG!

As we ran to the planes, there was yet another loud BANG.  One of the buildings collapsed.  We started the plane engine, we looked at each other and nodded.

Our plan was to fly around the bombing, across the English channel and land on a British airfield in Belgium.  Then we would fuel up and fly to Dunkirk.

When we were about 2 minutes away from Belgium my engine was really loud so I didn’t realise that a German fighter pilot was behind me.  We were moving very fast when the pilot shot me down but luckily my friend guided us to the airfield.

Week 20 The Train Crash By Jack

“Andy  -get to your seat!”

We were on our way to Dublin to see Kanturk vs Ballyragget and we were moving very fast when our carriage derailed. My mom had already fainted at the site of the devastation – my father was the same. But only I stayed alert – wide-eyed.

When the carriage stopped tumbling around and around I was surprised I was still breathing.  Blood was trickling into my eye and my shoulder had surely been popped out of place.

But I knew I had to get some help quickly before it was too late…

Week 20: The Concord By Dan

Wa hooo! Up we went high above the clouds.

Suddenly I heard glass breaking and alarms ringing. l was piloting the Concorde.

“This is great,” I thought.

I’m above cloud level so I can push the top speed button.

“Whoosh!!” I said as I sped across the Atlantic Ocean.

I was going at 600km an hour. Immediately  I heard a beeping sound and it was coming from the plane.

“I think we’re going to crash,” I roared. “Prepare for impact,” I shouted .

The nose was pointed down…CRASH…

Two hooks hitched onto the plane.

“Who saved us ?”  I wondered

Week 20 By Wojciech The Titanic

One nice day we were waiting for the Titanic. I was really excited when the Titanic was finally there. We went to eat something and went to sleep.

The next frosty morning I tried to rendezvous with my friend from another room and it didn’t work as my mum called me back.  After a while, we went to the games room and played.

We were moving very fast when the ship hit the iceberg the water started to come inside the Titanic. The Titanic sank.  We had a lifeboat and eventually got to the other ship. We were safe.

Week:20 The Escape By Mikolaj


Suddenly we were moving very fast when our boat crashed into rocks. My friends and I robbed all the banks in NY so we were in cages to travel to the most secure jail. We saw water coming in so we pushed the bars out and broke them. We went out of the boat. At least all of us knew how to swim home.

The captain said, “Everybody on the boat – go on this lifeboat NOW.”

But we didn’t want to go on the lifeboat because they would throw us out of it anyway.

Week 20 World war By Kacper

Hi there, I’m Daniel and I’m telling a story of when I was in a war with the Germans.

It was the year 1105 when we were fighting with the Germans.  My friend and I were looking for the German base but on our way, we found a German soldier.

He was in a tank. We were moving very fast when … BOOM –  Luckily he missed us.  We got past him and got to the German base where their leader and his army had a rendezvous. When we went inside we got kidnapped. Then there was an explosion and our side was back in the lead.

Eventually, we got their leader and sent him to prison.

Week 20 Unpleasant Idea: By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank” insisted my pompous chubby boss, Isaac.

“We can’t” I roared back. “We will get caught. “

I didn’t want to go but I had to. At last we got there. Isaac slurped the last of his Slushy.   Cautiously we tiptoed over to where all the cash was. Suddenly we spotted a bright light flickering in the distance. Isaac broke all the cameras and boasted “I’m the best.”

“Yes I know” I sighed.

When we got the money we tiptoed back. Soon we saw a guard. We were moving very fast when the guard was chasing us. We stopped at a dead end.

What would we do now?

Week 20 The Crash By Matthew D

“I’ve won.” I had just won a competition to go to space. I couldn’t believe it.

A couple of days later I was in the rocket. I was nervous but I was also excited. We were moving  very fast when we left the earth’s atmosphere.

Suddenly we hit a meteoroid and we had to jump into a space module. We landed and we were cold and hungry. I had a flare so  I sent it into the air and a couple of moments later a helicopter had come to save us.

The first thing I did when I got back was make an oath to never fly again. That journey was inexplicable.


“Yippee!  We’re in the top four – we can do the race.”

Kate and I were so excited we were in the race. If we won we would get a ps4. When we were at the race we got ready. Kate was first and I was after her .  Kate went to the starting line.  The whistle blew and Kate went off.  She made it second place and the person in the last place got kicked out.

Then I went. I made it first place. Eventually, we both went. We were moving very fast when suddenly we crashed. We were going to lose…  The whistle blew… In first place were Jake and Sarah.

Week 20: Thanks To Dwayne By Adam

We were moving very fast when the boat hit a rock and we started to sink. Suddenly I saw another ship. Sometime later I saw a helicopter. I started to wave my hands they didn’t see us but the ship did. They came straight to our aid.

“Thanks, Dwayne,” I said.

He replied, ” no problem it’s my job to keep the sea safe. I wonder how did this prize boat sink?”

We had to plan a hotel randezvous  because builders thought we were gone forever so they annihilated our house. But instead Dwayne said we could live in his mansion and in the end we were all happy.