Week 20 Puzzled By Matthew D

“Stop! “Cried the priest, ” stop the music.”

Everyone in the church covered their ears because of the sound the organ was making, it was completely out of tune. After the mass, my family and I stayed back with a group of people to see what had happened to the organ. We all stood there looking mouth opened. Someone had obviously been up to skulduggery and had robbed the bank and put it in the organ.

My father wondered who could have done this abominable thin?  We all sat there, scratching our heads, wondering who it might have been.

Week 20, My Communion, by Mikolaj

It was my communion day and everybody was excited. My family from Poland flew over to Ireland to meet me and watch me receiving my first holy communion. 5th & 6th class were the choir and they were playing the tin whistle.

When it was time to receive the communion the choir was playing a song. Sadly it was completely out of tune. When it was over my Mom asked me did I enjoy listening to them playing the tin whistle. I obviously said no. We went to a bar after and enjoyed the rest of our day of listening and eating.

Week 20: Miserable Mansion By Naglis

Scared, I stared through the window into the dank eerie mansion. This mansion was located at the fringe of town. Deep down inside I knew that I shouldn’t go in there and that, that house was fraught with danger, but I also just had to see what was inside there.

After a while, I said to myself that I was no coward and so I shoved open the black door. As I was tiptoeing inside, the smell was of damp and decay. My heart was beating like a drum. I could hear some music which was completely out of tune. I kept walking until I came to a door half off its hinges.

I pushed it open and you’ll never guess what was inside…

Week 20 The Guitar by Tim

Yesterday my dad and I were practising on our guitars for the Metal Music Competition. We were practising our song and then all of a sudden my guitar got out of tune. It was completetly  out of tune and I thought I would have to get a new guitar. I was sad because I didn’t want to get a new guitar. I had my old guitar since when I was 6 years old and I got it from my nan as a birthday present before she passed away.

So my dad and uncle tried fixing it and it worked again. We won the competition and I got a gold medal. My dad was very proud of me. I soon found out that my brother tried to sabotage me so he could win the competition.

Week 20: What Happened By Marc

Waiting In the dreary, boring waiting room I had nothing to do except stare at the wall. Suddenly I heard music, but it was so completely out of tune. I felt a sence of foreboding. Straight after that I heard a gun shot outside. Then people with guns came into the bank.

“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND” they were shouting.

“Get out of the building” a big strong cop said in a microphone.

They did nothing – shooting started happening and they were threatening to kill us. The situation was fraught with danger. Eventually cops snuck in the back door and arrested them.

Week 20 The Dank Old House By Kacper

One very scary night my friends and I were going back from my friend  JJ’s house. When we were passing a very old dank house we saw that the lights were flickering. We decided to go and check it out. It was really dirty and damp. One of my friends said an old eloquent man used to live there. But when he died his house was meant to be destroyed because he was murdered there 10 years ago.

Suddenly we heard a sound –  it was completely out of tune so we checked and found it was a … raccoon, or so we thought …

Week 20

As my brother and I were sailing out on our boat, a storm started to brew. There was a sense of foreboding in the air.

“I think we should go back,” I said with worry.

“We’ll be fine” my brother Sam said.

Soon enough the storm was so powerful that the waves were as tall as buildings. We were dragged out to an island…it was beautiful. Sam and I were split up and couldn’t find each other. The water was so clear you could see right through it.

I found some sort of horn on the bay. I blew into it thinking Sam would hear it but it was completely out of tune.


Week 20 The Contest By Szymon

I was preparing my guitar for the contest that was on that night. At seven o’ clock I left my house and I was nervous because it felt like I was being stalked. Once in a while, I saw little eyes; it felt completely out of tune.

I took a shortcut through the old, isolated forest. Suddenly I heard rustling in the bush across of me. I had a sense of foreboding. To my surprise it was just a small cat. It followed me so I decided to keep it. That night I was triumphant and won the contest.

Week 20 The Old Graveyard By Danny

One dreary old night my friends and I went to the old isolated Graveyard at the fringe of the town. I was a bit apprehensive as it was very dark. When I went into the graveyard with my friends I felt lonely and suddenly I noticed that my friends had left me alone.

Just then I heard music and  it was completely out of tune so I ran away because it was like an introduction to a horror movie. As I ran out of the graveyard I noticed that my friends were in peals of laughter on the ground.

Then one of my friends started impersonating me so I said, ” I’ll get ye back some day.”

Week 20 My Audience By Ciarán

I got up really early because I did not want to miss my audition for Ireland’s Got Talent. I was going to play my guitar and sing a song. I was backstage waiting to be called. I started to practise but then I realised it was completely out of tune.

“Number 18, please come out on stage now.”

I didn’t know what to do. when I went out the whole entire place was staring at me.I started to play but Simon, the judge straight away pressed the red buzzer. I was embarrassed.  I quickly tuned the guitar and started to play again. This time when I finished everyone was on their feet and  Amanda hit the golden buzzer. I was delighted.

week 20 : The Cheater : by Maciej

Ala, the monster was at home practising on her new light brown violin that she got for doing well in tests . The other monsters did not care for her so she was mostly alone in her wooden house on the fringe of the village where the waves crashed into the cliffs.

She had lived with her grandma, grandpa and her dad. Her mother had fallen off the cliffs. One day a man at school heard how good she was and invited her to the music competition on that Friday. Ala was excited and started preparing.

On the day of the competition, someone was admiring her violin. But when it was her turn and the violin was completely out of tune.

Week 20 Haunted House By Jack

It was 3:25 a.m. and my friends and I were about to go to an abandoned house in. The house we were going to was said to be haunted and my friends were going. I didn’t want to be left out so I went too.

When we got there I heard a tune and it was coming from the basement but it wasn’t a nice soft tune,  it was completely out of tune.  It sounded like a baby trying to play the piano.

“I’m outta here,” I said and ran towards the door but it slammed by itself before I got there.  “We’re trapped,” I gasped and then we heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement. ” HIDE!” whispered Rory.