Week 21 The Vacation By Kristupas

My family and I were going to a vacation to New York . Our first plan was too go to the zoo . When we were walking around the zoo we saw a lot of animals – there were a lot pink flamingos. There were birds that sang beautifully . When we got to the end of the dusty track my family said “look over there – the giraffe is escaping. “We all ran towards one of the zookeepers and shouted “THERE IS A GIRAFFE ESCAPING.” He turned around and started running towards the giraffe with a rope . We were all evacuated from the area – we were delighted with what we saw .

Week 21 By Ronan

One day as I was on my way to the park I stopped at the shop to get a bar of chocolate. As I walked into the dusty old shop I noticed a huge poster on the wall with a picture of a tiny giraffe with no spots or hair. The strange thing was that the giraffe was pink. Instead of getting the chocolate I just ran out and went to the park. At the park about forty or fifty birds started chirping at the same time. The sound was painful. After a while I spotted a telephone pole with the same picture of a tiny pink giraffe. I scrutinized the picture to see if I’d seen it anywhere other than the shop.

Week 21 The old zoo By Sean

There is an old zoo in Ireland . My friends and I were going  to the old zoo . We heard that there were still animals there . When we got there It was all dusty and the door was pink . When we went inside we heard singing – it was so painful . We got closer and closer  . Then we saw a giraffe singing a song . A giraffe actually sang a song . When I turned around a ghost appeared .

“We have not seen a person in years” said the ghost .

“What have you been these past few years?” .

“Keeping these animals alive “said the ghost.

“Leave now “said the ghost.

So my friend and I left and never came back .

Week 21 The Zoo by Warren

It was a Saturday morning I woke up and the birds sang beautifully. I went downstairs and realized that I had a sore leg and it was very painful. I thought today was going to be a very pedestrian day so I went to get breakfast when my mother said that we were going to the zoo. Suddenly I burst out with happiness. At the zoo we got a tour guide to show us around. First he showed us a giraffe and he said his name was Dusty. Then we went to see an unusual flamingo because his skin was dark pink. After we had seen the animals we got ice cream and went home – it was a great day

Week 21 Safari by Colin

“There have been sightings of a pink giraffe around here,” said the safari guide.

“Really?” I questioned as I walked towards the jeep.

“Yes” replied the safari guide.

I hopped into the jeep and pulled on my seat belt. The driver turned on the jeep and the car started forward. The track was very dusty and had rocks sticking out everywhere. As we passed a tree I saw a bird. When it sang a high pitched noise came out. It was painful to listen to but I didn’t complain. As we were coming to the last stages of the tour I saw a bull elephant in the middle of the track. Suddenly It charged towards us…

Week 21 Safari by Dylan

We were driving on the dusty road in search of the rare white rhino when we saw a flock of pink flamingos. They sang a beautiful song. We were so distracted by the flamingos that we accidentally hit a giraffe with our jeep. It looked very painful for the giraffe and we got out of the car to help it when we heard the roar of a lion. We dashed to the car but we noticed one of our crew was missing. We drove off in our jeep and we found our missing person hiding in the boot of the jeep.

Week 21: The Lost Giraffe by Benny

It was our midterm, I decided to go to the zoo. It was the perfect weather. The birds sang as I walked in. The zoo was massive and wonderful. I went from the striped zebras all the way to the pink flamingos. The singing birds were now quite painful. On the way back, there was a report that the new-born giraffe Dusty was missing. They closed off a part of the zoo. I thought it would be a good idea to head home. To my surprise, I saw Dusty in front of me. I quickly brought Dusty back. It was the end of a perfect day.

Week 21 The Stolen Giraffe By Evan

It was the day that we would steal a small giraffe from the zoo. So my friend Ethan and I  got ready. We had hijacked a rusty car last week to use. We got in the car and parked it in a dark corner. We ran into the zoo and went into the giraffe section. We caught the giraffe with a leash then we went to the front of the zoo.

Suddenly the alarm went off so we swiftly got to the car.  Ethan then sang a Pink song and I told him to be quiet.  Then suddenly I felt a painful shot in my back …

Week 21 The Mission By Liam O

It all began one Saturday night when I was on a mission to stop evil forces from mutating all the animals in the national zoo…

“Where is it again?” I asked.

“It’s down the road- then take a left,” he replied.

So we headed to the zoo at about 1:30 am.

“Alright, everyone out!” I ordered.

As we sneaked around the zoo to find the lab, we stumbled upon a dark forest that had a small cabin in it. Inside the cabin, there were lights flickering different colours through the dim windows.

We knew it was the lab and busted down the door only to be met by deadly weapons pointing to our faces…



Week 21 The Strange Man By Joe

It was a warm summer evening . The sky was pink and the birds sang  . My friends and I were going out to a concert in the Dusty Inn . It was our first time at a concert . The concert was great, he sang our favourite song, Painful .

We were on the way home when we saw a hooded man in a giraffe patterned hoodie standing in the shadows . It was strange but we decided to ignore it .

About ten minutes later we looked back and he was there again . We started running until we got home .