Week 22 By Oisin

I was entering a baking competition.  I was baking sausages and chips and to make sure I would win I added a little cupcake at the side.  Oh, I just remembered I added some vinegar as well.  It was two minutes to go. I completed my work with five seconds left on the clock and when the judges took a bite they said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 22: Miserable Meal By Naglis

“Hello everybody, welcome back to Master Chef!”

“Today we are watching the two competitors Max and Frank trying to make a salad out of just vegetables and a vinegar in twenty minutes!”

Max was extremely worried and he thought this task was insurmountable. Max started by chopping his vegetables neatly. Next he put it all into a bowl and started mixing them together. After a while you could hear one of the judges shout “10 seconds left!”

In the heat of the moment, Max accidentally poured way too much vinegar in. When he handed it to the judge she squirmed as the vinegar was too sharp.

Week 22, Too Strong a Smell, by Mikolaj

I was really bored so I went upstairs and got my phone and played piano tiles 2. My Mom was bored too but she had things to do. She cleaned the sink with the vinegar. I was starting to get hungry and I was in the shop yesterday with my friends and I bought sweets that I left in the fridge. I went down as fast as I could. As soon I was entering the kitchen I smelled the disgusting smell of vinegar. The vinegar was too sharp. I ran back upstairs and got my book to settle me down. My Mom came up to check what did I do and she was confused. I told her to never ever use vinegar again when I am home. She agreed and I lived a happy life.

Week 22: Why By Marc

Cleaning for a long dreary time I had to wash the floor. My mom shouted “make sure to use vinegar for washing the floor.” So I put vinegar in with the blue water but I think I put in too much. The vinegar was too sharp to clean the floor and the cupboards. I started cleaning the cupboards anyway. I started cleaning the cupboard that mom said not to open because it was stuck. Suddenly while I was cleaning the dank cupboard started to open…

“Why was she hiding this from me?”

Week 22 Yuck By Matthew D

“Oh no ” I cried as I saw the nurse come into the ward with a trolley in front of her. We have the same food for every single meal  – fish and chips and the vinegar was too sharp on the chips. It was ridiculous and it didn’t even trouble the nurse.

I thought these people were meant to cure you not poison you. I squirmed as I slowly placed a chip in my mouth. I said to the nurse ” Why are you giving us this horrible food?” Her reply was “Eat it or starve.” so I ate my chips but I didn’t enjoy them.

Week 22, The New Chef, By Tim

Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant for dinner. When I got there, there was a new chef. I ordered my food but was a little bit nervous because I thought that he wouldn’t cook it right. When my food arrived I got excited to eat it. When I took my first bite the vinegar was too sharp. So I told the waiter that something was wrong with my soup.

The waiter brought the food back to he kitchen. While I was waiting for my food to be fixed I read a newspaper and on the newspaper, I saw the chef. It said that he was a prisoner that had escaped from prison a few days ago. It said he got fired from six restaurants because he would poison customers. I called the police and they came to arrest the chef.

Week 21 New Crisp Flavour Fail By Szymon

It was my first day of work and I had already made a bad impression of myself. I began working at a crisp factory at the fringe of the city. I decided to impress my boss by making a new flavour for crisps. It was pepper and vinegar.
I had made some and ate them with my boss but there was one problem; the vinegar was too sharp. One of the employees who always wanted to be the best had a smug smile on his face. I almost got fired for my idea until my boss decided to sell them in bright eye-catching colours. They were a hit.

Week 22 Trying to impress By Danny

Looking at the jobs page of the paper I felt depressed and weary as I had no job but suddenly I saw a job just for me. It was in a Tayto  factory and they wanted just one person and it said: ” Call this number if you are interested but hurry because it’s only for a short time.”

The next day I went down to the factory and to my relief, no one else was there so they hired me straight away and said: ” I want you to make a new pack of vinegar Taytos  as the vinegar was too sharp in the Salt and Vinegar packet.”

So I said ” yes sir” and started working straight away to make a new flavour  pack of Taytos.

Week 22: The robbery of the year By Sean

There is a competition among the criminals as to who does the most difficult robbery in a year. I was sure I would win.

The king and queen were going to a party so I went to the castle when they left and watched the guards as they walked around.  Then I ran into a vent.  As I was crawling I heard the chief saying the vinegar was too sharp on his lunch.

Then there was a shining light coming from the vault.  As soon as I was over the crown I blew some dust off it to see if there were any lazers protecting it.  Luckily there were no lazers but as soon as I hit the ground there were alarms sounding…

Week 22 The bake off by Mathew og

I entered the local bake-off. I  had arrived in town and I was exhilarated. It was my first time entering and I was quite nervous. The menu was to be chips and we had to make the best homemade chips EVER!

I went to my nana’s house to get her great chip recipe. I got through all the rounds and now it was the final. The room it was held in had bright eye-catching colours and it was bustling with people

I was doing really well until the last few seconds.  As I put the vinegar on the buzzer sounded.

I gave the judge my chips and he said the vinegar was too sharp.

Week22 By:Tadhg The dish

The tension was unbearable.  He had to get the dish done in five minutes. The chips were nearly done so he grabbed the salt and the vinegar. He took the chips out and they looked lovely. He put on the salt and then put on the vinegar.


The menacing opponent hit his shoulder . The vinegar fell. “NO”.

He tried one chip. The vinegar was too sharp. He knew he was going to lose.

“Times up” yelled the judges.

“Tom – you are up first, you put way too much vinegar on your chips, but the burger is exquisite – great job”.

“Jerry your chips are great but your burger is bad –  now we will announce the winner.”

“The winner is …Tom!”

The Cook’s Mistake By Kacper

One beautiful day there was an inspector coming to view the most marvelous and most eloquent restaurant in the town. At 3 o clock, the inspector came and ordered pork chops with chips and vinegar.  When the cook was nearly ready she poured all the vinegar in and gave it to the inspector.

When she tasted it she was in disgust so she said ” the vinegar was too sharp” and when the cook heard that, she started crying. But as the inspector was just about to leave the cook’s best friend , Sarah, she said that she did not mean to put in all of the vinegar so she got some more and this time said ” best meal ever”.

Week 22 The Roaming Restaurant By Jack

One afternoon I was walking home from school when I noticed something strange –  in place of Mrs.Miller’s cafe, there was a new restaurant. I wondered what had happened but I was too tired from a long day of school to be able to think straight.

When I got home I told my Mam what I saw and asked if we could go there the following day to eat and she agreed.

When we got there at 5 o clock the next day I ordered chips with vinegar. The meal came ten mins later and all I could think in my head while I was eating my chips was that I was never coming back there again as the vinegar was too sharp.