Week 22: The old house: By Liam A

It was a year after my grandad died and we were all trying to keep his house in the best condition. Every day I would walk down and go inside. I would have a look at my old room and the vast number of teddies on my bed. And eventually I would walk into my grandad’s room and a tear would roll down my cheek.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I walked downstairs and saw a man outside looking down the street. I opened the door and looked down the street too, there was a huge fire coming towards us. We had to get out of there as we ran down the street. I looked back and saw my grandad’s house in flames.

Week 22 The House By Kristupas

Waiting and waiting for the war to end. The Germans were searching every little hut or house for people.  Everyone was scared including me. I heard the crackle of machineguns. Then I heard the banging on the doorbell- the Germans were here I said to myself. But when they opened the door all I heard was crying for help.  Screaming to see if anyone was In the house. I shouted back come up the stairs and I will help you I said. I have food and the war will end in two days. I heard on the radio.

But then there was someone else…

Week 22: The Raiders : By Dan

I read the letter carefully, I knew the time was coming but I didn’t expect it to be that day.

I was going to be evicted.

I walked over to my rusty old telephone and called my friends.                              The Landlord had evicted them before, and they weren’t going to let it happen to me.


We could see them getting closer, his soldiers.

One look told me that this was going to get extremely violent.                    Bang! Bang!  they were shooting at us.

Bang! I shot back, so did my friends.

They were right at my door!

We were going to fight!

Week 22 The Haunted House By Conor H

It was Halloween night me and all my friends were going trick or treating.

”Lads, should we go to the next house? Nobody is answering.”

Off we went to the next house. The house that we were going to, looked hazardous. We snuck up carefully. Then we rang the doorbell. Straight away the door swung open in a flash. We were all creeped out and decided that we should leave the house.

Suddenly we were all pulled back into the house. It looked like we were going to another dimension. Eventually, we got out of the portal.

Then we realised we had been taken to the future…


Week 22. The fictonal character that came to life. By Paul

So one time me , Dylan and Ben were riding our bikes to the park. After we finished we went to the abandoned church. When we were on our way in we saw a doorbell and rang it to see if it worked still.

Once we entered we heard a maniacal laugh. WE screamed for what we saw. It was Pennywise. We ran to the door but Pennywise blocked the door. Then he pulled a lever and we fell through the floor and fell on a pile of red balloons.

Eventually, we saw a book called IT and it appeared that Pennywise jumped out of the book and killed the reader. Then Pennywise jumped down the hole. We threw the book at Pennywise and the book opened up and a bright light flashed at Pennywise sucking him in and it teleported us out of the church after getting Pennywise back in the book.


Week 22 The Worst Day Of My Life By Joe

It was 1939 . There had been many German men coming to our door every week . Mother had told us what to do if the men came . It wasn’t until last week when tragedy had struck . I saw some men walking up to our door . I ran downstairs and franticly told Mother that we needed to hide . My brother Marco and I ran down to the basement when we heard Mother and Baby Max shouting and crying .

After they had left Marco and I were in a quandary whether to chase after the men or stay at home . We were tired, terrified and  solitary , we knew we would never se Mother or baby Max ever again .

Week 22 by Conor C

I went to a door and there was a doorbell at the house.  I pressed the doorbell and it made a  loud noise sound.  I ran out of there and I went home and told my dad.  He was not happy about it.  He went to his work so I didn’t get to tell it all.

I took my dog for a walk and we had great fun.  Then we went home for dinner and it was a fun day. That was the end of the day so we went to bed.

Week 22 The Old shack by Warren

It was a Thursday morning in school when the teacher announced that we were going on a school trip the following day. Suddenly our class started behaving extremely erratic and sustained that for at least 5 minutes.

That night I packed my stuff. The next day I woke up feeling very excited. After an hour journey, we arrived at this big robust cabin. That night someone in my class said that when they were out collecting wood for the fire they had heard a peculiar noise coming from a shack. I asked him to show me so off we went to the woods.  There we saw this big shack with a shattered door and a doorbell. Suddenly the door opened by itself….

Week 22 The wooden lodge By Colin

“I’m going into the woods,” I said to my mom.

” Ok,” she replied.

I stepped out of the house and swung the door shut. I walked over to my German shepherd, Cody. I clipped a leash onto his collar and walked to the woods. When I was far enough away from the road I let Cody run free. He bolted off but surprisingly stopped. He started to bark and I ran over to see what he was barking at. When I got to him I could see a small wooden lodge. I walked to the door and saw a black doorbell. I tapped it once and heard a light ding. Then in a flash, the door opened and a green hand grabbed me…

Week 22: The Hidden Door By Benny

I woke up on a Sunday morning. I went downstairs and greeted my family. While eating my breakfast, I spotted something I never saw before. There was a doorknob in the utility. I went to check it out. There was a small door camouflaged in the wall. I tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. With some force, I managed to open it.

Inside was a dark basement. I was in a quandary. I didn’t know if I should go in or not. I decided to go in. The basement was empty, apart from a chest in the middle. I opened it and to my surprise it was empty.

Week 22 The Wrong House By Ronan

One day as I was going to my friend Liam’s house I saw a huge for sale sign right in the middle of his front garden. I ran up and rang the dusty old doorbell but there was no answer. I was extremely confused.

A few seconds later I heard a ping from my back pocket. It was a text from Liam saying that he moved house. I followed his directions to a run-down house in the woods. I rang the crumbling wooden doorbell but all of a sudden the door swung open. I wandered in and scrutinized the old shabby furniture. I quickly realised that I’d wandered into the wrong house…

Week 22 The Spooky mansion by Sean

One day my friend was having a party at his house. When I arrived there was a spooky mansion next to his house. My friend and I went to the house. The doorbell on the door looked broken BUT we pressed it anyways. When we pressed it we saw a vision of us having an accident .

After that, we headed home. And never went to the house again.

Week 22 New House By Aidan

Life is never easy I can tell you that.

One moment you’re fighting over who gets which chocolate bar – next second your dad’s dead.

It seems every time someone in our family dies we move house. Well, that’s what’s happening now.

My mom says new house new opportunity and all of that rubbish but I know she’s just being flexible. I had three brothers and one sister until my younger brother died -another death to add to my life of misery.

“We’ve arrived” shouted my mom.

Stepping out of the car and putting the key into the mould covered lock was enough to make me run away. As I walked in I noticed unmistakably a picture of my dad?…

Week 22 Under the floor boards by Ben

We were hiding in a hut in France and the Nazies were looking for us-  you see we are Jews.  They arrived at the hut looking for us. They rang the doorbell and as soon as they did my brother hid up the chimney and I hid under the floorboards.

When no one answered they knocked the door down. They were searching for the wardrobe when my brother became a bit too courageous and jumped down from the chimney with his pistol. They shot him as soon as he did. I screamed no and then they saw me in the gap on the floor.

Week 22 Witch Hut by Dylan

They tell a tale of a witch hut in the woods. I didn’t believe that tale until one day I went into the woods as a dare and found it…

“Truth or dare” my friend Joe asked me.

“I’m no weenie – dare!” I replied.

“I dare you to go into the woods and knock on the door of the witch hut.”

I strolled into the woods and saw a hut, I rang a doorbell made of bones and looked into a hole in the door. I saw a cauldron filled with a weird concoction as an old woman ambled to the door. The door shot open and the woman pulled me in…


Week 22 Just a rumour By Liam O

It all started 30 years ago in this very lab. It was pandemonium, sirens were going off, gunshots could be heard everywhere -it was a catastrophe.
A portal had been opened to another dimension and a carnivorous-being stepped out of the portal and started killing everyone.
Some managed to escape the lab and flee far, far away while some didn’t make it that far before being devoured.
After the interdimensional being finished its feeding, it fled back into the portal never to be seen again.
And legend has it  that the monster comes out every 30 years so you better not be out at this time of the year…



Week 22 MAYDAY by Jacob

I rang the doorbell to my cousin’s house.  He opened the door and said that he was so glad to see me. I asked him about his girlfriend and he said that she was on holiday- gone to see her mother and father.

But then we heard sirens going off. We went to see what was going on outside but before my cousin could say a word… a vast zeppelin crashed right into his house.

A few moments later I could hear commotion and rescuers saying there was a man in there. They mustered the strength and pulled me out and said that I would be fine. But I saw my cousin – he had blood on his hands and on his head… he is now dead.

Week 22 The Zombie Avalanche By Evan

I was going to school one day when I walked into the alleyway that is a shortcut to school. When I saw a door that was never there. I rang the doorbell out of curiosity and suddenly the door opened and I got swallowed into it.

Then I saw an avalanche of zombies coming towards me. I found a house and there was an AK-47 there. I grabbed it and I went out the door and I took out the squadron. I was cornered  I used my parkour skills to got on top of the house.  Somehow they got on top of the house  I dodged them all. I was faultless but suddenly I felt a bite in the back of my neck …