Week 22 Diary Entry By Szymon


I heard the goldfish bowl fall down. I tried to save the goldfish by putting it into a cup but I slipped and the goldfish flew slowly over to the window. It was too late so my parents and I  went over to the local fish store.

I asked for the one in the biggest tank. Mr. Brown who was the owner climbed up the enormous ladder and got it for me. I was so happy and took it home but sadly straight away it died and I was the saddest person on earth.

This was the worst day of my life.

Week 22:What a feeling!:By Liam A

What will happen next?

I’m stuck in the museum with no way out of there. I saw the diamond goldfish standing right in front of me. But if one of the guards saw me I was a goner. Slowly I crept along the ground hoping that I didn’t get spotted.

Professor Brown walked into the museum to look at the statues in the museum. There was a ladder next to the wall. I went for it and made it.

I was in disbelief. I actually made it.


Week 22 : The Brown Goldfish : by Maciej

What? What had happened to me? said the little goldfish when she went out of bed.

She was terrified because she turned brown and now only her tail was yellow. She quickly flew through the water to her mommy shouting,  “Mommy I have turned brown.”

It was inexplicable.  Then mommy said “let’s go to doctor Larry ”

On the way to the doctor, they saw people going down the ladder. They slowly went around them and saw lots of brown paint above their house.

Week 22 The flying goldfish by Colin

“How?” screamed Professor Brown.

The goldfish was growing WINGS! AN inexplicable sight to see as the wings popped out.

Slowly Mrs Brown walked out and got a new fish bowl. It had a shipwreck and a brown ladder in the medium-sized fishbowl. Mrs Brown gave the fish some food then walked out for lunch break.

Suddenly after Professor Brown left the goldfish started to grow! After 30 minutes it was as big as a kid. Mrs Brown was bamboozled by the size and strength. She tried to escape several times.

How will Mrs Brown get out of this one?

Week 22 Zombie apocalypse by Kacper

Why did they do that?

I was at home with my parents and there were lots of zombies outside. I was afraid so I ran into the car.  We were driving to the airport.  We were tired and fell asleep. But when the zombies came they ate my goldfish.

I was sad but we found a ladder and escaped. There was so much brown muck the airport. We went in to find a plane.  My Dad was fixing the plane while my mom and I held back the zombies. When he was done we escaped from the airport.


Week 22 Professor Brown By Jack


“There goes another one of my experiments,” said Professor Brown. As usual, he was trying to give his pet goldfish wings. Slowly recovering from the explosion he got up and sighed and decided to have a cuppa.

When he was done, he flew up his ladder to his attic to get some more supplies. As Professor Brown gathered all his supplies for his experiments to bring them downstairs his nephew came into the room. “What is it now my child?”Professor Brown said as he came into the room.

“Professer i know I asked you already but…”

Professer rudely interrupted ” No! ”

“Fine –  but it is your loss,” his nephew shouted as he closed the door with a bang.


Week 22: Operation Goldfish By Liam O

One dark rainy night an American platoon for the 56th Infantry Division set up a base for Operation Goldfish.  Slowly but surely they might actually win so then they could take the evil Professor Straub to a prison on the Clipperton.

2 days later the operation started. The platoon plundered through the front door. When the professor heard he told his super soldiers to attack the intruders. As the two attackers met a great big battle occurred. After the battle, the victors were the Americans.  They marched to the top of the building but when they got to the laboratory the professor had escaped.

Week 22 The flying fish by Ronan

Walking to school with my friend Dara was no fun. All he did was walk slowly. He did not do anything else except for when a pheasant flew past. I was told that the school bully Johnny Brown was having a rendezvous in the yard that day. I was not looking forward to what might happen after that.

The teacher read us a book about how things fly. I could not get that out of my head. So when I got home I went straight to the garage and got the big brown ladder. After that, I snatched the goldfish bowl, some wax and some feathers.

Slowly I climbed up the brown ladder on to the roof. I made wings for my fish and threw him off the roof…

Week:22 The prison escape by Mathew OG

I knew I heard the code word…goldfish.

As I heard it I dashed from my smelly prison bed to the vent. I had prepared a fake vent from the weekly newspaper. Slowly I removed the real vent and crawled through. I then placed the fake one perfectly in place.

When there was enough room to stand I spotted a ladder that led right to the courtyard. All the cameras were still on so I had to steal past quickly. I flew across the yard and over the high wall.

From then on I was number 1 on their wanted list.


Week 22 The flying goldfish by Aidan

“What are we going to do next?” asked Professor Brown.

”We could make a goldfish fly” Jim said.

“We could never do that – we don’t have the right potion!”

Slowly Jim held up a small glass. Brown looked forward and saw the flying potion – it was inexplicable – he actually had it. The next day Brown went home with the potion and gave it to his goldfish.  It was ravenous and drank it all.

A few hours later Brown went back to the shelf, climbed up the ladder and checked on the goldfish.Brown looked all around until a goldfish flew past him.

“It worked!” he shouted with glee.

Week 22 Frosty day By Wojciech

One frosty day I was lying in my bed. I didn't want to stand up because it was cold. I turned my head and looked at the goldfish (His eyes are brown). 

My mum came up the ladder as we didn't have stairs.
My mum walked very slowly because she had milk and sausages for me. 

Can I play on my PS? I asked Mum. She answered yes.  I ate my breakfast and played.  Afterwards a bird flew on my balcony.  I was still lying on my bed when my dad came back from work.

Week 22 The Flying fish by Dylan

“And that is the story of Daedalus and Icarus, ” explained my teacher Mrs. Brown.

I had a great idea ! I would gather some feathers and ask my cantankerous mom for some candle wax and make wings for my goldfish Bob. When I got home I made the wings for Bob.

Slowly I slipped on the wings on over Bob’s fins. I got my dads ladder and climbed onto the roof and dropped my goldfish over the pool so he wouldn’t get hurt if he fell.

Suddenly he flew into the air.

Then almost immediately the wings broke and he fell down … down.


Week 22 Boom Crash Bang! by:Tadhg


Jake climbed out of his dark grey room.He gasped for a breath of fresh air. Running into the kitchen he looked at the goldfish just swimming around in the cold, dark brown water. He was going around in circles slowly.

“I wish he wasn’t so boring,” I said to myself. He must be bored too  I thought. Walking quickly I flew towards my room.

On the way there I passed a big ladder and did an enormous experiment.

Boom Crash Bang…




Week 22: The Hole, Dan


“What was that noise? “I demanded.

It seemed to be coming from the attic. Slowly I crept up the ladder. As I neared the top a bat flew down into my face and immediately he fluttered off.

When I got to the top I saw my old Goldfish bowl. It was broken and lying on the old worn floor. I moved on and heard the brown timber floorboards creek underneath me. I thought the goldfish bowl made the noise until I saw a huge hole in the wall.

What could have done this?



Week 22: Abominable Alan By Marc

“What if the goldfish is in the attic?”

So I went up the brown ladder to go to the attic. When I got up something flew past me. Slowly I tried to get down the ladder. Suddenly the hatch closed, there was no escape and no light.

I heard something. It sounded like, “I know who you are.” Trying to find another escape something pushed me. Scared I was trying to figure out who was doing this. Later on, I found a flashlight. I checked to see if it had batteries in it. Straight away when I opened it they fell out. Luckily I caught them before I lost them. I turned on the flashlight…It was abominable Alan.

Week 22 Lab Accident by Tim

One year ago a scientist named Professor Brown was doing an experiment on a goldfish to make it swim slowly. But one day he spilled a different potion and it made the fish enormous and have wings.

The fish flew off so he chased the fish all the way to the city. When people saw the fish they locked themselves in their houses. A few days later the fish was caught by the President and was placed in Area 51 where no one except the government and the President can go.

The end.

Week 22 Brown Boots By Mikolaj

I bought a house with all the money I earned in my work. I bought a goldfish too. I needed food for my gold fish but I couldn’t find any. So I decided to go shopping. I got into my ‘ Audi R8 V10 plus and drove there. I was beside Tesco, Lidl and Supervalu in no time.

I went to Tesco first because it was the nearest to me. I found a whole bag and bought it. It cost nearly £85.00 but at least I had £500 in my purse. In Lidl I went up a ladder to find the most beautiful brown boots I ever saw. They cost £7000. Slowly I borrowed £8000 from my friend Jeff and bought them. I flew back home in my car and stayed happy all the time.

Week 22: Abominable Arthur By Naglis

Finally I’ve finished the potion,” sighed Professor Brown as he slurped the last of his juicy Lucozade.

“What’s that for?” questioned his neighbour Arthur.

“It’s for my experiment to make goldfish bigger,” answered Professor Brown.

Slowly Professor Brown poured the potion into the glass for the following day and hopped into his cosy snug bed.

Quickly Arthur flew home and lay down on his bed. Exhausted he thought, “I want to get bigger.” He had an idea. During the night he crept into the ghastly laboratory and swallowed all of the potion in one gulp…He got bigger and bigger and bigger…

Week 22: The Forest By Adam

“Hey Jim,” Jey shouted.

“Want to go to my house?” ” Maybe tomorrow,” Jey said.

Slowly Jey walked through the forest of brown trees. Jey flew as fast as the wind through the forest. He climbed the ladder to get away from the town gangster team called one wing is one bull.

On his way home he saw a goldfish so he decided to fill a bowl with water and put it in it. Inexplicably the fish disappeared.  He was contemplating how to get it back. When he emptied the bowl it showed up again. Jey was horrified.

Week 22 The Chase By Matthew D

Driving to the pet shop I knew that I was going to get a goldfish. So when we arrived I went in and got a goldfish. At home, as I was walking to the door slowly with the goldfish in my hand suddenly a bird flew in and took the goldfish. He then dropped it on the brown ladder.

Courageously my dad went up the ladder and grabbed the goldfish. After that, I went into the house and gave the goldfish some delicious fish food to munch on.

I was really happy that I picked this amazing big goldfish.